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Top Ten Albums of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite albums from the 90s?

    By: S.T.G.
    • 10. 98 degrees by 98 degrees
      As annoying as they are when girls scream for their videos they still got on the top 10. That's all I have to say, but one more announcement.
    • 9. 2nd self titled album by Seal
      His song "Kiss from a rose was all it took to get people to get this album, and also the big hit "Don't Cry" and "Prayer for the Dying". I hope he makes another video in 2000.
    • 8. N'sync by N'sync
      These guys are a group like BSB. They sing good, good lyrics, but they have one thing that BSB is weak on. Dance moves. The girls go ga-ga over that stuff. Girls want guys to dance {they want me to do that stuff} but keep it up, dudes.
    • 7. Backstreet Boys by Backstreet Boys
      This was a good album, but it had it's downs, and mainly ups. The videos were awesome. Keep them coming.
    • 6. Millenium by Backstreet Boys
      Their songs, vocals, and videos are the three I wanted so they could get to to number 6.
    • 5. Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morisette
      This girl has a good voice, nice lryics, but she has a brave soul. {She proved it in "Thank U"} I hope you make more albums, Alanis.
    • 4. Off the Deep End by Weird Al
      This is Al's first album on the countdown, but another one is coming up to. His parody of Nirvana's "Smells Like teen Spirit" brought them up, to Number one.Peace Al hope you make more albums.
    • 3. Brittany Spears by Brittany Spears
      Girl, you have a nice figure, good voice {don't over express your voice}, and great talent. If you did get implants just don't show them off in a slutty appearance like in the video, "You Drive me Crazy", okay. I luv' ya' but tell your costume designer to be alittle better in picking outfits.
    • 2. Christina Aguilera by Christina Aguilera
      She has a great talent, a beautiful body, and a great voice. She will be one of my top album of all time. Luv ya' Christina!
    • 1. Nevermind by Nirvana
      They helped people who were bored to mosh, and turn grunge. I lvoe the band. Peace Kurt !{R.I.P.}

    In the year 2000, the last dance concert at my school {NorthWood Middle School} Me {S.T.G. of P.O.C.} and another new group {ENRAGE} are playing 6 song three remakes and the last song is my number one. If you go to NorthWood be there.
    By: Oz Davidson
    • 10. Dookie by Green Day
      Yet another alternative band. This time, a group with a punky edge. So many memories of this album and it's many songs, like Basket case, When I Come Around, Paradise, and much more. This is a great album.
    • 9. What's the Story? (Morning Glory) by Oasis
      The new Beatles. There are so many great songs on this album, including Wonderwall, Champagne Supernova, and Don't Look Back In Anger. They weren't grunge and they weren't pop, they were alternative.
    • 8. Paul's Boutique by Beastie Boys
      The Beasties will rule for years because with every album, they infuse a new style. With Paul's Boutique, they dabble in sampling, metal rap, and wizardry of lyrical nonsense.
    • 7. Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette
      You said it.
    • 6. Nevermind by Nirvana
      Ummm ... nevermind.
    • 5. Pearl Jam by Ten
      Grand daddies of grunge, these Seattle boys' debut album is a story about our generation.
    • 4. Weezer by Weezer
      These guys are excellent at letting us know how they feel. This album is a nostalgic look at lost love, Buddy Holly, Dungeons and Dragons, and growing up too soon.
    • 3. Odelay by Beck
      Beck Hansen is by far the best artist of the '90s. In this album, he fuses so many styles that in the process, it becomes an original style in it's own. Beck is definetely the enchanting wizard of rhythym.
    • 2. The Chronic by Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre
      The end all be all of gangsta rap. This is the album to play if you want to reminisce about the rocky "gangsta" era of rap music.
    • 1. Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness by Smashing Pumpkins
      What a fantastic album.. Somewhere i read that this is punk rock if Steven Spielberg had taken control of it. What a great description of this 1995 album featuring the mixture of alternative, punk,and classical music. The best.

    By: Celeste Keenan
    • 10. Blood, Sugar, Sex Magik by Red Hot Chili Peppers
      Is, without a doubt, one of the more awsome Chili Peppers albums and the videos for Give It Away and Under The Bridge were absolutely amazing.
    • 9. The Muddy Banks of the Wishka by Nirvana
      The final installment of the Nirvana saga which includes the hits, Smells Like Teen Spirit, In Bloom and Lithium this is a MUST HAVE for any Nirvana fan
    • 8. Nevermind by Nirvana
      AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! Need I say more?
    • 7. Saimese Dream by The Smashing Pumpkins
      This is the first alternative album that really appealed to me with hits such as Rocket, Disarm and others. Billy Corgan really knows what fits into a song lyrically and he seems to know what kids will listen to
    • 6. Big Shiny Tunes by Various Artists
      This is the ultimate album for alternative music fans. This album includes songs by I Mother Earth, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters and the Killjoys. This is an album that's worth having in your colletion.
    • 5. Blind Melon by Blind Melon
      With the demise of Shannon Hoon in 1995 the guys are still looking for a singer. Good luck in replacing Shannon you guys. This is an awesome album with the hit "No Rain!" and others.
    • 4. Live Through This by Hole
      An excellent album. Kristen Phaff gives an excellent performance on bass and I loved the fact that they had a girl drummer.
    • 3. Foo Fighters by Foo Fighters
      An awesome break for Dave Grohl "the comeback kid!" The first album brought him closer together with former Nirvana guitarist Pat Smear and former Sunny Day Real-Estate bassist and drummer Will Goldsmith and Nate Mendel. I was rather disappointed when Will and Pat left the band but it's all for the better because they really weren't interested in touring anymore.
    • 2. Surfacing by Sara MacLachlan
      Finally a female rolemodel that everyone can look up to. She is the mastermind behind Lilith Fair. I admire Sara very much because she beleives that women have their place in the music industry.
    • 1. Crazy, Sexy, Cool. by T.L.C.
      An awesome mix of hip-hop, R&B and rap. Although the girls in T.L.C. were going through major changes including Left Eye's conviction for arson and bankruptcy they managed to make a good album.

    Music Lover's Note: The Muddy Banks of the Wishka is a LIVE album. I thought that I might mention that.
    By: Becky
    • 10. Falling Into You by Celine Dion
      I will not apologize for this. This album was very well put together and the songs were all very catchy. After all, Celine is "da greatest seenger in ze world".
    • 9. Use Your Illusion 1 & 2 by Guns 'N' Roses
      Ha...I snuck in two CD's for the price of one. There were so many songs on this double album, most of them either obscene or Beavis and Buttheadishly funny. I always loved Guns...and I still wonder what the hell ever happened to Axl. By the way, aside from the stupid alternate version of "Don't Cry", Disc 2 was much better.
    • 8. Friction Baby by Better Than Ezra
      These guys are yet another underappreciated bunch. I have all their records, but this is the best of the three. It includes one of the best songs ever (which for some reason I forgot when I made up my top 10 list of songs and I am now kicking myself hard) "Desperately Wanting".
    • 7. Vs. by Pearl Jam
      I bought this baby the day it came out and was not disappointed. The only song I don't like is "Blood".
    • 6. Villains by The Verve Pipe
      They should have won a Best New Artist Grammy for this! But, maybe I shouldn't put so much stock in an award previously given to such musical greats as Starland Vocal Band, A Taste of Honey and of course, Milli Vanilli.
    • 5. Come On Over by Shania Twain
      Garth gave country music a wider appeal, but Shania made it cool.
    • 4. Four by Blues Traveler
      This is such a great album. "Runaround" got all the airplay, but as good as that song was, there are a bunch of songs on here that completely blow it away.
    • 3. Sheryl Crow by Sheryl Crow
      I love Sheryl Crow...I can always find something to relate to in her songs.
    • 2. Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette
      Everyone was expecting it to be full of "men suck" anthems...it wasn't. Just full of great songs.
    • 1. Ten by Pearl Jam
      A perfect album...not one bad song in the bunch. Simply the best band of the '90s, who continued to succeed after this record without releasing any more videos or singles.

    By: Lori
    • 10. Into the Skyline by Cathy Dennis
    • 9. SpiceWorld by The Spice Girls
      Every song they ever did is fantastic. This album is the bomb!
    • 8. Sound Museum by Towa Tei
      Wonderful, ecclectic mixture of dance/trance/r&b from Deee-lite's cheif mixer.
    • 7. Live Your Life Be Free by Belinda Carlisle
      One of the best albums of the nineties that you never heard. The queen of 80s pop music released 3 albums in the 90s, which were sadly ignored by the public. This was her best, quite possibly of her entire carreer.
    • 6. Erotica by Madonna
      Madonna's most underatted album EVER! Awesome dance grooves, as well as songs dealing with important issues such as sex, violence, and AIDS. A masterpiece.
    • 5. Post by Bjork
      Nobody does it like she does...funky, enchanting, ecclectic, surreal....
    • 4. Moby by Moby
      The man's a genius!
    • 3. No Limits by 2 Unlimited
      Wonderful memories of this album! A dancefloor CLASSIC!
    • 2. Infinity Within by Deee-lite
      Not a commercial success, but has spent more time on my turntable than just about any other cd I own! Uplifting, funky dance music with a meaning.
    • 1. Mariah Carey by Mariah Carey
      "Mariah's Masterpiece" is what I like to call it.

    The 90s RULED when it came to great dance music!! A few honorable mentions: "Spellbound" Paula Abdul; "Good Stuff" The B-52's, "The Velvet Rope" Janet Jackson and "getfiredup!" The Funky Green Dogs.
    By: Mary
    • 10. The immaculate collection by Madonna
      I know, I know, I totally ruined the top 10 now, but cmon!! Ya gotta admit that "vogue" is too a classic!!!
    • 9. The burdens of being uptight by Tracy Bonham
      She rocks!! Cant believe I only paid $9 for that!!
    • 8. Dig your own hole by Chemical Brothers
      Took me forever to find it and I didnt know much about them when I finally did, except that "Block rocking beats" ruled. Just had to listen to it once to realize the whole album did.
    • 7. Metallica by Metallica
      The black album just simply rocks.
    • 6. Frogstomp by Silverchair
      I was in love with them when I got that album. "Israel's son" is one of my top 10 songs too, the best of Silverchair's pure rock phase for all I care...
    • 5. Days of the New by Days of the New
      I love them. Id seen the video for "touch, peel and stand" like 3 times on MTV, never the whole thing though. But I knew I had to buy that album and I wasnt disappointed at all when I finally did.
    • 4. Ten by Pearl Jam
      Their best album, by far. How can anyone not like "jeremy" is beyond me... hehe
    • 3. Nevermind by Nirvana
      A classic, the first cd I ever bought. I was about 12 and Kurt died right after that. Bummer huh?
    • 2. Freaks of nature by Drain sth
      It's their 2nd album and I can listen to it over and over again.
    • 1. Garbage by Garbage
      The very best cd I own.

    Garbage and Drain are my fave bands but I thought Id pick only one album of each for the top 10. My top 10 songs will have much more variety, if I get to post it here...
    By: Diego Wiltshire
    • 10. Nighttime Birds by The Gathering
      it;s just magical....mystical.....whatever.....freakingly amazing....
    • 9. Live Through This by Hole
      In this album they really showed their potential...and if you live through this with me i swear that i will die for you...
    • 8. Republica by Republica
      I'm not too fond of "ready to go" but all the other songs are so great... had to give them some space here...
    • 7. Mexican Moon by Concrete Blonde
      whenever i listen to it ,it makes me feel like i really am in the middle of the mexican desert ,at night, staring at the moon.....wonderfull feeling....
    • 6. Post by Björk
      If you dont like this record there's something wrong with you...Bjork is very creative and her songs are out of this world...
    • 5. Placebo by Placebo
      gotta love it ! pure sex punk pop...
    • 4. Post Orgasmic Chill by Skunk Anansie
      ok....all skunk anansie albums are marvellous....but these is an evolution to their sound !
    • 3. Antichrist Superstar by Marilyn Manson
      Very, very cool....changed my life....it's very original, had great lyrics,and all these concepts...wonderfull !
    • 2. Becoming X by Sneaker Pimps
      a musical journey that will turn your mind upside down....and make you sigh.....hehehe
    • 1. Garbage by Garbage
      it's the best album ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By: Memed Bengul
    • 10. Laid by James
    • 9. Copper Blue by Sugar
    • 8. Loveless by My Bloody Valentine
    • 7. Slanted & Enchanted by Pavement
    • 6. New Wave by The Auteurs
    • 5. Teenager Of the Year by Frank Black
    • 4. Crooked Rain Crooked Rain by Pavement
    • 3. Nevermind by Nirvana
    • 2. Sabresonic by Sabres Of Paradise
    • 1. The Holy Bible by Manic Street Preachers

    Also: Peng!-Stereolab, Bossonova-Pixies, Down Colorful Hill-Red House Painters, Come To Daddy EP-Aphex Twin, Listen-Urban Species, Bandwagonesque-Teenage Fanclub, Without A Sound-Dinosaur Jr.
    By: micheal
    • 10. ?????????????????? by ??????????????????
      i listen to any and every type of music, and there are way too many great cds from the nineties to list them all, but i think i narrowed it down to a decen list but i know there is a lot of stuff that i left of, so forgive me if i forgot one or two.
    • 9. adult themes for voice by mike patton
      there has never and will never be anything quite like this album. i hate to use the same word to describe two people in the same list, but hes a genius
    • 8. hybrid noise bloom/ rainbow electronics 2 by merzbow
      two insanely creative and innovative albums by the premier japanese experimental noise band
    • 7. bitches brew remaster by miles davis
      you know why its here
    • 6. neurosis by enemy of the sun
      the heaviest album ive ever heard, and its good too
    • 5. pet sounds sessions box set by the beach boys
      one of the best albums of all time, remastered in stereo and with studio outtakes, what more could you want?
    • 4. bloody kisses by type o negative
      dark, sensual, i may not listen to it much anymore, but this album got me through a lot of tough times
    • 3. s/t by V.A.S.T.
      if you havent heard of this band, you should seek them out.
    • 2. homogenic by bjork
      what can i say, shes a genius
    • 1. california by mr. bungle
      simply amazing, everyone should own this album.

    just to let you know, these are in absolutely no particular order. oh yeah everything by METALLICA!!!!! honorable mention: phenobarb bambalam- chris connelly angels with dirty faces- tricky doolittle- the pixies nevermind- nirvana ten- pearl jam s/t- the getaway people herzleid- rammstein anthology- the beatles solo- yo yo ma helioskjalf- burzum
    By: Brandon
    • 10. Kerplunk! by Green Day
      Great indie punk album from 1992.
    • 9. Blood Sugar Sex Magik by Red Hot Chili Peppers
      Another great CD from the early 90's.
    • 8. Let's Face It by Mighty Mighty Bosstones
      Aw, come on, it was a good album.
    • 7. My Own Prison by Creed
    • 6. Devil Without A Cause by Kid Rock
      I think Kid Rock has a lot of guts to come up all the way from Detroit and go 3x platinum.
    • 5. Forgotten Freshness by ICP
      ICP are hilarious and they are hellagood rappers from SouthWest Detroit.
    • 4. Three Dollar Bill, Y'all by Limp Bizkit
    • 3. Homebase by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince
      I think the reason this album is so great is because of the song "Summertime". Still, Jazz and the Prince are a great duo.
    • 2. Smash by The Offspring
      Great album with great lyrics.
    • 1. Enema of ther State by Blink 182
      I think this was THE album of 1999.

    Oh, yeah, like I would be dumb enough to listen to the Backend Boys or LIP*SYNC or Britney Slutts. Jeez.

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