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Timeline of the 90s, 1990

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This is a list of important events the occured during 1990. Exact dates are listed when known.

  • First Elections in Romania
    The first free elections in 53 years occurred in May.

  • German Reunification
    After the wall fell, the push towards reuniting the two Germany's was set, October 3, 1990.

  • Gene Therapy debuts
    In Bethesda Maryland on September, used to treat ADA deficiency

  • Margaret Thatcher Resigns
    After passing a flat tax called the "poll tax" which lead to rioting, and trying to block the EC's plan for a common currency, her rivals began calling for her resignation. She resigned in November and was replaced by John Major.

  • Contraceptive Implant Approved by FDA
    Norplant is the first implant contraceptive approved by the FDA.

  • Smoking on Domestic Airplane Flights is Banned

  • New movie rating
    NC-17 is passed in order to allow for an adults-only rating without the stigma of an X rating.

  • Spotted Owl Added to the threatened species list
    The timber industry was of course quite outraged, since this would protect the old growth forests of the Pacific Northwest and cost jobs.

  • Sandinistas voted out of Nicaragua,
    Chamorro was elected president, the first female president of Central America

  • Iraq invades Kuwait
    Saddam Hussein accuses Kuwait of undercutting Iraq's petroleum revenues and of stealing from a border oil field. Kuwait's offers concessions considered inadequate to Hussein, so he sends in 100,000 troops. Kuwait's army flees along with the king. Iraq is then condemned by the Arab League, the Soviets and especially the US who sends in 500,000 troops to defend Saudi Arabia and prepare for an invasion.

  • Three Tenors perform duing World Cup Soccer Finals
    Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, and Luciano Pavarotti unite to perform, and later record an album and a video. The album reaches 43 on the US pop charts, the highest a classical album reaches on a US pop chart since the 1960s. Their performance is however widely panned by music critics who label them "past their prime"

  • Liberia is invaded by Charles Taylor
    A former junta member who was driven out of the country accused of embezzlement, he invades the country with 150 Libyan trained guerrillas. The government responds by attacking the Gio and Mano groups, which then retaliate against the goverment, ripping apart the country.

  • Mapplethorpe show results in controversy
    Cincinnati files obscenity charges against museum director Dennis Barrie for displaying Robert Mapplethorpe's work, some of which featured children's genitals and sadomasochistic sex. This occurs at a time when Jesse Helms begins his crusade against government funding of artwork.

  • Dr. Jack Kevorkian assists his first
    June 1990, he assists 54 year old Janet Adkins, who was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. This goes against the Hippocratic oath, "I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked nor suggest any such counsel"

  • The Hubble space telescope is launched into orbit
    At a cost of $1.5 million, the telescope was launched with a lot of expectations of success. Once in orbit however, one of the mirrors was discovered to be incorrectly ground, resulting in blurred pictures. In 1993 it was repaired by a Space Shuttle mission.

  • Clean Air Act passed

  • Manuel Noreiga turns himself in to US Military
    Ending his stand-off inside the Vatican embassy, he returned to the US to face drug trafficking charges.

  • Africanized Honey Bees first enter U. S.
    The Africanized Honey Bees, the aggressive honey bees which escaped from Brazil in 1957, were first discovered in the United States at the border town of Hidalgo, Texas in October of 1990. They later would spread throughout all of the Southwest U. S.

  • Mayor Busted!
    Mayor of Washington, D.C. Marion Shepilov Barry, Jr. is arrested by the FBI in a drug "sting" operation and later convicted of misdemeanor drug possession. Barry served 6 months in prison.

  • Pilot Gets Sucked Out Of BA Jet
    10 June 1990 A British Airways BAC111 main port windscreen blows out at 17000ft, over oxfordshire after the wrong bolts were fitted sucking the captain outside, he was held by the crew until they landed at southampton

  • Roseanne Barr Sings The National Anthem
    Comedian and sitcom actress Roseanne Barr sing the national anthem in front of thousands at a baseball stadium. She sing horribly, grabbed her privates, and spits on the field. She is later labeled "Enemy Of The Flag"

  • Agosto Pinochet leaves the presidency of Chile
    Pinochet took power on 11 September 1973 in a coup that ousted Salvador Allende. In October 1988 the Chilean people voted against electing him to a new 8-year term and open elections were held late in 1989. The newly elected president, Patricio Aylwin, was sworn in on 11 March 1990.

  • AT&T Security Glitch
    Programming error in software for the AT&T electronic switching systems causes a nine-hour outage, blocking an estimated 5 million calls.

  • Signing of the ADA
    The Americans with Disabilities Act gives civil rights protections to individuals with disabilities similar to those provided to individuals on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, age, and religion. It guarantees equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities in public accommodations, employment, transportation, State and local government services, and telecommunications.

  • Philippines: Mt Pinatubo Erupts
    The once dormant Mt. Pinatubo between the Province of Pampanga and Zambales finally erupts spewing millions and millions of tons of lava, leveling hundreds of rice fields barrios and driving the aetas (Philippine aborigines) down to the lowlands, and dusts scattered all over the world lowers global temperature.

  • Hate Crimes Statistics Act Is Passed
    This Act, passed in 1990, was the result of a variety of concerned groups who argued for the need to gather national statistics on hate crimes that occur nationwide. The Act requires that the Attorney General acquire information every year about crimes that show prejudice based upon race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. The Attorney General is also required to publish this information in an annual summary report.

  • Epps Named President of American Medical Women's A
    Dr. Roselyn Epps becomes the first African American woman to be named president of the American Medical Women's Association.

  • Dinkins Sworn in as Mayor
    David Dinkins is sworn in as the first African American mayor of New York City.

  • Lawrence Wilder Inaugurated
    Lawrence Wilder is inaugurated governor of Virginia, the first African American to be elected to that position in the country.

  • Nelson Mandela Relased from Prison
    Nelson Mandela is finally released from prison after twenty-seven years. The release of the prominent political prisoner was ordered by Frederick W. de Klerk, the new president of South Africa. Mandela’s release is applauded by political and human rights leaders around the world including the United States.

  • Bush Vetoes Civil Rights Bill
    In spite of its significant support in Congress, President George Bush vetoes the Civil Rights Bill of 1990, which would have established racial quotas in employment

  • The Children Mourn Jim Henson
    Beloved children's entertainer and puppeteer Jim Henson was mourned by children around the world after his death on May 10, 1990 of a flu. Jim Henson: A Boy and His Frog was released several months after his passing and was dedicated to his memory. Millions of children wrote in expressing their sorrow over the loss.

  • Hubble Space Telescope Was Launched
    hubble the famous telescope was launched

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