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Obituaries of the 90s, 1997

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This is a list of people who died during 1997.

January 01Graham Kersey, cricket wicket keeper, dies in car crash
January 01Joan Rice, actress (Payroll, Steel Key, Curtain Up), dies at 66
January 01John Burgess, rugby administrator, dies at 71
January 01Townes Van Zandt, musician, dies at 52
January 02Jim Rodger, sports writer, dies at 75
January 02Randy California, [Wolfe], rock guitarist, dies at 45
January 03Burton Lane, composer, dies at 84
January 04Harry B Helmsley, owner (Empire State Building), dies at 87
January 05Andre Franquin, cartoonist, dies at 72
January 06Ian Peter Leslie Smith, journalist, dies at 52
January 06Litz Pisk, movement teacher, dies at 87
January 06Vince Williams, actor (Hamp-Guiding Light), dies of cancer at 39
January 07Desmond Flower, publisher, dies at 89
January 07Sandor Vegh, violinist teacher/conductor, dies at 84
January 08Carole Carr, singer/actress (Down Among the Z Men), dies at 68
January 08Jesse White, actor (Maytag repairman), dies at 77
January 08Joseph George Handy Hendleman, musician, dies at 76
January 08Melvin Calvin, scientist, dies at 85
January 08Phyllis Hartnoll, writer/editor, dies at 90
January 08Ronald William Eastman, cinematogrpaher, dies at 60
January 09Edward Osobka-Morawski, prime minister of Poland (1945-47), dies
January 09Junaidu ibn Buhari, scholar, dies at 90
January 10Alvinio Misciano, Italian tenor, killed in a fall from a window
January 10Elspeth Josceline Huxley, writer, dies at 96
January 10George Young, footballer, dies at 74
January 10Hilary Grover Barratt Brown, conservationist, dies at 71
January 11Cavan O'Connor, singer, dies at 97
January 11Duncan Wood, television director/producer, dies at 71
January 11Helen Foster Snow, writer, dies at 89
January 11Joshua William Steward, polymath, dies at 83
January 11Sheldon Leonard, producer/director (Dick Van Dyke), dies at 89
January 12Charles Huggins, surgeon/medical researcher, dies at 95
January 12Jean Writer-Edern Hallier, dies at 60
January 12Jill Summers, actress (Agatha Coronation Street), dies at 86
January 13William Mills, painter, dies at 74
January 14King Hu, film director, dies at 64
January 15Jose Ignacio Domecq, wine maker, dies at 82
January 15Kenneth Thimann, botanist, dies at 92
January 16Charlie Alfred Galbraith, jazz trombonist, dies at 76
January 16Innis Cosby, son of Bill Cosby, murdered on LA highway at 29
January 16Jim Kensil, NFL president (NY Jets), dies of heart failure at 66
January 16Stephen Fitz-Simon, entrepreneur, dies at 59
January 17Andrea Fisher, artist, dies at 21
January 17Asfa Wossen, [Amha Selassie], crown emperor of Ethiopia in exile, dies
January 17Clyde William Tombaugh, discoverer (Pluto), dies at 90
January 18Myfanwy Piper, librettist, dies at 85
January 18Neville Crump, racehorse trainer, dies at 86
January 18Paul Tsongas, (Sen-D-Mass), dies at 55
January 19Adriana Caseloti, voice (Snow White), dies at 70
January 19George Armin Goyder, businessman/social philosopher, dies at 88
January 19James Dickey, poet/novelist, dies at 84
January 20Curt Flood, centerfielder (Cards), dies of throat cancer at 59
January 20Edith Haisman, the oldest survivor of Titanic, dies at 100
January 20Vladimir Yamnikov, owner (Kristall vodka), dies of cirrhosis at 56
January 21Colonel Tom Parker, manager (Elvis Presley), dies at 87
January 21Dennis Main Wilson, TV/radio producer, dies at 72
January 21Michael Duane, educationalist, dies at 81
January 22Ian Arthur Hoyle Munro, medical journalist, dies at 73
January 22Irwin Levine, composer (Tie a Yellow Ribbon), dies at 58
January 22Mollie Panter-Downes, writer , dies at 90
January 22Wally Whyton, musician/broadcaster, dies at 66
January 23Charles Craig, opera singer, dies at 77
January 23David Waller, actor (Lady Jane, Perfect Friday, Hannay), dies at 76
January 23Jeremy Stephen Maas, writer/art dealer, dies at 68
January 23Laura "Dinky" Patterson, dies bungee jump at Superbowl rehearsal at 43
January 23Randy Greenawalt, convicted killer, executed by injection at 47
January 23Richard Berry, lyricist (Louie Louie), dies at 61
January 23Roger John Tayler, astrophysicist, dies at 67
January 24Callum Alexander MacDonald, historian, dies at 49
January 25Herbert Eugene Caen, columnist, dies at 80
January 25Jean Dixon, psychic (Gift of Prophecy), dies of a heart attack at 79
January 26Margaret Hesse, princess of Hesse/the Rhine, dies at 83
January 26Sarah Lucas, theatre Administrator, dies at 53
January 27Cecil Lewis, airman/writer, dies at 98
January 27Matthew Coady, journalist, dies at 73
January 28James Colin Ross Welch, journalist, dies at 72
January 28Pietro Cavallero, bandit, dies at 68
January 28Vivien Signy, nurse, dies at 80
January 29Eric Schneider, murderer of 2 teachers, executed in MO at 35
January 29Louis Pauwels, writer/editor, dies at 76
January 29Osvaldo Soriano, writer, dies at 54
January 31Eve Lister, actress/singer (No Limit, Hyde Park), dies at 84
February 01Herb Caen, columnist, Lung cancer, dies at 80
February 01Mitchell Goodman, writer, dies at 71
February 01Peter Morris, historian of France, dies at 50
February 01Thelma Moss, psychologist, dies at 78
February 02Chico Science Francisco Franca, musician, dies at 40
February 02Godfrey Baseley, British radio executive, dies at 92
February 03Anthony Cuthbert Baines, writer/curator, dies at 84
February 03Bohumil Hrabal, writer, dies at 82
February 03William Geoffrey Biddle, bomb disposal expert, dies at 79
February 04James Friell, political cartoonist, dies at 84
February 05John Richard Patterson, businessman, dies at 51
February 05Pamela Harriman, US Ambassador (to France), dies of stroke at 76
February 07Danil Shafran, cellist, dies at 74
February 08Roy George Elroy Josephs, jazz dance teacher, dies at 57
February 09Barry Evans, actor (Dr Upton-Dr in the House), dies at 53
February 10Brian McManus Connolly, musician, dies at 47
February 10Milton Cato, PM of San Vincent & Grenadines (1979-84), dies
February 11Don Porter, actor (Gidget), dies at 84
February 12Nora Beloff, journalist, dies at 78
February 12Walter Ritchie, sculptor, dies at 77
February 18Emily Hahn, writer, dies at 91
February 18Enrique Peralta Azurdia, milt pres of Guatemala in (1963-66), dies
February 18Eric William Fenby, musician, dies at 90
February 19Deng Xiaoping, head (Chinese Communist Party), dies at 92
February 19Leo Rosten, writer/humourist (Joys of Yiddish), dies at 88
February 19Stanley Pearson, footballer, dies at 76
February 21Kenneth Rowntree, painter, dies at 81
February 21Michael Hollings, catholic priest/crusader, dies at 75
February 22Austin Andrew Wright, sculptor, dies at 85
February 22Frank Launder, director/scriptwriter, dies at 91
February 23Oscar Lewenstein, impressario, dies at 80
February 23Tony Williams, jazz musician, dies at 51
February 24Isabelle Harriet Lucas, actress/singer (Outland, Comics), dies at 69
February 25Andrei Donatovich Sinyavsky, writer/critic, dies at 71
February 25Tony Williams, jazz drummer (Miles Davis), dies at 51
February 26David Doyle, actor (Charlie's Angels), dies at 67
February 26Giuseppe 'Nuccio' Bertone, car Designer, dies at 82
March 03Stanislav Shatalin, Russian economist (500 Days), dies
March 06Anthony Hopkins, clinical Neurologist, dies at 59
March 06Jagan Guyanes, PM of Guyana (1953, 57-64), dies
March 06Michael Manley, Jamaican PM (PNP, 1972-80, 89-92), dies
March 08Alexander Salkind, producer (Superman), dies at 75
March 09Notorius B I G, [Biggie Small, Chris Walkin], rapper, shot dead at 24
March 09Terry Nation, writer (Dr Who, Blake 7) at 66
March 14Fred Zinnemann (director), dies of heart attack at 89
March 14John Curtis Jr, pres/CEO (Luby's Cafe), commits suicide at 58
March 15Gail Davis, ( Annie Oakley), dies at 72
March 17Gail Davis, actress (Annie Oakley), dies at 71
March 18?, raped comatose woman who bore a child 1 year earlier, dies at 30
March 18Willem de Kooning (abstract artist), dead Alzheimer's at 92
March 19Willem De Kooning, artists (Abstract), dies of Alzheimer at 92
March 20Carlo Fassi, figure skating coach (Fleming, Hamill), dies at 67
March 25Roberto Sanchez Vilella, governor of Puerto Rico in (1965-69), dies
March 29Eddie Ryder, actor (Slick Jones-General Hospital), dies at 74
March 29Ellen Clara Pollock, actress (Wicked Lady, Fake), dies at 94
March 31Edwin Alberian, TV celebrity (Clarabell), dies at 76
March 31Laxmishankar Pathak, food retailer, dies at 62
April 01Jolie Gabor, mother of Zsa Zsa & Eva, dies at 97
April 01Nancy Woodhull, news editor (USA Today), dies of cancer at 52
April 02Tomoyuki Tanaka, producer (Godzilla), dies of a stroke at 86
April 03Judy Flannery, master triathelete, killed by a car at 56
April 05Allen Ginsberg, beat poet, dies at 80
April 05Alparslan Turkes, Turkish politician (MHP), dies
April 06Jack Kent Cooke, NFL owner (Wash Redskins), dies at 84
April 08Laura Nyro, singer, dies of ovarian cancer at 49
April 09Helene Hanff, author (84 Charing Cross Road), dies at 80
April 11Michael Dorris, writer, commits suicide at 52
April 12George Wald, scientist, dies at 90
April 13Ann Craft, researcher/writer, dies at 53
April 13George Wald, scientist (Nobel Prize, vitamin A in retina), dies at 80
April 15Sam Moskowitz, SF fandom historian, dies at 76
April 15Zdenek Mlynar, Sec of Czech Communist Central Committee (1968), dies
April 16Emilio Azcarraga Milmo, media tycoon, dies at 66
April 16Mae Boren Axton, song writer (Heartbreak Hotel), dies at 82
April 16Michael Stroka, actor (Aristede-Dark Shadows), dies of cancer at 57
April 17Chaim Herzog, President of Israel (1983-93), dies at 78
April 18Edward Barker, cartoonist, dies at 46
April 21Andres Rodriguez, Paraguayan president (1989-93), dies
April 21Diosdado Macapagal, Philippine president (1961-65), dies
April 24Pat Paulsen, comedian (Smothers Brothers Show), dies at 69
April 26Joey Faye, comic (Fruit of the Loom grapes), dies at 86
April 26Peng Zhen, mayor of Beijing China (1951-66), dies
April 26Yegorov, Russian leader (1994-95), dies
April 27Paul Lambert, actor (Tom-Executive Suite), dies at 73
April 28Susan Seddon Boulet, artist, dies of cancer at 45
April 29Keith Ferguson, blues (Fabulous Thunderbirds), dies of overdose at 50
April 29Mike Royko, columnist, dies of stroke at 64
April 29Peter Tali Coleman, gov of Americ Samoa (1956-61, 78-85, 89-93), dies
May 01Bebe, AKA Flipper, dolphin, dies at 40
May 04Alvy Moore, actor/producer (Mr Kimball-Green Acres), dies at 75
May 04Vijayananda Dahanayake, PM of Sri Lanka (1959-60), dies
May 08Kai-Uwe Von Hassel, German Pres of Bundestag (CDU 1969-72), dies
May 10Joanie Weston, roller derby queen (Bay Bombers), dies at 61
May 11Brenda Carlin, TV producer/wife of comedian George Carlin, dies at 57
May 14Harry Blackstone Jr, magician, dies of cancer at 62
May 14Laurie Lee, writer, dies at 42
May 14Princess Caradja-Kretzulesco, descendant of Dracula, dies at 76
May 14Thelma Carpenter, singer, dies at 76
May 19Millie, dog of President Bush (Millie's Book), dies at 12
May 20Virgilio Boat, president of Colombia (1986-90), dies
May 24Edward Mulhare, actor (Ghost & Mrs Muir), dies of lung cancer at 74
May 25Muhammad Fadhel, PM of Iraq (1953-54), dies
May 26Manfred Von Ardenne, German scientific pioneer, dies at 90
May 29George Fenneman, announcer (You Bet Your Life), dies at 77
May 29Jeff Buckley, musician, drowns at 30
May 29John Sengstacke, publisher (Defender), dies at 84
May 31Rosie Will Monroe, WW II icon (Rosie the riveter), dies at 76
June --Peter Blos, psychoanalyst/writer (Adolescent Passage), dies at 92
June 01Nikolai Tikhonov, Soviet PM (1980-85), dies at 92
June 02Doc Cheatham, jazz musician, dies of stroke at 91
June 04Kurt Adler, therapist/writer, dies at 92
June 04Ronnie Lane, bassist (Faces), dies of multiple sclerosis at 50
June 05J Anthony Lukas, writer (Pulitizer, Common Ground), suicide at 64
June 09Reid Shelton, actor (Daddy Warbucks-Annie), dies of stroke at 71
June 11Thalassa Cruso, gardening expert (PBS), dies of Alzheimer's at 87
June 14Henry C Gordon, USAF/astronaut (Dynasoar), dies at 71
June 14Richard Jaeckel, actor (Starman, The Dark), dies of cancer at 70
June 19Bobby Helms, singer (Jingle Bell Rock), dies at 63
June 20Bobby Helms, composer (Jingle Bell Rock), dies at 61
June 20Lawrence Payton, rocker (4 Tops-I'll Be There), dies at 59
June 21Art Prysock, jazz musician, dies at 68
June 23"Wino" Willie Forkner, biker (Wild One), dies of heart attack at 77
June 23Betty Shabazz, widow of Malcolm X, suffering from burns, dies at 63
June 24Brian Keith, actor (Family Affair), commits suicide at 75
June 25Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Fren oceanographer, dies of heart attack at 87
June 25William Lyle Woratzeck, convicted killer, executed in Ariz at 51
June 29William Hickey, actor (Prizzi's Honor), dies of emphysema at 68
July 01Joshua Hassan, head of Gibraltar (1964-69, 72-87), dies
July 01Robert Mitchum, actor (Winds of War), dies at 79
July 02Jimmy Stewart, actor (It's a Wonderful Life), dies at 89
July 04Charles Kuralt, news anchor (CBS Sunday Morning), dies at 62
July 07Jerry Doggett, sportscaster (Bkln/LA Dodgers), dies at 80
July 08Charles Drake, geologist, dies of heart attack at 92
July 13Alexandra Danilova, ballet great, dies at 92
July 15Alan Chaig, paleontologist (Carl Sagan of BBC), dies at 70
July 15Gianni Versace, designer, shot to death by Andrew Cunanan at 50
July 18Eugene Shoemaker, astronomer (Shoemaker-Levy comet), dies at 69
July 20Linda Stirling, college prof/B movie actress (Pretender), dies at 75
July 23Andrew Cunanan, serial killer (Gianni Versage), commits suicide
July 24Saw Maung, general/president of Myanmar (Burma) (1988-92), dies
July 24William J Brennan, supreme court justice (1956-90), dies at 91
July 25Ben Hogan, golfer (Masters, Brit Open, US Open-1953), dies at 84
July 25Dora Maar, Picasso model/companion, dies at 89
July 25Margaret Farrer, midwife, dies at 83
July 27K'Tut Tantri, broadcaster/hotelier, dies at 99
July 28Louis Cohen, physicist, dies at 71
July 28Seni Pramoj, PM of Thailand (1945-46, 75, 76), dies
July 31Beam Dai, head of South Vietnam (1949-55), dies
July 31Bo Dai, Last emporer of Vietnam, dies at 85
July 31Edith Fore, pitchwoman (I've fallen and I can't get up!), dies at 81
July 31Ulrich Ernst Simon, theologian, dies at 63
August 01Ngiratkel Etpison, president of Palau (1989-92), dies
August 01Svyatoslav Richter, Russian pianist, dies of heart attack at 82
August 02William S Burroughs, author (Naked Lunch), dies at 83
August 04Jeanne Calment, world's oldest person (Feb 21 1875), dies at 122
August 05Don Steele, LA radio personality (KRTH), dies of cancer at 61
August 07Douglas Gray, archivist, dies at 74
August 07Vincent Gulliver, Britain's oldest man, dies at 109
August 08Duncan Swift, jazz pianist, dies at 74
August 10Jean-Claude Lauzon, director/writer (Leola), dies in air crash at 43
August 12Luther Allison, blues performer (Motown), dies of cancer at 57
August 16Gerard McLarnon, actor/writer, dies at 82
August 21Misael Pastrana Borrero, Pres of Colombia (1970-74), dies
August 22Mary Louise Smith, chairman (Rep), dies at 82
August 23Eric Gairy, PM of Grenada (1974-79), dies
August 24Phillip Humphrey Vellacott, classicist, dies at 90
August 25Clodomiro Almeyda Medina, Chilean external minister (1970-73), dies
August 25James Dewar, journalist/documentary film-maker, dies at 70
August 25Robert Pinget, novelist/Playwright, dies at 78
August 27Brandon Tartikoff, TV exec (NBC), dies at 48
August 27Jeep Swenson, actor (Batman & Robin), dies of heart failure at 40
August 31Diana Spencer, princess of England, dies in car crash in Paris at 36
September 02Rudolf Bing, opera manager (NY Met Opera), dies at 95
September 02Viktor Frankl, psychotherapist (Man's Search for Meaning), dies at 92
September 04Belle Stewart, singer, dies at 91
September 05Georg Solti, conductor, dead, dies at 84
September 05Leon Edel, biographer, dies at 89
September 05Mother Teresa, Nobel (1979), dies of cardiac arrest at 87
September 06Philippe Rossillon, administrator, dies at 66
September 07Alex Macintosh, broadcaster/actor (Hell Fight), dies at 72
September 07Derek Taylor, Beatles publicist, dies of cancer at 65
September 07Mobutu Sese Seko, president of Zaire (1965-97), dies at 66
September 09Myra McCulloch, teacher academic/administrator, dies at 48
September 09Richie Ashburn, HOF baseball player (Phillies, Mets), dies at 70
September 10Burgess Meredith, actor (Penguin-Batman, Rocky), dies at 88
September 12Janet Leach, potter, dies at 79
September 12Judith Merril [Grossman], science fiction writer, dies at 74
September 12Stikkan Stig Anderson, music entrepreneur (Polar), dies at 66
September 16Antony Kearey, television producer, dies at 77
September 17Jan Peder Syse, PM of Norway (1989-90), dies
September 17John Seldon Whale, theologian, dies at 100
September 17Red Skelton, comedian (Red Skelton Show), dies at 84
September 18Harry Brian Boyne, journalist, dies at 87
September 18Jimmy Witherspoon, singer, dies at 65
September 19Clive Brain, educationalist, dies at 57
September 19Kathy Keeton Guccione, CEO (General Media Intl), dies at 58
September 19Malcolm Hughes, artist, dies at 77
September 20Edmund Falkiner, jazz saxophinist/probation officer, dies at 59
September 21Tommy Cecil, ferryman, dies at 51
September 22Bryan Woods, soldier/clerk, dies at 76
September 22Eric William Hunter Christie, barrister, dies at 77
September 22George Bryan Ingham, artist, dies at 61
September 22Ruth Picardie, journalist, dies at 33
September 22Shoichi Yokoi, Jap WW II fighter (surrendered in 1972), dies at 82
September 23Abe Gibron, head coach (Chicago Bears), dies at 72
September 23Murray Burnett, writer (Everybody Goes to Rick-Casablanca), dies at 86
September 23Shirley Clarke, actress (Cool World), dies at 78
September 24Jonathon Silver, entrepreneur/arts patron, dies at 47
September 25Sayed Mutawli ad Imam scholar/broadcaster-Darsh, dies at 66
September 29Milner Connorton Gray, designer, dies at 97
September 29Robert Arthur Thornbury Campbell, journalist/musician, dies at 55
September 29Roy Lichtenstein, pop artist, dies of pneumonia at 73
September 30male alligator, largest in Florida (14 feet), killed at about 65
October 01Gul Mohammed, world's shortest man (22.1"/56.16 cm), dies at 36
October 03Alfred Leslie Rowse, historian, dies at 93
October 05Andrew Keir, actor (Rob Roy, Absolution, Blood Hunt), dies at 71
October 05Dave Marr, golfer/commentator, dies at 63
October 06Johnny Vander Meer, pitched consecutive no-hitters, dies at 82
October 08Brown Meggs, CEO (Capitol Records), dies of a brain hemorrhage at 66
October 09Arthur Tracy, radio personality (Street Singer), dies at 98
October 10Brian Connolly, lead singer (Sweet), dies of heart failure at 52
October 12John Denver, country star (Country Boy), dies in plain crash at 53
October 13Adil Carcani, prime minister of Albania (1982-91), dies
October 14Harold Robbins, salacious novelist, dies at 81
October 16Audra Lindley, actress (Helen Roper-3's Company, Ropers), dies at 79
October 16James Mitchner, author (Hawaii), dies of kidney failure at 90
October 17Paul Edwin Zimmer, sci-fi writer, dies of heart attack at 54
October 18Bill Rotsler, cartoonist/writer, dies of cancer at 62
October 18Nancy Dickerson, 1st female news correspondent (CBS), dies at 70
October 18Roberto C Goizueta, CEO (Coca-Cola), dies of lung cancer at 65
October 19Glen Buxton, guitarist (Alice Cooper), dies of pneumonia at 49
October 21Dolph Camilli, Bkln Dodger/MVP (1941), dies at 90
October 24Don Messick, cartoon voice (Astro-Jetsons, Bamm Bamm), dies at 62
October 28Toni Carabillo, writer (Feminist Chronicles), dies of lymphoma at 71
October 30Sam Fuller, director/writer (Big Red One), dies at 86
October 31Wilfrid Ewart Oulton, airman, dies at 86
November 02G Harry Stine, writer, dies at 69
November 02Roy McMillan, baseball player (Reds), dies of heart failure at 68
November 04George Chambers, PM of Trinidad & Tobago (1981-86), dies
November 04H Richard Hornberger, surgeon (inspired M*A*S*H), dies at 73
November 04Wally Bruner, journalist (ABC, What's My Line), dies at 66
November 06Phillipo Seed, social work academic, dies at 67
November 10William Alland, actor (Citizen Kane), dies at 81
November 12William Matthews, poet, dies at 55
November 13William John Elwyn Davies, painter, dies at 80
November 14Eddie Arcaro, jockey (won 2 Triple Crowns), dies at 81
November 14Stefan Lorant, writer/actor, dies at 96
November 15Saul Chaplin, director (West Side Story), dies at 85
November 15William Perrie, prison governor, dies at 79
November 16George Petrie, actor (Honeymooners), dies on 85th birthday
November 16Georges Marchais, Sec Gen of French Communist Party (1972-94), dies
November 16Russ "Mad Monk" Meyer, pitcher (Phila Phillies), dies at 74
November 19Christina Corrigan, obese girl (680 lbs), dies at 13
November 19Durlyn Eddmonds, murderer, executed at 45
November 19Frank Joseph Kofsky, teacher/writer, dies at 62
November 19Walter Stewart, murderer, executed at 42
November 20Gary Burris, murderer (Kenneth Chambers), executed in Indiana
November 20Robert Palmer, rock critic, dies at 52
November 21Ismail Fahmi, external minister of Egypt in (1973-77), dies
November 22Joanna Moore, actress (Bronx, Hindenburg), dies at 63
November 22Michael Hutchence, rocker (INXS), commits suicide at 37
November 22Tom Blackburn, writer, dies at 71
November 25Charles Hallahan, actor (Hunter), dies of heart attack at 54
November 25Fenton Robinson, US blues guitarist (Tennessee Woman), dies at 62
November 25Hastings Kamuzu Band, PM/Pres of Malawi (1964-66/66-94), dies
November 26Francis Paudras, designer/jazz fan, dies at 62
November 27Buck Leonard, Hall of Famer in Negro League, dies at 90
November 27Henry Charnock, oceanographer, dies at 76
November 28Georges Marchal, actor (Dirty Game, Blondine), dies at 77
November 29Coleman Young, 1st black mayor of a major city, dies at 79
November 30Clare Lucy Madeleine Evans, historian, dies at 37
November 30Kathy Acker, writer, dead Cancer Died, dies at 54
November 30Ron Gulliford, educationalist, dies at 76
December 01Denis Gerald Barrington, artist, dies at 67
December 01Stephane Grappelli, French jazz violinist, dies at 89
December 03Marian Kratochwil, artist, dies at 91
December 03Steve Hamilton, pitcher (NY Yankees), dies of cancer at 63
December 04David Abell Wood, priest, dies at 72
December 04Richard Vernon, British actor (Gandhi, Hard Days Night), dies at 72
December 05Colin Franklin, doctor, dies at 67
December 05Daphne Fielding, socialite/writer, dies at 93
December 06Alan Mouncer, film director/producer, dies at 68
December 06Edmund Charles Wolf Myers, soldier/engineer, dies at 91
December 06Eliot Daniel, composer (I Love Lucy theme), dies at 89
December 08Bob Bell, clown (WGN's 1st Bozo), dies at 75
December 08Leon Poliakov, historian, dies at 87
December 09Tamara Geva, dancer, dies at 91
December 10Violet Carlson, stage dancer/singer, dies at 97
December 11Kenneth WIlliam Gatland, aerospace scientist, dies at 73
December 13Alexander Oppenheim, mathematician, dies at 94
December 13Martin Carter, poet/critic, dies at 70
December 13Rafael Jose Fernandez de la Calzada y Ferrer, restaurateur, dies at 83
December 14Owen Barfield, philosopher of language, dies at 99
December 14Robert Sutton, electronics engineer, dies at 82
December 14Stubby Kaye, actor (Guys & Dolls, Sweet Charity), dies at 79
December 15Lillian Disney, widow of Walt Disney, dies at 98
December 15Pananayiotis Taki Vatikiotis, middle east scholar, dies at 69
December 16Nicolette Larson, singer (Lotta Love), dies from brain seizure at 45
December 16Richard Warwick, actor (Johnny Dangerously, Sebastine, If), dies at 52
December 17Reginald Victor Jones, scientist, dies at 86
December 18Chris Farley, comedian (SNL, Tommy Boy), dies at 33
December 19David Norman Schramm, physicist, dies at 52
December 19Masaru Ibuka, co-founder (Sony Corp), dies at 89
December 20Dawn Steel, film maker (When Harry Met Sally), dies at 51
December 20Denise Levertov, poet, dies at 74
December 20Vincent Ciccone, inventor (Blow-Pops candy), dies at 81
December 21Bruce Woodcock, boxer, dies at 76
December 21Juzo Itami, film director/actor (Lord Jim, Yuuguremade), dies at 64
December 21Michael Lyne, air-marshal, dies at 78
December 22Dawn Steel, producer/pres (Col TriStar), dies of brain tumor at 51
December 22Douglas Ranger, surgeon, dies at 81
December 22Hugh Edward Conway Seymour, marquis of Hertford, dies at 67
December 22John Pinkerton, compuer scientist, dies at 78
December 22Johnny Coles, trumpeter, dies at 71
December 22Juzo Itami, Japanese director, commits suicide at 64
December 23Austin Whitaker, schoolmaster classical scholar/archivist, dies at 90
December 23Brian Malzard Foss, psychologist, dies at 76
December 23Donald Gunn MacRae, sociologist, dies at 76
December 23Hrvoje Horvatic, video artist, dies at 39
December 23Keith Bentley, international racing cyclist, dies at 72
December 23Stanley Cortez, cinematographer (Magnificent Ambersons), dies at 92
December 23Stanlye Cortez, cinematographer, dies at 89
December 24Alan Fluck, musical educationalist, dies at 69
December 24Anthea Joseph, music producer, dies at 57
December 24James Komack, producer (Courtship of Eddie's Father), dies at 67
December 24Toshiro Mifune, Japanese actor (Shogun), dies at 77
December 25Anatoli Boukreev, mountaineer, dies at 39
December 25Denver Pyle, actor (Dukes of Hazzard), dies at 77
December 25Giorgio Strehler, theatre director, dies at 76
December 25Laurence Gower, academic, dies at 84
December 26John Hinde, photographer/circus promoter, dies at 81
December 26John Whitley, air-Marshal, dies at 92
December 27Brendan Gill, journalist, dies at 83
December 27Dorothy Stroud, garden historian, dies at 87
December 27Ewart G Abner Jr, president (Motown Records), dies at 74
December 27Tom Hudson, artist/teacher, dies at 75
December 28George Fleming, cyclist, dies at 80
December 28James Lees-Milne, architecural historian, dies at 89
December 28Ronald Clive Williams, actor/comedian, dies at 68
December 29(Hanlon) Pat Clarke, cyclist, dies at 82
December 29Robert Steel, academic, dies at 82
December 3176 law enforcement officers, killed by felons in US this year
December 31Dominique de Menil, arts patron/human rights advocate, dies at 89
December 31Floyd Cramer, pianist (Nashville Sound), dies of cancer at 64
December 31Lillian Billie Dove Bohney, actress, dies at 96
December 31Michael Kennedy, son of Robert Kennedy, dies in ski accident at 39

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