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Worst Movies of the 90s

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This is a list of the worst movies of the decade as chosen by our site visitors.

  • (Disney's) Hercules
    Aside from the fact that Disney now choose stories that just aren't suited to they're style, and rewrite them, tweeing them up on the way, they also cannot write original stories (as they frequently prove nowadays). But that last point is a bit beside the point. Today, or whenever, Disney have decided to take on Hercules as their film of the year. Complete with: well below Disney-par artwork, appalling choices of voice-overs, bad animation, unlikeable (and very badly drawn) characters and crappy dialouge devoid of humour at all.

  • The 13th Floor
    The plot (if there was one) was so convoluted. You didn't know who was who and where the hell they were half the time. And when the end of this fiasco finally came, you really didn't care.

  • 13th Warrior
    This movie has to be the worst movie ever made!! Actually walked out. Went into this movie thinking that it was going to be an action flick. The most action that I saw in this movie was Banderas making a sword for about ten minutes in the movie and then using it once in a two minute battle scene. Oh, and the "fire snake" I mean come on, nobody is that stupid. liked the book, but HORRIBLE MOVIE!!!! Makes me pissed that I watched this poor excuse of a movie as long as I did.

  • 8 mm
    Nicholas Cage can pick some stinkers sometimes. I thought this one might be an interesting peek into an underworld we don't hear or see much of, what it ended up being was a mess of bad over-acting and very illogical and imposible scenarios. Would the wealthy patriarch of the family really pay $1 million dollars for a snuff movie? Would the bad guys in story really try so hard at identifying themselves as evil? Would the bad guys confess so much of there bad deeds, damn they were chatty. Bad movie, not worth a $1 dollar rental. Also, didn't see it on this list but that Star Wars Episode 1 was pretty weak, that little kid was terrible.

  • 8mm
    this was one of the most ridiculous movie ever made. Nicholas Cage did a horrible job in this movie. It was nonesence,and I hope there's no follow-up.

  • 8mm
    This movie was so bad. I love Nick Cage and kept expecting the movie and the acting to get better, but it never did. The plot only existed for shock value and failed miserably. The secondary plot line - Cage and his wife - was terrible and felt as though it had been thrown in as an afterthought. I can't believe I sat through the entire thing!

  • AArdvarks
    YOu guys are fucking stupid have of these movies while not being great films are classics and need to be respected . . . water world and last action hero are amazing films and however much you hate the brave little toaster it is still a movie that needs to be viewed my everyone go choke on a cow dick if you dont know what movie thats from then go die

  • Agree with all of the above
    Were you people even alive in the 90's?!?! WTF! 70% of these movies were good movies. Devils Advocate, Clerks, Big Lebowski, bad movies??? Are you all out of your f-ing minds? These are cult classics you retards!

  • Alien 3
    Rubbish follow-up to one of the most enjoyable sci-fi/horror/action flicks of all time. Starting the movie by killing two characters whom most movie goers liked was mistake number one. Scenes resembling video game POV shots (supposedly seeing from the Xenomorph point of view) were also not impressive. Pure crap. A bunch of drunk monkeys typing could have done a better job.

  • All Of The Above!
    All you people have problems! About a quarter of those movies were awesome. You guys just don't have taste. Go watch Broke Back Mountain, FAGS!!!

  • Anaconda
    a gay ass moie about dumb ass overgrown snakes. It wuz so cheap they had to play some of the footage backwards just to afford it. Definetly 2 eyelids down

  • Anaconda
    Good God! Haven't you people seen Anaconda!?!? All of these movies are much, much better than Anaconda and most of them are terrible... The best part of this movie was that it restored my faith in the resiliance of human beings because those actors that took part in this travesty somehow rebuilt their careers relatively unscathed. This is easily the worst movie ever. Not just in the 90's and the only reason I saw it was because the snake seemed kinda cool but it made like three cameos and they sucked!

  • Anaconda
    Oh my God, the worst thing I've seen in a long time. At no time do you ever believe the snake is anything but computer generated and it is absolutely hysterical when it eats Jon Voight and regurgitates him...how sad for him to be in this movie.

  • Anaconda
    HOLY CRAP! This entire page should just be a review of ANACONDA the worst movie ever made! I tried to watch more than 1 hour of this disaster on film but blood almost started coming out of my eyes like the snake was tightening around me. The stupid in this movie almost burnt me alive by the second appearance of the snake! BLAH!

  • Apt Pupil
    Booooooooriiiiiing....i mean what a snooze fest. there was not one moment in this movie that i was not struggling to keep my eyes open. I don't know what else to say, but STAY AWAY.

  • Armageddon
    Michael Bay sure can make some eye candy, but what he fails at is the actual content of the film. 'Scientifically inaccurate' doesn't even explain this abomination enough. Don't forget the awful performances from the people that weren't Steve Buscemi, especially when it comes to pretty boy Ben Affleck. It's not even enjoyable, it's just bad.

  • Astonauts Wife
    a corny movie about a man going into space and turning into an alien! I mean REALLY!

  • Backdoor Sluts 9
    This movie was about the WORST porno i have ever seen! it is definitely not worth the time "whacking off" as you kids call it these days...DO NOT waste your time watching this....there is more naked guys then there are chicks!!! :

  • Batman & Robin
    Okay I like George Clooney in certain film roles but this wasn't one those film roles that I liked him in. Why didn't I like George Clooney in Batman & Robin? Because the script was horrible, there wasn't any plot to it, and he should have chosen his roles a little more carefully.
    Another reason why I didn't like this movie is because they chose Uma Thurman to play Poison Ivy. Now I like the Poison Ivy character but Uma Thurman wasn't the best actress to play this role.

  • Batman & Robin
    This was a gay Fantasa. Nipples on the rubber bat-suits? Boy, is that queer, but enough gay jokes. Chris O'Donnel was just so bad in this movie. When you see him, you expect Adam West to dawn the cape and cowl. George Clooney, who's just a actor in the first place. He should have stuck to ER, and retire with dignity. I'll tell when it got really lame, when they blow off the doors of the rocket ship, Robin is surfing on the door yelling "cowabunga". I was gone. No more me. But since it bombed, that proves there is a god.

  • Batman & Robin
    Where do I begin? I can see where they tried their best with adapting a film version of this from the comics but it seems like every person involved in the film did care who the audience was. From the Batman suit, the premise of the story, and the acting it was hard to pick which one was the worst part.

  • Batman And Robin
    I blamed this one on that damn director Joel Shumacher. He made this movie like that campy 1966 version of the TV show. The storyline sucks and the dumbest thing is that the butler Alfred has a niece named Barbara Wilson played by Alicia Silverstone, also as Batgirl (wait a damn minute, does Commisioner Gordon has a daughter name Barbara Gordon who's really Batgirl). Arnold Schwartzenagger played a good villian so far (I think). But in all, what the hell happened with Tim Burton and the background music by Danny Elfman? The Batman francise is no more, and it's all because of Joel Schumacher. Enough said. Good night dammit!!!

  • Batman and Robin
    You HAD a trilogy! End it there. No, they had to make a 4th film. Starring a horrible casted role of George Clooney as Batman. Batman and Robin make lowbrow comments throughout the movie saying things only my brother would laugh at. And here comes another hero into the batcave... Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl! Don't ruin the Batman epic with Silverstones poor acting, Tim Burton.

  • Batman and Robin
    this movie sux ass! george clooney wearing a bat-suit with nipples!!!!! this movie was doomed from the very begining!

  • Batman and Robin
    This is the evidence that hollywood doesn't proof read scripts because surely someone would have looked at it and said "wait a minute this is awful." I will never truly work out what the set designer was thinking and its the type of movie where you feel sorry for the actors when they have to spill ot lines like "Your not sending me to the cooler." A truly awful film, Uma Thurman what were you thinking?

  • Batman and Robin
    very pissed off the way this movie went. Cloony was a horrible batman. Val was better then him but no one could have done it better than Keaton. The whole thing sucked how they made Gotham city look to Arnold being mr. freeze. All the charaters sucked. But i can beleive Alica Silverstone she was maybe the only believable character in the movie. Tim Burton where are you.

  • Batman and Robin
    Probably the worst movie that i have ever seen in my life and i have seen a few bad ones. They relied to heavily on a big name cast and forgot who and what batman is. They real batman died when tim burton stopped directing. Overall corny dialouge like "alright, everyone chill", or "cool party"...ugh, it was awful. They of course had to change the batman costume so it can make the crotch the most noticeable thing on the costume!...batman is ruined.

  • Batman and Robin
    This 1997 movie was an insult not only to the whole franchise, but to anyone with anything vaguely resembling an intelligence. Terrible acting, terrible plot, and nipples on the batsuit. What the hell?

  • Battlefield Earth
    Dear God...where to begin? Well...first of all, the story for this film was originally the "brainchild" of L. Ron Hubbard...founder of Scientology and paragon of excellence in storytelling. The story goes like this: some aliens wipe out most of humanity and knock the survivors back to the stone-age, they enslave the leftovers and put 'em to work mining gold, the humans get fed up and mount a revolt, the humans win, and the alien's home planet is destroyed by *cough* ONE nuclear warhead. In other words...this film is about as predictable as a drunk Gallagher in the produce section and about as futile as a Green Party rally at Oral Robert's University. Evidently, this movie was supposed to incorporate overtones of Scientologist "philosophy". Well shit...I guess their brand of "spiritual" discipline is just to damned advanced for me to be able to grasp with my primitive, puny, non-Scientologist mind. It seems that the basis of this cult's philosophy revolves around some lofty, metaphysical concept of "leverage" and around a bunch of childish, simple-minded pathos that surely don't require a pseudo-religion or a scholarly deconstruction of "Dianetics" to appreciate. For shit's sake...L. Ron's little "insights" make Winnie the Pooh look like Friederich Nietzche. If this is Scientology's first triumphant foray into the world of film, then I shudder at the prospect of what might lie ahead. Hopefully, this film will kill John Travolta's little "renaissance" at the root and hurl him back into the inky abyss of the American movie-goer collective psyche...never to be allowed to plague our lives again. Travolta's character, "Terl", was one of the most transcendentally asinine things I have ever seen in a major motion picture. Imagine the guy from White Zombie sporting Gene Simmons platform boots, add a dash of Klingon, give him noseplugs, and bingo...he's an alien! If you're slightly masochistic and don't mind wasting a couple of precious hours of your life, then watching everybody's favorite former Sweathog stomp around in those ridiculous "Ministry-meets-Studio 54" platform boots might be worth the anguish of sitting through this movie. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, "Terl's" home planet is called...*ahem*..."Psychlo". "Psychlo"? Hmmmm...what star system might that planet found in? "Schizlo"? "Mezzo"? What's "Psychlo's" moon named? "Lunator"? Check, please! The "hero" of this fetid pile of shit is some Malibu beach, pre-fab, Hollywood "hunk" wanker that has about as much range as a Pez dispenser and the singular distinction of reprising the lost art of the 80's "movie barbarian" archetype. Outside of Travolta and the guy who played "Ghost Dog", the cast is comprised of no-name, utterly dispensable, Hollywood chaff. The guy that plays the main hero brings an abysmal lack of talent to the table...he's like a cheap, LA surfer wannabe version of the Beastmaster. Minus "Podo" and "Kodo"! For God's sake, he makes Marc Singer look like Laurence Olivier! Well, I guess he isn't completely worthless...I'm sure that this guy will be able to find plenty of work in the soft porn industry or perhaps even as an extra in a USA Network, late-night, made-for-TV movie. It is my sincere hope that I never see this guy "act" ever, ever, ever, ever again in my life. Sure...he didn't have much to work with in the way of dialogue, but for shit's sake, Bobcat Goldthwait could out-act this dick-snot. To sum up: this film is a truly monolithic slab of pure, unadulterated, unrefined, grade-A, top drawer, take-no-prisoners, world class, peerless owl-shit and a poignant example of Hollywood's staggering lack of respect for both its audience and the noble art of film making. Prognosis: destroy this film and all evidence of its existence. This movie should come with a surgeon general's warning label. Considering "Battlefield Earth", "The Phantom Menace", et al, I think we should impose a ten year moratorium on all Sci-Fi movies. Chances are that the damage caused by such brazenly foul movies will reverberate throughout the science fiction genre for years...polluting and disfiguring everything in it's wake. If we want our children to have any decent sci-fi, then we must strike while the iron is hot! It is our obligation to future generations to arrest this pestilence and reclaim our birthright! Good citizen, the time is now! Do your part and burn a copy of "Battlefield Earth"!

  • Battlefield Earth
    heh...i don't think i even need to say anything here. worst movie of the 90s hands down, arguably the worst movie ever. oh yeah, shine's one of the *best* movies of the 90s...just cuz nothing blows up doesn't mean it sucks.

  • Battlefield Earth
    This movie was truly the worst sifi movie ever but not because of L Ron Hubbard. If you took the time to read the book you would know it was the script writers that FFFed up the storie. the book is an amazing peice of work.

  • Battlefield Earth
    Just to give you an idea - they had to pay people to see this movie!

  • Battlefield Earth
    Scientology's version of Triumph of the Will. Pure propaganda. Forrest Whittaker, Larry Anderson (ex Scientologist who appears in the film) and the film's writer apologized for this. It's like a bad Star Trek episode on acid, with John Travolta (in the film that is now a permanent stain on his career) his "wife" Kelly Preston (who I still believe gets good roles in Hollywood because of him because she cannot act for her life) in Klingon gear speaking the words of Scientology's founder L Ron Hubbard, who's works were banned by the cult's current leader (and Tom Cruise's rumored lover) David Miscavige, who has been recently in the news for allegations of abuse of staffers (oh joy...) It's a miracle that this piece of garbage made it to theaters...

  • Beloved
    Oprah Winfrey promoted this movie as a compelling documentary on African American slavery (never mind that 5 minutes of the movie was actually true), and the critics called it the "Best Motion Picture of the Year" day in and day out. Being a person of African heritage myself, I was suckered into wasting my precious $6.50 for a ticket to "Beloved", And little did I know that it was the worst damn mistake I ever made. Basically put, the movie is about a ghost of a baby girl who reincarnates herself in adult form in order to rape some old man who is in love with the character Oprah starred as. The movie has scenes of fat Oprah urinating, a dog with its eyes out of its socket, two white kids sucking on Oprah's breasts, a scene where Oprah gruesomely killed the baby in order to prevent the slave-catcher from taking her away, and, of course, the explicit sex scene between the ghost girl and the old man. Normally, even bad movies like "Final Fantasy" or "Battlefield Earth" will make you think, "Yeah that movie sucked," and get on with your life, but after watching "Beloved", I felt disgusted, confused, empty, depressed, and had nightmares about the movie for weeks afterwards. I do not want to experience that kind of ordeal with any movie I watch ever again. Art film my ass.

  • The Big Lebowski
    Stupid there was no plot in this movie. Bridges was to find a kidnapped person. Goodman came up with stupid plans. They both bowled a lot too.

  • Bio dome
    An movie where you'll see one actor bite off the other actors toenail, yuck! Their names are not important by the way.

  • The Birdcage
    What on earth did people see in that movie? The story was atrocious and I thought I was going to die in that movie.

  • Black Beauty
    I was dragged to the movie version of the classic Book Black Beauty in 1994 with my mom and my niece. I don't even remember this movie it was so bad.

  • Black Sheep
    Thought we were going to see another Tommy Boy, but hell no we didn't. No plot, and no comedy. Typical fat guy falls over and we laugh but that got really stale really quick. I knew Chris Farley's days were numbered after this flop.

  • The Blair Witch Project
    I'm Sorry but the ONLY THING the makers of this film did well was tease the public. They were ingenious in their efforts to create hype for this movie. The fake documetary on The Sci Fi Channel peeked my interest and I later learned it was all a hoax. It was probably a wonderful experience for the cast and crew in the creative realm, but lets face it I wanted to KILL Heather. She was so unbelievably annoying!!! She couldnt even shut up for 1 second to let that poor old lady finish a sentence! And lets face it I really didn't enjoy watching the camera violently jog around the screen. I got sick to my stomach.

  • Blood Work
    Clint Eastwood as a cop who looks and acts exactly like an aged version of the well-known "Dirty Harry" character ... but ISN'T. Until about 15 minutes in I thought he WAS Dirty Harry - until someone called him something else besides Harry Callahan (it was STILL a name that was similar, like McCullock or something)... Firstly, I wasn't sure Clint Eastwood was still drawing breath, let alone that some unsuspecting studio had either paid off a debt to him or worse, went out and FOUND him. Jeff Daniels did a surprisingly good job in the movie, but the entire plot was bad, uncomfortable, way "out-there" and when they started hinting toward a love scene between Not Dirty Harry and the not-really-attractive female lead, I began to get this sinking feeling. Sure enough, ol rubber jowls Eastwood was soon engaging in the Democratic National Past Time with her, AFTER we were shown numerous scenes of him having HEART SURGERY, etc, which only REINFORCED how much OLDER he was - eeeyeuch! You have NOT been disturbed by something non-intentionally-weird until flabby, senior citizen shots of Clint Eastwood's bare buttocks flex and jiggle while he's doing the wild thing with someone young enough to be his granddaughter. The plot itself was... there, but the subplots were too numerous, too unbelievable and too intertwined in a truly cosmic way - FAR too 'obviously' cut and dried to make any sense. It was like a demo of a movie, where you just go along and check out some of the main features, and are treated to the icky stuff that you are forced to think about... very, very disappointing. Its not that it was a bad movie, really - Eastwood can never be said to have done a 'good' movie, as he's not a good actor, he's just intense - but he did his thing, Jeff Daniels did quite well... its more it was what I have dubbed a "Null" movie - one which isn't necessarily good or bad (and could be classified as either by most other people), but whose primary characteristic is that after its over and the lights come up, you feel somehow empty, like you're waiting for the movie to begin, as though you didn't just sit through a 90 minute feature - its like it didn't even exist and somehow on the trip from the ticket counter to this seat, time sped up, you blacked out and had a bad dream, then woke up.

  • Blue Steel
    ludicrous & silly would-be thriller doesn't even succeed at the camp or "so bad it's good" level. Notable only for Ron Silver's uniquely terrible performance, and director Kathryn Bigelow, who somehow managed to rise from dreck like this and Point Break & won an Academy Award for The Hurt Locker.

  • Blues Brothers 2000
    A really bad squeal, the wrost of them all, it's got just say NO! and be nice to cops lessons, in a film that was the complete oppisite and a late-night classic, and what's with that damn little kid!

  • The Bodyguard
    Who ever told Whitney Houston she could act? She should stick to singing and cocaine.

  • Boxing Helena
    Ill fated directorial debut of Jennifer Lynch (yes, David's daughter). This was one of those "physcosexual" thrillers that were very common in the early 90's; Kim Basinger was sued over 8 million bucks after she backed out of this fiasco. Needless to say, it was the best 8 million bucks she could have spent on ANYTHING!!

  • The Brady Bunch Movie
    Look the Brady bunch was alright in the 70's and 80's, but them living in the 90's? It couldn't be possible,especially with all the violence we have in the 90's. It was alright in the plot, actors were good, but it was confusing to me to see a 70's sitcom become a 90's film.

  • Bride of Chucky
    ok, what was the point of this movie??? for all of us fans of the first 3 Childs Play movies, this one just killed any hopes for anymore good Chucky movies. Exactly what was the point of the two dolls having sex?? i still dont get how two plastic dolls can do it! This movie seriously sucks!! complete waste of money! do yourself a favor and dont waste your intelligence on this piece of crap!

  • Bringing Out the Dead
    BOTD was not about paramedics, it was about redemption. And Jacob's ladder didn't have a single flashback, they were delusions. I like both of these movies very much. You're right on on the rest of the list, though.

  • Bringing out the Dead
    This movie starring Nicholas Cage was a disaster with no point. I understand that it's supposed to be about how paramedics doubt themselves after loosing a patient and all that--but it was just insane!! I think that the only way that it could have been any worse was if they casted Eddy Murphy instead of Cage!

  • Brokedown Palace
    OH MY GOD! This was one of the crappiest movies I have ever had the displeasure of seeing! Claire Danes and her stupid whore friend go to Thailand. They get drawn into this big drug scandal and are thrown into prison. The entire movie, you have NO IDEA whether they did it on purpose, or whether the drugs were planted, etc. They try to get out of the prison legally, trying to escape, but in the end, only one gets out. ...And you never know if the other one was really guilty. The movie tries miserably to stir up emotion. I was sitting there as the credits were rolling, thinking to myself, "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!?!"

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    This movie was so bad I couldn't even make it through it. Thank God, for the tv series.

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    This movie was so stupid and ridiculous, I for one find it hard to believe it was made into a TV series.

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    This actually sounded pretty cool, and the script by Joss Whedon was quite good, but those executives! They messed everything up, including rewriting good portions of the script. Then they had to go and cast some of the worst actors imaginable (Kristy Swanson as a vampire slayer? Please. She can't even act!), and use some awful special effects. Thank God they let Whedon do a proper version with the TV version of Buffy, which lasted from 1997-2003, and which was also the best television show of all time!

  • Buffy the vampire slayer
    this movie is one of those movies that when you were little, you thought it was cool, then when you grow up and you see it for the first time in years, you look and say to yourself what the hell was i thinking.

  • Bulworth
    Warren Beatty steals the story from "Network," replacing the insane news anchor with an insane senator who speaks "the truth" about blacks in America. A mean-spirited, foul-mouthed parody of African-American culture, Beatty indulged in every stereotype except performing in blackface. The most racially offensive movie since "Birth of a Nation," "Bulworth" is (or should be) repugnant to Americans of all races.

  • The Cable Guy
    This movie made me want to stick pencils inmy eyes just so I would not have to watch it anymore! I knew that JIm Carrey was stupid but I did not think that he was so stupidas to make this movie. I have no clue why anyone, in their right mind, would make such a movie. I believe that all copies of this movie should be BURNED!!!

  • Chasing Amy
    Where can i start with this one? well ben affleck plays this comic book creater along with Jason lee and he falls in love with joey lauren adams and he comes to find out shes a lesbian. hes still in love with her and is doing and saying everything to her to get her to change her sexuality and get in bed with him.long story short she does and falls in love with him.then all of a sudden jasons jealous cause shes taking him away from his work and life. and of course ben thinks that jason wants him. so ben talks to jason and joey together.and he had this strange idea that he has a three way with jason and joey.But they dont want to.so ben loses the girl again. I got to say not only is this one of the worst movies of the 90s but its one of the worst dramas. Kevin smith what happened? clerks was good, Mallrats alright, Chasing amy? what the hell?

  • A Civil Action
    John Travolta who I love, is casted in this waste of time, film. They build up this massisve plot and the civil action law suit lost! It would be the equivalent if in the movie Erin Brochavich, the law firm lost the case, what is the point of the movie. Civil Action could have definately stayed in book form on the shelf.

  • Color of Night
    This movie has the most unbelievable moronic plot ever conceived. Honestly, if I even tried to describe it, it still would be way beyond the realm of human comprehension as it is so incredibly stupid. Starring Bruce Willis, this is a soft porn disguised as a mystery/suspense thriller. So bad that it is actually worth seeing, as the simply baffling plot offers a plethora of hilarity.

  • Coneheads
    You could honestly just read the name and see just how stupid it was from that. This move was dumb had a plot that just never even been produced into a movie I knew it then and I was about six. Its been thirteen years and it seems like it just got worse. Don't even think about watching this crap.

  • Congo
    Horrible movie filled with midgets in monkey suits who smoke cigarettes and do sign language. Movie was so terrible, i nearly threw up. Bad acting, bad plot, and those damn ape suits!!

  • Cool As Ice
    Vanilla Ice has melted. Who in the right mind would give him a movie deal and pay him 1 million dollars to play in the movie. The movie did't even make a million dollars. Vanilla Ice got creamed in this movie

  • The Crow 2: City of Angels
    This sequel to The Crow (starring the late Brandon Lee, and actually wasn't all that terrible, but certainly not great), is one of the top conteneders in my book for worst movie of all time. I know we hear that term thrown around a lot, but I believe my point could be firmly made if you simply go out and rent this movie (and believe me, If I could reimburse the money you would have to spend renting this piece of crap, I would). It's the same basic plot as the first movie, a mystical crow returns the soul of a dead guy to his former body so he can take revenge on his killers, he's almost killed every last one of them, and then as soon as you think the movie may finally be over the bad guys find out that to kill the bad man in clown make up they have to kill the bird that follows him everywhere. The only difference is that this movie takes place in the not too distant future, and is shot entirely in badly designed sets with some excruciating lighting (it's indefinately night time in this city). If that's not enough for you, I have two words...Iggy Pop, who plays one of the most poorly cast bad guys in a movie to date. Wow it feels good to get that off my chest.

  • Crybaby
    This movie sucked rlly bad after the first 10 minutes i wanted to throw it in my fireplace. You could tell it was a rlly lame teen movie. The can was terrible, the directing was terrible, the movie was beyond terrifying. I advise you to not watch this.

  • Dark City
    Ok, for those of you who recognize the name will probably go "Ohh Yeaaa" after you hear why this movie was so bad. Ok the jist of the movie is,Aliens have taken humans, erased their memories and put them in a city. Every night it's keifer sutherland's job to inject everyone with a new life. When the movie starts, the main character wakes up, naked, in a bathtub, with a little puncture wound in his forehead. He finds a dead girl on the floor near his bed and cops pounding at his door. So of course he doesn't know whats going on. So keifer gives him a call and tries to explain. Then he tells him to go to Shell Beach. So our hero is running around this dank, dark city trying to find someone who knows how to get to Shell Beach while a cop is chaseing him. Ok, so where do aliens come in? I have no clue, I had to watch the movie twice (luckily i worked in a theater so it was free) and read countless reviews to understand it. SO after what feels like 4 hours our hero find a billboard pointing the direction to Shell Beach. But what's this? A big building with a door is blocking his way!! Oh No!!! So he opens the door steps in and the camera pans out to show that the city is floating in a black abbyss in black metal....OK...end of movie. This movie sucks, where's the conclusive ending. I mean even the most complex movies that are made to make you think have more of a conclusion that this. It's a mix between The Truman Show and The Matrix. I think it was written by someone with a little too much angst in him.

  • Dead Man On Campus
    The biggest waste of money: the filmakers and mine. Mark Paul Gooslarr of "Saved By the Bell" actually found a charcter and film more annoying and stupid than the ones in his television work. A thin plot at best with the most weak, pathetic and creepy cast assembled during the whole decade.

  • Dead Man Walking
    Two hours of trying to force emotion that just was not there.

  • Death Becomes Her
    Meryl Streep sucks number 1, and it's not even "dark humor" funny. It's about a couple of rich bitches who want to hold on to their youth, and fight over Bruce Willis who looks like a dressed up pedophile! It's typical of the early 90's sucky movies, they were either really good, REALLY bad.

  • Deep Blue Sea
    Even Samuel L. Jackson couldn't make this movie worth seeing. The special effects were something out of an 80s cult film--I wasn't sure if I was supposed to laugh or be disgusted at how ridiculous they were. As special effects go, I would have expected more from a late-90s flick. I didn't care about any of the characters, except the one portrayed by L.L. Cool J. I didn't even care when Samuel L. Jackson's character died. . . and that horrible monologue he was forced to give right before the brainiac shark ate him--ugh!! Not even his incredible talent could make that stupid script compelling.

  • Deep Impact
    The storyline can be sumarised into a sentence, a meteorite was going to hit, and it did. I never got 'emotionally attatched' to the victems and the mini love plot was pathetic. If it was supposed to show us how much a meteorite could effect us, i think we know!!!!!! We'd all die and not feel a thing. I don't see the point in this film and it wasn't even enjoyable, it didn't scare me, make me sad or happy. It simply had absolutly NO effect on me, whats the point in that!!!??

  • The Devil's Advocate
    I would sell my soul to Al Pacino if he could make me forget I ever saw this fiasco.

  • Disturbing Behavior
    I thought the critics were a little hard on this film, then I saw it. It's not clear if the title refers to the good guys or the bad guys. The bad guys are apparently clean cut, but engage in murderous acts as the authorities look the other way. The worst part is when the main character proves he hasn't become one of the bad guys by answering "What's the capital of North Dakota?" with "How the f--- should I know?". The only thing that was good about it was the janitor's Pink Floyd reference.

  • Dogma
    THe movie itself was stupid. It didn't have a story, no plaot and the casting was terrible. THe stupid jokes were not even funny. I hate this movie and if someone buys it burn it right away.

  • Don't Tell Mom The Baby Sitter's Dead
    This was one of the worst movies I ever saw in my life. Adventures in Babysitting it is not! I bet that Christina Applegate thought that this movie was stupid too when she took a part in it. :P

  • Dopplegangers
    Drew Barrymore has an evil twin who kills people and follows her....enough said

  • Dr. Giggles
    As long as we're bashing Corbin Bersen's film "The Dentist", why not pan one starring his ex-L.A. Law co-star? Larry Drake (Benny on "L.A. Law" and Durant on "Darkman") plays the title character, a total nut job who kills his "patients", then inhales laughing gas. It's hard to believe Drake won an Emmy after seeing a celluloid piece of crap like this one. It also stars Holly Marie Combs (Piper on "Charmed"), who you would expect to act terriby\ly. Actually, she's an improvement over the movie's male co-stars. Don't make a house call to this quack---or rent his movie on DVD.

  • EDTv
    This movie was so horrible, I left. It had been done already, 10 times better and was a cheap ripoff of "The Truman Show." The acting was terrible, especially by Jenna Elfman and I was even disappointed with Matthew MConaughey, who can be an exceptional actor at times. The plot was so pointless to begin with, I was sorry I ever even thought of seeing that movie.

  • Empire Records
    Very few times have I felt so against the whole of the rest of humankind... Now, admittedly, maybe I didn't see this film until I was too old to, and everyone else saw it when they were teenagers, and still hormonally schizophrenic, but what a piece of crap. Stupid 'pretty pretty' teenagers working in a krazy rekord shop, jumping, dancing, gambling, stripping, shagging, woo woo! If this is even vaguely like any of the jobs that people had as teenagers, and if anyone looked like this when they were young, you can go to hell... the superficial teenage angst stories are bollocks and solved pretty painlessly, except for a bit of inconsequential wrist slitting. The music sucks too. Give me Dazed and Confused any day.

  • Encinio Man
    You all suck!!!!!!!!

  • Encino man
    It features Pauly Shore,the embodiement of all the silliest aspects of the 1990s,during his heyday as "the weasel" on MTV's Totally Pauly.I remember him mostly for dating the late pornstar Savannah.This movie reflects perfectly how fashion,music,language were in the early 90s.It's still watchable today but only for it's nostalgic values.The comedic elements are now totally dried out.

  • Enemy of the State
    The only movie that I have ever, EVER, fell asleep during, while at the movie theater. If you fall asleep in those uncomfortable seats, you know the movie blows HARD.

  • Escape from L.A.
    If you haven't seen the movie....watch it! and if you haven't I need not say more.

  • Event Horizon
    The perfect description for this movie and the one I always use is "This movie stole two hours of my life from me". I was more than disappointed. I was horrified. I respect both Sam Neil and Lawrence Fishbourne a great deal as actors and have enjoyed them in other roles. Some movies make you think "Well, I guess he/she needed to buy a new house and decided to do this." This movie makes me think the director slipped them lsd to convince them to be in it. The plot is none existant, the dialog is bad enough to make you cry, and the special effects are not even close enought to make up for it. The matrix was a crap movie over all, but the special effects, fight scenes, and beautiful people made you not care. Event Horizon stole two hours of my life from me that would have been better spent watching paint dry while flagulating myself. Avoid it at all costs.

  • Eyes Wide Shut
    The opening scene with Nicole Kidman on the toilet pretty much sets the tone for this stinker. I tried to watch it, twice, and couldn't make it through.

  • Eyes Wide Shut
    I have always considered myself a big Stanley Kubrick fan, but after viewing this dark, disturbing and highly disgusting film I am disappointed to see such a great film-maker have to leave on such a sour note.

  • The Faculty
    As hot as Elijah wood is, this movie just didn't do it for me. It was the same 10 lines repeated over and over again, "your the alien!" "No you are." One can only listen to that for so long before it just gets mundaine and overdone. Not to mention, the effects were absoloutely horrible. I swear I could almost see the zipper on the alien's costume

  • The Fifth Element
    Horrendous, One of the only movies that I have cried in, but not because it was sad, but because it was utterly horrible. The worst movie by far that has ever been released into the movie theatres.

  • The Final Sacrifice
    A boy named Troy McGregor is stalked by evil thugs whos ringleader is named Satoris. He teams up with a drunken Canadian man named Zap Rowsdower who used to be in the cult, but was cast out. They go in search of the Ziox civilization and meet up with an Old Prospector named Mike Pipper. He gives them the information they need to find the lost civilization and defeat the cult. This is the worst thing ever to come out of Canada!

  • Final Voyage
    Ice-T plays a terrorist that hijacks a sinking cruise ship. Dialog, continuity, acting, plot, special effects all couldn't be worse if you tried. Spectacularly bad movie.

  • Flubber
    This was my first movie theater trip.My dad and I were so excited.Unfortunatly, this movie was so boring and the jokes were rehashed into one of the worst movies I ever saw.Here are some real quotes from me and dad. Dad:Let's go! Me:No.Not till' the movie is over. 15 minutes later Dad:Come on! Me:Let's get out of here!

  • The Full Monty
    this movie was a waste of time half the movie was just smoking and talking about doing the full monty STUPID the ending even was poor BAD MOVIE!!!

  • The Full Monty
    Dreadful, totally over-rated, not amused with this poor attempt, the fact that i live in the God awful place they made this film, and one of my school mates was actually a backup cast member, (one of those sort that cross the road in the background, and are in the film for near on 6 seconds if they're lucky), well to say the least i was not impressed, i could have wrote a better script myself! (albeit the strippers would be female, much more interesting already)...

  • Future War (1995)
    Awful movie it was on MST3K. I can't even begin to describe the plot, but the entire movie was a really bad knock off of Jurassic Park and Terminator 2: Judgment day. All it was were a bunch of scientists/students wearing flannel running away from minuture T-rexes out in the desert! Awful, stupid, and really cheezy!

    Big budget Hollywood remake that forgot it was supposed to be a Godzilla movie and not Jurassic Park 3. How can you not include this movie?

  • Ghost Dad
    Awful, dark comedy starring Bill Cosby about a man who drowns in a taxi and becomes a ghost. Extremely disturbing and very, very STUPID!

  • Godzilla (1998)
    A corporatly engineered piece of crap. Like independence day it was chock full of cheesey dialog. Mindless and cliched humor based on formulaic character reactions, along with the same overkill of comic relief. Dumb, ludicrous plot that like Armageddons plot had so many implausibility that it fails to suspend disbelief, I mean come on, If your going to pass off this movie as being serious, at least try to come up with an original explanation for the monster's size instead "radiation make stuff big!" I hate this movie. In fact I hate all corporately engineered movies.

  • Good Burger
    Nickeloden made a cute little movie called Harriet the Spy, Harriet the Spy, with a good story, a happy ending, and evan a good preformence by Rosie O' Donnall the next year, they decided to take the most poupler skit of their answer to in Living Color trying to be SNL (All That) called Good Burger of course the skit was funny if you your 8-years old and enjoy watching skits preformed by talentess 13 years, under the control of equeal talentless former cast member of head of the class. Using thier most poupler skits and having thier too most famous break-out stars Keanan Thompson and Kel Mithell, whom had a sorta good sitcom as well. They tried to make a film on the levals of Wayne's World or the Blues Brothers (the only films from SNL that were actally good, better yet memorable) by a having a dumb plot (evil copperate company opens across the street, geeky trainee and airhead make it more poupler with speical sauce) cameos by "big stars" (Carmen Electra, Squelle O' Neal, and Sinbad) and terrible intperation of a bedlem and it's oppupants to make One Flew Over the Cookoo's nest look like Citizen Kane. Kenan and Kell our good on thier sitcom and maybe when they were on All That (which is just stupid,now), but they arn't Abbot and Costello, Paul Newman and Robert Redford, or evan Cheech and Chong, stick with TV, boys because your going to be nobodies by the time your 30.

  • A Goofy Movie
    Dumb! Just utterly stupid. I can stand 10 minutes of Goofy being stupid but 2 hours? No way!

  • HE-MAN
    the russian dude from rocky 5 plays he-man... set in our own planet in 1988!

  • Half Baked
    This really isn't a movie but it's actually a full length commercial to try to get kids to get hooked on weed. The plot has been done to death before and the dialogue is pretty corny. ("I am a master of the custodial arts...or a janitor if you want to be a freak about it") All it is is telling kids that weed is not a drug and that they should smoke it whenever they can. It even gives EXAMPLES of where and how to buy weed and also, at one point, goes into a 12 step program and has millions of people say that weed isn't a drug. ("I've sucked d--- for cocaine. Have you sucked d--- for marijuana?") It also tells you what kind of smokers there are. (SPOILER AHEAD!) Then, at the final scene, the movie changes it's entire pro-pot stance and shows a character quitting weed and says that "My girlfriend is better than all the weed in the world". It's also filled with plot holes. Who is this Squirrell Master and why is he looking out for Kenny. Is Thurgood stealing weed from his job or is he just borrowing it from that guy? Where'd that guy on the couch come from? How does Thurgood avoid being caught by the cops when he's smoking OUT IN PUBLIC?!?!?!? However, it's not the worst movie in the world. It does have some funny parts especially anything with Sir Smoke-A-Lot

  • Happily Ever After
    A Sequel to Disney's Snow White, but not produced by Disney's Direct-to-video crew. Disney TV stole the idea of making sequels to classic animated films from Filmation, makers of the "He-Man" 80's TV show. (See "Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night" on the 80's list.) Let's see... Snow is married to Prince Charming. The evil Lord Malice (the brother of the evil queen who perished in the original) wants the throne and kidnaps Charming. Snow goes deep into the woods to save Charming and encounters the Seven Dwarfelles (the cousins to the famous dwarfs?), some of them voiced by Carol Channing, Ruth Buzzy, and one of the Gabor sisters. The only Dwarfelle name I can remember is "Muddy". Originally relesed in the late 80's as "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfelles"; re-released around 1994(?) with the more ticket-selling title "Happiy Ever After".

  • Happily Ever After
    this stinker and Disney ripoff bankrupted Orion Studios (who made Dirty Dancing among others) and destroyed Irene Cara's career (her manager forced her to do this movie). Even Malcolm McDowell and Tracy Ullman can't save this movie. she's the voice of Snow White with a Love Boat-Hollywood Squares worthy supporting cast: Zsa Zsa Gabor, Ed Asner, Dom DeLuise, Jonathan Harris (from Lost in Space), Carol Channing, Sally Kellerman, and Phyllis Diller.

  • Hard Core Logo
    I don't know? I don't think musicians make very good actors. The plot was terrible, if there was any plot to begin with.

  • Hardware
    The absolutely worst film ever made. Really. The plot is that a robot/ killing machine all of a sudden rises from the sand in the desert and goes berserk on people in they're homes with various weapons (like drills, razors and saws). I saw this film a long time ago, but I still remember that there was someone peeking through a window, masturbating as a man and a woman had sex in there (not adding anything to the story), and then the man who had sex with the woman somehow takes down this killing machine. And what does he do next? He uses a razor to cut himself in the stomach and worms, and cockroaches pour out. When the movie was over I just sat by myself the mouth open, just trying to grasp what I'd just seen. Believe me when I tell you, this is the worst movie ever made!

  • Harriet The Spy
    the movie was dumb and overall pointless...

  • Henry Chinaski
    First of all half of the people on here critique amazing movies in the most negative light. All these people hate on writers/directors like Tarantino, The Coen brothers and Rodriguez, thinking that they could write a better movie. Enemy of the State, Tony Scott would dump on your chest while you slept in your uncomfortable seat. The Faculty, if you don't like snorting random stuff out of pens, and almost seeing a bunch of side boob, directed by a legend, than I think you're the alien. Dogma douche, I am laying down the doctrine that Kevin Smith shall not be insulted, even though his humor as of late has gotten old. He was an original creator of comedy, like George Carlin, Judd Apatow or Buster Keaton. And if you bust on Smith, I'll bust in your mouth. To sum up the rest: If you didn't like The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, then clearly you've never been high. SLC Punk: Trainspotting is better, but I'd still watch it again. Psycho, the original was much better, but did you watch it? Basically the same thing. Guy jacks it through peephole, slow as shit. Pitch Black, Vin Diesel's only good role was dying in Saving Private Ryan (if you don't count Multi Facial). The Pest: John Leguizamo is a clown from hell. Wrong movie, but sums up his acting career. House Arrest, who didn't want to lock their parents in a basement? I want a Good Burger, with less bitching about childhood stars someone wanted to be, and more funny black dudes, who like orange soda and Dance 360. For the person hating on The Fifth Element, if it weren't for Luc Besson, Mila Jovovich would have never been comfortable enough with her sexuality to show off the Tatas in Resident Evil, and Natalie Portman would've been just as lost. Encino Man, true, that is any Pauly Shore movie. He was the Jersey Shore or Real World of his time. Pay It Forward, I want to pass this on to you, you suck, that movie was great. You are upset because you cried, but as some weird dude with blue face paint once said: "Everybody hurts sometimes." Don't take it out on the child star who could see dead people. Black Sheep, Chris Farley, I say nothing more. And Finally, The Big Lebowski commentator sucks balls. First of all, your comment barely passed for the English language. If you want to critique a movie for being poorly written, learn how to write. Second White Russians are the tits, the dudes the man, bowling is fun, John Goodman is better as a Vietnam Vet than he was in Rosanne, and obviously you're not a golfer!

  • Hercules
    Yes, I am bashing a Disney movie! Not only is the story unrecognizable from the original myth, but this movie contains some of the worst animation ever from the Disney studio. This movie was the downfall of disney animation! Lazy bums!

  • Here On Earth
    This movie was HORRIBLE. The ONLY good actor in it was Josh Hartnett, who I can't believe actually decided to do this movie. Chris Klein and Lee Lee Sobieski were both awful. Sorry to give away the ending for anyone, but her having cancer was SO obviously just the only way they could think of to end the movie. It was ridiculous, and I'm ashamed to have spent any money on it.

  • Here On Earth/Love Story
    I know that someone else already listed this one, but I have something new to add that they forgot to mention, besides the horrible horrrible HORRIBLE attempts at acting by Leelee Sobieski (remember her in Eyes Wide Shut, she should stay in movies where she doesn't have to talk) and Chris Klein (remember his great skill in Election, turns out he wasn't ACTING to be stupid)....Picture this: you're the head of a major studio...you decide you need a remake this year...you pick...THE WORST MOVIE EVER! People forget how much Love Story (the book, the play AND the movie) sucked. But it did!!!!! Who would have thought they could have possibly made it worse!! Who here DIDN'T want Leelee to die by the end? That's what I thought.

  • Highlander 2
    There have been a lot of bad sequels but this movie is the only one I have seen which actively reaches back into the original film to destroy it.

  • Highlander: Endgame
    I remember a few months ago me and my brother trying to decide on a movie to go see, I said I saw the highlander movie preview and that it looked pretty good. My god was I wrong. Me and him both agreed as we left the theatere that there was not a single decent part in this movie. It consists of random flashbacks that have NOTHING to do with the movie in any way shape or form, the plot(if there is one) is so bad that you would think the writers for some latenight infomercial made it, THE ACTING is simply the worst I've ever seen. The last action scene is so bad that there were tears in my eyes, out of nowhere Mcwhatthehellever appears in a MYSTERIOUS UNDICLOSED location where the EVIL SUPER VILLIAN appears out of the blue and engage in one of the worst coordinated fight scenes ever as lighting clashes down that looks like it is straight out of a B-movie of the early 70's. Mere words cannot express the filth that is this movie, I feel sorry for whoever wasted there money even to rent this crap. It's not even laughably bad, it's painfully bad.

  • Highlanders 2+
    There should've been only one.

  • Home Fries
    Anyone who has seen it knows why... the plot seems like it was made up on the fly as they were filming it. It's almost so bad that I would recommend watching it as a joke.

  • Honey We Shrunk Ourselfs
    This was supost to be the third movie in the Honey I shrunk the Kids saga. This movie not only didn't have a good plot but it only had one of the two of the original cast members. The acting was bad the diaglog was bad to put it simply this movie should have never been made. If I remember right this movie came directly to video and for good reason whould anyone have gone to see it if it had been in theaters. The only thing that reminded us that it was part of the Honey I shrunk the Kids saga was the shrinking machine the dad used to shrink things and Rick More Rantis. The senery was different the kids where different and while he had the same name even the dog was a different breed.

  • Hong Kong 97
    B-grade Chronicle of the handing over of Hong to China in 1997. Basically bad attempt at James Bond. Stereoypical goons of Asian decent flying across the scene with guns and women everywhere. Classic scene? Sex scene where goons leap into the room suprising them in the act. Somehow the two main charatcers pull two pistols out from 'nowhere' and start blasting away.

  • Hot Shots Part Deux
    Now this was a pretty lame excuse for a movie if I ever saw one. It starred Charlie Sheen in a spoof of every war movie that was ever made. I can't see any reason why anyone would find dropping a nuclear bomb on Saddam Heussin to be funny? When it was out on video I didn't even giggle at it. I don't giggle at it now.

  • House Arrest
    I liked this movie..WHEN I WAS FIVE. The premise is totally stupid, kids lock their parents in the basement and totally mess the entire house up. If I didn't kick my kids ass after that happened, I must be nuts. And trust me, there are a lot of things I can say about AUstin Powers 2 and 3, but, I'm a nice guy.

  • Hudson Hawk
    arguably one of Bruce Willis's worst movies, if not his worst.

  • I Know What You Did Last Summer
    Excuse me, but when I pay good money to go see a horror film, and I am force fed this sack of crap, I get mildly irritated to say the least. The movie lacks a plot, good acting, or any enterainment at all. This movie should be shot, hung, stabbed, poisoned, and buried alive. Then its grave should be burned.

  • Inspector Gadget
    Disney's poor excuse for a live action version of the 80s cartoon. This movie was AWFUL! There were plot holes everywhere, the lines were messed up, the ending was cheezy, and the talking car was annoying. Plus, they didn't have the important elements which were in the cartoon: the self destructing message, Penny's computer book, you SAW what Dr. Claw looked like, Gadget's name was Jon Brown(How unoriginal is that?? :P), Brain was a beagle instead of being a terrier-like dog like in the cartoon, and Gadget solved the crime instead of Penny and Brain helping him out.

  • Jacob's Ladder
    One of the absolute WORST movies ever filmed. It was flash back after flash back and a total waste of time and money if you rent it. Would never EVER watch it again.

  • Jawbreaker
    Horrible! Everyone else I know loved it, though. It's about this group of girls who playfully kidnap their best friend on her 18th birthday or something. They put a huge jawbreaker in her mouth as a gag and stuff her in the trunk of a car. (the girls are disguised so she doesn't know it's them) They drive somewhere and get out a camera to take pictures of her shocked face. Well, they open the trunk and see that she has swallowed this gigantic jawbreaker, thus choking on it. They realized they killed her so they take her back to her house and made it look like she was raped. It was horrible, there's more to it than that, but I don't want to remember anymore!!! It was way too bad!!!

  • Jimmy Hollywood
    Absolutely the worst movie I ever saw in my life. It was boring and pointless, it had no plot and by the time it ended I could hardly keep my head up. If you see this movie in your local video store, turn around and run the other way!

  • Jingle All the Way
    The movie Jingle All the Way is by far the worst movie I have ever seen. The plot of the main character trying to find a holiday gift and ending up with a psycho postman played by Sinbad is just sad. Arnold Schwarzanegger just proves once again that he is not an actor, just muscle and an accent. The late Phil Hartman gave a particularly annoying performance, and Sinbad cannot act and never has been able to. There is nothing about this movie that saves face.

  • Johnny Mneumonic
    A dud sc-fi adventure set in the future, which doesn't forebode well for our future. Keanu Reeves could be the worst actor ever, and his totally laughable and self-grandizing monologue proves it. He even keeps his increasingly grating West Coast accent, as he does with his other films. The only "saving grace" is how the main villian (a stereotypical Oriental) is killed off. By then, I'd wish that everyone in this clunker (especially the filmmakers) had died this way.

  • Jury Duty (1995 w/ Pauly Shore & Sandra Bullock)
    Absolutely one of the most boring films I've seen. But then again, Pauly Shore is in it, so whaddaya expect? (He also got a TV show on FOX for some reason...) The plot was quite easy to figure out halfway through and the jokes were flat... Came out in 1995 near the height of the OJ trial.

  • Kazaam
    Shaq in a gay robe doing magic tricks! Need I say more??

  • Kazzam
    OH MY GOD!!!!This peice of trash was the ABSOLUTE worst movie I have ever seen.Why would anyone want to watch a movie about a genie who befriends little kid in the city? Shaq can do something with a ball, but he can't seem to do anything with a script except dunk it!

  • Komodo
    I had the displeasure of seeing this poor excuse of a film! The plot (if there is one) centers on a teen whose parents are killed by mutant komodo dragons and a psychiatrist (played by a miscast Jill Hennessey from Law and Order) attempts to help him. What a crock and a bore! The film is hodgepodge from start to finish. The acting is wooden. They rip off the premise from Jurassic Park(if you see it, you'll know what I mean.) This is the type of film that would air late @ night on cable (which it did recently.) This film should be avoided like the plague!

  • Krippendorf's Tribe
    Where do I begin? This was one of the worst excuses for a movie I have ever seen. It's about this professor who pretends to have found a tribe in New Guinea and is challenged to prove it by his authority. He "creates" the tribe in his back yard. The plot really goes nowhere, more like it drones on for much too long and there is no real aspect of reality anywhere in it!

  • Lake Placid
    Where do I begin? Apparently some feminist/animal rights activists decided to make a "Jaws" ripoff. They took out any possibly masculine qualities in all their male characters, killed a few of them off, added an annoying Bridget Fonda (of whom I ain't fonda) and proceeded to ry to convince us that all life deserves to... snore. Oops, sorry; just remembering it made me doze off. If you don't think this movie had feminist overtones, please ponder Betty White's immortal line: "If I had a dick, this is where I would tell you to suck it." By the way, Bill Pullman does absolutly nothing in this movie. Nothing.

  • Land Before Time 2-8 (1994-2001)
    Geez, this was the WORST series of movies made. I was FORCED to watch the second, third, and fourth installments in full while baby-sitting back in 1996 and 1997, and caught bits and pieces on my own. I LOVED the first movie and still consider it beautiful. Everything magical and fun about the first movie was overdone and overkilled in the next seven installments. These direct-to-video films were boring, and did no justce to the beauty of the first, including animation and quality. I'm assuming that Don Beluth and Steven Speilberg had nothing to do with the other installments. It's a shame that an animated classic had to go down the tubes the way this movie did. And to think, they even made SING-A-LONG movies for the series! ARGH!!!

  • Last Action Hero
    The first movie I ever walked out of (but since I snuck in, it was no big loss); it was the first step in my realization that actors can be complete idiots (and usually are). Too many cliches, WAY TOO MANY. I think Arnold wanted to be a comedian, which is kind of sad. I can't remember much of this one; guess I blacked most of it out. It's sort of like a remake of Godzilla's Revenge, with Arnold trying to be Godzilla.

  • Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1999 Canadian TV Version)
    Released the same year as the Tim Burton version, this butchered Canadian version does no justice to the classic American story of Ichabod Crane and the headless horseman. I first saw this in 1999 in American Literature (I'm the same person who saw "Dead Poets Society" in that class and hated it!--see the "Worst Movies of the '80s"). That moron Brett Cullen has to be homosexual, I was anticipating Ichabod Crane's "coming out," and he stunk as Crane,who arrived in town as a school teacher with an infatuation for Katrina. She rejects him and I could certainly see why! This is an american story, not canadian, and doesn't deserve to be made as such! I hated everyone in the movie, especially Crane and Katrina, and laughed sadistically when the Headless Horseman took Crane away. My brother and I both hated this movie, and felt it did no justice to the original story. Bury this movie, it's bad!!!

  • Leprechaun 1-3
    They were extremely perverted.

  • Lord of Illusions
    Oh my god!! This movie was awful! T special effects were great, but the concept was rediculous. In this weird film, Harry D'Amour (Scott Bakula, whom I love, but not in this) plays a detective who protects a beautiful woman whose husband, a famous illusionist, mysteriously dies during a freak accident during his performance. A weird cult of Charles Manson-esque members who cut locks of their hair off and throw it in a fire while chanting "He will come to us!" (HIM being Nix, a powerful illusionist) was the only cool thing about this, as well as the special FX. Otherwise, this movie is awful and long. Way too long!!!

  • Lost In Space
    A horribly long movie about a family that gets lost in space and almost killed.

  • Madeline
    I actually walked out of this movie. It was godawful. Frances McDormand chose to follow-up her triumph in 'Fargo' with this stinker, based on the classic children's book series (and later saturday morning cartoon favorite) by Dali contemporary Ludwig Bemelmens. The plot just was slow as a snail and the child actors looked like they were reading off cue cards.

  • Magnolia
    Worst movie I ever seen. I actually paid to see this in theaters and sat through 2 hours thinking that I paid $11 to see this shit movie it better get good. I was wrong. Tom Cruise, I want my $11 back.

  • Mario Bros the movie
    can i just say..... how dare they even try to make mario and luigi american plumbers, the only thing i found the slightest bit good about this was the look on that fat goombas face

  • Mars Attack
    This movie was very pointless. By the end everyone was basically shot by some horribly computer generated aliens. I almost left the theatre before it was over.

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
    hmm.. virtuosity the worst movie.. I don't think so bob. Power Rangers is the "worst" movie ever made. Even my 6 year old uncle said he hated it. It had nothing, absolutely nothing. It was absolutly pointless, even from the perspective of a 6 year old.

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
    I was a big fan of the show at the time it came out and thought the movie was good too. With my '90s nostalgia, I find that the show was good. The movie was horrible. The ONLY good acting came from Paul Freeman as Ivan Ooze, and even that performance was somewhat substandard. The acting, overall, sucked. If I could, I'd walk right through the movie screen armed with a 9mm and unload right there. At least there would be some good action, and no one would have to see the poor acting from the team of 6 "teenagers." The acting from those guys and the rest of the cast is only worthy of being on a daily 30 minute TV show, not a movie. If I'm not mistaken, the writers of this movie were actually trying to have jokes involved with the dialogue of several characters in certain situations throughout the movie, but I couldn't tell because of the terrible acting and the overall corniness of the jokes.

  • Mission to Mars
    I cant believe that this movie was actually made!! There is nothing redeeming about this trash. I lost at least 3 IQ points from having watched this "movie".

  • Mixed Nuts
    This movie had Steve Martin in it and I thought it was his worst movie ever. There was no plot or anything entertaining in it. I am a Steve Martian fan, but Mixed Nuts was not good at all.

  • Mortal Kombat 2
    Ok, for all of you people that keep on saying a movie "insulted my intelligence" you are idiots. Is a movie supposed no compliment your intelegence, no. You guys need to get some fricking lives and try to raise your IQ's at least to room temperature before you post. PS Dont bother writting back because I am not going to comeback and read more dumb writting of yours.

  • Mortal Kombat II: Annihalation
    Simply put the most God-awful movie ever made. Aside from the terrible acting, ridiculous plotline, and total deviation from the first film and the video game, the movie's trite portrayal of every single predictable character and stereo type was insulting at best. The world-domination plot, the silly plot twist (one of the head gods was the father of the villian and the hero, they were brothers, who'da thunk it) and the African-American military hero who might as well have bee played by Dr. Dre. (Do you mean that the head of a government prganization is incapable of putting together a logical and flowing sentence?) All in all a ridiculously horrible movie that someone should have been fired for.

  • Mortal Thoughts
    Total crap. No one wants to see Demi Moore try to act...trust me.

  • The Movie Dude
    I'm surprised nobody mentioned this movie. "Barney's Great Adventure" is a horrible movie based on a horrible TV show. Since when did TV's worst nightmare even get a big screen debut?!!?!

  • Mr.Wrong
    Ellen DeGeneres, now out of the closet as a lesbian, stars a the love interest of Bill Pullman. There are a couple funny jokes, but the dialogue is awkward and sometimes completely pointless. Every joke involving Bill P. is creepy, and Bill's a main character, so this movie just ends up being a awkward creep fest of some of the poorest stereo typical 90's jokes. All the funny jokes exclude Bill Pullman and are usually silent, because any attempt at dialogue just flat out fails. The camera and effect work are average, nothing special. Even though it try's innovation by changing the chick flick formula, it just doesn't distract from the horrible dialogue. Ellen seemed a bit into it, but knowing she's a lesbian makes it even more awkward. Nick Cast (director) had an pretty good idea, but the casting was really off. Bill P. made everything creepy, which brought the movie even lower than I thought a movie could get. The writing is bad, and the story progresses by the point of a gun, and people get into messes because some one trips and drops there. And the end one of the stupidest love scenes ever. Ellen hooks up with a very vague character nobody knows about (nor cares). It was just awful.

  • Mumford
    This alleged comedy speaks volumes as to how Lawrence Kasden's creativity has sunk since "The Big Chill". The lead character was dull, there was too much going on to keep up, and the dialogue was more stupid than funny. And did I mentioned the movie wasn't funny?

  • Music From Another Room
    Okay, my best friend made me sit through this one because it is her favorite movie. I don't see how she could possibly stomach it. The plot was so stupid. This little boy helps deliver this baby at his dead mother's best friend's house and he proudly proclaims that he is going to marry the baby. Okay, since that is the very beginning, you might think it would turn out to be a pretty good movie. Well, this little boy returns when he is all grown up (Jude Law, who I must say is the only good thing in this movie) and he gets involved with the family only because the mother remembers him. He only vaguely remembers helping deliver a baby, and he didn't know that it was this one. So the mother of the family tells him all about it, and he remembers saying he would marry the baby. He sort of becomes another family member. Anyway, Anna (the baby, now all grown up, played by Gretchen Mol) completely despises him and is already engaged anyway. She accuses him several times of disrupting her life. I gotta admit, this guy has some perseverance! He keeps at it even after all that (duh) and finally there is a scene where he flips a quarter and if it's heads they have a relationship and if it's tails he's out of her life forever. It's a double headed quarter. You do the math. So they get it on and she realizes she loves him and not her fiance. Snore. At the end he is leaving and she goes with him. The idea behind it all was fairly original, but it was badly written and waaaayyyy too predictable. You knew they were going to end up together five minutes into it! And Jude Law is way too talented for all that slop. He was great, but the rest of the film sucked. Gretchen Mol just comes across as a whiny, self-righteous know-it-all who doesn't know a good thing when she sees it. It was pretty much mind-numbing. And if my best friend ever reads this, I'm not apologizing. This flim blows!

  • My Favorite Martian 1999
    I don't have to see this movie. I know it's a worst movie.

  • Mystery Men
    Ok, my sister tells me this didn't come out in the 90's but close enough. This was the very worst movie ever in existence. It is the only movie I have even considered walking out on. PeeWee Herman as Skunk man or whatever he was, ugh that was just gross. And William H. Macy, usually hilarious just seemed lost and pathetic. Ben Stiller... love the man but my God what was he thinking? Jeanine Garafalo... absolutely hilarious... in every other movie but this one. Talking to her dead dad's skull that was in a bowling ball? This one should be banned from ever being showed in a public place ever again. It should be baned from Blockbuster. It should be banned. And burned. Every copy. Every last one. Even the one hiding under that huge pile in your closet. That one. All of them.

  • Mystery Men
    Good God i almost die watching this movie, i mean come on, what kind of super hero has a shovel as a weapon, also why on earth does the guy that they are t rying to save die at the end? Can anyone tell my why this movie was even alittle good??

  • Mystery Men
    Four words: I hate Ben Stiller. I thought I'd give him a change, but after watching less then 20 minutes I wanted to walk out and get my money back, even though I didn't pay because I worked at the movie theater.

  • The Ninth Gate
    Johnny Depp as a goateed intellectual searching Europe for the secret to the entrance to hell. You'd think that since it is about satan it would have to have some entertainment value but, sadly, no. It was one of the most boring movies ever.

  • The Ninth Gate
    HORRIBLE! Nothing was explained. Johnny Dep's character just wandered around searching for a book. You get a little bit of information about it, but not enough to explain what it meant. I wanted so desperately to fast forward through to the end, but didn't want to miss the little bit of expository that did come. And the ending!??? What the heck did that mean? Besides the fact that by the time the end came, you just wanted it to be over You didn't really care what happened or to whom it happened.

  • North
    A kid named North (Elijah Wood) goes on a quest to find new parents. Numerous celebrities appear in horrid cameos as prospective parents, auditioning for North. Directed by Rob Reiner, who should have known better.

  • Nothing But Trouble
    How could we forget this craptastic movie? What should have been funny as hell, what with Chevy Chase, John Candy, and Dan Akroyd, was UNBELIEVABLY BAD! Where to begin? Dummy Moore's acting gives new meaning to the words stiff and unispired. The movie is just too damn weird for it's own good, never knowing what the hell direction it wants to go in. Is it a comedy? Love story? Mystery? Who knows! Who cares!

  • Nothing But Trouble
    All star comic cast staring Chevy Chase,Dan Akroyd,John Candy,& Demi Moore An investment genius couple take a wrong turn on the New Jersey Turnpike and they end up being arrested and hauled off to Valkenvania(the creepiest place on earth) only to be horribly bothered by depicted nuts. This movie still gives me nightmares to this very date.

  • Octopus
    SOOOOOO stupid...ummm A big fake octopus?!?! ooook....The octopus in this movie well u couls REALLY tell that it was fake!

  • Operation Dumbo Drop
    A movie about the transportation of an elephant during the Vietnam War, are you kidding me? Ray Liotta's career has never seen a low this bad and Danny Glover ruined his prestige after George Knox in Angels in the Outfield. Horrible

  • Out of Sight
    A movie which attempted to sustain itself on style alone. No plot, characters, chemistry or anything which would make a film entertaining. This movie didn't know where it was going or what it wanted to be.

  • Pay it Forward
    OK - Sad little boy wants to fix life for himself and his mom, hears an idea of doing something for someone for no reason except that someone did something for you. Cool. Neat little bunch of fixes go full circle, everyone feels sort of good in a very tepid kind of way. It's a sappy but sort of cute movie. At the end of the movie, the writers, directors, actors and deli delivery guy must have realized it was pretty insipid. To overcome the triteness of this extremely shallow flick, THEY KILL THE KID! Yeah, honest, they do. Because the rule is if you can get people to cry, it's a "sensitive and deep" story, right? (Don't worry about my giving away the ending. Save your money. I'm doing you a favor.)

  • Perfect Score
    This movie absolutely sucked. i think that they were trying to make another Breakfast Club, but man i left. absolutely sucked!!

  • The Pest (1997)
    This movie was just so awful. What the hell was John Leguizamo thinking when he did this film? The not-so-surprising thing was that this film disappeared after one weekend in the theaters. Why bother mentioning all the factors of a movie like dialogue, storyline, etc.? This movie didn't have anything. It just had John Leguizamo wiping his ass with his sock while a Nazi hunts him down.

  • The Phantom Menace
    Who'd have thought that the first prequel to the biggest movies of all time could be so lame? This is a wooden film, filled with state of the arm computer graphics, stilted dialogue and forgettable characters. The use of so much computer graphics renders this film soulless: the models of the previous films looked far more convincing. The film just limps along, with an action sequence thrown in every so often to keep the audience happy. When not limping or actioning we are treated to dull plot expositions by bored looking characters with terrible accents (Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman's spring immediately to mind). The main bad guy, and only interesting character in the movie, Darth Maul, gets about 5 minutes of screen time, and dies in the most clich�d and hackneyed way imaginable. Out of the set pieces of the film: pod racing, the final battle sequences and light sabre duelling, only the latter is interesting because it is something new and exhilarating, whilst the first two are so dull precisely because we�ve seen them before, and better, in the other Star Wars movies. As for Jar Jar Binks and Anakin Skywalker, the less said the better. This film fails on so many levels words fail me.

  • Pitch Black
    The all-time worst movie!! I went and saw it because my friends wanted to. You would think that the movie was going to be dark...hence the title, but I had to reach into my pocket to get my sunglasses. It had no point and it was the worst acting job I've ever seen.

  • Play It To The Bone
    This was one of the worst movies of seen. There's nothing interesting to the plot. There's absolutely no suspence or anticipation of what's gonna happen next. The entire movie is them driving to the boxing match. By the time they start the fight you lost all interest and don't really care what happens. There's no humor or excitement in the movie and there's nothing special to the boxing match either... and to match the movie even stupider they have a horrible ending where [SPOILER AHEAD] the boxing match ends up in a tie... a tie! At least have someone win. Then they just drive off. You have to sit back and ask yourself "What was the point of this film?"... you're sure to come to the conclusion that there is no point.

  • Pocohontas
    This movie was an attempt by Disney to pander to kid's fascination with Indians/Native Americans(NOT "COWBOYS AND Indians!)" at the time (mid-90's). Problem was, that while that both teenage boys and girls may have been into 'new age' philosophy(which is all anybody remembers about this movie), younger boys wanted to see three things: spears, bows, and arrows(being used),and girls wanted to see the love story.There was very little action in the film, and Disney picked the wrong John for Pocahontas's boyfriend!John Rolfe was actually pocahontas's boyfrend, whereas John Smith(Captain John Smith)was the man who saved early Jamestown from starvation.

  • Point Break
    It's about a group of bank-robbing surfers, and has the mahogany acting talents of Keanu Reeves...need I say more. This is so bad it's not even funny, and it just edges out all those stupid slasher flicks that tried to copy Scream but forgot that film was funny and intelligent (by the way, models in skimpy clothing are appreciated and all, but don't try to pass a load of them being chased by a psycho off as a film!).

  • Point Break
    I came to this site for one reason and one reason only. I knew I'd find a great movie to watch. the first thought that popped into my head when I saw "The Worst Movies Of The 90's was there will most likely be a ton of pseudo intellectuals spouting off asinine opinions of completely awesome movies. You morons did not disappoint. You're the same jerk offs that hail M. Knight Shamalama ding dong as some sort of genius and you thought Cloverfield was a masterpiece. Now I'm going to go enjoy Point Break because it's a fun movie to watch. Keep hating. Virgins

  • Problem Child
    A ridiculous movie starring John Ritter, Gilbert Godfried, and Michael Oliver about a demonic 7 year old child who wreaks havoc on everyone and everything in his path. The acting was weak, the kid actor didn't seem 'with it', and the things the kid did were absurd(I am so sure a convent would let a child hang a nun from the building causing her to swing while tied to the rope.) It overexaggerated how bad the boy was supposed to be.

  • Psycho
    Ok, this was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I think Vince Vaughn and Ann Heche are both talented, so is Julianne Moore, but what possessed all three of them to agree to do this awful film? It's a total disgrace to the original!! The acting was pretty good, but the plot was just boring. Anne as some woman who runs off to a motel and meets a creepy guy who jerks off to her on the other side of the wall while looking at her through a peephole, then her sister comes looking for her with her lover, they then discover he's some raging lunatic... move over and let me lie down so I can take a nap. Needless to say I really disliked this movie.

  • The Quest for the Lost City(aka Final Sacrifice
    I saw this on MST3K last year. Crappy movie about a boy that has a map of a city that his father had before he was killed seven years earlier. A bunch of hooded thugs chase after him as he gets together with a mullet-headed drunk named Zap Rowsdower as they narrowly escape the thugs.

  • Return Of The Living Dead: Part 3
    Was one of the worst and most forgettable movies in the early 90's. I really don't think people actually remember this movie. It was very STUPID and so predictable, anyone will knows what will happen next. It was about a teenage guy whose girlfriend dies from a motorcycle accident. Then he takes his girlfriend to a lab where he gives her a potion that brings her back from the dead. She comes back alive but not normal or let's say, not her 'human' self, but more like a zombie that eats people when she is hungry. But her stupid boyfriend doesn't care about what she do cuz as long as she is alive and with him that all matters. She looks very terrible and gross looking with sharp objects through her skin but regardless of all that, her boyfriend still wants her, isn't that pathetic! I really don't know what's the point of this movie. I laughed at some parts of the movie that suppose to be scary but wasn't. I have to say that this film was a waste and whoever made could've done something far more better than this. I mean if this movie isn't stupid, then what is?

  • Rocky 5
    The worst movie I have ever seen! Sly Stalone sounds retarded when he talks. You cannot take this movie seriously, I laughed my head off when I saw it in the theatre, horrible!

  • SLC Punk!
    This movie, with its hamfisted script, wooden characters (caricatures who were either moronic, slutty, cruel, or childish), faux-stick it to the man attitude, and painfully forced humour were not enough to even make me care that Heroin Bob-the only character who doesn't do hard drugs (are you laughing yet?)-died. As far as I was concered, every person on screen was a prop utilized by the filmmaker to vicariously live out the kind of youth he so desperatly wanted. Ditch this bullshit. Go watch something truly great, like Barton Fink.

  • Serial Mom (1994)
    Okay, for some reason, my father thinks this is a great film, but I was in absolute shock watching it. A supposedly sweet housewife (Kathleen Turner), her dentist husband (Sam Waterston), and their two children (Matthew Lillard and Ricki Lake) live in a quaint little community. Turner's character is hellbent on anyone who rubs her the wrong way, and instead of complaining or questioning them, she kills them brutally. She carries a damn knife in her purse! I was shocked when I saw this film, and am still wondering how many cartons (not packs--it couldn't be enough) of cigarettes Kathleen Turner smoked for this part, because her voice is awful!!!!!! Sam Waterston, who is good on "Law and Order," makes me wonder why he would do this kind of film. Ricki Lake and Matthew Lillard, as kids Missy and Chip, are the only good parts about this film. Especially Lillard, who is cool and funny. This is a dark, disturbing, stupid comedy, and it rightly deserved that "YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO RENT THIS MOVIE" sticker from my local video store. Don't rent this film, wait till it comes on TV to see how bad it really is!

  • Sexy Mamma
    It had me in it. So it had to be bad. It was the worst porno movie ever!

  • Sgt. Bilko
    Everyone is naming big movies that weren't THAT great, but they're all forgetting that a truly horrific movie hasn't a single good thing about it. These are the studio-built fad gimmick movies that are pale, worthless attempts to ride the wave of some fad. Crash-landing directly from the tail end of the "nostalgia" craze that rocked the world of the mediocre came Sgt Bilko, the Steve Martin vehicle based on the old, old television show, stealing their idea from such blockbusters as "Car 54, Where Are You?", "McHale's Navy", "The Brady Bunch", "The Avengers", etc... how could they go wrong? There is such a precedent of fine film making that stems from the re-production of old shows that you'd think it was the fatted calf of hollywood. I mean, come on, an army seargent who utilizes hijinks and confounding antics to make light of the military?! GOLD, BABY!!! GOLD!!! Really, any of the movies I mention here would be on my list of top five movies, but I thought Sgt Bilko to be the cream of the crop, the light that hollywood could NOT keep under a bushel. Not even Citizen Kane could contain such depth of feeling, such intelligent, witty repartee, such directorial ingenuity. Really, a fine, fine film. I defy anyone to find a single thing wrong with it.

  • She's So Lovely
    Such a Boring unnecessary film i don't know what Sean Penn And Robin Wright were thinking when they made this movie.The movie had no plot , no real story a married couple Maureen and Eddie(Sean and Robin Wright Penn)are in a messed up marriage they get seperated when Eddie ends up in a mental hospital for 10 years (But was promised by his wife he'd only be there for 3 months).So when he is finally released he thinks he's been away for 3 months to begin with. Then when he tracks Maureen down she is now re-married to a wealthy guy called joey (John Travolta) with 3 daughters (the oldest being Eddie's daughter). Joey goes to visit Eddie to warn him to stay away from Maureen but Eddie tells him that he loves Maureen and she will always be his girl Angering Joey he leaves. Eddie then goes to visit Maureen The family are totally dysfunctional the oldest kid swears and drinks (she is only 9). Maureen has always made it clear to Joey she still loved Eddie all those years and that she is going back to him. She ends up leaving with eddie and leaving all 3 of her kids behind. Totally pointless and boring movie. The Penn's must have been high to actually think they were making a good movie!!

  • Shine
    This the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life. It's the story of a young musical genius and then he has some kind of breakdown and becomes a drooling idiot for the rest of the movie. Ridiculous.

  • Showgirls
    Hands down, the biggest, most trashiest flop of the decade! This movie single handedly changed forever the way we saw Elizabeth Berkley as Jessie Spano on "Saved By the Bell"! This movie was like viewing a 90 minute Jerry Springer show!

  • Showgirls
    Elizabeth Berkley's horrid acting compliments her equally terrifying dancing in this infamously sleazy crapfest that fails to be either sexy, empathetic or coherent.

  • Speed 2
    The ONLY movie I've ever walked out on. Even Sandra Bullock in a bikini couldn't make me stay.

  • Speed 2
    You make a page listing about a hundred of the worst movies of the 90s and you state that Speed 2 is the only movie you've ever walked out of?! If you can recognize a bad movie, such as this one, then you should be walking out of about 80% off ALL flicks. The only things worse than the movies of the 90s would be those of the 2000s...

  • Sphere
    This was the only movie I wanted to walk out of. I was in a period in which I was going to see lots of movies, but after this one I vowed to quit watching stupid, brainless, Hollywood "blockbusters" (not that this was one; but I have kept the promise, so horrible was my experience sitting through this bomb). It started ok, with the interesting idea that the hundreds of years old aircraft they'd found at the bottom of the ocean was in fact an american plane. ok. then from there it went downhill. first they just drop the american plane from the picture, its never explained, they just seem to forget about it (it was bait to keep us in for another 1/2 hr!!) then they never explain what the hell that stupid ball is (the "sphere"), then Samuel L. Jackson goes weird, we think he's going to do something bad, that he's hiding something, but nothing happens, I guess they just forgot to develop this like they did with the other subplots. Then they start killing off the characters for no reason and don't explain why, per ex., the Queen Latifah character goes for a walk outside their under ocean lab or whatever it is; she just does and gets conveniently killed by a giant squid (!!!). The secretary or something meets the same fate, she just shows up all cut up outside, no one cares how she got there, she just did. It was so extremely stupid, that I told my friend, "Look I'm leaving, I think I can still get my money back." She urged me to stay, maybe it would get better, some things would be explained, etc. I did and was very very sorry, because then the "ending" came: they held hands and said, "let's forget about the sphere," then they are shown in reflective positions, they forget, and the sphere flies out of the water into outer space. NO, THIS IS NOT AN ED WOOD MOVIE!!! I never saw anything as DUMB in my whole life!! I've seen my share of dumb movies (those that my brother rents), but they flaunt their stupidity and have no pretenses of being anything rather than stupid. "Sphere" was extremely stupid but pretentious, it tried to be some serious sci-fi film and because of all this pretense (given its stupidity, dumbness, lame 'plot' if there was one, horrible script if there was one, acting that seemed improvised, things that happened with no purpose and didnt make sense, etc etc etc) it was worse than "Plan 9 from Outer Space" (which was indeed hailed the worst movie ever)!!!!!! It stinks, sucks big time, the worst movie I have ever seen in a theater, it beats even "Plan 9" (which thank god was more of a comedy than some seemingly serious sci-fi movie).

  • Spice World
    It sucked. lets just leave it at that

  • Spice World
    it basically describes itself. spicegirls are sucky and there never should have been a movie with them in it!

  • Spiceworld
    I don't see the relation between those girls, their music and the alien!! They not only cannot sing, but they can't act also. They should reflect themselves through the mirror before dealing with the producer. My opinion, the movie is ridiculuos. The most ridiculous movie ever !!

  • Star Wars - Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999)
    Almost everyone on Earth was waiting for years for the release of ``The Phantom Menace" and when I finally got out of the theater from seeing it, I felt cheated. Two things killed the film: Jake Lloyd and Jar Jar Binks. Jar Jar was an annoying character. The way he spoke and acted was enough to piss anyone off. Jake Lloyd's acting sucked, too. We also could have done without the two-headed commentator of the pod race. The Darth Maul vs. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi was a very good scene, and probably the only real reason to see the film. The story was decent even if it was the introduction to the story. One of the disappointing films of 1999.

  • Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
    When I first saw this muched hyped highly anticapted prequal to the almighty Star Wars franchies,my jaw nearly hit the floor. Never have a seen a sci-fi movie this bad before in my life. Almost everything in this movie was aweful the directing, the acting, the characters(except Obi won and Darth Sidious),the plot,the lame attempts at humor, and the added touch of racial stereotyping. The special effects and fight scences were phat, but these exceptions couldn't save this movie. I had to see the movies three times an order to make sure I wasn't imaginating how bad it was when I saw it the first two times.

  • Steel (along with any other movies Shaq starred in
    I was going to say "Mars Attacks" but someone already said it so here it goes, THE worst movie I have ever seen, STEEL. In this painful adaptation of Superman(man of steel) Shaq stars as a genius scientist (yeah right) working on a super weapon that has the power to destroy the world. but the evil underground boss of LA had other plans....... they steal it and generally do really bad stuff with it, like blowing up cars and robbing banks. Determined to get back the weapon, Shaq builds a suit of steel armour and wards off the bad guys with that stupid grin. Favorite line in the movie: sidekick says" Hey, the coolant must've worked, the system temperature is surprisingly cool" and shaq says "cool, just like you"

  • Stephen King's "It"
    My lord I actually have met people that were scared by this movie and ya know what? It sucked bad. Especially the part when the kids trap the evil clown in an ambush and shoot a hole through its head with a slingshot. Then a beam of light like a flashlight comes shooting out all while the clown does a slow motion back-flip. What the hell was that? Some low-budget cirque de soleil?

  • Stir of Echoes
    Kevin Bacon starring as someone who has visions a dead person, he's definitely not as cute as the kid from the Sixth Sense. It looked way low budget with its dark scenery that had to have been filmed on a sound stage.

  • Stormy Monday
    I'm sorry, but I don't see what the critics found in this dark, confusing Melanie Griffith-Tommy Lee Jones-Sting mystery. Jones was his belligerent self as a intimidating head honcho. He was the only interesting thing in this failure, which was further hampered by the bad lighting and a typically mousy Griffith.

  • Street Fighter
    No resemblance to the videogame storyline. Hardly any special moves like in the game, and it was boring. Bad acting also. So bad that when I went to see it, me and my family were the only ones in the theater!

  • Studio *54
    I have never been more disappointed over spent money than when I bought *54. It was bad acting from start to finish. Ryan Phillippe was terrible and so was Selma Hayek. With Neve Campbells character it is hard to say because even though her name was on the poster she only appeared in a few scenes and almost didn't say a word. Mike Meyers part was overplayed, the plot was ridiculous and had no meaning. The characters didn't last a bit and had no moral and the bad guys stayed bad but won in the end anyway. It didn't make sense at all!

  • The Stupids
    title says everything. tom arnold what the #$%#$% were u thinking???!!!

  • The Stupids
    This movie is the worst movie of all time ever. I dare anyone who has watched it to say different. I only went to see it coz. my nephew really wanted to see it & it had Jenny McCarthy in it, she may look good but she sure can't act!!! Not even Tom Arnold, who has been funny from time to time could save this movie. I walked out about 30 mins. into the movie, the only movie I've ever walked out of ever. The acting was wooden and the plot was non-existent, even little kids where walking out of this one, very bad indeed!!!!!!

  • Sugar and Spice
    This is the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. Its really not just bad, it is the most horrible, boring, pointless, stupid movie ever made in the history of movie making. if I ever had to watch this movie again, I would die before I got to the horrid ending.

  • The Super Mario Brothers Movie
    A really bad effort to bring the classic Nintendo game to life. Not only was the plot stupid, the dialogue corny and the setting terrible, but after viewing this mess of a movie, Dennis Hopper was forever implanted in my mind as "King Koopa"! Which is quite scary...

  • Tank Girl
    Seeing Ice-t in a stupid kangaroo outfit made me sick. The movie had no plot and the acting was horrible. That annoying bitch Lori petty should give that money back for being so unfunny.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
    The first two live action TMNT films were obvious products of their time, but they at least managed to be entertaining and done well to be satisfactory towards their fanbase. TMNT III, however, is a huge insult to all fans of the Turtles. The costumes and animatronics are terrible, since Jim Henson's Creature Shop didn't want to be involved in any way. The story is just a stock samurai film with the Turtles in it, and the screenwriting is just bad. Not even so bad it's good. This film is absolutely insulting to every sense, the absolute antithesis to "cowabunga".

  • The Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles
    In as few words as possible "STUPID!" I can't think of better word to go over that. This whole movie looks as if it was choreographed by a 5 year old child. I just didn't think that it was that believable even though I was 14 by the time it came out.

  • Terror at elm street 3
    it was two hours of hell.

  • "The Dentist"
    Sick, sick, sick is this flick, in a nutshell. Know anyone scared of going to the dentist? Don't let 'em see this one. Corbin Berensen is usually in way better stuff than this turkey-he must have REALLY needed the money! He spends most of the movie strapping drugged patients into the chair and pulling out their teeth one-by-one (in excruciating up-close detail, I might add). It took me a long time to get the horrible scenes out of my head, and I'm not even afraid of going to the dentist! Do yourself a favor and skip this!!

  • Theadore Rex
    Whoppi Goldberg and a t-rex as cops enough said

  • The Thin Red Line
    Ive never had the displeasure of watching a movie theater clear out half way through a film until I wasted an 8 dollar ticket on this one!

  • Time Chasers
    A man builds a time machine out of his Cessna. If this wasn't bad enough, he decides to take his friends on a joyride to the future, comes back, and sells it to an evil CEO. On a return trip to the future, he finds the world in ruins, so he has to go back to the Revolutionary War to stop the CEO guy. I just have one question -- WHERE DID THAT DAMNED GUN COME FROM?!

  • Toys
    This movie is so boring adn totally lame I couldn't stand watching even ten minutes of it. The title says all.

  • Trapped in Paradise
    If you can stomach the endless, sappy "It's a Wonderful Life" references, endure endless chases (car, sled, AND raft), and somehow believe that Nicholas Cage, Jon Lovitz, and Dana Carvey could possibly service as *brothers*, then this is the film for you. Otherwise, avoid this Comedy Central mainstay like the plague.

  • Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
    First of all, it features the power rangers. Secondly, it takes 100 minutes and the last 20 minutes feature action. What a complete jip. Currently #33 on IMDb's Bottom 100 movies ever.

  • Universal Soldier 2
    You would think producers would say to themselves, "hey we got away with the first one making some money...but let's not push it". Unfortunately, the producers of Universal Soldier did not say that to themselves. The plot has Jean Claude turn....human....now what is the point to continue a movie where the gimmick is removed. If you don't believe me, all I have to say is Jean Claude Van Damme and Goldberg, figure it out!

  • Universal Soldier 2
    one of two movies ive ever walked out of

  • Urban Legends: Final Cut
    Oh my god, I haven't seen a movie this terrible in a LONG time. I quite enjoyed the first Urban Legend, but knowing the entertainment business, they think it'll be "hip" to have a sequel. Needless to say, they failed horribly, like they do with most sequels. First of all the girl who played the lead character cannot act, as well as the rest of the cast. And can anyone answer me why in HELL Joey Lawrence appears in this movie as some stuck up rich kid (surpriser there)?? I just don't understand... if Joey is gonna make a comeback, why he'd choose this flick? Well I guess it's beyond my simple mind, so I'll ponder no longer. Anyways, along with the bad acting, the plot was incredibly stupid. Almost ripping off Scream 3... some killer is duplicating the film their making? Yeah, ok, this script sounds like a gem (extreme sarcasm). And WHERE were the Urban Legends?? There was only one that I can think of, when she woke up in the tub of ice with her kidney gone. If I'm mistaken and there were more legends in it, I guess I missed'em while I was gone to the bathroom and the snack stand... ALL 9 TIMES!! (snaps fingers) DARN!! In my opinion the company who made this film obviously only wanted to make a buck by trying to pull you into theaters with this load of crap. The previews seemed pretty cool, and like I said, I liked the first one, but I was just not feeling this movie at all. In fact my friend had to constantly keep nudging me so I'd stay awake. If you haven't seen this movie, don't worry you didn't miss anything.

  • Vertical Limit
    Dumbest movie I've ever seen with two of the dumbest actors I've ever seen. Chris O'Donnel and the girl who plays his sister. Bill Paxon and Scott Glenn can be watchable but here they are pathetic and stupid. What a lame story!! Would rather they had all fallen in the end and the snow cover them up for good.

  • Very Bad Things
    Aptly named. While not the most appealing of movie ideas, this one had a *hint* of potential. It's major problem is significant lack of a plot. These guys kill a hooker then things snowball out of control. The whole time you watch it; you are thinking two things. One: "No....that would never happen." and two: "Why am I still watching this?"

  • The Virgin Suicides
    This has to be one of the most boring , pointless movies i have ever saw. I never understood it the plot was boring. You are dragged through what feels like a lifetime of pain, boredom and misery. Then all the lisbon sisters kill themselves and it dosen't even bother to explain why the only clue being because of their overbearing parents.

  • The Virgin Suicides
    This movie sucked ass big time it has no real plot ,its about the 5 lisbon sisters whose parents are massive control freaks (Especially after their youngest daughter commits suicide). The main character Lux (Kirsten Dunst)gets a boyfriend sleeps with him and then he loses interest. The whole film is mind-numbingly boring nothing excting or good actually happens. Me and my bf agreed it was the worst movie we had ever seen.But we continued to watch as we had been drawn in by the title. At the end all the sisters kill themselves in a suicide pact and it is never explained why. So we had no closure to this appaling boring movie no nothing. Stay well away!!!

  • Virtuosity
    Absolutely the worst movie. We almost walked out after 20 minutes but we stuck it out and regretted paying full price. We wouldn't pay rental fee to see this one. The stunts were awful, the plot was simply stupid and the acting was very bad. Densel Washington made a horrible choice when he took this movie.

  • Virus
    There is no real plot in this movie. The acting just blew me away, it was so terrible, never EVER i repear EVER rent this movie

  • Waterworld
    Absolutely pathetic, spent alot of money on this one, the set sunk during filming, just an absolutely disaster.

  • You
    Im here just to say that some of the movies that are listed on this site are really good movies and the people that put them on this site should all burn in a grease fire. For example Half Baked great movie better when high, but still it is a good movie.

  • a
    Ok, for starters, half of the people on this site are complete and utter retards. Most of the movies you ranted over were kid movies. Why are grown adults going to the movie theaters and watching child movies? If you have a kid that is understandable.... but I doubt that half of you do.Some of the movies on here I do admit were definitely bad. Well now that I have been bored enough to come on here and tell you retards how it is...later.

  • alien resurrection
    this was pointless and the aliens look stupid, the actors were all bad and all the action was not entertaining in the slightest bit, even number 3 was better than this! and by the way, whoever said that jacobs lader was a bad film, DEATH TO THEM! it was brilliant you probably didnt understand it you silly child!

  • anything with pauly shore
    comon now i think he should all just jump off a bridge and make the world a better place, he is a total waste of air in the world!!!!!!!!! if any1 aggres with me please e-mail me and talk

  • batman and robin
    the batman stuff is old. they should have stopped after the 3rd movie

  • batman and robin
    Man alive,realizing the obvious thing they could have done to the previous batman movie in this series to use up everything good in this movie will make you sick. Here goes: when batman and his new sidekick robin go after the villains in Batman Forever, Alfred could have given robin the robincycle and the movie could have had batman(in the batmobile) and robin(in the robincycle)stylistically come out of the batcave and chase Two-Face and the joker on land through gotham city to a hideout, instead of the boring 1930's-ish quality(i kid you not on that) action scene at the end of Batman Forever. The chase scene with both Batman and Robin and the way they came out of the batcave on B&R were the only decent things about B&R. Future filmmakers,are you thinking about what this submission says, or are you listening to the likes of stagnant companies like Disney?

  • battlefeild earth
    this is the lamest movie ever because of l. ron hubbard

  • the body guard
    This is the cheesiest, sappiest movie I have ever seen with 2 people that can't act there way out of a paper bag.

  • the brave little toaster
    that movie was so stupid. also the thought of house hold apliances going across country to get to their master is a little scary to me.

  • city of angels
    nicholas cage tries to hook up with meg ryan but she can't see him. what a rip off

  • the crying game
    I don't really know when it came out, I just know I am a little dumber for having seen it. Awful is the politest word I can think of. They should play this movie on a continual loop for rapists, child pervs and terrorists.....talk about torture!

  • indecent proposal

  • the land before time
    worst movie ive ever seen !!!!!!! Now they have the 13th one coming out what has the world come to!!!!

  • mario brothers
    no command

  • mars attack
    mars attack the worst movie in the 90's first off no offence for the great jack nickolson but he knew this move suck glenn close?????? why she made this film jim brown the greatest browns player is in it but what stuck out my mind 2 slacker kids a boy and a girl man this movie sucked

  • muppets on treasure island
    both robert louis stevenson and jim henson rolled over in their graves when this hallmark-card 'inspired' loaf came out

  • postman
    this is a terrible film about a mailman in a world run by rebels. Kevin Costner has a dream for everyone to recieve mail. How lame is that. It was a terrible remake of waterworld.

  • robocop 3
    The first one was brilliant and the second was good.Then we were subjected to 'Robocop 3'which is a absolute disgrace of a movie.I hated everything about it,the annoying kid,the crappy villian,the new actor playing robocop and the list goes on.I also hated the bit at the start when the little girl shuts down Ed 209 just about when he is gonna kick some ass.

  • spice world
    it was so stupid like there was a secret agent in there toilet how stupid could it be honestly?? and then they like save the world

  • spice world
    This movie doesn't even need to be described. Just hold me down and GAG ME PLEASE. How this movie even made it to threaters is beyond me. I got a nose bleed from just watching this movie. Frankly every spice chick in this poopfest deserves a bitch slap. For real. My sister and I had a huge argument about watching this film. And whoever ribbed on pitch black. I have to say that I disagree. I think it was Vin Diesel's more tolerable films. At least better than the crapfest "XXX" or the matcho shithead movie "Fast And The Furious."

  • stupid
    you people are all stupid, some of these movies are great movies, you are just too ignorant to notice.

  • the stupids
    Well idunno, but wow some of you are pretty sad. Every notice how dumb people, or uneducated people, say lots of stuff like "i hate math, its stupid" or anything they are too tiny to understand is stupid? Wow, look in the mirror.

  • a troll in central park
    This movie was Don Bluth's worst film. The characters were just idiots with no personality, the storyline had no intelligence, the songs made chainsaws cutting through concrete sound more appealing, and the plot was pathetic. I don't care if it has innocent dreams and flowers, it sucks majorly. Now if you excuse me, I'm going troll hunting.

  • wild wild west
    jokes that weren't funny. over, and over, and over again. no chemistry among the cast. super duper special effects that were just dumb. completely insipid acting. even the opening credits were boring. I tried to leave but my wife wouldn't let me. I saw this at the $1.50 theater, and felt ripped off - i should have been paid for my time to see this turkey. The worst movie i've ever seen.

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