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Timeline of the 90s, 1993

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This is a list of important events the occured during 1993. Exact dates are listed when known.

  • Flood of '93 in the Midwest
    The Mississippi and Missouri flooded.

  • Waco Tragedy
    The ATF raids the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas and a seige results. The seige lasts for several weeks until a fire breaks out (I have heard some reports that the Davidians themselves started it and some reports that the Federal agents started it) killing most of the cult members including leader David Koresh and several children.

  • Israel and PLO Sign Peace Accord
    PLO leader Yasir Arafat and Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin shoke hands in Washington D.C., September 13, 1993 adter 45 years of fighting.

  • NAFTA ratified
    North American Free Trade Agreement, it eliminated trade tariffs between Mexico, the US, and Canada. The biggest fears were that jobs would go south to Mexico, and that the environment would suffer.

  • Czechoslovakia splits
    The Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic were formed in the split.

  • Legal euthanasia in the Netherlands

  • Combat roles for women in the US military

  • Paid public admission to Buckingham Palace

  • Explosion at the World Trade Center in New York
    February 26, Muslim funamentalists tried to destroy the World Trade Center, killing five people and trapping tens of thousands of office workers in the tower. In March, four men connected with Egyptian sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman were convicted and sentanced to 240 years.

  • Abortion doctor killed by fanatic
    An antiabortion protester shot Dr. David Gunn in Pensacola, Floria outside his abortion clinic in March. 17 months later, his sucessor was also shot.

  • Michael Jordon retires
    After his father was killed, and allegations of gambling, Michael Jordon retires to play minor league baseball. 17 months later he returns to basketball.

  • European Treaty ratified in October

  • Iraq is bombed again
    Refusal by Iraq to obey a no-fly zone over it's country, and to dismantle plants capable of nuclear weapon production led to bombing of military and industrial sites.

  • The Lorena Bobbatt Trial
    Lorena Bobbatt, who claimed to be a battered wife at the time, was given a suspended sentence for amputating her husband's penis. Lorena, who was on trial for felonious assault, claimed to have no memory of the event in question? About six months after the trial they divorced.

  • New Kids Call It Quits.
    Summer 1993: After much speculation the Boston quintet New Kids on the Block finally called it quits after 7 years together and 6 albums. The boys decided that they were too burned out to continue with touring and persued interests in other lines of work which include solo singing careers, acting, real-estate and music producing.

  • The Final Episode Of Cheers.
    After many years and many Daytime Emmys, Cheers finally closed its doors in March of 1993. Ted Danson, Sam Mallone, ended the series with final scene in which he said "WE'RE CLOSED!"

  • Warships To Haiti
    U.S. President Bill Clinton sends 6 American warships to enforce United Nations trade sanctions against the military-led regime in Haiti.

  • World Trade Center Is Bombed
    Suspected terrorists drove a car bomb into the basement of the World Trade center in New York. 8 years late, September 11 takes place.

  • Pablo Escobar is shot down in Columbia
    In 1993, after many years of rage and terrior Pablo is killed in a Columbian apartment by Columbian and American police and military

  • Hubble Fixed
    Dec. 1993--Hubble telescope mirror flaw fixed and clear pictures from outer space received.

  • Prince Changes His Name
    The singer Prince, changes his name to his signature symbol to avoid an unknown legal problem. Shortly after he changed it back.

  • MOD Hacking Gang Busted
    Around 1993, a hacking gang named MOD was put to an end. They were a group of teenagers that loved technology, and stole passwords to different phone systems to learn more. Some of the most well-known members were Mark Abene, John Lee, Eli Ladopoulos, Paul, and Julio.

  • Andre the Giant Dies
    andre the giant died

  • Snow Releases Informer
    Recording artist Snow releases the #1 hit Informer further poularizing the pop-reggae form of music.

  • Black Hawk Down
    On October 3rd, 1993, US raid on somolia, in which 18 soldiers and two black helicopters were lost in a succesfull attempt to capture somolian leader.

  • Cheers Call It Quits
    In the year of 1993 cheers finally take a time to call it quits.

  • New York Rangers win the Stanley Cup
    The New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup.

  • Power Rangers Begins
    On August 28th, viewers from all over North America were glued to their seats as five teenagers in muliticoloured tights fought to defend the universe from the evil Rita Repulsa. Created by Haim Saban, the popular children's programme is now in its thirteenth season.

  • CIA Massacre
    January 25. A pakistani immigrant armed with an AK47 opens fire on a convoy of cars filled with CIA employees. 2 were killed, 3 others were injured. The incident occured 1 month before the WTC bombing making it one of the 1st acts of Islamic terrorism on U.S soil.

  • Jurassic Park
    One of the hit movies in the 90's was made in 1993, Jurassic Park. (1 Of 3 Movies)

  • Nancy Drew Books
    As of 1993, Nancy Drew book sales reached 80 million copies and were printed in 14 languages.

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