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    the OJ Vedict Was Read?

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There's a lot of stuff people have submitted to the site over the past 8 years that hasn't been reviewed yet. ChuckyG and Red Ant are currently trying to review as much of it as possible. If you'd like to help, check out the request for editors message I posted on inthe00s. I plan on adding more sections to the site and improving what's here once the existing material has been reviewed.

Events From the Nineties
Events On This Day In History...March 19
1990,1st world ice hockey tournament for women held (Ottawa)
1990,H Shiozawa & M Kizawa discover asteroid #4507
1991,KC Royals announce they are putting Bo Jackson on waivers
1991,Sacramento Kings set NBA record of 29 consecutive road loses
1991,St Louis Blue Brett Hull is 3rd NHLer to score 80 goals in a season
1991,NFL owners strip Phoenix of 1993 Super Bowl game due to Arizona Not recognizing Martin Luther King Day
1992,"Master Builder" opens at Belasco Theater NYC for 45 performances
1992,British Prince Andrew & Princess Sarah Ferguson announce separation
1993,Ice Dance Championship at Prague won by M Usova & A Zhulin (RUS)
1993,Ice Pairs Championship at Prague won by I Brasseur & L Eisler (CAN)
1993,S Shirai & S Hayakawa discover asteroid #6833
1993,Supreme Court Justice Byron R White announced plans to retire
1993,UESAC discovers asteroid #6666 Fro, 6739, 7431, 7528, 7706 & #7833
1994,2500 kilograms of cocaine intercepted in Zeewolde Neth
1994,Lara scores 167 for WI v England at Georgetown
1994,Largest omelet (1,383² ft) made with 160,000 eggs in Yokohama Japan
1994,NJ Devils club record 41st win of the season
1995,"Translations" opens at Plymouth Theater NYC for 25 performances
1995,"Uncle Vanya" closes at Circle in Sq Theater NYC after 29 performances
1995,5 die by poison gas in Japanese subway
1995,Arizona outside of Phoenix begins using new area code 520
1995,Bonnie Blair skates female world record point total (156.450)
1995,Finland Social-Democratic Party wins parliamentary election
1995,Laura Davis wins LPGA Standard Register PING Golf Tournament
1995,Michael Jordan rejoins Chic Bulls after 17 months, beats Pacers
1995,NBA NY Knicks beat NY Nets in 100th meeting (Knicks 53 Nets 47)
1995,Neil Marshall skates world record 3 km (3:54.08)
1996,Winnie Mandela divorces Nelson after 38 years of marrage
1997,Ice Pairs won by Mandy Woetzel & Ingo Steuer (GER)
1997,Major League Baseball announces 5 year/$50M deal with Pepsi
1997,Supreme Court hears Internet indecency arguments
1998,"Ah Wilderness!," opens at Vivian Beaumont theater
Latest Additions
I was at a beach house in Galveston, Texas with my mom, brother, and aunt when we saw it on tv. I don't remember their reaction exactly, but i know they were positive he had done it, so they were probably pissed off at how ridiculous it was.
Added to the site on February 26, 2008
I was in social studies and my teacher turned on the news. When I heard "not guilty" I siad to my friend, Nick, "Those dumbasses let a killer go!"
Added to the site on February 26, 2008
I was in seventh grade sitting in social studies when the principal set up the radio by the intercom and broadcast it through the entire school. I remember it taking forever to read the charges and then finally the virdict. We all sat in stunned silence not believing that he was seen as not guilty.
Added to the site on February 26, 2008
I was in my High School World History Class (10th grade) when the verdict was read. One student pulled out his walkman and tuned in to a news station to listen to the verdict; after it was read, HIS WALKMAN WAS CONFISCATED by my teacher!!! It's stupid, but finding out all of this had to be done.
Added to the site on February 26, 2008
I was in 5th grade in dallas.. we were all learning about ships or conquistidors or something, when out teacher, Mrs. Geddie pulled out a T.V. we were all so excited and some kids got kicked out for screaming. Finally everyone got quite. and the other students snuck in and we all watched The jury denounce every charge on O.J. Personally i thought he was innocent.. but i always give people too much credit.. It was probably him anyway.
Added to the site on February 26, 2008
I was in 6th grade, sitting in the back of my World History class, and we were the only class in school that got to watch the verdict live on tv. Our teacher just wouldn't back down, and we all thought we were soooooo cool... :O)
Added to the site on February 26, 2008
I was in the 3rd grade and we were all sitting on the carpet after recess. One of the teachers walked in (and we all knew what was coming) "Not Guilty" she said. I came home and sat down. I began to watch CNN where they showed the clip of the verdict about 1500 times.
Added to the site on February 26, 2008
I was working for a lawyers' office at the time. Both lawyers, the legal assistant, and I were sitting in the conference room watching the small TV. When the verdict was read, we all looked at each other, of course in disbelief.
Added to the site on February 26, 2008
I was a senior in highschool. when we heard the verdict was going to be read the whole school got into the auditorium and they put cnn on the projector and the wrong verdict was read off.
Added to the site on February 26, 2008
I was a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame, in Alumni Hall (Go Dawgs!) in Sean Dixon's room (you don't know him). We had ordered some Paps John's for the occasion. I was eating a peppercini as the verdict was read. When the "not guilties" had been read, the entire hall was completely silent. After the initiall concussion, while the Hall was still silent, I heard someone down the hall, doubtlessly one of my fellow Caucasians (Notre Dame is mostly lilly-white), exclaim: "Let's riot!"
Added to the site on February 26, 2008
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