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Top Ten Albums of the 90s

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80s Top Ten Albums

What are your top ten favorite albums from the 90s?

    By: Mark
    • 10. Pinkerton by Weezer
      I'm a Weezerholic, I admit it.
    • 9. Goat by The Jesus Lizard
    • 8. Houdini by Melvins
      The only Melvins album I own, I heard some of their others are better, though. But this is pretty damn good. Kurt Cobain plays on it! Yay!
    • 7. Greatest Gift by Scratch Acid
    • 6. Body to Body Job to Job by Swans
    • 5. Evol by Sonic Youth
    • 4. Ritual De Low Habitual by Jane's Addiction
      If you haven't heard "Three Days" or "Been Caught Steeling" then you haven't really heard Jane's Addiction. This is their best release.
    • 3. Unplugged in New York by Nirvana
      Great acoustic set. You've got to like "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam" and "The Man Who Sold the World." Also, "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" is incredible. You HAVE to hear that song.
    • 2. In Utero by Nirvana
      I'd rather listen to this than Nevermind, probably cuz I've heard Nevermind zillions of times. In Utero is loud and abrasive at times and then can get as quiet as a whisper without warning. The songs are incredible, with much more emphasis on lyrics than before ("This had nothing to do with what you think/If you ever think at all" he drunkenly sang in Radio-Friendly Unit-Shifter, right before using a brilliant analogy for his meteoric rise to stardom, "All of a sudden my water broke") Many drug-related themes also surface in the songs ("My heart is broke/But I have some glue/Help me inhale/And mend it with you" from Dumb)
    • 1. Nevermind by Nirvana
      Beautiful, lonely, haunting, emotionally ravaging. If you haven't heard this album, go buy it. When it first came out, a friend of mine who had heard it was telling me it would change the face of music. He was right. While not technically superior to other albums at the time, it still jumps at you like nothing else. Each song on it sounds like Kurt is screaming for his life. Although I prefer In Utero and Unplugged to Nevermind, this album is undoubtedly more important. It's a perfect blend of Beatlesque hooks alongside crunching guitar. It featured several passionate, angst-ridden songs about everything from codependency to apathy, from childhood fantasies to a true story of the torture and incredible escape of a young girl named Polly. The lyrics range from the witty ("I'll start this off without any words" Kurt casually sang at the beginning of On A Plain) to the haunting ("Polly wants a cracker/Think I should get off her first/Think she wants some water/To put out the blowtorch" in Polly)

    By: Jennifer Lynn
    • 10. Saints and sinners by All saints
      This album has showd the new side to then it´s like cool and tough with a bit of girl power actually! The songs are a bit jazzy and cool!
    • 9. Born to do it by Craig David
      This album is really new and so is Craig. His voice is really speceil too.
    • 8. Robyn is here by Robyn
      The album became really big in the Nordic countrys and some other countrys like in 95-96. Her vocals are amazing,and you can even hear one acapella. The sound is r´n´b and all the producers are Swedeish, which means that it´s obviusly a cool album (before you get it)´cause they are the best producers in the world (just so ya´know). She´s worked with the same producers as Britney Spears, but she writes her own songs.
    • 7. Revalation by 98*
      I just bought the album a few weeks ago and it´s really cool! A lot of the songs have a mixture of r´n´b and electonic sound. The ballads are really nice too!
    • 6. Millennium by Backstreet boys
      oh, i just love the album!! I love them!!
    • 5. MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE by Whitney Houston
      The album has beautiful songs and you can´t forget Whitney´s vocals! A lot of her songs (on yhis album) have meaningful lyrics, like "My love is your love and " I bow out". This is one of her many great albums!
    • 4. NKOTB gteatest hits by New kids on the block
      Of course it is´nt an "album-album", but anyways. It´s really good ´cause it has 15 differnt song they´ve had. These 5 guys have got great vocals anh theyre songs have great beats!
    • 3. Rainbow by Mariah Carey
      This is Mariah´s latest album, and it´s great! Mariah has suck beautiful vocals (it´s really amazing)and i feel as if she uses them in a new way on this one- it´s all good! I think she´s put a lot of her experience down on it, her mistakes, happy times, and bad times (you can tell in the lyrics).
    • 2. ...Baby one more time by Britney Spears
      This album is Brit´s first and it´s super good (maybe that´s why it´s sold like 20 million). it has many grovy dance toons, but at the same time nice ´n slow ballads.
    • 1. Music by Madonna
      Of all her albums this one is different and cool! It has electric, country, r´n´b, and a little pop to it so it´s a nice album, i think this ones gonna sell just as good as her other albums- in fact maybe beter!

    By: Andy Bunn
    • 10. Superunknown by Soundgarden
    • 9. Follow the Leader by Korn
    • 8. Smash by Offspring
    • 7. Americana by Offspring
    • 6. Sublime by Sublime
    • 5. Black Album by Metallica
    • 4. Rage Against the Machine by Rage Against the Machine
    • 3. Dookie by Green Day
    • 2. Ten by Pearl Jam
    • 1. Nevermind by Nirvana

    • 9. ACME 142 by 30 FOOT FALL
    • 5. ALL HALLOWS EP by AFI
    • 1. RANCID by RANCID

    By: Stephen Morelock
    • 10. Superunknown/Badmotorfinger by Soundgarden
      Both these albums rule.
    • 9. Nevermind by Nirvana
      A tad overrated...
    • 8. Red Hot Chili Peppers by Blood Sugar Sex Magik
      Barely edges out Californication as the best RHCP album ever...
    • 7. Smashing Pumpkins by Siamese Dream
      Awful depressing...still a really great album, though.
    • 6. Metallica by Metallica
      Great album.
    • 5. Who Cares a Lot? - The Greatest Hits by Faith No More
    • 4. OK Computer/The Bends by Radiohead
      Both albums ruled.
    • 3. Urban Hymns by The Verve
      These guys rule. Too bad they broke up.
    • 2. Ten by Pearl Jam
      "Black" is probably one of the best songs I've ever heard.
    • 1. HIStory by Michael Jackson
      Screw you guys! Michael Jackson RULES!

    Beck, Breeders, Pixies, Better Than Ezra, Weezer...I left a lot off. The albums ruled though.
    By: Ian Grieve
    • 10. Insomnia by Green Day
    • 9. In Utero by Nirvana
    • 8. Out Of Time by R.E.M
    • 7. Nevermind by Nirvana
    • 6. Further by Geneva
    • 5. Dookie by Green Day
    • 4. Domestiques by Delgados
    • 3. Peloton by Delgados
      They're a Scottish Indie band
    • 2. Smash by Offspring
    • 1. Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette
      Every song is great. Especially 'Forgiven', 'Head Over Feet', 'You Oughta Know' and 'Mary Jane'

    By: Den
    • 10. Rhino Bucket/Get Used To It by Rhino Bucket
      Another unheralded band that didn't get much air play, but were excellent rockers. Vocals sound like Bon Scott, but music is theirs!
    • 9. No more Tears by Ozzy Osborne
      One of the many good albums by the drunken englishmen
    • 8. Shake your Moneymaker by Black Crowes
      Excellent album by a group that really hasn't done much for me after it.
    • 7. Damn Yankees by Damn Yankees
      Great debut album by Ted Nugent, Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades from Nightranger
    • 6. Best of Great White by Great White
      Another excellent compilation of a good band.
    • 5. Razors Edge by AC/DC
      Gotta love these guys. Great hard rock by Angus & the Boys!
    • 4. Choice Cuts by Jackyl
      Great collection of hard rock tunes by a wild band.
    • 3. Nobody Said it Was Easy by The Four Horseman
      Have you heard of these guys? Incredible album by a one album band. It rocks!
    • 2. Decade of Decadence by Motely Crue
      Great collection of songs by the wild boys of rock.
    • 1. Spirit of the Wild by TED NUGENT
      What a great album by one of the greatest rockers ever.

    Stevie Ray Vaughn (anything)
    By: nico
    • 10. tomorrow hit today by mudhoney
    • 9. sweet oblivion by screaming trees
    • 8. a northern soul by the verve
    • 7. millions now living will never die by tortoise
    • 6. new forms by roni size
    • 5. maxinquaye by tricky
    • 4. second coming by the stone roses
    • 3. different class by pulp
    • 2. elastica by elastica
    • 1. bloodletting by concrete blonde

    though maybe there are some greater albums in 90s those on this list in no order are not often named i think
    By: Wagner Luís da Silva Faria
    • 10. pop by u2
      O u2 inova mais uma vez com a incrível turnê popmart e com um disco muito bom com a balada Staring at the sun
    • 9. Hold me,thrill me,kiss me,kill me by u2
      single com a música tema do filme Batman eternamente
    • 8. era by guns n' roses
      disco ao vivo muito bom reunindo os maiores sucessos da banda
    • 7. nevermind by nirvana
      melor disco da banda americana
    • 6. medazzland by Duran Duran
      disco lançado em 1997 e pela primeira vez na história da banda sem o baixista John Taylor.Eletric Barbarella é o destaque
    • 5. the b sides by u2
      disco com os singles do u2 dos anos 80.Everlasting Love e Unchained Melody são os destaques
    • 4. east of the sun,west of the moon by a-ha
      O melhor disco da banda norueguesa nos anos 90.Canções como Crying in the rain,Early morning e I call your name são muito boas
    • 3. achtung baby by u2
      O u2 renovou nos anos 90 e acertou mais uma vez.One é espetacular
    • 2. the wedding album by Duran Duran
      O melhor trabalho dos anos 90 dessa banda fantástica.Come undone e Ordinary World são músicas fantásticas
    • 1. use your illusion by guns n' roses
      Certamente o melhor disco dos anos 90.

    By: Matt Cole
    • 10. Core by Stone Temple Pilots
      The album that launched the career of the most creative rock group of the 90s.
    • 9. Under the Table & Dreaming by Dave Matthews Band
      A great combination of rock, blues, acid, power ballad, country, bluegrass, etc. etc. Dave Rocks!!!!
    • 8. Sublime by Sublime
      We will miss the creative blend of Punk, Ska, and Reggai that Bradley brought us.
    • 7. Dookie by Green Day
      The album that brought punk to mainstream
    • 6. Millenium by Backstreet Boys
      The best selling act of the nineties. Not my favorite, but what can I say.
    • 5. Ten by Pearl Jam
      Grunge's peak and the introduction of one of the most popular bands of the nineties.
    • 4. Nevermind by Nirvana
      A landmark in pop music forever. Come as You ARE!
    • 3. Guns & Roses by Use Your Illusion 1
      The most talented hard rock band of the 90s...we will never have another guns & roses
    • 2. the Score by Fugees
      An incredible hip hop album that defines the nineties african american influence in music. Also, the sophmore album that launched 2 of the most praised artist of the 90s.
    • 1. Metallica(Black) by Metallica
      The best of the Nineties by the best metal band in history

    Best songs ever written 5.Wish you were here - Pink Floyd 4.Your song - Elton John 3.Sound of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel 2.Over the Hills and Far away - Led Zeppalin 1.In my Life - Beatles

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