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Obituaries of the 90s, 1991

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This is a list of people who died during 1991.

January 01Charles B Timmer, Dutch writer (Russia Black on White), dies at 83
January 01Yvonne Waegemans, Flemish author (Gnome Patjoepelke), dies at 81
January 02Edmond Jabés, writer, dies
January 02Renato Rascel, actor (7 Hills of Rome), dies of heart failure at 78
January 04Berry Kroeger, actor (Demon Seed), dies of kidney failure at 78
January 04Harry Krimer, actor (Napoleon), committed suicide at 94
January 04Leo N Wright, US saxophonist (I Left My Heart in SF), dies at 57
January 05John Eckhardt, actor born without legs (Freaks), dies at 82
January 05Marie Madeline Sullivan, actress (Elvira Mistress of Dark), dies at 80
January 05Vasko Popa, Serbian WW II-partisan/poet (Sporedno Nebo), dies at 68
January 06Ada Moore, entertainer, dies of cancer at 64
January 07Joe Hicks, baseball coach, dies of cancer at 64
January 08Steve Clark, guitarist (Def Leppard-Hysteria), dies at 30
January 10Dimitris Myrat, dies of cancer at 62
January 11Jason Christmas, dies of gunshot wound during robbery in NY at 49
January 12Keye Luke, actor (Charlie Chan's No 1 Son), dies after a stroke at 86
January 12Vasco Pratolini, Italy, writer (Ragazze di San Frediano), dies at 77
January 14Sallah Kharaf, [Abu Iyad], co-founder (Al-Fatah), assassinated
January 17Olav AFEC van Sleeswijk-Holstein-S-G V, king of Norway (1957), dies
January 18Hamilton Fish, congressman (NY), dies at 102
January 18Lillian Bond, actress (Air Mail, Pick-up, Blond Cheat), dies at 83
January 18Nita Krebs, actor (Munchkin-Wizard of Oz), dies of heart attack at 85
January 19Don Beddoe, actor (Bullwhip, Loophole, Texas), dies at 87
January 19Glenn Langan, actor (Big Chase, Jungle Heat, Rapture), dies at 73
January 19John Russell, actor/writer (Apache Uprising, Yellow Sky), dies at 70
January 20Bill Riordon, US tennis promotor (Jimmy Connors), dies
January 20Louis Seigner, actor (Eclipse, Special Section), dies in a fire at 87
January 21Frank Mitchell, actor (Music is Magic, Prairie Gunsmoke), dies
January 21Howard "Red" Grange, football's galloping ghost, dies at 87
January 21Richard Bolling, (Rep-D-Mo)/US civil-rights leader, dies at 74
January 24George Gobel, comedian, dies of a heart attack at 71
January 24Lawrence Lott, actor (Real Men, Phila Experiment), dies of AIDS at 40
January 25Stanley Brock, actor (Tin Men), dies of heart attack at 59
January 26Johnny van Doorn, Dutch writer/poet, dies at 46
January 28Dale Long, hit HRs in 8 consecutive games, dies at 66
January 29Jan Odé, Dutch pianist/director Sweelinck Conservatory, dies
January 29Yasushi Inoue, Japanese historian, dies
January 30John McIntire, actor (Virginian, Psycho), dies of emphysema at 83
February 01Carol Dempster, actress (Sally of Sawdust, America), dies at 89
February 01H J van Ommeren-Averink, Dutch MP (CPN), dies
February 01James G MacDonald, cartoon voice (Mickey Mouse), dies at 84
February 01Phil Watson, NHL coach (NY Rangers), dies
February 03Nancy Kulp, actress (Jane Hathaway-Beverly Hillbillies), dies at 69
February 04Bob Leslie, actor (Cinderella, Mako: Jaws of Death), dies at 64
February 05Dean Jagger, US actor (Mr Novak, Rawhide, Oscar), dies at about 87
February 05Pedro Arrupe, Spanish priest/Jesuit, dies at 83
February 06Danny Thomas, comedian (Jazz Singer), dies of a heart attack at 79
February 06Marten Levendig, Dutch TV correspondent to Moscow, dies
February 07Dick Winslow, actor (Tom Sawyer, Mutiny on the Bounty), dies at 75
February 07Gladys LaVerne, dies of heart problems at 87
February 08Miran Bux, cricketer (2 Tests for Pakistan 1954-55), dies at 47
February 11Oscar Nitzchke, German architect (Alcoa building), dies at 90
February 12Edward A Blatt, director (Between 2 Worlds), dies at 88
February 12Robert Wagner, mayor (NYC-D-1954-65), dies
February 13Bernard Sauer, Yiddish actor, dies of heart attack at 67
February 13Eddie Bartell, actor (Every Night at Eight), dies at 83
February 14Arno Breker, German sculptor (Third Reich), dies at 90
February 14John A McCone, Head of CIA (1961-65), dies
February 15Gary Gears, Chicago disk jockey, dies at 46 of a heart attack
February 15Luis Escobar, Spanish actor (Don Juan My Love), dies at 78
February 16Enrique B Varela, commandant Nicaragua contra's, dies
February 17Enrique Bermudez, commandant (Contra), dies
February 19Peggy Mondo, actress (Who's Minding the Store), dies at 50
February 21Margot Fonteyn, ballerina (1st lady of British Ballet), dies at 71
February 21Roger Swaybill, actor/writer (Porky's II, Breaking Point), dies at 47
February 24George Gobel, Chicago, comedian (George Gobel Show), dies at 71
February 24Jean Rogers, actress (Flash Gordon, Hot Cargo), dies at 74
February 24Marcella Markham, dies of breast cancer at 68
February 24Webb Pierce, US country singer (Bye Bye Love), dies of cancer at 64
February 27Artie Mitchell, XXX producer (Behind the Green Door), shot at 45
February 27H J of Royen, manager Dutch (Concertgebouw Orch), dies at 52
February 27Robert-Jan Akkerman, Dutch diplomat (to Tunis), murdered
February 28Guillermo Ungo, member of El Salvador junta (1979-80), dies
March 01Edwin H Land, inventor (Polaroid Camera), dies at 81
March 01Katharine Blake, actress (To Have & To Hold), dies at 62
March 01Scott Huston, composer, dies at 74
March 02Clark Mollenhoff, US journalist (Pulitzer Prize), dies
March 02Freek Zoetmulder, publisher (Austrian Encyclopedia)/neo-nazi, dies
March 02James "Cool Papa" Bell, Negro baseball league great, dies at 87
March 02Serge Gainsbourg, composer/actor (Fury of Hercules), dies at 62
March 03Arthur Murray, dance instructor, dies at 95 of pneumonia
March 03Clara Eggink, [Ebbele], Dutch poet (Life with J C Bloem), dies at 84
March 04Vance Colvig, actor (UHF, Barfly, My Chauffeur), dies at 72
March 05August de Schryver, Belgian politician/founder (CVP), dies at 92
March 05Trijntje Jansma-Boskma, oldest person in Netherland, dies at 109
March 12Etienne Decroux, French mime (Voyage, Surprise), dies at 92
March 13Cor Witschge, [Pipo the Clown], Dutch actor (Alicia), dies at 65
March 13Jimmy McPartland, US, jazz cornetist, dies
March 14Howard Ashman, song writer (Under the Sea), dies of AIDs at 40
March 14Jef Houthuys, Belgian union leader (ACV, 1968-87), dies at 68
March 14Jerome "Doc" Pomus, lyricist (Save Last Dance for Me), dies at 65
March 14Robert Maroff, dies at 57
March 15Budd [Lawrence] Freeman, US jazz saxophonist (Eel), dies at 84
March 15Eileen Sedgwick, silent film actress (Hot Heels), dies at 93
March 167 members of Reba McIntire's band, killed in a plane crash
March 16Jan H van Roijen, Dutch diplomat/Foreign Minister, dies at 85
March 16Wim van den Brink, Dutch actor (Turkish Fruit, Red Sien), dies
March 18Jack McCoy, Radio/TV personality, dies at 72
March 18Vilma Banky, actress (Eagle, Son of Sheik, Rebel), dies at 93
March 19John Russell Thomas, NFL general manager (Detroit Lions), dies
March 19Ron Pagano, dies after lengthy illness at 37
March 19Sunday Wilshin, actor (Murder by Rope), dies at 86
March 20Conor Clapton, Eric Clapton's son, falls out of 53rd floor window at 5
March 21Leo Fender, inventor (Fender guitar), dies
March 21Rajiv Gandhi, former PM of India, killed by bomb at 46
March 22Gloria Holden, actress (Dracula's Daughter, Test Pilot), dies at 73
March 23Dominic Bellissimo, created buffalo chicken wings, dies at 68
March 23Fons Jansen, Dutch night club performer, dies at 65
March 23Mona Maris, actress (Camila, Berlin Correspondent), dies at 88
March 25Eileen Joyce, pianist, dies at 78
March 25Lee Donn, pianist, dies of stroke at 96
March 26Frans Dohmen, union leader (Neth Catholic Mine Workers), dies at 81
March 27Aldo Ray, western actor (Battle Cry), dies at 64 of cancer
March 27Elinor Remick Warren, composer, dies at 91
March 27Leueen McGrath, actress (Edward My Son, Saint's Vacation), dies at 77
March 27Ralph Bates, British actor (Persecution, Graveyard), dies at 50
March 28Carlos Montalban, actor (Bananas), dies at 85
March 29Lee Atwater, political strategists (R), dies of brain tumor at 40
March 29Matt Bennett, actor (Hickey & Boggs), dies of brain tumor at 52
March 30Jan Willem Hofstra, Dutch actor/writer (Friends of My Friends), dies
March 31John Carter, US jazz clarinetist (Roots & folklore), dies
April 01Martha Graham, US, choreographer (Appalachian Spring), dies at 96
April 01Paulo Muwanga, chief of Uganda (1980), dies
April 01Richard Thorpe, director (MGM), dies at 95
April 03Graham Greene, Brit writer (3rd Man, Our man in Havana), dies at 86
April 04John Heinz, (Sen-R-Pa), dies in a plane crash, dies at 52
April 04Luc de Rijck, Belgian soccer player (Turnhout), dies
April 04Max Frisch, Swiss architect/writer (Stiller, Biedermann), dies at 79
April 05John Tower, (Sen-R-Tx), dies in a plane crash at 65
April 05Manley Lanier "Sonny" Carter Jr, USN/astro (STS 33), dies at 43
April 06Bill Ponsford, cricketer (Test avg 48 22, 1st-class avg 65 18), dies
April 09Maurice Binder, title designer (James Bond Movies), dies at 73
April 10Kevin Peter Hall, actor (Harry & Hendersons), dies of AIDS at 35
April 10Natalie Schafer, actress (Gilligan's Island), dies at 90 from cancer
April 11Tom Rosqui, dies at 62
April 12James Schuyler, US poet (Pulitzer 1980), dies
April 15Marjorie Warfield, dies at 88
April 15Martin Ashe, dies
April 16David Lean, director (28 academy awards), dies of pneumonia at 83
April 17Jack Yellen, US poet (Sons o' Fun), dies at 97
April 20Don[ald] Siegel, US director (Coogan's Bluff/Dirty Harry), dies at 78
April 20Jumjaagiyn Tsedenbal, Mongolian politician, dies
April 20Sean O'Faolain, [J Whelan], Irish writer (Nest of Simple), dies at 91
April 20Steve Marriott, English guitarist (Small Faces), dies in a fire at 44
April 20Yumzhagin Tsendenbal, PM of Mongolia (1952-74), dies
April 21Richard Bolling, (Rep-D-Missouri), dies at 74
April 21Willi Boskovsky, Austrian conductor (new years concert), dies at 81
April 23Peter Bailey, Graphic designer/calligrapher, dies
April 24J de Graaf, ethicus/president church & peace, dies
April 25Frank Hamilton, actor (Subterraneans), dies at 66
April 25Theo Laseroms, [Tank], Dutch soccer player (Feyenoord), dies
April 26Carmine Coppola, composer/father of Francis Ford Coppola, dies
April 26Emily McLaughlin, US actress (Jessie-General Hospital), dies at 61
April 27Ken Curtis, actor (Lost, Freckles, Calif Gold Rush), dies at 74
April 27Marcus Heeresma, writer/poet (Anna, Son of a Whore), dies
April 28Floyd B McKissick, US founder (CORE), dies
April 28Ken Curtis, actor (Festus-Gunsmoke), dies at 74
April 29Claude Gallimard, French publisher, dies
April 30George Sperti Sperti, inventor (Preparation H), dies at 91
April 30Michael G Hagerty, actor (Overboard), dies at 39
May 01Richard Thorpe, director (Jailhouse Rock, Night Must Fall), dies
May 02Hal Bell, dies at 65
May 02Leib Lensky, dies at 82
May 03Gerrit Mik, child psychiatrist/Dutch MP (D66), dies
May 03Jersy Kosinski, author (Being There), dies at 57
May 03Margaret Tallichet, actress (Stranger on the 3rd Floor), dies
May 04Dennis Crosby, son of Bing, commits suicide at 54
May 05William De Acutis, dies at 33
May 06Anthony van Kampen, writer (Ketelbinkie, Geschonden Eldorado), dies
May 06Chucky Mullins, US soccer player, dies
May 06Thomas A Carlin, dies at 62
May 06Wilfrid Hyde-White, Brits actor (Peyton Place/140+ films), dies at 87
May 08Jean Langlais, composer, dies at 84
May 08Lloyd Ford, stuntman, dies at 79
May 08Ronnie Brody, British actor (Superman 3, What's Up Nurse), dies at 72
May 09James L Reinsch, media-advisor (Roosevelt/Churchill/Kennedy), dies
May 09Ronnie Brody, British actor (Superman III, Whats Up Nurse), dies at 72
May 09Rudolf Serkin, Bohemian/US pianist, dies
May 10Armand HF Boni, [Armand the Good], Flemish poet/writer, dies
May 11Filip J Field, dies at 67
May 11Ho Dam, foreign minister North-Korea (1970-83), dies
May 13Jimmy McPartland, jazz cornetist, dies of cancer at 83
May 14Ast Fonteyne, Flemish lecture artist, dies
May 14Herman Niels, Flemish radio director, dies
May 14Jiang Qing, widow of Chinese leader Mao Tse Tung, commits suicide
May 14John Edward Craven, dies
May 14Shintaro Abe, minister of Exterior of Japan (1982-86), dies
May 15Bud Freeman, jazz tenor saxophonist, dies of cancer at 84
May 15Freddie Paris, dies
May 15Reno Brown, dies
May 15Ronald Lacey, actor (Raiders of Lost Ark, Next Victim), dies at 55
May 16Prudence Nesbitt, British actress/TV producer, dies
May 18Edwina Booth, actress (Trader Horn), dies of heart failure at 86
May 19Douglas L Mays, cartoonist (Punch), dies
May 19Rini Otte, Dutch actress (Ergens in Nederland), dies at 74
May 20Julian Orbon De Soto, composer, dies at 65
May 21Bobby Dale, dies at 92
May 21Jean Van Joutte, PM of Belgium (1952-54), dies
May 21Rajiv Gandhi, Indian Prime Minster (1984-91), assassinated at 46
May 22Lino Brocka, director (Macho Dancer, Jaguar), dies in car crash at 51
May 23Jean van Houte, Belgian premier, dies
May 23Peter T Thwaites, British brig-gen/playwright (Love or money), dies
May 23William Sinnot, Scottish pop musician (Shamen), dies at 30
May 24Gene Clark, folk-rocker (Byrds-Tambourine Man), dies at 49
May 25Dorothy Davis Bostwick, entertainer, dies
May 26Tom Cassidy, anchor (CNN), dies of AIDs at 41
May 26Tom Eyen, playwright (Dreamgirls), dies of cardiac arrest at 50
May 27Ed Dodd, cartoonist (Mark Trail), dies at 88
May 28Brigitte B Fischer, writer, dies
May 28Ethel Lois Payne, journalist (Chic Defender), dies at 79
May 29Coral Browne, Australian actor (Ruling Class), dies of cancer at 77
May 30Manolo Gomez Bur, Spanish comedian dies at 74
May 31Angus Wilson, [Johnstone-W], British writer (Wrong Set), dies
May 31H N "Swanie" Swanson, literary agent, dies at 91 of a stroke
June --Jiang Quing, widow of Mao Zedong, commits suicide
June 01David Ruffin, rock vocalist (Temptations), dies of drug overdose at 50
June 03Andy Milligan, cinematographer/director (Sweeney Todd), dies at 62
June 03Eva La Gailliene, Brit/US actress/director (Resurrection), dies at 92
June 03Harry Glicken, volcanologist, killed by Mt Unzen Volcano in Japan
June 03Thomas C Lasorda, artist/son Dodger manager, dies of pneumonia at 33
June 06Larry Kert, actor (Tony-West Side Story), dies of AIDS at 60
June 06Stan Getz, jazz saxophonist (Girl from Impanima), dies at 64
June 06Sylvia Porter, economist/author (Money Book), dies at 77
June 07Eric Francis, actor (Shillingbury Blowers), dies
June 08Bertice Reading, Dutch actress (Moon in the Gutter), dies
June 08Heidi Brühl, German actress (Mädels vom Immenhof), dies at 49
June 08Mary Bacon, jockey, dying of cancer, commits suicide by gun at 43
June 09Bob Irwin, Comedian, dies of Alzheimer's related illness at 88
June 09Charles Loloma, painter/sculptor, dies
June 09Claudio Arrau, Chilian/US pianist/composer, dies at 88
June 09Max van Praag, Dutch singer, dies at 77
June 10Vercors, [Jean Bruller], French writer (Silence of Mer), dies
June 11Vlastimil Fisar, Czech actor/pres (Intl Actors Federation), dies
June 14Joy Finzi, [Joyce A Black], British painter, dies at 84
June 14Peggy Ashcroft, British actress (A passage to India), dies at 83
June 16Vicky Brown, US singer (Power of Love), dies
June 18Joan Caulfield, actress (My Favorite Husband), dies of cancer at 69
June 19Jean Arthur [Gladys Greene], US actress (Shane), dies
June 22Cameron Miller, actor (Portrait of Claire), dies at 82
June 22Kevin O'Connor, actor (Bogie), dies of cancer at 56
June 23Antonio Jacinto, Angolan poet, dies at 66
June 23Bill Buysman, Dutch guitarist/singer (Kilima Hawaiians), dies
June 24Martin Rosenblatt, actor (Splitz, Annie Hall, NY Stories), dies at 74
June 24Rufino Tamayo, Mexican painter, dies at 91
June 26Carmine Coppola, composer/conductor (Godfather II), dies at 80
June 26Paul Andor, actor (Mad Lover, Enemy of Women), dies
June 27Klas Bruinsma, leader criminal organization, murdered
June 27Willem J [Molly] Geertsema, liberal/foreign minister), dies
June 28Ernie McCormick, cricketer (12 Tests for Australia), dies
June 28Klas Bruinsma, clergyman, dies
July 01Joost Baljeu, painter/founder-editor Structure, dies
July 01Michael Landon, actor (Bonanza, Hwy to Heaven), dies of cancer at 54
July 02Lee Remick, actress (Days of Wine & Roses), dies of cancer at 55
July 03Irina Nijinska, Russian/US dancer, dies at 77
July 05Howard Nemerow, US poet laureate (Pulitzer), dies
July 05Mildred Dunnock, dies at 87
July 06Thorley Walters, actor (Trog, Edwardians, Daisy), dies at 78
July 08James Franciscus, actor (Mr Novak), dies at of emphysema 57
July 08Lotte Palfi Andor, actress (Lovesick, All the Jazz), dies
July 10Gerome Ragal, author (Hair), dies of cancer at 48
July 11Hitoshi Igarashi, Japanese interpreter (Satanic Verses), murdered
July 11James McCallion, actor (PT 109, Big Combo), dies at 72
July 13Cor Ria Leeman, Flemish (youth)writer, dies
July 14Nic van Bridges, Flemish poet, dies
July 14Rita Maréchal, actress (Good During Only During), dies
July 15Bert Convy, actor (Snoop Sisters, Win Lose or Draw), dies at 57
July 16Cornelis Z Forster, [Da Kuneisi], Suriname granman/gaanman, dies
July 16Dwight Weist, Radio actor/film narrator (Radio Days), dies at 81
July 16Frank Rizzo, (Mayor-D-Phila, 1972-80), dies of a heart attack at 70
July 16Robert Motherwell, US painter (Elegies to Spanish Rep), dies at 76
July 18André Cools, Belgian budget minister, murdered at 63
July 18Harold Butler, cricketer (2 Tests for England 1947-48, 12 wkts), dies
July 20Henri Marius Rellys, dies at 86
July 21Theodore Wilson, dies at 47
July 23Billie Carlyle
July 24Freddie Brown, cricketer (English Test captain 1950-51), dies
July 24Isaac B Singer, Polish/US writer (Yentl, Nobel 1978), dies at 87
July 24Karl Ellis, dies at 41
July 25Brian Haines, actor (Adv of Robin Hood, It), dies at 70
July 25Kaganovitch, Russian minister of Transport for Stalin, dies
July 25Toni Gerry, actress (Bullet for Joey, Lust for Life), dies at 61
July 27Carol Gillies, actress (Back Home, Baby Boom), dies at 50
July 28Luis Aravena Munoz, Chilean singer/exiled to Netherlands, dies at 45
July 30Leonardus S van Egerat, travel expert, dies at 68
July 30William Ball, actor (Suburban Commando), dies at 60
August 01Stuart Wilson, actor (Lethal Weapon 3), dies at 87
August 02Gabriel Cohen, son of Meredith Viera & Richard Cohen
August 02Helen Page Camp,
August 04Nikiforos Vrettakos, Greek poet (Hodyne), dies at 80
August 05Paul Brown, NFL founder (Cleveland Browns, Cin Bengals), dies at 82
August 05Soichiro Hondo, CEO & founder (Honda), dies of liver cancer at 84
August 06Harry Reasoner, newscaster (60 Minutes), dies at 68
August 06Shapour Bakhtiar, premier Iran (1979), dies in Paris
August 07Billy James, comedian/singer (Women at Play, Lusty Business), dies
August 07Shapur Bahktiar, PM of Iran (1979), assassinated
August 07Shotzie, Cincinnati Red dog mascot, dies at 9
August 08Brad Davis, actor (Sybil, Midnight Express), dies of AIDS at 41
August 08James B Irwin, Col USAF/astronaut (Apollo 15), dies at 61
August 08John Brasser, Zaans resistance fighter (White Ko), dies
August 08Magdalena G Schenk, historical (Vorstenhuizen of our time), dies
August 09Corrie Hartong, dance pioneer, dies
August 10Josef Lipski, Polish politician, dies
August 11Jef Contryn, Flemish pioneer puppet theatre, dies at 89
August 12Irene Campbell, British actress/dancer (Wicker Man, St Justice), dies
August 12William Gordon, screenwriter (Back to Bataan), dies
August 13Jack Ryan, inventor (Barbie Doll, Hot Wheels), dies at 65
August 14Douglas Kiker, newscaster (NBC-TV), dies of a heart attack at 61
August 15Marietta Tree, ambassador (UN Comm of Human Rights), dies at 74
August 16Frederic Marés, Spanish sculptor, dies
August 16Robert DiMatte Jr, stage director/actor, dies at 43
August 16Shamu the Whale, dies of respiratory failure at 16
August 16Stuart Karl, CEO (Karl Home Video), dies at 38 of skin cancer
August 17Don Dubbins, actor (Enchanted Island, DI), dies at 63
August 17Leo Geerts, [Marcel van der Linden], Belgian writer/critic, dies
August 17Mervyn Nelson, director (Some of My Best Friends Are...), dies at 76
August 18Vaughn Shoemaker, US cartoonist (John Q Public, Pulitzer), dies
August 20Betty Bowden, British dancer/actress (Vote for Nigel), dies at 86
August 20Lenore Strunsky Gershwin, widow of Ira Gershwin, dies at 90
August 21Oswald von Nell-Breuning, German theologist/philosopher, dies at 101
August 21Richard Wilson, producer/writer/actor (Pay or Die), dies at 75
August 21Wolfgang Hildesheimer, German/Swiss architect, dies
August 22Boris Pugo, USSR minister of Interior (1990), commits suicide
August 22Colleen Dewhurst, actress (Murphy Brown), dies of cancer at 67
August 23Florence B Seibert, bio-chemist (TB), dies at 93
August 24Abel Kivlat, US 1500m runner (Olympic-silver-1912), dies at 99
August 24Beb [Elizabeth] Vuyk, Neth/Indon writer (Camp Diary), dies at 86
August 24Bernard Castro, patented convertible couch, dies at 87
August 24Mike Sokoll, cowboy actor, dies at 97
August 25Don Nute, entertainer, dies of AIDS at 56
August 25Niven Busch, US writer (Duel in the Sun), dies
August 25Sergei Ajromeiev, soviet general, commits suicide
August 27Gordon Heath, actor (Sapphire, Staircase, Animal Farm), dies
August 27Vince Taylor, [Brian Holden], Brit singer (Brand new Cadillac), dies
August 28Christian Anders, actor/composer (Death Stone, Love Cult), dies
August 28Eleanor Berry, actress (Death Valley Days), dies
August 29Dallas Adams, British painter/writer/actor (Terror from Within), dies
August 29Daniel Ocko, dies of respiratory condition at 78
August 29Dixie Dunbar, [Charlotte King], dies of heart attack at 72
August 29Kathryn Cravens, news correspondent, dies at 92
August 29Libero Grassi, Italian underwear manufacturer/anti mafia, dies
August 30Alan Wheatley,
August 30Hans Koetsier, sculptor artist (KLM-Schiphol), dies
August 30Jean Tinguely, Swiss sculptor artist (moving objects), dies
August 31Leigh Watson, US aviation pioneer/air force general, dies at 93
September 01Elise Hoomans, actress/director (Medea/Virginia Woolf?, dies)
September 01Mark Robinson, British actor (The Girl), dies at 30
September 01Steve Kemp, British light enterpeneur, dies
September 02Alfonso Garcia Robles, Mexican foreign minister (Nobel 1982), dies
September 02Concetto Lo Bello, Italian intl soccer judge, dies
September 03Frank Capra, director (It's a Wonderful Life), dies at 94
September 03Henri de Lubac, French theologist/antifascist, dies
September 04Charlie Barnet, saxophonist (Cherokee), dies of pneumonia at 77
September 04Dottie West, country singer (Here Comes my Baby), dies at 58 in a car
September 04Margaret Ramsay, vocalist, dies
September 04Thomas Tryon, actor (Cardinal)/writer (Other), dies at 65
September 07Archie N Menzies, playwright/composer (Under Your Hat), dies at 87
September 07Ben Piazza, actor (Consenting Adults), dies of cancer at 58
September 07John Crosby, US columnist/detective writer dies at 79
September 07John Lawrence, examined effect of neutron radiation on fabric, dies
September 08Alex North, music composer (Spartacus), dies at 80 of cancer
September 08Brad Davis, US, actor (Midnight Express, Chariots of Fire), dies at 41
September 08Jan J Lipski, chairman (Polish Socialist Party)/writer, dies
September 08Jo Budie, Dutch orch leader (KRO), dies
September 09Edwin M McMillan, US, chemist (neptunium, plutonium, Nobel 1951), dies
September 09John Lawrence, doctor, dies
September 09Joop H Zwart, Spanish fighter/publicist (Black Widow), dies
September 09Paul Michael Lombardi, actor, dies of AIDS at 31
September 10Sarah Sally Lawrence, entertainer, dies at 61
September 10Yves Montand, actor (Lets Make Love, Z), dies at 70
September 12?, Japanese interpreter of Rushdies "Satanic Verses", murdered
September 12Jacques Benoit, [JJM Bayer], poet, dies
September 12Regis Toomey, actor (You're in the Army Now, Burke's Law), dies at 93
September 13Ferry Barendse, trumpeter/composer/arranger (Ramblers), dies
September 13Joe Pasternak, producer (Spinout, Big City), dies of Parkinson's at 73
September 14Julie Bovasso, actress (Saturday Night Fever), dies at 61 of cancer
September 15Allan Sobek, dancer, dies
September 15Andre Baruch, Radio/TV announcer dies at 83
September 15John Hoyt, actor (My Favorite Brunette), dies of lung cancer at 87
September 16Carol White, actress (Prehistoric Women, Dulcima), dies at 47
September 21Angelo "Little Moe" Rossitto, dwarf actor (Carousel), dies at 83
September 21Angelo Rossitto, dwarf known as "Little Moe"/actor (Dark), dies at 83
September 21JA Mommersteeg, Dutch state sect of Defense (KVP), dies
September 22Pandit Rambharos Gangaram Panday, Suriname religious leader, dies
September 22Reynold Abel Dorris, (Broken Cord), dies at 23 in car crash
September 23Chuck Vincent, Adult film director, dies of heart attack at 51
September 23Ernestine McClendon, director/actress (Homer & Eddie), dies
September 24Mary Lawrence, actress (Best Man), dies of respiratory failure at 73
September 24Theodore Geisel, author (Dr Seuss), dies of cancer at 87
September 25Klaus Barbie, Gestapo chief of Lyon, dies of cancer at 77
September 25Max Koot, royal photographer, dies
September 27Huib Orizand, Dutch actor (Paul Vlanderen), dies
September 27Jan Hart, director (Friends of Curaçao), dies
September 27Oona Chaplin, daughter of Eugene O'Neill/wife of Charles, dies at 66
September 28Miles Davis, jazz trumpeter, dies of pneumonia at 65
September 29Gijsbert Perlee, Amsterdam's organ builder/grinder (Arabian), dies
September 29Sam Ntuli, South African ANC-writer, murdered
September 29Zapata Jaw, [Nelson Renfrum], Surinamese musician, dies
September 30Nancy Welford, entertainer, dies at 87
October --Roger Lafontant, Haitian minister of Interior, assassinated
October 01Jan van Tongeren, painter, dies
October 02Dimitrios I, patriarch/primus interparis orthodox Christians, dies
October 02Jan H Christianse, political chairman (CDA), dies
October 03Max Cantor, journalist, dies
October 04Leonard C Odell, wrote 7,000 Burma Shave poems, dies at 83
October 06Lincoln Demyan, dies at 66
October 06Wendell Phillips, dies at 83 [or 10/13]
October 07Leo Durocher, baseball coach/manager (Dodgers, Giants), dies at 86
October 08Natalia Ginzburg, Italian writer (Sounds of the Night), dies at 75
October 09Roy Black, German singer/actor (Kinderarzt Dr Froehlich), dies
October 09Thalmus Rasulala, actor (Blacula), dies of heart attack at 51
October 10Redd Foxx, comedian (Sanford & Sons), dies of heart attack at 68
October 10Stephen J Falat, dies after long illness at 34
October 12Aline MacMahon, US actress (Backdoor to Heaven), dies at 92
October 12Regis Toomey, actor (Dive Bomber, Cry Danger, Magic Town), dies at 89
October 12Sheila Florance, Australian actress (Cactus), dies of cancer at 75
October 13Daniel Oduber Quiros, president of Costa Rica (1974-1978), dies
October 13Donald Houston, actor (Battle Hell, Study in Terror), dies at 67
October 15Hotze de Roos, carpenter/kid book writer (Chameleon series), dies
October 16Tennessee Ernie Ford, country singer (16 Tons), dies at 72
October 16Tonny Huurdeman, singer/actress (Frills), dies
October 17J[ames] G Devlin, actor (No Surrender), dies at 84
October 17Piet van Est, The Vuurbal, bicylist (7x Tour de France), dies
October 17Tennessee Ernie Ford, country singer, dies of liver disease at 72
October 22Peter Willes, British actor/producer (Way We Live), dies
October 23Lance Baker, dies at 31
October 24Gene Roddenberry, creator (Star Trek), dies of cardiac arrest at 70
October 24Leon Clements, journalist (Interlijnen), dies at 43
October 25Bill Graham, rock concert promoter (Filmore, Dylan), dies at 60
October 25Khigh Dhiegh, actor (Forbidden Nights), dies of heat failure at 75
October 26Bill Graham, rock promoter, dies at 60
October 26Lori Rae Matthews, crushed to death by an artist's 485 lb umbrella
October 27Andrzei Panufkin, Pol/Brit conductor/composer (Sinfonia Sacra), dies
October 27Pyke F C Koch, realistic painter, dies
October 28Dudley McConnell, headed NASA's Earth Science Division, dies
October 28G L Vitto entertainer, dies at 69
October 28John Korbal, film historian (Marlene Dietrich), dies at 51
October 28Lydia Hodson Copeland, America's Jr Miss (1972), dies at 37
October 28Sylvia Fine Kaye, US lyricist/composer, dies at 78
October 29Donald Churchill, playwright, dies of heart attack at 60
October 29Harry Thomas, founder (Flower Festival, Dutch Homofielen Party), dies
October 29Maria Monica, silent film actress, dies
October 29Mario Scelba, PM of Italia (1954-55), dies
October 30Johan Mekkink, painter, dies
October 30Ken Hardin, producer, dies at 62
October 30William Shea, (Shea Stadium namesake), dies at 84
October 31Bert Bertram, actor (How to Steal a Million), dies of cancer at 97
October 31James Marshall, US children's book writer/illustrator, dies at 50
October 31Johan Schmitz, actor (Gysbregt van Aemstel/Soldat van Orange), dies
October 31Joseph Papp, Broadway producer (Chorus Line), dies of cancer at 70
November 01Joseph Papp, US theater producer (Chorus Line, Hair), dies at 70
November 02Fran Stevens, singer, dies of cancer in Bronx NY at 72
November 02Irwin Allen, dir (Land of the Giants, Poseidon Adventure), dies at 75
November 05Fred MacMurray, actor (My Three Sons), dies of pneumonia at 83
November 05Robert Maxwell, Billionaire publisher (NY Daily News), dies at 68
November 06André Vandernoot, Flemish fluitist/conductor, dies at 64
November 06Gene Tierney, actress (Laura, Whirlpool), dies of emphysema at 70
November 07Gene Tierney, US actress (Laura/Heaven can wait), dies at 70
November 08Christine Felsmann, dies
November 08Frances Faye, singer/actress (Pretty Baby), dies after strokes
November 08John Kirckpatrick, US musicologist (Charles Ives Archives), dies
November 08Patrick Hamilton, author (Gaslight, Rope, Angel Street), dies at 45
November 09Guido Claus, Belgian actor (Sacrament), dies
November 09Yves Montand, actor (Idol, Grand Prix), dies of a heart attack at 70
November 10Alessandro Lessona, Minister of Ital Colonies (1931-38), dies
November 10Franco Malfatti, president of Commission of Europe (1970-1972), dies
November 10Tutte Lemkow, dancer/dir (Capt Paradise, I am a Camera), dies at 73
November 12Christopher Hayes, dies of heart attack
November 12Diane Brewster, actress (Courage of Black Beauty), dies at 60
November 12Howard Brunner, dies of AIDS at 51
November 12Paul E "Cardinal" Leger, cardinal/archbishop of Montreal, dies at 87
November 13Ad Kosto, Dutch state secretary (PvdA), assassinated by bomb
November 13Cyril Poitier, actor (Uptown Saturday Night), dies of cancer at 80
November 13Hanson Baldwin, US military historian, dies at 88
November 14Tony Richardson, British director (Tom Jones), dies of AIDs at 63
November 16Ralph Marrero, actor (Babe, Johnny Suede), dies in car accident at 33
November 17John Blatnik, (Rep-Minn, 1947-75), dies at 80
November 17Kelly Jean Van Dyke-Nance, (Jerry Van Dyke's daughter), suicide at 33
November 17Paul Reid Roman, actor (Aviator, Blue Knight), dies of cancer at 55
November 18Gustav Husak, president of Czechoslovakia (1975-89), dies at 78
November 19Reggie Nalder, actor (Mark of Devil), dies of bone cancer at 80
November 20Gina Petrushka, actress (Exorcist, Sybil), dies
November 21Daniel Mann, US director (Rose tattoo), dies of heart failure at 79
November 21David "Sonny" Werblin, AFL owner (NY Jets), dies at 81
November 21Prior Jones, West Indian cricket pace bowler (9 Tests 1948-52), dies
November 21Sonny Werblin, NY sports impresario, dies at 81
November 22Jac de Jong, Dutch MP/composer/businessman (Nedac-Sorbo), dies
November 23Ken Uehara, actor (Honolulu-Tokyo), dies of heart failure at 82
November 23Klaus Kinski, actor (Android, Little Drummer Girl), dies at 65
November 24Anton Furst, production designer (Batman), dies at 47
November 24Eric Carr, drummer (Kiss-Beth), dies of cancer at 41
November 24Freddie Mercury, British singer (Queen), dies of AIDS at 45
November 25Bill Graham, rock promoter, dies
November 25Eleanor Audley, voice (Wicked Stepmother-Cinderella), dies at 86
November 26Bob Johnson, US hockey coach (Pittsburgh Penguins), dies at 60
November 26Dehl Berti, actor (Bullies), dies of heart attack at 70
November 26François Billetdoux, French author (Word Awake), dies in Phila
November 29Frank Yerby, US writer (Health Card, The Dahomean), dies at 75
November 29Ralph Bellamy, actor (Rosemary's Baby, His Girl Friday), dies at 87
November 30P G Z (Zin) Harris, cricketer (9 Tests for NZ 1962-65), dies
December 01Byron Webster, actor (That Man Bolt), dies of AIDS at 58
December 01George Joseph Stigler, US economist (Nobel 1982), dies at 80
December 03Alex Graham, British cartoonstrip artist (Fred Basset), dies
December 03Casey Walters, actor (True Story of Lynn Stuart), after a stroke at 75
December 05Aad Mansfield, soccer player/trainer (ADO/Feyenoord/FC Utrecht), dies
December 05Jill Browne, dies at 54
December 05Richard Speck, mass murderer, dies a day before his 50th birthday
December 06Ann Sorg Coston, actress (Anna-Aldrich Family), dies at 62
December 06Headman Tshabalala, South Afr singer (Ladysmith Black Mambazo), dies
December 08Buck Clayton, US jazz trumpeter/orchestra leader, dies
December 08Kimberly Bergalis, got AIDS from health care worker, dies at 23
December 10Berenice Abbott, US photographer, dies at 93
December 11Artur Lundkvist, Swedish writer/Prof (Swedish Academy), dies
December 11Daniel Simon Scott, dies of Alzheimer's disease at 71
December 11Headman Tshabala, musician (Ladysmith Black Mambazo), slain at 44
December 11Robert Q Lewis, US comic/TV panel member (RQL Show), dies at 70
December 12Eleanor Boardman, actor (Crowd), dies in at 93
December 12Ken Keltner, US baseball player (Cleveland Indians), dies at 75
December 12Lex Karsemeijer, Dutch tenor/choral dir (Sweet 16, Pro Musica), dies
December 13André Pieyre de Mandiargues, French writer (La marge), dies at 82
December 14John Arlott, cricketer (the greatest of cricket commentators), dies
December 14Robert Eddison, British actor (Uncle Silas), dies at 83
December 15Horatio Luro, US horse trainer (Northern Dancer), dies at 90
December 15Ray Smith, British actor (And Then You Die), dies at 55
December 16Fred D Scott, actor (2 Gun Troubador), dies
December 17John Blatnik, (Rep-Minnesota, 1947-75), dies at 80
December 18June Storey, actress (South of the Border), dies of cancer at 73
December 19Ernest K Gann, US adventure novelist, dies at 81
December 19Paul Maxwell, actor (City of Fear, Freedom to Die), dies at 70
December 20Andries D Copier, Dutch glass designer (Guild glass), dies
December 20Fop[pe] I Brouwer, biologist (Everything That Lives & Grows), dies
December 20Helene Heigh, actress (Undercover Woman, Teen Age Thunder), dies at 86
December 20Sam Rabin, speaker of house, dies at 88
December 20Stephen Birnbaum, US tourism writer, dies at 54
December 20Thomas Newman, actor/composer (Cape Fear), dies of heart attack at 60
December 20Walter Chiari, actor (Girl Under Sheet), dies of heart attack at 67
December 22Ernst Krenek, Austrian/US composer (Orpheus & Eurydike), dies at 91
December 23Byron Q Griffith, producer/actor, dies at 73
December 24Walter Hudson, 1,025 lb man, dies at 46
December 25Curt Bois, actor (Great Waltz, Boat is Full), dies at 90
December 25Mahmood Hussain, cricketer (27 Tests for Pakistan, 68 wickets), dies
December 25Orane Demazis, French actress (Marius, Fanny et César), dies at 87
December 25Sal Provenza, entertainer, dies of lymphoma at 45
December 26Dehl Berti, actor (John Taylor-Guns of Paradise), dies at 70
December 26Sam Cresson, dies at 73
December 27Edward M Love, choreographer/dancer, dies of AIDS at 43
December 27John Morgan Evans, actor, dies after lengthy illness at 49
December 27W Hudson, US "strongest man to the world" (540 kg), dies
December 28Cassandra Harris, actress (For Your Eyes Only), dies of cancer at 39
December 28Jacques Aubuchon, actor (Hoax, Thunder Road), dies of heart failure
December 29Julia McCarthy, dies of cancer at 64

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