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The toys in this section are not STRICTLY 90s only toys. We have toys that were widely available for purchase DURING the 90s. This section was recently redesigned, so if you have any problems please let ChuckyG know.

Are you an 90s toys expert or just totally baffled by a leftover 90s toys item in your possession? We have a page for Unknown 90s Toys when you can send in your pictures, or help others identify their unknown toys items.

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Yum Yums, Comment by Courtney on July 25, 2015 - Report this comment
I still have my Yummy!! I just learned his real name is Cheery Cherry Poodle. I got him for my 4th birthday in 1989, I just turned 30 and I still sleep with him every night. My cleaning lady put him in the washing machine recently (he's been hand wash only for at least 10 years now) and it ripped his tummy. I decided last night to put him in my hope chest for safe keeping. My sister had given me a brand new Yummy about 5 years ago so I just took him out of the hope chest because even at 30 years old, I still need my Yummy. We'll see how I adjust to Yummy Jr. And amazingly both of my stuffed animals still have their scent. I love my Yummy Yum Yum and I'm so happy that eBay has them.

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