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Food of the Nineties, ALPINE WHITE CANDY BARS

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Nestle Alpine White - white chocolate bar with almonds. SO GOOD.
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User Stories and Comments

The following are comments left about ALPINE WHITE CANDY BARS from site visitors such as yourself. They are not spell checked or reviewed for accuracy.

Susy - November 04, 2007 - Report this comment
So did they stop selling these candy bars? I've been looking forever!
Nisha - November 15, 2007 - Report this comment
Email Nestle thru their website about the bar. How you miss it and any suggestions to bring back alpine white!
andrea - November 26, 2007 - Report this comment
I Loved this candy bar. I wish that Nestle would bring it back. I would be reliving wonderful memories of my childhood. please bring it back
jodi - January 05, 2008 - Report this comment
I have been looking for an alpine white for a very long time. I loved them as a child. I hope someday Nestle will bring them back ---PLEASE --- bring then back. Its the only kind of candy bar I really ever liked
Rachel - February 15, 2008 - Report this comment
I too loved this candy bar as a child. I wish that Nestle would bring back Alpine White. I just sent an email to Nestle customer service. Have everyone you know contact Nestle. They need to bring Alpine back!!!
Rachel - February 15, 2008 - Report this comment
I just left a comment, but just thought of this...maybe in emails to Nestle we could suggest that they bring back Alpine White as a limited edition. Hershey has done this with many candy bars to test the success of the product.
Stefanie - February 20, 2008 - Report this comment
I would love for Nestle to bring this back!!! :) I will send them a comment myself.
Jennifer - February 23, 2008 - Report this comment
I loved the Alpine White candy bar when I was a child. There is really no candy around that compares to that chocolate bar.
Ivy - March 11, 2008 - Report this comment
I Totally Agree with all of you. This was my favorite candy bar and all of sudden they discontinue one of the best tasting candy bars on the planet. I came close to find a candy bar similar to it online. Hersey white chocolate with almonds. Not the same but close.
Tiffany - March 18, 2008 - Report this comment
Please bring back the best candy bar that was ever made. No other candy bard as good as Alpine White.
Andrea - March 18, 2008 - Report this comment
this was my all time favorite candy bar as a child, please please bring it back.
Sarah - March 21, 2008 - Report this comment
I wish they would bring these back! I used to love so much when i was younger. I woudl work so hard in school so I could have that special one with my dad ... then we moved overseas (he was military) and when we came back to the states they had discontinued it! I was soooo heartbroken!
Shan - March 25, 2008 - Report this comment
I am a White Chocolate Addict! I remember loving this candy bar as a kid! now as an Adult I would buy it by the Case! I hope they bring this candy bar back!!!
Phoi - March 28, 2008 - Report this comment
Hey, I'm glad I'm not the only one out there who remembers the Alpine White bar. I can't believe they discontinued it. It was my favorite, ever. I e-mailed them, and they confirmed they have no plans of bringing it back. The closest thing I found is the pecans and cremes tiny chocolate bars that come with the Hershey's Nut Lovers variety pack. Nestle, bring it back, please!
Danette - April 03, 2008 - Report this comment
I really did love that candy bar. It used to be the only chocolate bar a got as a kid. i didn't really like hershey's
Sierra - April 06, 2008 - Report this comment
Please bring back the Alpine White bar...it was my favorite. We all need to get a petition going and send it to Nestle. If Nestle started making these again...I would buy hundreds of these bars just in case they stopped making them again.
Alicia - April 10, 2008 - Report this comment
Ditto to all of the above!! Best candy bar EVER!!!
Jolie - April 10, 2008 - Report this comment
I have to agree with each and every comment above....Alpine White was one of my all time favorite candy bars!!!!!! I have gotten so nostalgic for it, I find myself watching the old commercials for it on youtube!
katherine - April 21, 2008 - Report this comment
danny - April 21, 2008 - Report this comment
Nestle, please bring this back! My friend said she will work at your factory and make them herself!!! PLEASE!!!
james - April 21, 2008 - Report this comment
emi - April 21, 2008 - Report this comment
nestle...i dream about this bar every day....i watch the you tube commercials and cry almost everyday...alpine white makes me happy...please...i want to be happy again.....
sam - May 08, 2008 - Report this comment
I LOVE ALPINE WHITE CHOCOLATE BARS!!! I always tell people that if I could only pick one food to eat for the rest of my life I'd pick Nestle's Alpine White Chocolate Candy bars. I don't know why they ever got rid of them in the first place- not a smart move. BRING THEM BAAAAAAACK!!!!!
Jennifer - May 08, 2008 - Report this comment
I LOVE the ALPINE WHITE bars!!! I have been looking for them for soooo long. Every time I go out of town I search the candy aisle for it hoping maybe they still have them. I had wondered if the were discontinued.....big disappoinment to read here they were.
abby - May 15, 2008 - Report this comment
i just went to nestle website and i give them a suggestion. but im not gonna make it by myself so lets all help together to bring back alpine white. leave them a comment.
marvin - May 15, 2008 - Report this comment
why would they stop making alpine white... thats the dumbness idea they made. thats the best chocolate they got. bring it back!!!
Allison - May 30, 2008 - Report this comment
Alpine White was my most favorite candy bar-the Alpine White Crunch is also pretty good but not as good as the regular Alpine White. Hopefully Nestle will bring them back to our candy aisles soon!
Rebecca - June 02, 2008 - Report this comment
No white chocolate has been able to compare to Alpine White. I wrote nestle in 2007 and i got a response stating that they did not plan on bringing it back, because the demand just isn't there - UMM, i don't think they are paying attention!
PATRICE - July 13, 2008 - Report this comment
It is funny to see all these people looking for this candy bar. I thought I was the only one who missed this candy bar. It taste so good, Nestle needs to stop playing and bring this candy bar back out. Or make a way for us to get special orders.
ANNETTE - July 16, 2008 - Report this comment
Susie - July 16, 2008 - Report this comment
I totally AGREE! Nestle's Alpine White Candy Bar was the BEST! It reminds me of my childhood too. Nestle really needs to bring it back. I wish my 3 year old son could enjoy it, as much as I did as a child.
kitty - July 21, 2008 - Report this comment
Yes, I really love ALPINE WHITE...Where is that yummy chocolate I've been looking for that so many years. I miss that Alpine white. Hope the Nestle Company would hear and read all our request to bring back that yummy...oohh...creamy white chocolate. HELLO NESTLE COMPANY...PLEASE BRING IT BACK...
Julie - August 02, 2008 - Report this comment
All I really want is a Nestle Alpine White bar! It would also bring back some great childhood memories for me. Even if it was just a limited edition around the holidays it'd be better than nothing. Please Nestle - we all miss the Alpine White bar!!!!
Latoya - August 06, 2008 - Report this comment
evelyn - August 13, 2008 - Report this comment
i am craving and pining for you, oh alpine white... pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaasssssssssssssssssssse come back.
April - August 16, 2008 - Report this comment
This candy bar was the best, I use to eat them all the time when my mother worked at alpha beta...please bring it back.
Gillian - August 23, 2008 - Report this comment
I used to walk to the convenience store all the time with my small change as a kid and buy Alpine Whites all the time. I even remember what shelf they were on and that was 20 years ago. PLEASE BRING IT BACK! No other white chocolate candy bar compares.
Joseph - September 07, 2008 - Report this comment
I remember Alpine White so vividly it's like I can still taste it now. 1991....i was six years old. My school had a fund-raiser that week & I remember my grandfather buying some when he picked me up from school. Hands down the best chocolate ever. As a white chocolate fiend, nothing compares to AW, its pure.
Kristopher - September 13, 2008 - Report this comment
Nestle sux.their not gonna bring back the best candy bar of all time just like it was.So now i hate them
Jenna - September 26, 2008 - Report this comment
I've been looking for a white chocolate bar with nuts in it, for years. I also remember it from childhood and from what I have read this sounds like the same one. The only thing is that i thought there was a picture of a mountain on the front. Were there any candy bars similar around then?
Darsh - October 12, 2008 - Report this comment
Holy crap! I woke up today craving one of these, hoping that they still exist somewhere. This news is devastating. I guess I'm not alone. PLEASE READ THIS NESTLE!
Julie - October 16, 2008 - Report this comment
Alpine White's were always my favorite! I've been wanting one for years - NESTLE BRING THEM BACK! Jenna - this is the bar your talking about - the mountain on the wrapper - the best and most missed candy bar out there!
paula - October 31, 2008 - Report this comment
i badly needed for my dying ...... kidding aside... please, please, please, i've been crazy looing for this candy bar....
Joey - November 01, 2008 - Report this comment
the alpine white was the candy bar that got me started on white chocolate. when they discontinued it i was hardpressed to find anything as good. for a while i was ok with the white crunch bar but i would love to see the alpine white make a comeback.
Bill - November 25, 2008 - Report this comment
Boycott all nestle products until they bring it back. Vote with your wallet!
Mandy - November 26, 2008 - Report this comment
These WERE really good! The only way I can enjoy this flavor now is by getting a white chocolate mocha and adding almond syrup. It was delicious! When did they stop making them?
alicia, the bronx - November 30, 2008 - Report this comment
I remember coming out of school going to the candy storeand buying a chico stick, a box of cherry calans, a bag of plain bo ton chips, and an alpine white. Nothing compares to this candy bar! I can't believe Nestle would stop making it, they're crazy! That was one if the best products they ever made, please bring them back!!!!
Angela - December 04, 2008 - Report this comment
Oh man. I want one RIGHT NOW. They were my favorite candy var as a child. One day they just disappeared. Other white chocolate (even with almonds) does not taste the same. There's something missing... EMAIL NESTLE!
Angela - December 04, 2008 - Report this comment
http://www.nestleusa.com/Public/ContactUs.aspx That's the site to email Nestle. PLEASE, SEND THEM YOUR COMMENTS.
Alpinewhitefan - January 11, 2009 - Report this comment
Philippines still has Alpine White turned into evaporated milk, bad nestle! I wish for Alpine White to return for younger generations to enjoy! Lets protest to nestle and get some Alpine Whites!
Kerri - January 13, 2009 - Report this comment
I was going crazy trying to remember the name of the candy bar that I liked so much from when I was three or four. Glad to see that so many other people remember Alpine bars as well. This was a treat I would get when we used to visit my Great Aunt that lived three hours away. I would freeze it and it it frozen.....the best!!!!
nikki - January 15, 2009 - Report this comment
it's so funny that there are so many people who actually remember the alpine white candy bar b/c everyone that i have ever asked about it has a very vague memory all together. i do agree that it was the BEST candy bar of all time and nestle should definitely bring it back. if only for just a day
Jason - January 20, 2009 - Report this comment
Whatever it takes for another bite of Alpine White. Mmmm... I will write Nestle and put in a suggestion as well.
Big D - February 22, 2009 - Report this comment
Where did you go???? I love this candy bar. The cookies & creme bar is not even close! bring it back, bring it back!!!!!!!! I love Alpine White...
Cindy - March 02, 2009 - Report this comment
Who do you have to talk to in order for someone to bring back Alpine White candy bar and Moutain Berry Punch Kool-Aid from when I was a kid!!
marshalmeg - March 29, 2009 - Report this comment
I'll send them a comment too, I think. I'm allergic to the darker chocolates but can eat white chocolate and so I loved these bars. The combination of white chocolate and almonds was so good!
Tony - April 04, 2009 - Report this comment
Baby come back, I will leave it all for you! Nestle please bring alpine white bar back!
dee - April 08, 2009 - Report this comment
i thought i was the only one craving that alpine white bar .. i would pay abt anything for a taste of that. BRING IT BACK.:)
Tommy Luong - April 20, 2009 - Report this comment
My dad used to buy them by the boxes at Costco and then hide them in his mechanics tool box at home and lock it up. My sister and I would only get 1 if we were good or if he felt like we deserved it. One time (out of hundreds of tries) I picked the lock on the toolbox, the look on my face when I saw the keyhole turned and heard a click was priceless. I felt like a master thief playing in a movie...and there they were Nestle Alpine white chocolate w/Almonds. I ate one immediately and saved two for later (just in case my sister was nice to me). My next thought was how the heck am I going to lock this back up again. After trying for 30 minutes I gave up. I was nervous the whole time, but the story does eventually have a happy ending. My dad came home and while he was in the shower I took his keys and locked the toolbox up. He was never the wiser.
christina mastin - April 27, 2009 - Report this comment
ALPINE WHITE was my favorite candy bar ever. I wish that NESTLE would bring it back as a LIMITED EDITION chocolate bar. How can everyone come together to get this childhood candy bar back!!!!!!!!!!!!
dEnn - June 01, 2009 - Report this comment
I'm hoping that someday Nestle would bring back the ALPINE WHITE CANDY BAR in the market. I love this candy bar. During elementary days,I am so excited to go home after school because we always pass by the convenient store with my family just to buy the candy bar. I miss the old days....=(
Beavis Christ - June 05, 2009 - Report this comment
Sophie B. Hawkins did some of the singing in the commercials. I liked the commercials.
Sarah - June 18, 2009 - Report this comment
We need someone with sweet computer skills to post an online petition so all we have to do is click on a link and then add our name. I love those Alpine White candy bars.
Margarita - July 02, 2009 - Report this comment
PLEASE PLEASE bring alpine white back!! I promise to buy a whole lot of them!!!!!!
NaraSmith7 - August 11, 2009 - Report this comment
OMG!!! I thought that I was the only person in the world that has been looking for the Alpine White candy bar. This candy bar is the only one I have ever LOVED. I use to bye them by the box. I was devastated when I seen they took them off the market. I don't really care for milk chocolate but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the "ALPINE WHITE" bar. PLEASE we have to get NESTLE to bring it back for those of us "WHITE CHOCOLATE WITH ALMONDS" lovers. I mean there are a million and one types of milk chocolate and dark chocolate with almonds for those who love it but WHAT ABOUT US WHO LOVE THE ALPINE WHITE. PLEASE NESTLE WE BEG YOU, YOU MUST BRING IT BACK.
daddysgirl17 - August 11, 2009 - Report this comment
I have emailed Nestel asking them to bring it back, THEY REFUSED. They suggested others but none compare to Alpine White. I wish they would bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mindy - September 09, 2009 - Report this comment
I'm so glad to see that others also miss this candy bar. It was my absolute FAVORITE !!! I really wish they would bring it back !!
Rye - September 12, 2009 - Report this comment
Hey guys Alpine White was my favorite candy bar when I was a kid. I felt heartbroken when Nestle discontinued the product and found myself in search of any creamy goodness close to Alpine white, well after more or less 50+ white candy bars and over 20 countries I was able to find a very very close taste to Alpine White.'m not sure if it's available here in the US since my cousin just brought it back when he had a trip in Germany but I tell you guys It's worth a try. It's called KNUSPER WEISSE made by Chateau. Well hope this help.
Saby - September 24, 2009 - Report this comment
OMG I can't believe so many people remember that candy bar. It is my ALL TIME favorite! I still remember the commercial about sweet dreams still exist, LOL.
Chris - October 01, 2009 - Report this comment
Yay im not alone, this candy bar was my favorite ever!! i hope nestly brings it back.
victor - October 02, 2009 - Report this comment
yeah i want this back bad! a friend of mine wrote nestle a letter in the late 90's and they said that white choclate wasnt in high demand so production cost would be high. i've had that knusper weisse on my trip to germany bought some back cause it was really good but not alpine white..... i can still taste it.
Angela - October 05, 2009 - Report this comment
My favorite candy bar of all time. Cookies and cream doesn't even come close.
Slacker - October 26, 2009 - Report this comment
I sent e-mail to Nestle Corp The response was a flat out - NO we are not bringing it back. Maybe if a link to this is sent to them.
Matt - November 15, 2009 - Report this comment
MAN! I have been googling forever trying to find out what these were called. I LOVED these as a kid and couldn't remember what they were. I kept typing "white chocolate candy bar mountains wrapper" and finally when I typed "white chocolate candy bars old" this came up! THEY NEED TO BRING IT BACK!!!!
chil - November 24, 2009 - Report this comment
It's my favorite candy bar. I just sent an email to Nestle and pasted this link so that they can see how many of us want the candy bar to be back on the shelves so bad.
Sara - December 08, 2009 - Report this comment
I looooved this candy bar sooo much, growing up it was my favorite, I decied to google it and cant beleive so many people miss it like me hahaha. I even saw facebook has a group, lets see if Nestle brings it back.
JM - December 27, 2009 - Report this comment
I loved this candy so. Its good to see im not alone in this.(lol) I hope Nestle brings this back with all the fans. I LOVE white chocolate but no other cand comes close
Lauren - December 28, 2009 - Report this comment
This was and still is my all time favorite candy bar! I sent an email to Nestle. Don't give up keep on requesting. It's nice that so many others feel the same way we do!
megan - December 29, 2009 - Report this comment
OMG i used to eat these when i was a kid...I LOVED ALPINE candy bars...they so need to bring them BACK!! Its crazy how i found this site talking about them.
Theresa - January 17, 2010 - Report this comment
I can still taste the Alpine White chocolate. I loved these candy bars. I hope they will reconsider and bring these back. They don't even have to sell them in the stores I will order them online!
Natalie - January 23, 2010 - Report this comment
I am so thankful to the Internet and finding this thread I have been looking for anyone who remembered this awesome candy glad I am not alone. This was the best candy bar of all time. I am definitely writing to Nestle and suggest they bring it back. If everyone on her wrote who knows maybe they will. Good Luck to us!
monique g - February 08, 2010 - Report this comment
i ate this candy when i was a little girl i nnever forgot am searching for it and would love to taste it again i rememver hoe smooth the chocolate was how the alomnds and stuff tasted
90sKid - April 10, 2010 - Report this comment
I'm not a big fan of chocolate, but this was one of the few candy bars I really liked. I miss it.
NC Virgo - April 15, 2010 - Report this comment
Wow, I so miss this candy bar so much lol. It was my favorite & I grew up on it... I wish they would just make them again obviously they would have great revenue. We all love them so much!! I'd buy a case or 2 of them, just in case they r discontinued again lol
Cali-girl - May 06, 2010 - Report this comment
i'm a big chocoholic but when it comes to white chocolate candybars there is no other! i hope they reconsider and bring it back soon! Nestle please bring them back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crisie - May 10, 2010 - Report this comment
I remember when I was a little girl, that was the only candybar I used to always get from the store. Whenever my mom would come back home with a different one, I cried! lol
CANDI - May 17, 2010 - Report this comment
jsup - May 19, 2010 - Report this comment
I am craving for this chocolate!!! pls bring it back!!! It is one of the best white chocolates i've ever tasted!!! =P
Cool Keith - June 02, 2010 - Report this comment
Oh wow, little did I know that there were others who missed this candy bar as much as me. Nestle, really, what the @#$@ are you doing? BRING BACK ALPINE WHITE!!!
MindandMatter - June 16, 2010 - Report this comment
Me and my sisters would make ourselves sick eating these as kids, early 90's they were so good. Silverish wrapper. I remember the bars were really thin and had tons of slivered almonds, delicious! Hmm, maybe I could try a diy version with melted white chocolate and slivered almonds.
star_giddy - August 02, 2010 - Report this comment
I have been wanting this candy bar for years now and can't find it. I remember on paycheck friday my mamaw would take me to the speedway to get them....OH...it sounds so good!!
anna3019 - August 23, 2010 - Report this comment
BRING IT BACK PLEASE PLEASE!!!! this candy bar is awesome!!!!!
Yari - September 15, 2010 - Report this comment
I tried the Hershey's Bliss its a white chocolate with a creamy meltaway center and it tastes just like that white chocolate from the alpine white bars except no almonds. Went to the Hershey's website to make a suggestion for almonds to be added. this is the closest taste ever! if we all make a suggestion they can make it
geewiz - September 15, 2010 - Report this comment
nestle alpine white chocolate bar was also a delicious childhood tresure for me. i'm pregnant and craving white chocolate and almonds. truly wish nestle would consider making many loyal consumers very happy. maybe a holiday limited edition 2010. just a thought...
matt - September 17, 2010 - Report this comment
Apol - September 21, 2010 - Report this comment
yes please bring this product back. i'm pregnant too and im craving for it!!
lydia - November 17, 2010 - Report this comment
My husband and I were just telling our son how we love this candy bar and we would love for him to try it too.. we hope nestle will bring back Alpine White...
chabie - January 14, 2011 - Report this comment
OMG i thought i was the only one looking for ALPINE WHITE!! this is the best candy bar ever made! i hope to taste it again PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!! NESTLE PLEAAAAAAASSEEEE
rhonda - February 11, 2011 - Report this comment
I love this candy bar. My friends didnt remember it,they said i was crazy. So i decided to get on and now i know we are all crazy. Please bring this candy bar back. Can't stop thinking about that taste!
Kay - February 14, 2011 - Report this comment
What's it gonna take to get a Alpine White Bar??? Maybe if someone got a super popular/hot celebrity to talk about it on television or in a motion picture, it would spark some interest.
April - February 24, 2011 - Report this comment
Please we need to bring this back. i loved this bar.It reminds me of my my childhood and I still crave it.
Diana - May 15, 2011 - Report this comment
I absolutely LOVED Nestlè's Alpine White Chocolate candy bar. I used to eat it all the time. I'm 25 now and it would bring back wonderful memories from my childhood to be able to eat it again. I'm glad I'm not the only one who misses it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Nestlè bring it BACK!
Sarah - July 16, 2011 - Report this comment
PLEASE BRING IT BACK ! I want to share my childhood favorite candy bar with my little girl.PLEASE Im begging bring back that wonderful , incredible childhood memory of the Alpine White
Rikke - September 15, 2011 - Report this comment
Lila - September 26, 2011 - Report this comment
I too was a huge fan of this candy bar. About two weeks ago I was in bed trying to fall asleep and it popped in my head out of nowhere. I couldn't remember the name of it for the life of me. I craved one right away. I remembered when I was a little girl at the local grocery store going through the checkout with mom and I would pick out the candy bar with the white and blue wrapper every time. It was so good!!!! The next morning I looked up white chocolate with almonds online and after a little looking there was a pic of that delicious candy bar. I then found this site and was sad to read that they were discontinued. The bright side to it is that it inspired me to try to duplicate their recipe. I am trying to get a recipe as close to that taste as a can. It's just a matter of time before I get it just right and when I do I will post the results and find a way for all of you other "Alpine Lovers to get a taste."
Deepak - November 26, 2011 - Report this comment
My mom used to buy one Alpine White bar for me on her way home from work in the 80s when I was a kid growing up in Seattle. It was her favorite candy bar, and she would take 3 buses to get home, but would bring me one on special occassions or when she thought about me. I don't know what I miss most, Alpine Whites or the more innocent wholesome 80s. What a great time to be a kid, there was some innocence and being a child left. And candy wasn't something you could get whenever you wanted it, it was a special treat, and one that we appreciated so much more. I could eat 100 candy bars today and none would make me as happy as the ones I got then.
sexybrown - December 26, 2011 - Report this comment
i was a young one but still remember they should try it again
ryansandberg - January 11, 2012 - Report this comment
i love alpine white candy bars.they were me and my moms favorite candy growing up.i was devistaded when i couldnt find my candy bar on the shelf at the grocery store.then i found out that they were discontinued for some reason.no other white chocolate candy bar can or ever will compare to an alpine white.please bring them back!!!(or at least send some to me and my mom and everyone else who has posted something on this page :)
jennifer - January 27, 2012 - Report this comment
please please bring it back!!!!! I've been searching for ages for them!!!! loved them so much as a child...
b - February 24, 2012 - Report this comment
yes these were so good i used to buy them as a child wish they would come back out
Melissa - March 20, 2012 - Report this comment
OMG, I loved this candy bar so much! I would beg all the time for my mum to get one for me. I haven't had one since about '95! I wish it would come back to end my craving!
Julie - May 05, 2012 - Report this comment
This was my all time favorite candy...I too love white chocolate snd am sad that there never was at least a decent replacement for this. Nestle really missed the mark here, as there simply isn't anything on the market like it. Please reconsider and bring it back. Maybe we should send a link to Hershey since Nestle doesn't want to recreate it.
Elisa - July 09, 2012 - Report this comment
For years I have been looking for this candy bar. I used to love them! Now that I am pregnant I am craving it! Hershey cookies and cream just does not do the trick! These bring back so many childhood memories of great times spent with my grandmother who now passed away! Please do a limited addition and make sure we get it in CALIfornia!!!
Franco - August 30, 2012 - Report this comment
Alpine White Chocolate Almond Candy Bars Must come back ! I literally searched for years lookin for them. Please please I would pay $50 bucks a bar. Just mail me some . Please make these again .
Mayra - January 02, 2013 - Report this comment
I loved Alpine white as a kid. That would be the only thing I asked for when we went to the greocery store. Wish my kids could have tasted it.. I really wish Nestle would bring it back..
tammy - January 13, 2013 - Report this comment
Sherry - March 30, 2013 - Report this comment
I need an alpine white , there is nothing like it at all!!! Please bring it back !!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!
Kataria - May 02, 2013 - Report this comment
This was my favorite candy Please bring in back.
Jamie Taperek - July 08, 2013 - Report this comment
Debby - August 26, 2013 - Report this comment
Not still have I found ANY thing like alpine white n this is over 20 odd years later smh
Tamikka - January 25, 2014 - Report this comment
PLease bring Alpine White back!! I need it Immediately! :-)
Anthony - April 13, 2014 - Report this comment
Bring back the Alpine bar!!!!!
Andrea - July 21, 2014 - Report this comment
Please bring back Alpine White. So many good memories of my childhood. No other chocolate can fill the void this one left!!!
Jade - August 19, 2014 - Report this comment
I miss the alpine white so much! I have told my son about them but he has never had the chance to try one. This is my all time favorite candy bar. Oh and remember for a time when they came out with alpine white ice cream topping? It was wonderful on chocolate ice cream! Yum!
Jared - April 16, 2015 - Report this comment
A stash of Alpine White candy bars was found at a convenience store near where I live and I got my hands on one. I'm saving it as proof they once existed and were delicious.
Tameka - April 19, 2015 - Report this comment
I thought I was the only one that loved Alpine White!!! I miss them soooo much :(
tulsa ok - September 20, 2015 - Report this comment
I too share so many memories of childhood with alpine choc candy bars. Why did they stop making these? I loved the small chunks of almonds and smooth sweet white chocolate. They were #1!
I♡Candy! - September 22, 2015 - Report this comment
You have to see the totally '80s commercial on YouTube for Nestle Alpine White chocolate bar. Cool and so very retro!

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