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This is a list of the places from songs of the nineties that have real-life counterparts.

  • Amigone (cemetary)
    "Amigone" is a song by the Goo Goo Dolls. The Amigone cemetery is a cemetery chain in western New York (which is also where the Goos are from).

  • Birchmount Stadium
    One Week by The Barenaked Ladies...at the end of the song, they lightly sing "Birchmount Stadium home of The Robbie." Birchmount Stadium is found in Scarborough, a former city now a part of Toronto. The Robbie happens to be a soccer tournament that is hosted there.

  • Chicago
    When Billy Corgan sings "in the city by the lake" in Tonight, Tonight it is the most perfect description of the North Side of Chicago I have ever heard.

  • The Danforth
    From the Barenaked Ladies. In the song, The Old Apartment, there's a line that says "we bought an old house on The Danforth". The Danforth is the trendy name for Danforth Avenue in east Toronto, the sight of many popular bars, cafes, restaurants and festivals.

  • Halifax Nova Scotia
    "Hello City" by Barenkaed Ladies is about Halifax, Nova Scotia.

  • Hazard
    Hazard is a small town in Nebraska, and is the location of the Richard Marx song of the same name. In it, Richard was an outsider who came to the town when he was young, and later was suspected of murdering his girlfriend.

  • Iceland
    Several songs by Bjork are dedicated to the beauty of her homeland. Two of them would be "The Anchor Song" of her first album, Debut: "I live by the ocean\And during the night\I dive into it\Down to the bottom\Underneath all currents\And drop my anchor\This is where I'm staying\This is my home"; and the song Joga off the album Homogenic, which is a song completely devouted to the beauty of Iceland.

  • Linden Blvd
    Tribe Called Quest-"Check the Rhyme", "Back in the days on the Blvd of Linden". It is a street in Queens, NY. It actually goes from Brooklyn to Queens a very long strip..

  • The New Amsterdam
    "Mr. Jones" by Counting Crows. It's a bar in San Francisco. That's basicly all I know.

  • Santa Monica
    Santa Monica by Savage Garden. All i know its in the USA somewhere. [editor's note] Santa Monica is located in Southern California, near Los Angeles.

  • Slim's
    Release year: 1994 Artist: Boz Scaggs Album: Some Change Song Title: Call Me Location mentioned: Slim's (Boz Scagg's club in San Francisco) Time into song when location mentioned: 2:00 URL for the location: http://www.slims-sf.com/

  • Zipperhead
    It appears in the song "Punk Rock Girl" by the dead Milkmen. Zipperhead is a store on South Street in Philadelphia. Lots of leather and other "interesting" things are sold there.

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