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What new cars were introduced during the 90s that you can think of? We're looking for the cars that were special in some way, introduced some new feature. This is not a list of every econo-box and family sedan to be released.

  • 1990 GM APVs
    Technically introduced at the close of the 1980s, these vehicles (pontiac Trans sport, chevy lumina APV, oldsmobile silhouette) were GM's belated answer to the chrysler minivans. Described by some as "giant dustbusters", they introduced controversial styling that apparantly gave them appeal to star trek fans(who saw a resemblence between the enterprise shuttlecraft and these vehicles. The design lasted until 1996

  • 1990 Mazda Miata
    This was a small roadster, fashioned in the spirit of 1960s British sports cars such as the MG midget. The Miata brought back the fun of driving a small car at an affordable price.

  • 1990-1996 Nissan 300zx
    A fantastic 300 horsepower super car that followed the 90s trend of the return of truely fast cars.Sadly the SUV/truck craze killed of all but the most recognized nameplates in sports cars.The car is 10 years old and still turns heads!

  • 1991 Chevrolet Caprice
    Since Chrysler used to be the dominant player in the police market, GM took over, and accounted for over 80% of sales. Commonly used as police cruisers, the Caprice (along with other GM full framed RWDs) would meet the ax in late 1996 due to poor sales, because of the booming SUV market.

  • 1991 Chevrolet Lumina Z34
    This car was one of the first modern muscle cars. They were fast aerodynamic and had a throaghty rumble to them. They led the way for the new mustangs, firebirds, and camaros.

  • 1996 Chevy Impala SS
    Not just another Caprice, this bad boy had a LT1 350, 17 inch wheels, blackout body trim, and four doors. With a usable back seet, you could take the whole family to kick the crap out of anything Ford had or has to offer.

  • 1996 GM EV1
    The first electric car to be mass produced. You could lease one of these green machines at saturn dealerships in California.

  • 1997 Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable
    in 1997 the taurus was redesigned into an extreme oval shape, it didin't sell as well as previous models and was toned down in 2000 and given some corners. The SHO version featured a V-8 engine which made the car very fast.

  • 1997 Plymouth Prowler
    A mass-produced 2 seater hot rod, marketed by Plymouth. Its retro styling cues are a direct throwback to the 1930s. This car was first shown as a concept in 1993, and later produced for the 1997 model year, thus continuing Chrysler's reputation for bringing hot concept cars to life as production models.

  • 35th edition Mustang
    Select models of the 99' Ford Mustang had the 35th edition package. The 35th editions had a circle around the emblem on the side of the car. It is a rare car because it takes a part off of every Mustang ever made.

  • 98 Pontiac Firebird
    This car has to be one of the best Pontiac designs in the '90's. It holds on to the memory of the muscle car era with a '90's touch. A sporty exterior, a bass blastin' stereo, and great gas mileage; what more could you expect from a 1997 design?? A memorable icon in the fading days of the pony car...

  • Chevy Corsica
    Everyone forgets the Chevy Corsica. Made from 1987 to 1996, it was a great four door car that Chevy discontinued.

  • Chrysler LH cars
    Introduced as a 1993 models, These cars (dodge intrepid, chrysler concorde, and eagle vision) introduced streamlined, cab-forward styling to the automotive market, maximizing interior room.

  • Chrysler Sebring Convertible
    Introduced in 1995, it took the place of Chryslers' Leberan Convertible. They also come in coupes but those are not as sporty and flashy looking

  • Dodge Ram and Durango
    When Dodge revamped the Ram pickup in 1994, they "changed the rules" and hit a home run. Four years later Dodge introduced the Durango, the first Dodge SUV in five years. The Durango is sized between the Ford explorer and Expidition and can seat up to 7-8 people. It was a success.

  • Dodge Viper
    Introduced in 1992, this roadster with an 8.0-liter V-10 gave Chrysler corporation a major sports car to compete with the Corvette. It even had its own television series.

  • Dodge/Plymouth Neon
    You know, the car said "Hi!" in the commercials

  • Ford Excersion
    The largest SUV on the road gave Ford a good platform to compete with the General Motors Suburban.

  • Ford Expidition and Lincoln Navigator
    Based on the new Ford F150 and introduced in 1996, The new Expidition replaced the Bronco was sized between the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban and was a success. It came in XLT and Eddie Bauer models and can seat up to 9 people. Lincoln took the Expidition and added a fancy grille and called it the Navigator. It too was popular.

  • Ford Explorer
    Introduced around '91 or '92, it pretty much popularized the sport-utility vehicle in the 90s.

  • Honda Civic
    The family car turned hot rod of the 90's. Teens lower them to the ground, add huge exhaust pipes and plaster obnoxious racing stickers across every inch of them.

  • Hyundai Tiburon
    The car that pretty much put Hyundai back on the map in the U.S. (since before hand they had always been associated with the cheap Excel, the "Yugo for the early 90s"). Introduced in 1997, the name means "Shark" (so named for the sleek look and the fact that it was largely tested in Tiburon, Calif), Hyundai used a play on the boat scenes from the movie "Jaws" to advertise its release to the general public. Interesting note: the suspension was designed by Porsche. My wife owned one of the first ones to hit the market and let me tell you, this car kicked serious butt.

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee.
    Introduced in 1992 as a 93 model,the Grand Cherokee was Jeep's answer to the hot selling Ford Explorer. It was avalible with six-cylender or V-8 engines. It had upscale models like the Orvis edition. A new Grand Cherokee came out in 99 with an overhead-cam V-8. It was Jeep's biggest success story.

  • Monte Carlo Z-34
    Re-introduced in 1995 it was more than a 2-door Lumina: featuring a 200 bhp 3.4 liter V-6, dual exhaust, and 16 inch aluminum wheels. They are very fast

  • New Volkswagen Bug, Chevy Metro and the like.
    There are many of these that seemed to be popular in the late 90s. Little round shaped cars that are so small you can almost imagine a parade of clowns climbing out of it. All those cars need is a giant wind-up key in the back, and you have yourself a gigantic toy wind up car!

  • Saturn
    Who could forget the inventive GM brand called SATURN? Introduced in 1990, the unconvential looking cars, sold in "no-pressure environments" were on the top ten selling cars lists by the mid-'90s. Saturn began with two models - a small sedan and small wagon, and has expanded to four by now.

  • Subaru SVX
    A 230hp AWD sports car that was introduced in 1992 to replace the XT6 (which had been introduced in 1988).

  • Toyota Camry
    A nice 4-door car that was America's best selling car for 2 years in a row.

  • Toyota Supra
    Replacing the rather luxury-coupe styled '86-'92 Supras, the 1993 model was an all out 2+2 sportscar. Featured 225 horsepower 3.0L DOHC inline six with five-speed manual or a 320 horsepower twin turbocharged version of the same engine with a six-speed. Beautiful car even today. All moddels were available with a four-speed automatic. Killed off in 1998 because of the overbearing SUV/truck market taking away sales of this $50,000 monster.

  • VW Jetta
    The hip car of the late nineties. Sporty and stylish, this car had everything going for it.

  • Volkswagen Beetle
    The icon of the sixties revised for the nineties.

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