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Top Ten Albums of the 90s

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What are your top ten favorite albums from the 90s?

    By: Johnny Rockstar
    • 10. Slip, Stich, and Pass by Phish
      best live band of the 90's
    • 9. Check Your Head by Beastie Boys
      rock and rap when Fred Durst was a check-out boy at 7-11
    • 8. Premptive Strike by DJ Shadow
      real beats from a true record digger
    • 7. Kettle Whistle by Jane's Addiction
      dave navarro kicks ass
    • 6. No Code by Pearl Jam
      out of the spotlight came their best effort
    • 5. weezer (blue album) by Weezer
      great pop album for the summertime
    • 4. Blind Melon by Blind Melon
      hippie grunge
    • 3. The Bends by Radiohead
      amazing song structure
    • 2. Nevermind by Nirvana
      hardest hitting version of punk our generation will ever see
    • 1. Siamese Dream by The Smashing Pumpkins
      Sonic Bliss

    By: Ory
    • 10. Bubble & Scrape by Sebadoh
    • 9. AngelDust by Faith No More
    • 8. Unplugged by Nirvana
      The swan song of nirvana
    • 7. Under the bushes under the stars by Guided by Voices
      A must!!!
    • 6. Millions now living will never die by Tortoise
    • 5. The Doctor came at dawn by Smog
      Genius at it's best!!
    • 4. Surfer Rosa by Pixies
      An amazing masterpiece
    • 3. Wowee Zowee by Pavement
      Kings of the un-tuned guitars.
    • 2. The Natural bridge by The Silver Jews
      Amazing work!!! Berman is a genius
    • 1. Spiderland by Slint
      This is the best album in the known universe

    By: Rob
    • 10. My Own Prison by Creed
      Scott Stapp carries the torch from Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain into the next millenium. The best post-grunge, grunge band out there.
    • 9. Colour & The Shape by Foo Fighters
      Toss up between this and their self-titled debut. Dave Grohl shows that Kurt Cobain wasn't the sole genius behind Nirvana. I believed even back in 1991/1992 that Grohl was by far the best musician in Nirvana.
    • 8. Blood Sugar Sex Magik by Red Hot Chili Peppers
      Incredible album and still one of the best concerts I have ever seen!
    • 7. Girlfriend by Matthew Sweet
      Matthew Sweet is one of the most underrated musicians/singers/songwriters ever!!!!!
    • 6. Use Your Illusions I&II by Guns 'N" Roses
      Probably would have been better as one album with the best tracks, but still two great albums. Listening to it makes me realize what a blown opportunity Axel had.
    • 5. Ten by Pearl Jam
      Probably the best grunge album ever. Would have been #1 if Eddie Vedder beat Kurt Cobain to the spotlight.
    • 4. Actung Baby by U2
      The last great U2 album (although the last one was damn good). After this one, they took that misguided tour through techno. Bono got very pretentious and weird.
    • 3. Unplugged by Eric Clapton
      Last great album before Phil Collins corrupted him. He is so much better stripped down and bluesy than some of the corporate rock he put out in the 90's.
    • 2. Metallica by Metallica
      Their best. One of the most complete album ever.
    • 1. Nevermind by Nirvana
      Excellent Album!!!!! May not be the best of the 90's (damn close), but clearly the most infuential. Ended the hair band era and paved the way for rock with some substance. Made Motley Crue and Poison disapear until they appeared "Behind the Music" episodes or in mug shots.

    I felt that music in the 90's basically ended in the mid to late nineties. I like Limp Bizkit, Blink-182, and others. But I feel that musicians are starting to make a full circle and being more interested in looking cool and getting groupies than writing meaningful music or the hair band attitude. That said, today's music is still better than some of the vapid music of the late 80's.
    By: Barry Fitzgerald
    • 10. Coping With the Urban Coyote by Unida
      Not as good as Kyuss but still FAR better than Queens of the Stone Age
    • 9. Generator by Bad Religion
      It's probably the best Punk album I've ever heard, in the Ninetie's at least
    • 8. BadMotorFinger by Soundgarden
      Because Chris Cornell's voice and Kim Thayil's guitarwork rule.
    • 7. Divine Intervention by Slayer
      Just because it's Slayer's best album of the Nineties and Dittohead is one of the best thrash songs ever.
    • 6. Under a Funeral Moon by Darkthrone
      The Best Black Metal band by far.
    • 5. ...And the Circus Leaves Town by Kyuss
      Not as good as Sky Valley but it still is a phenominal stoner album and as usual John Garcia's voice is wicked.
    • 4. Rust in Peace by Megadeth
      Because they're better than anything Metallica have done in the Nineties and 'Tornado of Souls' is excellent
    • 3. Ten by Pearl Jam
      The guitar work is amazing and they rock
    • 2. Nevermind by Nirvana
      Because it stopped phoney glam-rock (Poison, Motley Crue) from entering the nineties, and because it's a damn good album
    • 1. Welcome to Sky Valley by Kyuss
      Every Song is excellent especially 'Demon Cleaner'

    By: BVox
    • 10. All That You Can't Leave Behind by U2
      Bring you to the old time Rock, Beautiful, Pure Rock.
    • 9. Zooropa by U2
      Great Style, mysterious...hi tech.
    • 8. Kid A by Radiohead
      Out of this world!!!!
    • 7. The Fragile by Nine inch nails
      Rock!! Hard!!
    • 6. What's the story?(Morning Glory) by Oasis
      Great music!!
    • 5. Automatic For People by R.E.M.
      Deep, touching, Soulful.
    • 4. Ray Of Light by Madonna
      Beautiful! Brave album.
    • 3. O.K. Computer by Radiohead
      Futuristic Cool.
    • 2. Nevermind by Nirvana
      Best Alternative Rock Album ever. It breaks the ground and tears down the sky with the hits like Smell like teen spirits, Come as you are.
    • 1. Achtung Baby by U2
      U2's Best Album along with Joshua Tree. It's very stylish and influenced every electronic bands in the 90's.

    By: Andrzej
    • 10. Odelay by Beck
      Sounds nothing like before. Beck is one of the most original artists of the 90's...
    • 9. Debut by Bjork
      Quite possibly, the greatest female artist of the 90's. From her early 90's cult followings to her mass popularity at the end.
    • 8. Play by Moby
      Excellent blend. True genious at work
    • 7. The Chronic by Dr.Dre
      It may be rude crude, and not playing by the rules. But this album features what 90's rap will sound like for generations.
    • 6. Endtroducing... by DJ Shadow
      Another classic electronic albums. Incredibly made of pure samples on a turntable and an apple computer. Recomended even if you find electronic music difficult to enjoy.
    • 5. Blue Lines by Massive Attack
      Possibly the greatest electronic album ever.
    • 4. Metallica [Black Album] by Metallica
      Like them for their music, or hate them of Napster. Metallica is one of the greatest Heavy Metal band ever.
    • 3. Ten by Pearl Jam
      Instead of angst ridden lyrics of your parents (e.g Limp Bizkit) we see exposure of the fact, those aren't your parents. A classic rock album...really.
    • 2. OK Computer by Radiohead
      The album's basic message seems that we are all messed up...but we are all in it together so we can fight back. Incredible.
    • 1. Nevermind by Nirvana
      Remeber early 90's? Dance-Pop ran wild, brit. Madchester. Then Nevermind came in and lifted it all and through it away like your highschool neighbour when you were in grade 2.

    Please...i beg to stop the contious posts of Backstreet Boys and Limp Bizkit to have great albums. I beg of you.
    By: Venancia Hopkins
    • 10. Meshelle Ndeceogello by Peace Beyond Passion
      Not a commercial hit, because this album was to damn good for the radio. Meshelle your brillant please put out another album.
    • 9. Tidal by Fiona Apple
      Introspective and looking into one's soul. I can listen to this album forever.
    • 8. Prince by Symbol
      His best album of the nineties with some flaws but it was also one of the funkiest records in a decade devoid of funk.
    • 7. Madonna by Erotica
      Extremely underrated and one of her best albums. It's tecno, jazzy and trippy, very cool.
    • 6. In Utero by Nirvana
      Kurt Corbain making his pain so listenable Pt.2.
    • 5. Crazy, Sexy, Cool by T.L.C.
      Funky, erotic and naughty, I love these girls. Most guys aren't as cool as them.
    • 4. Jagged Little Pill by Alainis Morrisette
      Female anger at it's finest.
    • 3. Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins
      Intense songs and lyrics and eveytime I hear Spaceboy I want to cry. I can't say enough good things about Billy Corgan.
    • 2. Nevermind by Nirvana
      Kurt Corbain just letting out his pain and making it so listenable.
    • 1. Mellon Collie And The Infinte Sadness by Smashing Pumpkins
      Billy Corgan is brillant. When I first bought this album I was wondering how much as was going to like it. But after the first listen I fell-in-love with it. Brillant songwriting and musicianship makes this a classic album. I would urge anyone to have this in thier collection.

    Mostly I hated a lot of music from the ninties, considering myself a child of the eighties, but even in unmusical decades you can still find good music.
    By: Anonymous
    • 10. Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins
      Dream-like nostalgic and angsty melodies. Why bother with Smashing Pumpkins after this masterpiece? Personally, I think the rest is awful.
    • 9. Tidal by Fiona Apple
      How did Billie Holiday get reincarnated into an Irish girl? Don't let all the negative hype keep you away from this young musical and lyrical genius.
    • 8. Live Through This by Hole
      Your famous husband dies of an overdose. You've just given birth to a baby girl. What now? This is the best, and perhaps only, possible answer.
    • 7. Blowout Comb by Digable Planets
      Their first album is great, too, but this one is my favorite. It has a million layers. It's like seeing a cross-section of Black musical history. Makes you feel like you're strolling the streets of Brooklyn, talking to everyone on the street � even if you've never been there.
    • 6. Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos
      "Give me life, give me pain, give me my self again" Emotional liberation from whatever oppresses you.
    • 5. Rage Against the Machine by Rage Against the Machine
      Pure, unadulterated, intellectual and politically-charged anger. And unlike Rage after this, it doesn't seem pretentious (what do millionaires have to be so angry about?).
    • 4. Ritual de lo Habitual by Jane's Addiction
      "at this moment, you should be with us, feeling like we do, like you love to, but never will� again" Perry Farell after this is all downhill.
    • 3. Urban Hymns by The Verve
      The "I'm almost ready to kick drugs" album; an album of strength and mourning.
    • 2. Achtung, Baby by U2
      Amazingly well-produced and cohesive album. And all the lyrics good enough to stand as poetry. U2 has never regained this level of clarity.
    • 1. Nevermind by Nirvana
      This album and the death of Kurt Cobain practically WERE the 90's

    Honorable Mentions: Mellow Gold by Beck, Red Hot Chilipeppers generally, REM generally, Play by Moby (excluded because I didn't own it until 2000), Lauryn Hill, Wildflowers by Tom Petty. This list is dedicated to Leita and Sweaty, who came of age in the 90's and died before they were through.
    By: Tina
    • 10. So Much For The Afterglow by Everclear
      Love these songs because they are so true to life, like you totally get what he's singing about...
    • 9. Bringing Down the Horse by The Wallflowers
      Where did these guys go?? I loved this album, but haven't really heard from them since...
    • 8. On the 6 by Jennifer Lopez
      Another album with spanish lyrics, but I love the songs on this album, especially No Me Ames, the duet with Marc Anthony.
    • 7. Enrique by Enrique Iglesias
      Even though I can't understand the spanish lyrics, I still loved this album!!
    • 6. Millenium by Backstreet Boys
      Despite what I said earlier about a band's first album being the best, with BSB they seemed to get better with age... maybe just due to the changing maturity levels?
    • 5. Big Ones by Aerosmith
      All though I really love pretty much all of Aerosmith's music, this album is a great compilation of all of their best works (at least up until that point in time).
    • 4. Clumsy by Our Lady Peace
      Another one of those albums that you love every song...
    • 3. Third Eye Blind by Third Eye Blind
      This is one of those albums where you just love every song on the cd. You never feel the need to skip over the songs because you want to hear every one of them.
    • 2. Sixteen Stone by Bush
      I have found that a band's first album is usually their best. They put the real true effort into the album because they don't know if it's going to sell or not.. after that it just gets too commercialized and fake, they become something they weren't in the beginning.. Razorblade suitcase was ok but the latest stuff has sucked big time.
    • 1. Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt
      When I bought this album I could not stop listening to it. I still listen to it today as well as their latest stuff.

    By: Jhaze99
    • 10. Pearl Jam by Yield
      Pearl Jam's most underated album hands down. Why they never released the track, "In Hiding" remains a mystery to me. This CD is almost as good as Vitalogy and easily could have been higher in my top ten if they had one more all out rocker song like "Evolution" on the album. "In Hiding" is one of the greatest rock ballads of all time, it would have been an amazing song. I would recommend anyone buying this album simply just for that song. Unbelieveable album, by an Unbelievable group.
    • 9. Reel Big Fish by Turn the Radio Off
      Put Ska on the map with the song "Sellout" and then the group faded away. This group is extremely, extremely talented. My only complaint about the album is with any album that contains an abundance of songs, not all of them are great. Every song is good on this album, but I wouldn't say every song is single worthy. Standouts include, "Everything Sucks, Sellout, The Fuck You song (not the real title, but what I call track 10), Trendy, and She's Got a Girlfriend Now."
    • 8. Foo Fighters by The Colour and the Shape
      A bit of a drop off here. Definately the Foos best work. All the songs on colour and the shape are good songs but not all of the songs are great songs. I'm still not crazy about the song "My Hero," but "Everlong," is an all-american classic. I still would recommend this CD to any rock fan out there, however, I would buy "Purple" or "vitalogy" any day over this CD.
    • 7. Sublime by Sublime
      What a change of pace these guys created. They are the only band I can think of that took the best of punk rock and the best of reggae and somehow formed it into a classic CD. This album will put you through one hell of a emotion trip. At times it makes me want to break things and other times makes me want to lay back and relax. Standouts include, "Summertime, Santeria, APril 29, 1994 (i think thats the title), Caress me Down, and others...."
    • 6. Smashing Pumpkins by Siamese Dream
      I hated the songs I heard on the radio from this CD when it first came out. However, now, what 6 years later, I would say this CD is a masterpiece. Every song is once again single worthy, actually the only song I can say I don't like is "spaceboy" and that's not even that bad of a song. Standouts include: "Today (of course!), Cherub Rock, SilverFuck, Geek U.S.A., and many others...."
    • 5. Everclear by So Much for the Afterglow
      This CD made me want to go out and buy all of Everclear's CD's. And, upon doing that, I still would have to say this one is the best. This CD by Everclear gives you the most complete feeling, every song has value to it, however, not every single is necessarily single worthy. Standouts include "Amphetamine, So Much for the Afterglow, Father of Mine, and I will buy you a new life."
    • 4. Fatboy Slim by You've Come a long way baby
      The CD that introduced my to techno. Every song makes you want to crank up the bass on your stereo. Actually the worst songs on this CD were the ones that the radio made popular. Buy this CD listen to it all the way through twice and I promise you, you'll be hooked. This CD doesn't get even half the attention it deserves, it truly is a masterpiece.
    • 3. Radiohead by The Bends
      I admit I was skeptical about this album at first. I hated the song "creep" by Radiohead, way too poppy, but this CD is amazing. How in the world did a band record such a crappy album in Pablo Honey, turn around a record one of the greatest CD's known to man in the Bends. Every song on this could have been a single. It's hard not to be mellowed out and relaxed by this CD, I just recently started listening to this CD more and more, so it may in time move higher up my charts for top albums of the 1990s.
    • 2. Vitalogy by Pearl Jam
      "Ten" and "Vs." were both good albums, but neither good touch how good Vitalogy was. No videos, no commercialism, no corporate bull shit, this album purely shows how great of a band Pearl Jam is. This CD got played not stop everyday in my car for about a month and half and I still don't get sick of it. With standouts such as Last Exit, Courdoury, Whipping, Betterman, and Spin the Black Circle, I highly recommend this album to anyone.
    • 1. Purple by Stone Temple Pilots
      Simply the best rock album known to man. With beatiful acoustic songs such as Kitchenware and Candybars and Pretty Penny, to the all out rockers Unglued, Vasoline, and Army Ants, this album has it all. I played this album everyday on the commute to school and/or work for 3 months straight never getting sick of it. Unglued and Army Ants are still my two favorite songs ever recorded. The Pilots Sophomore album is simply magnificent, it will blow your mind away how talented these four musicians really are.

    No Nirvana you ask, I never really could get into them, only Smells Like Teen Spirit over moved me in the same way Pearl Jam, STP, Everclear, and the Foos have. I would give the following CD's honorable mention though: Less than Jake "Pezcore" Blink182 "Enema of the State" RHCP "Calafornication" Weezer "Self-Titled" Stone Temple Pilots "Core" (it probably was my number 11) Soundgarden "A-sides" Aerosmith "Big Ones" Live "Throwing Copper" and finally, Everclear "Sparkle and Fade"

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