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Who's The Boss Quiz

  1. Where are Tony and Samantha from?
  2. What colour is Tony's van (aside from the rust)?
  3. What does Tony keep taped to his sun visor for good luck?
  4. What is Mona's dog's name?
  5. What is Angela's Maiden name?
  6. What line of work is Angela in?
  7. What is Sam's best friend's name?
  8. What is her father's occupation?
  9. What company was Angela the President of?
  10. What award was "an honour just being nominated" for Angela?
  11. What was Angela's ex-husband's name?
  12. What did Angela name her agency?
  13. What professional sport did Tony play?
  14. What team did he play for?
  15. What state did the show take place in?
  16. What was Tony's deceased wife's name (first and last)?
  17. What was Tony's catch phrase?
  18. What retail food chain did Sam steal Tony's managerial job from?
  19. What tattoo was on Tony's arm?
  20. How did Jonathan break his arm?
  21. What was the name of the gymnastics team?
  22. What was Sam's grandfather (Tony's father-in-law) name?
  23. How did he manage to break out of prison?
  24. Who was he in love with?
  25. What was his nickname for Samantha?
  26. Where did he want to take Samantha on day of "hooky"?
  27. What lie did he use instead of telling her he was going to prison?
  28. What crime did he commit?
  29. What did Tony sell Marcy's father so that Sam could go skiing?
  30. On Tony's first night after moving above the garage, what did he come over to check on?
  31. Who did Tony's wife cheat on him with?
  32. What is the name of Tony's friend from Brooklyn (older female)?
  33. What is Tony's male friend from Brooklyn's name?
  34. What does Tony major in in college?
  35. What is the licence plate on Samantha's first car?
  36. Describe the vehicle.
  37. What were the vehicles "2" main qualities?
  38. What does Tony mean when he says "sozzle"?
  39. What is Tony and Angela's favourite movie?
  40. What was the name of the girlfriend Tony met in the supermarket?
  41. How did she know Angela?
  42. What type of car did Angela own?
  43. What was Angela's only long-term boyfriend's first name (proper spelling)
  44. What car of his was totalled outside of Angela's house?
  45. How did it happen?
  46. What did Mona major in in college?
  47. What concert did Sam and Tony go to together?
  48. What type of athletics was Sam involved in High School?
  49. What did Sam want for her 13th b-day?
  50. What was Sam's fiancée's name?
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