For the foreseeable future, information submitted to this website, will not be added to the website.

The current design of the website requires that every piece of information submitted is reviewed before allowing it to be added to the site. This approach was preferred when the site was only generating at most a few dozen new entries per day. Currently, there's a few hundred submissions each day.

I tried to enlist a small group of people to review entries for me, but eventually the flood became too great for even a half dozen people to review the information every day and most have given up at this point.

The solution to this problem, as I see it, is to allow everything submitted to be added immediately to the website and purge inappropriate material as it spotted. Unfortunately, the current software is not well suited to this approach, and will require a large amount of time to be modified to handle this approach. Currently, I don't have any free time to write this software, and it's not something I could ask someone to do for me.

I've decided to leave the website in it's current state, and allow information to still be submitted. This way, if/when a time comes when I can find the time to write the new software required, I can still add the information collected. I don't know when this might occur, so please do not ask.

This does not mean the information on these pages is in danger of going away. I do not plan on shutting down the website. I am just no longer able to update it. This does not give people permission to repost entire pages on their own personal websites.

Any questions/comments can be directed to the messageboard post for this topic