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Obituaries of the 90s, 1996

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This is a list of people who died during 1996.

January 01Arleigh Albert Burke, British Admiral, dies at 94
January 01Arthur Rudolph, rocket Engineer, dies at 89
January 01Hamish Imlach, folk singer/comic, dies at 55
January 02Sydney Thompson, rock Climber, dies at 81
January 02Thornton Page, astrophysicist, dies at 82
January 03Geoffrey Pardoe, engineer, dies at 67
January 03Terence Tenison Cuneo, artist, dies at 88
January 04Ramon Vinay, operatic tenor/baritone, dies at 83
January 04Roy McKelvie, soldier/sports writer, dies at 83
January 05Jay Morris Arena, inventor/pediatrician, dies at 86
January 05Joseph Daniel White, singer/bandleader, dies at 84
January 05Lincoln Kirstein, ballet administrator, dies at 88
January 05Richard Versaille, tenor, dies at 63
January 06Duane Hanson, sculptor, dies at 60
January 06Henry Lennox d'Aubigny Hopkinson, diplomat/politician, dies at 94
January 06John Phillipps Kenyon, historian/teacher, dies at 68
January 06Robert Russell "Chubby" Wise, musician, dies at 80
January 07James Holland, artist/exhibition organiser, dies at 90
January 07Karoly Grosz, PM of Hungry (1987-88), dies at 65
January 07Robley D Evans, nuclear physicist, dies at 88
January 07Seton Howard Frederick Lloyd, archaeologist, dies at 93
January 08Francois Mitterrand, Pres of France (1981-95), dies of cancer at 79
January 08Kurt Schmucker, member (Union of Christian Democrats), dies
January 08William Mac Lance "Tiny" McCloud, musician/songwriter, dies at 52
January 09Fearless Mary Nadia Wadia, actress, dies at 88
January 09Kurt Schmucker, German RFA minister of Economy (1963-66), dies
January 09Michael Lynn Synar, politician, dies at 45
January 10Alexander Robertus, organic chemist, dies at 88
January 10Arthur Sydney Martin, spycatcher, dies at 81
January 11Eric Hebborn, artist/faker, dies at 61
January 11Harold Walter Bailey, philologist, dies at 96>>
January 11Hubert Nicholson, poet/novelist, dies at 87
January 11Ike Isaacs, guitarist, dies at 76
January 12Edmund Happold, engineer, dies at 65
January 12John Howard Purnell, scientist, dies at 70
January 12Peggy Braithwaite, lighthouse-keeper, dies at 76
January 13Denise Grey, [Edouardine Verthuy], actress (Julietta), dies at 99
January 13Willian Myuon Bany Guerrilla leader, dies
January 14Eric Briault, educationalist, dies at 84
January 14Pamelo Mounk'a, musician, dies at 50
January 15Les Baxter, singer/orch leader/composer (Born Again), dies at 73
January 15Moshushu II, King of Lesotho (1966-90), dies at 51
January 15Richard Charles Cobb, historian, dies at 78
January 16Harry Potts, footballer/manager, dies at 75
January 16Kaye Webb, publisher, dies at 81
January 17Barbara Charline Jordan, politician, dies at 59
January 17Charles Henry Madge, poet writer/sociologist, dies at 83
January 17Giles William Playfair, writer, dies at 85
January 17John Adrian Hope, politician/businessman, dies at 83
January 17Robert Covington, drummer/singer, dies at 54
January 18Leonor Fini, painter, dies at 87
January 18Minnesota Fats, [Rudolf Wanderone Jr], billiard hustler, dies at 82
January 18N T Rama Rao, PM of Andhra Pradesh India (1983-84, 84-89, 94-95), dies
January 19Bernard Baily, comic artist, dies at 79
January 19Donald Simpson, film producer, dies at 52
January 19Harold Wolpe, sociologist lawyer/S African activist, dies at 70
January 20Buster Benton, singer/guitarist, dies at 63
January 20David Robin Francis Guy Greville, 8th Duke of Warwick, dies at 61
January 20Ellis Hillman, politician, dies at 68
January 20Gerald Joseph Mulligan, baritone saxophonist/composer, dies at 68
January 20Liesbeth Askonas, concert agent, dies at 83
January 20Peter Stadlen, pianist/critic, dies at 85
January 20Sidney Korshak, lawyer, dies at 87
January 21Roman Ciesiewicz, artist/graphic designer, dies at 65
January 21Sam Green, industrialist/inventor, dies at 88
January 22Edward Thomas, historian/intelligence expert, dies at 77
January 22Efua Theodore Sutherland, writer, dies at 71
January 22Mabel Leigh, potter, dies at 80
January 22Yisrael Eldad, extremist politician, dies at 85
January 23John Mackin, programmer, dies at 36
January 23Norman MacCaig, poet, dies at 85
January 23Shirley Carter Burden, patrician, dies at 54
January 24Sandor Iharos, athlete, dies at 65
January 24Ursula Heathcote Nicholls, campaigner, dies at 75
January 25Jonathan Larson, composer, dead Aortic aneurysm at 35
January 25Ruth Berghaus, choreographer/director, dies at 68
January 26David Schultz, wrestler (Oly-Gold-84), killed by John Du Pont
January 26Harold Brodkey, writer, dies at 65
January 26Henry Jay Lewis, conductor, dies at 63
January 27Barbara Skelton, writer, dies at 79
January 27John Patrick Sutton Ludlow, actor (Agatha), dies at 93
January 27Julian Hill, research chemist, dies at 91
January 27Olga Havlova, political activist, dies at 63
January 27Ralph Webster Yarborough, politician, dies at 92
January 27Tommy Mitchell, cricket (Derbyshire leg-spin, 5 Tests for Eng), dies
January 28Burne Hogarth, strip-cartoon artist, dies at 84
January 28Dan Duva, boxing promoter, dies at 44
January 28Jerry Siegel, comic book writer (Superman), dies at 81
January 28John Mosely, recording expert/entrepreneur, dies at 81
January 28Joseph Brodsky, poet, dies at 55
January 28Or San Yu, president of Burma in (1981-88), dies
January 28U San Yu, soldier/politician, dies at 77
January 28Victor "Toby" Neuberg, teacher/writer, dies at 71
January 29Jack Sutherland, journalist, dies at 79
January 29John Terence Reese, bridge master, dies at 82
January 30Bob Thiele, record producer, dies at 73
January 30Guy Doleman, actor (Deadly Bees, Idol, Thunderball), dies at 72
January 31Gustave Solomon, mathematician, dies at 65
February 01Clive Burton, neuropathologist, dies at 54
February 02Gene Kelly, actor/dancer (Singing in the Rain), dies at 83
February 02Ray McIntire, chemical engineer, dies at 77
February 02Shamus Culhane, animator, dies at 87
February 03Audrey Meadows, actress (Alice-Honeymooners), dies at 69
February 03Broderick Vernon Chinnery Photographer-Haldane, dies at 83
February 03Edward Adamson, art therapist/collector, dies at 84
February 03Edward Frederick Weston Goodman, property Developer, dies at 81
February 03Tibor Reich, textile designer, dies at 79
February 03Wild Jimmy Spruill, blues guitarist, dies at 61
February 05Antonio Ruiz Soler, spanish dancer, dies at 74
February 05Gianandrea Gavazzeni, conductor, dies at 86
February 05Peter Pooley, broadcaster, dies at 84
February 05W R Lee, language teacher, dies at 84
February 06Guy Madison, actor (Wild Bill Hickok), dies at 74
February 06Ronald Fletcher, broadcaster, dies at 85
February 06Rosemary Tsay, drama critic/SOE operator, dies at 76
February 07George Lowthian Trevelyan, designer/visionary, dies at 89
February 07Isian Kehinde I K Dairo, musician/academic, dies at 65
February 07Lillian Rambach, teacher violinist, dies at 84
February 07Lydia Korneevna Chukovskaya, writer, dies at 88
February 07Tiny Winters, musician, dies at 87
February 08John Hartford Worlock, RC Bishop (Liverpool), dies at 76
February 08Mercer Kennedy Ellington, trumpeter bandleader/composer, dies at 76
February 09Adolf Galland, general (Luftwaffe), dies at 83
February 09Alistair Cameron Crombie, historian of science, dies at 80
February 09Barry Troyna, teacher/educational sociologist, dies at 44
February 09Charles Henry "Harry" Urwin, trade unionist, dies at 80
February 09Gerald Savory, actor playwright/TV producer (3 Weeks), dies at 86
February 09Neil Franklin, soccer star, dies at 74
February 10Hugh Francis Lamprey, ecologist, dies at 67
February 11Amelia Rosselli, poet, dies at 65
February 11Bob Shaw, science fiction writer, dies of cancer at 64
February 11Cyril Poole, cricket (Notts 1946-62, England 1951-52 in 3 Tests), dies
February 11Kebby Musokotwane, prime minister of Zambia in (1985-89), dies
February 11Phil Regan, actor (Las Vegas Night, Dames, Housewife), dies at 88
February 12Roger Omond, journalist, dies at 51
February 13Daniel K Womack, singer/guitarist, dies at 91
February 13Martin Balsam, actor (Archie's Place), dies at 76
February 14Bob Paisley, football manager, dies at 77
February 14Caroline Blackwood, writer, dies at 64
February 14Eva Hart, Titanic survivor, dies at 90
February 14Ivan William Hannaford, sociologist, dies at 64
February 15Bruno Ferenc Straub, Hungarian statesman, dies
February 15Margaret Courtenay, actress (Royal Flash, Duet for One), dies at 72
February 15McLean Stevenson, actor (M*A*S*H, Hello Larry), dies at 66
February 15Oscar Abrams, community organiser, dies at 58
February 15Tommy Rettig, actor (Lassie)/computer programmer (Clipper), dies at 54
February 16Brownie McGhee, blues guitarist, dies at 81
February 16Charles McCorquodale, art historian, dies at 47
February 16Edmund G "Pat" Brown, politician, dies at 90
February 16Kenneth Robinson, politician/businessman, dies at 84
February 16MacLean Stevenson, actor (M*A*S*H), dies of heart attack at 66
February 16Roger Bowen, actor (M*A*S*H, Main Event, What about Bob), dies at 62
February 16Susan Bosence, textile designer, dies at 82
February 16Walter Brown "Brownie" McGhee, blues singer/guitarist, dies at 80
February 17Bentley Bridgewater, british Museum secretary, dies at 84
February 17Henry Guinness, missionary, dies at 87
February 17Jean Writer-Pierre Herve Bazin, dies at 84
February 17Michael Raptis, writer/recolutionary, dies at 84
February 17[Elsie] Evelyn Laye, actress/singer (Sun Child), dies at 95
February 18Brian Daley, writer, dies at 48
February 18Jack Thieuloy, writer, dies at 64
February 18Nicholas Beriozoff, ballet master, dies at 89
February 18Richard Leslie Hill, historian, dies at 94
February 19Brenda Bruce, actress (December Bride, Nightmare), dies at 77
February 19Charles O Finley, baseball owner (Oakland A's), dies at 76
February 19Grant Sawyer, US politician, dies at 76
February 19Madhaviah Krishnan, naturalist, dies at 83
February 20Jeffrey Kindersley Quill, Test pilot, dies at 83
February 20Michael Herford Wooller, TV/film producer, dies at 69
February 20Toru Takemitsu, composer, dies at 65
February 20Walter Charles Marshall, scientist, dies at 63
February 21Horace Leonard Gold, sF writer/editor, dies at 81
February 21Jean Burroughs, educationalist, dies at 67
February 21Morton Gould, composer, dies at 82
February 21Terence Edward Armstrong, polar geographer, dies at 75
February 22Helmut Schoen, soccer coach, dies at 80
February 22Niall MacDermott, lawyer/politician, dies at 79
February 23Freddie Stocks, cricket (cent on debut & wkt on 1st ball, Notts), dies
February 23George Alan Dawson, jazz drummer/teacher, dies at 66
February 23Joseph Walker Barr, banker/politician, dies at 78
February 24Anna Larina, revolutionary, dies at 82
February 24Gene Mitchell, museum director, dies on 70th birthday
February 24James Runcieman Sutherland, academic, dies at 95
February 24Laurence Richard Deniz, jazz guitarist, dies at 71
February 25Haing S Ngor, doctor/actor (Killing Fields), dies at 45
February 25Marion Farouk Political scientist-Sluglett, dies at 59
February 25Vehbi Koc, indistrialist/philanthropist, dies at 94
February 26Audrey Angers, charity pioneer
February 26Daniel John Chapman Cunningham, physiologist, dies at 76
February 27Fran‡ois Chaumette, actor (They Never Slept, Christine), dies at 72
February 27George Ian Murray, 10th Duke of Atholl, dies at 64
February 27Pat Smythe, show jumper, dies at 67
February 27Sylvia Williams, museum director/curator, dies at 60
February 28Daniel Chipenda, angolam politician, dies at 64
February 29Duncan Stuart Wilson Fighter pilot-MacDonald, dies at 83
February 29Joe Minogue, journalist, dies at 72
February 29John Grant, rear-admiral, dies at 87
February 29Wes Farrell, songwriter, dies at 56
March 01Margaret McKay, politician, dies at 85
March 02Jacobo Majluta, president of Dominican Rep (1982), dies at 61
March 03David Bowman, trade unionist, dies at 82
March 03John Joseph Krol, cardinal, dies at 95
March 03Leo Malet, writer, dies at 86
March 03Ludwig Freiherr von Hammerstein-Equord, journalist, dies at 76
March 03Lyle Talbot, [Henderson], actor (Plan 9 From Outer Space), dies at 76
March 03Marguerite Duras, writer, dies at 81
March 03Meyer Schapiro, art historian, dies at 91
March 04Barbara Lewis, British obituarist, dies at 55
March 04Minnie Pearl, country comedienne (Grand Ole Opry), dies at 84
March 05Joshua Compston, art impressario, dies at 26
March 05Khundaqar Mushtaq Amhed, president of Bangladesh (1975), dies
March 05Nicolas Cotoner y Cotoner, spanish courtier, dies at 90
March 05Whit Bissell, actor (Time Tunnel), dies at 86
March 06Douglas Patrick Thomas Jay, politician, dies at 88
March 06Herbert "Herb" Hall, clarinetist/saxophonist, dies at 88
March 06Simon Cadell, actor (Enemy at the Door), dies at 45
March 07Aled Eames, mAritime historian, dies at 74
March 08Alison McCartney, pathologist/Breast Cancer campaigner, dies at 45
March 08Jack Malcolm Thorpe Fleming Churchill, commando, dies at 89
March 08Paul Lewis Harrhy, actor/opera singer (Intelligence Park), dies at 38
March 09Alan Hugh Iliffe, psychologist, dies at 77
March 09Elman Ali Ahmed, peace campaigner, dies at 42
March 09Peter Mansfield, writer, dies at 67
March 10Lucius E Burch Jr, US civil rights leader, dies at 84
March 10Ross Hunter, US producer (Airport, Madame X, Pillow Talk), dies at 75
March 11Barry Appleby, cartoonist, dies at 86
March 11Charles William Oatley, electrical engineer, dies at 92
March 11Clifton Eugene Bancroft Robinson, public servant, dies at 70
March 11John Henry Pyle Pafford, librarian, dies at 96
March 11Vince Edwards, actor (Ben Casey), dies of cancer at 67
March 12Charles Bruce Perry, professor of medicine, dies at 92
March 12Gyula Kallai, PM of Hungry (1965-67), dies at 85
March 12John Anthony Bowden Cuddon, writer/teacher, dies at 67
March 13Brian Hulls, television news cameraman, dies at 48
March 13Krzysztof Kieslowski, film director, dies of heart attack at 54
March 13Lucio Fulci, filem director, dies at 68
March 13Lucy Faithfull, children's campaigner, dies at 85
March 14Dewi Lorwerth Ellis Bebb, rugby international/journalist, dies at 57
March 14Nico Kiasashvii, professor of English Literature, dies at 69
March 14Vic Marshall, chemist, dies at 74
March 15Helen Chadwick, artist, dies at 42
March 15Olga Rudge, violinist, dies at 100
March 15Roswell Leavitt Gilpatric, lawyer/diplomat, dies at 89
March 16Joseph Lee Pope, singer, dies at 62
March 16Olive Netta Parsons, co-founder (Collet's bookshop), dies at 104
March 16Peter Clemoes, Anglo-Saxon scholar, dies at 76
March 17Bela Szigeti, theoretical physicist, dies at 83
March 17Kenneth Jameson, art educationalist, dies at 83
March 17Rene Clement, film director, dies at 83
March 17Thomas Enders, diplomat, dies at 64
March 18Alepoude Odysseus Elytis llis, poet, dies at 84
March 18Hawkes Jessie Jacquetta Priestley, archaeologist, dies at 85
March 19Christopher John Magenis Headington, musician, dies at 65
March 19William Hutchinson Murray, mountaineer/author, dies at 83
March 20Alan Ridout, composer, dies at 61
March 20Claude Bourdet, human rights activist/journalist, dies at 86
March 20Victor Zorza, journalist/Russian specialist, dies at 71
March 21Eric Brand, diplomat, dies at 73
March 21Frank Murray, police Officer, dies at 51
March 22Claude Mauriac, writer, dies at 81
March 22Robert Franklin Overmyer, astronaut (STS 5, STS 51-B), dies at 59
March 22Robert Mellors, gay activist, dies at 47
March 22Ronald George Hayward, political manager, dies at 78
March 23Jay D. Miller, record producer, dies at 73
March 23Peter Baer, artost/printmaker, dies at 72
March 24Maria Lucia Beltran Alcayaga, singer, dies at 66
March 25John Derrick Mordaunt Snagge, news commentator (BBC), dies at 91
March 26(Elizabeth Cissie) Charlton, football matriarch, dies at 83
March 26David Packard, electronic engineer/businessman, dies at 83
March 26Edmund S Muskie, vice pres candidate/(Gov-D-Maine), dies at 81
March 26Thomas Wakefield, writer, dies at 60
March 28Barbara McLean, film Editor, dies at 86
March 28Charles Barnet "Roscoe" Harvey, soldier, dies at 95
March 28David Band, banker, dies at 53
March 28Edith Fowke, folklorist, dies at 82
March 28Hans Blumenberg, philosopher, dies at 75
March 28James Herbert Lloyd Morrell, bishop, dies at 89
March 28Ken Dibbs, actor (Suddenly, Party Girl, High Society), dies at 78
March 28Shin Kanemaru, VP of Japan (1986-87), dies at 81
March 28Simon Harcourt Nowell-Smith, British bibliophile, dies at 87
March 29Maggie Donnelly, bag lady, dies at 46
March 30Hugh Edward Lance Falkus, filmmaker/naturalist, dies at 78
March 30Ryoei Saito, businessman, dies at 79
March 31Dante Giacosa, engineer/designer, dies at 91
March 31Dario Bellezza, poet, dies at 51
March 31Jeffrey Lee Pierce, musician, dies at 37
March 31Julius Young, fast food entrepreneur, dies at 73
April 01Alfredo Nobre Coast, PM of Portugal (1978), dies
April 01Edwin H "Buddy" Morris, music publisher, dies at 89
April 01John Alwyne Kitching, zoologist, dies at 87
April 01John McSheery, dies of heart attack while umpiring a game, at 51
April 01Mario Viegas, actor (The Jew, Divine Comedy), dies at 47
April 03Carl Stokes, 1st black mayor of a major US city (Cleve), dies
April 03Christopher John Seward, aid worker, dies at 45
April 03Ron Brown, sec of Comerce, dies in an accident
April 03Ronald Harmon Brown, politician, dies at 54
April 03Roosevelt "Booba" Barnes, bluesman, dies at 59
April 04Carl Burton Stokes, politician, dies at 68
April 04David Keylsey, actor/director, dies at 63
April 04David Whitton, campaigner, dies at 44
April 04Frederick Denison Maurice Hocking, pathologist, dies at 97
April 04Joy Newton, dancer, dies at 82
April 04Larry Laprise, songwriter, dies at 83
April 04Seamas NacNeill, piper, dies at 79
April 05Peter Nailor, civil servant/historian, dies at 67
April 06Greer Garson, actress (Goodbye Mr Chips), dies at 92
April 07Ian Spurling, ballet designer, dies at 59
April 08Basil Hembry, farmer/campaigner, dies at 80
April 08Ben Johnson, cowboy actor (Tex, Dillinger), dies of heart attack at 77
April 08Charles Donald Adams, singer, dies at 67
April 09James William Rouse, US builder (shopping malls), dies at 81
April 09Maisie Fitter, editor/conservationist, dies at 83
April 09Richard Thomas Condon, author, dies at 81
April 09Sandy Becker, NYC Kiddie TV Show host (Sandy Becker Show), dies at 74
April 10Jessica Dubroff, attempting to be youngest pilot, dies in crash at 7
April 11Daniel Wolf, journalist, dies at 80
April 11Edwin Clarke, historian/neurologist, dies at 76
April 11Jessica Dubroff, hoped to be youngest to fly across US, crashed at 7
April 11Louis Osman, artist/goldsmith/craftsman, dies at 82
April 11Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet, advertising magnate, dies at 89
April 12Marthe Robert, essayist/translator, dies at 82
April 12Nancy Sheehan, writer, dies at 69
April 12William Wilkinson, businessman/conservationist, dies at 63
April 13Denis Sargan, econometrician, dies at 71
April 13George Mackey Brown, poet, dies at 74
April 13James "Jimmy the Gent" Burke, criminal, dies at 64
April 14Benjamin "Zik" Azikiwe Nnamdi, politician, dies at 91
April 14Gaylord Birch, drummer (Pointer Sisters, Herbie Hancock), dies at 50
April 14Manuel A "Manny" Greenhill, record producer, dies at 80
April 14Mervyn Levy, artist/critic, dies at 81
April 14William K Everson, film historian, dies at 67
April 16Lucille Bremer, dancer/actress (Ziegfeld Follies), dies at 73
April 16Madeleine Bourdouxhe, writer, dies at 89
April 16Raymond Earl Hill, saxophonist, dies at 62
April 16Stavros Spyros Niarchos, Greek shipowner, dies at 86
April 17Eva Jones, poet/novelist, dies at 82
April 17Jose Luis Lopez Aranguren, philosopher, dies at 86
April 17Michele Carew, daughter of baseball great Rod, dies of Leukemia at 18
April 18Kalim Siddiqui, islamic campaigner, dies at 62
April 18Michael Leander Farr, record producer, dies at 55
April 18Piet Hein, architect/poet/mathematician/inventor, dies at 80
April 18Robert William Paine, architect, dies at 88
April 19Bernard Edwards, bass player, dies at 44
April 19Norman Oldfield, cricketer (scored 99 runs in Test for England), dies
April 19Peg Ridge, peace campaigner, dies at 72
April 20Cecilia Grace Hunt Reeves Gillie, bBC Executive, dies at 88
April 20Christopher Robin Milne, bookseller, dies at 75
April 20Tran Van Tra, soldier, dies at 77
April 21A H Kardar, cricketer (3 Tests for India & 23 for Pak 1946-58), dies
April 21Dzhojar Dudaev, president of Republic of Chechenia (1991), dies
April 21Dzhokhar Dudayev, separatist leader, dies at 52
April 21Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder, oddsmaker/sportscaster (CBS), dies at 76
April 21Robert Hersant, press baron, dies at 76
April 21Rodney Meredith Thomas, architect/painter, dies at 93
April 21Zora Arkus-Duntov, engineer, dies at 86
April 22David Shipman, film historian, dies at 63
April 22Erma Bombeck, humorist (Grass is Greener), dies at 69
April 22Hiteshwar Saikia, PM of Indian state of Assam (1991-96), dies
April 23Leonard Kuntstat, blues discographer, dies at 70
April 23Pamela Lyndon Travers, writer (Mary Poppins), dies at 96
April 24Donald Cammell, film director, dies at 62
April 24Erma Bombeck, columnist (Septic Tank is Always Greener), dies
April 24Preston Lockwood, actor (House of Windsor, Black Candle), dies at 83
April 25John Eustace Theodore Brancker, lawyer/parliamentarian, dies at 87
April 25John Lorne Campbell, folklorist, dies at 90
April 25Saul Bass, designer, dies at 74
April 26Burton Stein, historian, dies at 69
April 26John Norrie McArthur, malariologist/microscopist, dies at 94
April 26Stirling Silliphant, screenwriter, dies at 78
April 27Joan Sterndale Bennett, actress (Elizabeth-Dark Shadows), dies at 86
April 27William Egan Colby, cIA Director, dies at 76
April 28Giles Grangier, film director, dies at 84
April 28Henry Clarke, fashion photographer, dies at 75
April 28Julio Cesar Mendez Montenegro, politician, dies at 80
April 28William E Colby, director of CIA (1973-76), dies
April 29David William Eric Davis, broadcaster, dies at 87
April 29Jaime Garcia Terre, poet/essayist, dies at 71
April 29Siti Hartinah Suharto, wife of Pres Suharto of Indonesia, dies at 72
April 29Tony Hymphris, political activist, dies at 45
April 30David Michael Ifshin, British political campaign organiser, dies at 46
April 30David Opatoshu, actor (Torn Curtian, Raid on Entebbe), dies at 78
April 30Frank Henry Copplestone, TV executive, dies at 71
April 30Helene Cordet, entertainer/nightclub owner, dies at 78
April 30Julio Cesar Mendez Montenegro, pres of Guatemala (1966-70), dies
May 01Asher Wallfish, journalist, dies at 67
May 01Ivo Rudolph Jarosy, film scholar/exhibitor, dies at 74
May 01William Mitchell Byers, musician, dies on 79th birthday
May 02Arthur Leslie Noel Douglas Houghton, civil servant, dies at 97
May 02Emile Habibi, writer, dies at 73
May 02Peter John Swales, football club chairman, dies at 63
May 03Jack Weston, actor (Ishtar, Rad, Cuba), dies of lymphoma at 71
May 03Timothy Gullikson, tennis player/coach, dies at 45
May 04Jean Crepin, soldier/industrialist, dies at 87
May 04Stanley William Reed, cineaste, dies at 85
May 05Ai Qing, poet, dies at 86
May 05Beryl Burton, cyclist, dies at 58
May 06Frank Hercules, writer, dies at 85
May 06Geoffrey Dawes, physiologist, dies at 78
May 06Geoffrey Hodges, bomb disposal expert, dies at 87
May 06Joseph Stone, lawyer, dies at 79
May 06Leon Joseph Suenens, cardinal, dies at 91
May 06Michael Gerzon, mathematician, dies at 50
May 07Albert Meltzer, anarchist, dies at 76
May 07Henry Diamond, Irish Nationalist MP, dies at 87
May 07Howard Frank Trayton Smith, diplomat/head of MI5, dies at 76
May 08Jane Cowan, cello teacher, dies at 80
May 08Luis Miguel Domiguin, bullfighter, dies at 69
May 08Serge Chermayeff, architect/designer, dies at 95
May 11Bruce Boyce, singer/teacher, dies at 85
May 11Joan Thirkettle, journalist, dies at 48
May 11Malcolm MacEwen, writer, dies at 84
May 11Nnamdi Azikiwe, Pres of Nigeria (1963-66), dies
May 11Walter Hyatt, #Musician, dies at 46
May 12Hubert William Dean, air armaments specialist, dies at 84
May 12Robert Edwin Hall, mountaineer/businessman, dies at 35
May 13John "Jack" Baines, mountaineering publisher, dies at 57
May 14Edqard John Gurney, politician, dies at 82
May 14Qazaleh Alizadeh, writer, dies at 48
May 14Sritharan Jeganathan, cricketer, 1st Sri Lankan Test player to die
May 14Vera Chapman, writer, dies at 98
May 15George M Tindley, songwriter/vocalist, dies at 57
May 16Edward McInnes, German scholar, dies at 60
May 16Mike Jeremy Boorda, commandant (NATO), commits suicide at 57
May 16Pierre Debizet, resistance fighter/special agent, dies at 72
May 17Rusi Modi, cricketer (736 runs 10 post-war Tests for India), dies
May 17Scott Evans Brayton, racing car driver, dies at 37
May 17Willi Daume, olympic organiser, dies at 82
May 17Willis Conover, broadcaster, dies at 75
May 18Dermot O'Callaghan Grubb, prison governor, dies at 76
May 18Simon Weinstock, businessman/racehorse owner, dies at 44
May 19Johnny "Guitar" Watson, musician, dies at 61
May 19Margaret Rawlings, actress (Roman Holiday), dies at 89
May 20Eric Davidson, comedy scriptwriter, dies at 65
May 20George Malcolm Thomson, journalist, dies at 96
May 20Jack Wyngaard, dancer, dies at 37
May 20Janaki Ramachandran, PM of Indian state of Tamil Nadu (1988), dies
May 20John Pertwee, actor (Dr Who), dies at 76
May 20Julius Marmur, biochemist/geneticist, dies at 70
May 20Lewis B Combs, naval commander/civil engineer, dies at 101
May 21Al "Lash" La Rue, cowboy actor (Lash of the West), dies at 78
May 21Bobby Tulloch, ornithologist, dies at 67
May 21Eric Stuart Woord, archaeologist, dies at 83
May 21Laurence Dowdall, lawyer, dies at 91
May 21Mary Perot Nichols, journalist, dies at 79
May 21Peter Fletcher, music teacher, dies at 60
May 22Duncan Montgomery Stewart, academic, dies at 66
May 22Rex Collings, writer/publisher, dies at 70
May 23Dorothy Hyson, actress (Spare a Copper, Sing as We Go), dies at 81
May 23Kronid Arkadyevich Lyubarsky, human rights activist, dies at 61
May 23Patrick Cargill, actor (Up Pompeii, Magic Christian), dies at 77
May 24Alexander Langsdorf, physicist, dies at 83
May 24Harry Campion, statistician, dies at 91
May 24Jack McCarthy, kiddie show host (Popeye), dies of cancer at 81
May 24Jacob R Druckman, composer, dies at 67
May 24John Abbott, British actor (Lady Jane, Quest), dies at 90
May 24Joseph Mitchell, writer, dies at 87
May 25Bernard Charles Sendall, deputy director general of ITA, dies at 83
May 25Buck, dog (Married with Children), dies at 13
May 25David W Howe, test pilot, dies at 77
May 25Enid Kathleen Hutchinson, adult educationalist, dies at 86
May 25John Morrison, politician/landowner, dies at 89
May 25Laurence Marks, journalist, dies at 67
May 25Renzo de Felice, historian, dies at 67
May 26Halka Grossman, resistance fighter/politician, dies at 76
May 26Matima Kinuani Mpiosso, musician, dies at 45
May 27Albert "Pud" Brown, clarinetist/saxophonist, dies at 79
May 27Ivan Sutton, concert Promotoer, dies at 82
May 27Jack Massey, groundsman, dies at 85
May 27Pud Brown, jazz musician, dies at 79
May 28John "Jack" Layden, local politician, dies at 70
May 28Sidney Greenbaum, grammarian, dies at 66
May 29James George "Jimmy" Rowles, jazz pianist, dies at 77
May 29Jeremy Sinden, actor (Chariots of Fire, Ascendancy, Harem), dies at 45
May 29Tamara Toumanova, dancer, dies at 77
May 30Bob Stroup, trombonist, dies at 57
May 30John Cameron, judge, dies at 96
May 30John Kahn, bassist, dies at 47
May 30Leon-Etienne Duval, archbishop/cardinal, dies at 92
May 31Colin Morris, playwright/documentary filmmaker, dies at 80
May 31Elsbeary Hobbs, singer, dies at 59
May 31Neela Sanjiva Reddy, president of India (1977-82), dies
May 31Paul Peter Piech, artist, dies at 76
May 31Peter Gordon Dorrell, archaeologist/photographer, dies at 68
May 31Timothy Francis Leary, Harvard prof/LSD guru, dues of cancer at 75
June 01Don Grolnick, jazz musician, dies at 48
June 01Fernand Schokweiler, judge, dies at 60
June 01Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, president of India, dies at 83
June 01Ray Combs, TV host (Family Feud), commits suicide at 40
June 01Robert Arthur Hughes, missionary/surgeon, dies at 85
June 01Stephen Jones, art historian, dies at 41
June 02John Alton, cinematographer, dies at 94
June 02Leon Garield, writer, dies at 74
June 02Peter Bird, ocean rower, dies at 49
June 03Len Creed, bookmaker, dies at 79
June 03Peter Glenville, actor/director (Hotel Paradiso, Becket), dies at 82
June 03Tito Okello, Ugandan general, dies at 81
June 04Tito Okello, president of Uganda (1985-86), dies
June 05Baldev Singh Chahal, campaigner, dies at 59
June 05Vito Scotti, actor (Nude Bomb, Get Shorty, Big Bus), dies at 78
June 06George Snell, genetecist, dies at 92
June 06Glyn Worsnip, broadcaster, dies at 57
June 06Jean Sinclair, teacher/campaigner, dies at 88
June 06Richard Michael Hills, comedy script writer, dies at 70
June 07Jose Maria Valverde, philosopher poet/translator, dies at 70
June 07Noel Walton Bott, engineer, dies at 88
June 07[Francis] Max Factor Jr, makeup inventor, dies at 91
June 08Barry Linehan, actor (Bullseye, Dark Places, Witchcraft), dies at 70
June 08Gerry Gomez, cricketer (West Indian captain played 29 Tests), dies
June 08Michael Fox, actor (Amos-Falcon Crest, Skinheads), dies at 75
June 08Percy Edwards, animal imitator, dies at 88
June 08Phyllis Stedman, politician, dies at 79
June 09Edward Morris Bernstein, economist, dies at 91
June 09Robert Kidd, marine geoscientist, dies at 48
June 09Walter Pardon, carpenter/traditional singer, dies at 81
June 10Hugh Burnton Mitchell, US senator, dies at 89
June 10Jo Van Fleet, actress (Seize the Day, Cinderella), dies at 75
June 10Marie-Louise von Motesiczky, painter, dies at 89
June 10Norman Lambert, British restuarateur, dies
June 10Uno Choyo, writer, dies at 98
June 11Alan Weeks, British sports commentator, dies at 72
June 11Brigitte Helm [Gisele Eve von Kuenheim], actress (Gloria), dies at 90
June 11Kevin Meadows, gay rights activist, dies at 21
June 11Lonne Elder, playwright/screenwriter, dies at 69
June 11Ulysses Dove, dancer/choreographer, dies at 49
June 12Ilona Ference, actress (Quatermass II, Star of My Night), dies at 78
June 12MacKenzie John, pipe major, dies at 83
June 13David Nicholls, priest/theologian/political theorist, dies at 60
June 14Ted Nightingale, former colonial governor, dies at 91
June 14Thomas Edward Montgomery, drummer, dies at 73
June 15Ella Fitzgerald, singer, dies at 78
June 15Fitzroy Maclean, the original James Bond, dies at 85
June 15Helen Sinclair Glatz, musician, dies at 88
June 15Jean Gimpel, author/iconoclast, dies at 77
June 16David Mourao-Ferreira, poet/politician, dies at 69
June 16Mel Allen, sportscaster (NY Yankees), dies at 83
June 18Maitland Mackie, farmer, dies at 84
June 18Pierre Chany, writer/cycling journalist, dies at 73
June 19Alan Ande Anderson, opera director, dies at 78
June 19David Schine, businessman, dies at 70
June 19Harold William Woolhouse, plant scientist, dies at 63
June 19Henry Ralph Carr, soldier, dies at 82
June 19Vivian Ellis, composer, dies at 91
June 20Hellevi Rombin Schine, Miss Universe (1955), dies in plane crash at 64
June 20Irving Krick, meteorologist, dies at 89
June 20Joseph Green, film maker, dies at 96
June 20Michel Lebrun, crime writer, dies at 65
June 20Walter Guevara Arze, provisional president of Bolivia (1979), dies
June 22James Leander "Leo" Nichols, honorary consul, dies at 65
June 22Ray Lindwall, cricketer (228 wkts 61 Tests for Australia), dies at 74
June 22Salah Abou Seif, film director, dies at 81
June 22Tertius Metcalf, businessman, dies at 63
June 23Andreas George Papandreou, PM of Greece (1981-89, 93-96), dies at 76
June 23Angelo John Novarese, record company founder, dies at 72
June 23Elbert Parr Tuttle, lawyer/judge, dies at 98
June 23Pasqualino de Santis, cinematographer, dies at 69
June 23William Walsh, academic, dies at 80
June 24Quinton Hazell, businessman, dies at 76
June 25Nicholas John, dramaturge, dies at 43
June 25Ray Howard-Jones, artist, dies at 93
June 26Veronica Guerin, journalist, dies at 36
June 27Cubby Alberto Romolo Broccoli, movie producer, dies at 87
June 27Roy James Alfred Kaulback, soldier, dies at 85
June 28George Ghita Ionescu, academic, dies at 83
June 28Michael Wishart, artist, dies at 68
June 28Piers Gray, critic/writer, dies at 49
June 28Ronald George Woodman, pilot, dies at 82
June 28Willard F. McMurry, musician, dies at 89
June 29Alexander George Ogston, biochemist, dies at 85
June 29Bobby Keetch, footballer/entrepreneur, dies at 54
June 29Pamela Mason, actress (Wild in the Streets), dies at 78
June 30Hugh Henry Home Popham, aviator/writer/poet, dies at 76
June 30Margaux Hemingway, model/actress (Lipstick), commits suicide at 41
June 30Michael Parkin, journalist, dies at 74
June 30Norman Aldridge, biochemical toxicologist, dies at 76
July 01Alfred Marks, actor (Fanny Hill, Desert Mice), dies at 75
July 01Margaux Hemmingway, actress (Lipstick), dies at 41
July 01Richard Michael Fraser, political administrator, dies at 80
July 01Steve Tesich, screenwriter/playwright, dies at 53
July 02Hugh Davson, physiologist/writer, dies at 86
July 03Raaj Kumar, actor (Tiranga, Saudagar), dies at 68
July 04Clay Jones, gardener, dies at 72
July 04Leo Avery, abbot of Quarr, dies at 58
July 05Anne Schumacher Hummert, radio pioneer, dies at 91
July 05Clyde Wiegand, physicist, dies at 81
July 05Lorna Young, salesperson, dies at 44
July 06John Sturdy, scholar, dies at 62
July 07Albrecht Luitpold Michael Wittelsbach, duke of Bavaria, dies at 91
July 08Amschel Rothschild, banker, dies at 41
July 08Ernest Armstrong, miner/politician, dies at 81
July 08James Woodie Alexander, songwriter/vocalist, dies at 80
July 08Thomas Mitchell, architect/engineer, dies at 90
July 09Christopher Casson, actor (Educating Rita, Zardoz), dies at 84
July 09Douglas G Chapman, biomathematical statistician, dies at 76
July 09Melvin Mouron Belli, attorney/actor (Star Trek), dies at 88
July 09Peter Martini, British journalist, dies at 31
July 09Susan Cowdy, British ornithologist, dies at 81
July 10Eladio Rusconi, writer/publisher/businessman, dies at 79
July 11Louis Gottlieb, musician, dies at 72
July 11Martin Corbett, gay activist, dies at 51
July 12Andrew Rodger Waterson, scholar Naturalist, dies at 84
July 12Gottfried von Einem, composer, dies at 78
July 12John Boon, publisher, dies at 79
July 12John Chancellor, news anchor (VOA, NBC), dies at 68
July 12John William Chancellor, journalist, dies at 68
July 12Jonathan Melvoin, keyboardist (Smashing Pumpkins), dies of heorin OD
July 12Nazar Mohammad, cricketer (Pakistan's 1st five Tests 1952-53), dies
July 12William Darling, journalist, dies at 73
July 13Joyce Buck, actress/interior designer, dies at 71
July 13Pandro S Berman, film producer, dies at 91
July 13Walter Hassan, engineer, dies at 91
July 14Frederick Angus Armstrong, journalist, dies at 82
July 14Kenneth Tompkins Bainbridge, physicist, dies at 91
July 14Kim Besly, activist, dies at 69
July 15Dana Hill, actress (Vacation), dies at 32
July 16Alan McGilvray, cricketer (NSW 1933-37, radio commentator 35-85), dies
July 16John Panozzo, drummer, dies at 48
July 17Alan McGilvray, cricket commentator, dies at 85
July 17Amancio D'Silva, musician, dies at 60
July 17Bryan Chas Chandler, musician/manager, dies at 57
July 17Chris Komar, dancer, dies at 48
July 17Geoffrey Alan Jellicoe, landscape architect, dies at 95
July 17John William Fozard, aircraft designer, dies at 68
July 17Paul Touvier, French WW II criminal, dies at 81
July 17Sid Sussman, beauty pageant organizer, dies of heart attack
July 18Hans Fellner, bookseller, dies at 71
July 19David Lancaster Nicolson, businessman/politician, dies at 73
July 19Emmanual Tettey Mensah, musician, dies at 77
July 19Lawrence Martin Jenco, priest, dies at 61
July 19Mervyn Hugh Cowie, willife conservationist, dies at 87
July 19Owen Tudor Williams, civil engineer, dies at 79
July 19Pran Nath Chhuttani, physician/teacher, dies at 81
July 20Colin Campbell Mitchell, soldier, dies at 70
July 20Peter Malcolm Gordon Raleigh, journalist, dies at 77
July 21Francis James Claude Piggott, soldier, dies at 85
July 21Gerald McArthur, detective, dies at 70
July 21Herb Edelman, actor (Odd Couple, St Elsewhere), dies of emphysema 62
July 21James Tye, safety expert, dies at 74
July 21John Kevin Moorhouse, test pilot, dies at 50
July 21Macha Louis Rosenthal, critic/poet, dies at 79
July 21Wolf Morris, actor (Padmasambhava-Dr Who), dies at 71
July 22Courtney Alexandre Henriques Laws, community leader, dies at 65
July 22Leon Shenandoah, native American leader, dies at 81
July 22Peter Ludwig, businessman/art collector, dies at 71
July 22Richard Day, engineer/development expert, dies at 48
July 22Robert Collins, keyboard player, dies at 33
July 22Tamara Danz, singer, dies at 43
July 23Aliki Vougiouklaki, actress (Madalena), dies at 63
July 23Jessica Lucy Mitford, author, dies at 78
July 23John Corner, scientist, dies at 80
July 24"Jock" John Wallace, soccer player/manager, dies at 60
July 24Howard Vernon, actor (Faceless, Delicatessen), dies at 82
July 24Jock Wallace, football player/manager, dies at 60
July 24Virginia Christine, actress (Mrs Olson), dies at 76
July 25Raymond O'Malley, teacher, dies at 87
July 26Arthur William Raynes McDonald, radar Pioneer/pilot, dies at 93
July 26Evelyn Levine, composer, dies at 94
July 27Beverly Drew, architect, dies at 85
July 27Ivan V Lalic, poet, dies at 65
July 27Jane Beverly Drew, architect, dies at 85
July 27Peter James Frederick Green, CEO (LLoyd's of London), dies at 71
July 28Harold C Fox, Fashion designer/musician, dies at 86
July 28Mickey Fenn, docker/socialist, dies at 58
July 28Roger Tory Peterson, ornithologist/artist, dies at 87
July 29Aruna Asaf Ali, politician, dies at 88
July 30Alan Cheales, dominican priest, dies at 83
July 30Claudette Colbert, actress (Happened One Night), dies of stroke at 93
July 30Magda Schneider, actress (Going Gay, Be Mine Tonight), dies at 87
July 31Joan "Maudie" Warburton, painter, dies at 76
July 31Michael Jinks, child care pioneer, dies at 59
August 01John Lanigan, tenor, dies at 75
August 01Mohamed Farrah Aidid, Pres (ANS-CUS)/Somalia, dies
August 01Pierre Lucien Claverie, bishop of Oran, dies at 58
August 01Tadeusz Reichstein, Polish/Swiss chemist (Nobel 1950), dies at 99
August 02Humphrey Fisher, TV Producer, dies at 72
August 02Michel Debre, PM of France in (1959-62), dies
August 02U Hia Than, politician, dies at 52
August 03Guido Alberti, literary patron/businessman, dies at 87
August 04Geoff Hamilton, gardner/journalist, dies at 59
August 05Abdulrahman Mohamed Babu, politician, dies at 72
August 05Bruce Howard Lidington, actor (Sword of Valiant, Mosses), dies at 46
August 05Frank Ulrich Marcus, playwright/critic, dies at 68
August 06Buland Al Haidary, poet, dies at 69
August 06Hernan Siles Zuazo, Pres of Bolivia (1956-60, 1982-85), dies at 82
August 06Leonard John Coldwell, cricketer, dies at 63
August 06Muhammad al-Badr, magnate of Northern Yemen (1962), dies
August 06Ossie Raymond Clark, fashion designer, dies at 54
August 06Richard Murphey Goodwin, economist, dies at 83
August 07Anne Kristen, actress (Truth or Dare, Rachel-Dr Finlay), dies at 59
August 07Gerald Etheridge Gomez, cricketer, dies at 76
August 07Peter Winter, naval commander, dies at 78
August 08Didi Duprat, French guitarist, dies at 69
August 08Frank A Whittle, inventor of the Jet engine, dies at 89
August 08George Richard Samways, children's writer, dies at 101
August 08Herbert Huncke, writer, dies at 80
August 08Julian Stryjkowski, writer, dies at 91
August 08Nevill Francis Mott, physicist, dies at 90
August 09James Whitman McLamore, businessman, dies at 70
August 09Kenneth Fleetwood, fashion Designer, dies at 65
August 09Ruth Holland, journalist, dies at 54
August 10Adriano Mandarino Hypolito, priest, dies at 78
August 10Rex Tucker, TV writer/director, dies at 83
August 11Mel Taylor, drummer, dies at 63
August 11Rafael Jeronym Kubelik, conductor, dies at 82
August 11Sigmund Koch, psychologist/philosopher, dies at 79
August 12Anthony Derrick Parsons, diplomat, dies at 73
August 12Victor Ambartsumian, astrophysicist, dies at 87
August 13Antonio Sebastiao Ribiero de Spinola, soldier/polititican, dies at 86
August 13Antonio de Spinola, general of Portugal, dies
August 13Christopher John Gray, priest, dies at 42
August 13David Randall, priest, dies at 49
August 13David Tudor, composer, dies at 70
August 13Tom Mees, ESPN sports anchors (NHL), drowns at 46
August 13W Gordon Smith, playwright, dies at 67
August 14Camilla Horn, actress (Rebus, Vertigine, Matinee Idol), dies at 93
August 14Sergiu Celibidache, conductor, dies at 84
August 14Uzo Egonu, painter/print maker, dies at 64
August 15Agnes Beatrice Read, medical social worker, dies at 86
August 15Ernest Leslie Bouts, motor-racing driver, dies at 93
August 15Masao Maruyama, social scientist, dies at 82
August 16Eric Cullen, actor (Huntington Tower), dies at 31
August 16Robert Lynn, anarchist, dies at 72
August 17Edward Digby Baltzell, Ivy League sociologist, dies at 80
August 18Geoffrey Dearmer, poet, dies at 103
August 18Hugo Gabriel Gryn, rabbi, dies at 66
August 18Thoams Eric Evans, dean of St Paul's, dies at 68
August 20George Brian Snape, businessman/rugby league entrepreneur, dies at 81
August 20Rio Reiser, rock singer, dies at 46
August 21Rosa Joyce Plesters Brommelie, conservation scientist, dies at 69
August 21Sidney George Gray, company secretary, dies at 82
August 22David Donaldson, painter, dies at 80
August 22Robert Lewis Campbell Lorimer, publisher, dies at 77
August 22William James Millar Mackenzie, political scientist, dies at 87
August 24Ahmed Bahauddin, journalist, dies at 69
August 24Emile Noel, international civil servant, dies at 73
August 24John Christopherson, artist/collector, dies at 75
August 24Robert Louis Tewdwr Moss, journalist/travel writer, dies at 42
August 25Alexander Colleridge Vanderpuiye Baka Tetteh, actor/lawyer, dies at 64
August 25Dai Houying, writer, dies at 58
August 25Erskine Childers, UN official/civil servant, dies at 67
August 25Les Burns, local councillor, dies at 53
August 25Sylvia Fisher, opera Singer, dies at 86
August 26Alejandro Lanusse, army officer/politician, dies at 77
August 26Baron Baker, activist, dies at 71
August 26Catherine Mary Hall, nurse, dies at 73
August 27Abram Games, graphic artist, dies at 82
August 27Alexander Lanusse, military president of Argentina (1971-73), dies
August 27Greg Morris, actor (Mission Impossible), dies at 61
August 28Lynda Carr, educationist, dies at 50
August 28Phyllis Pearsall, painter/writer, dies at 89
August 30Christine Pascal, actress/director (Smile, Elsa), dies at 43
August 30Jose Toribio Merino, admiral/milt junta of Chile (1973-80), dies at 80
August 30Louise Brown, dancer/teacher, dies at 89
August 31David Scott, priest, dies at 72
August 31Harald James Penrose, pilot, dies at 92
August 31Ljuba Welitsch, opera singer, dies at 83
August 31Milton "Tippy" Larkin, band leader, dies at 85
September 01Brother Adam Kehrle, benedictine monk/beekeeper, dies at 98
September 01Charles Daniels, archaeologist, dies at 63
September 01George Levy, antique dealer/heritage campaigner, dies at 69
September 01Vagn Holmboe, composer, dies at 86
September 02Cyril Reuben, violinist, dies at 69
September 02Emily Kngwarreye, artist, dies at 86
September 02Kenneth M Stewart, euro MP for Merseyside West, dies at 71
September 02Otto Luening, composer, dies at 96
September 02Paddy Clift, cricketer (Rhod & Leicester all-rounder 1970-88), dies
September 03John Cheek, Falkland Islands advocate, dies at 56
September 03Julian Amery, politician, dies at 77
September 03Robert Croften Brown, politician, dies at 75
September 04Sam Cook, cricketer (Gloucestershire slow bowler with one Test for England), dies
September 05Leonard Katzman, TV producer, dies at 69
September 05Richard Clement Charles Thomas, rugby intl/journalist, dies at 67
September 05Rose Isabel Williams, sister of Tennessee Williams, dies at 86
September 06William James Moyce, armaments scientist, dies at 82
September 07Niccolo Castiglioni, composer, dies at 64
September 08Elizabeth Eyre de Lanaux, designer artist/writer, dies at 102
September 09Bill Monroe, bluegrass vocalist (created bluegrass music), dies at 84
September 09Edward Greenall, businessman/sportsman, dies at 67
September 09Jack Pepys, immunologist, dies at 82
September 09Ruggero Mastroianni, film editor, dies at 66
September 09William Smith Monroe, bluegrass musician, dies at 84
September 10Ray Coleman, journalist, dies at 59
September 11Guido Aristarco, film critic, dies at 77
September 11JoAnne Dru, actress (Sylvia, Drango), dies of lymphedema at 73
September 11Peter Phillips, printer, dies at 61
September 12Ernesto Geisel, milt president of Brazil (1974-79), dies at 89
September 12Geoffrey Bryan Bentley, moral theologian, dies at 87
September 12George Patrick Reid, schoolkeeper, dies at 59
September 12James Gulliver, businessman, dies at 66
September 12Lloyd Turner, journalist, dies at 57
September 12Oscar Michael Moore, journalist, dies at 36
September 12Richard Maling Barrer, chemist, dies at 86
September 13Anthony Nicholas Maria Wahl, historian, dies at 68
September 13Cesar Mendoza, general of Military junta of Chile (1973-85), dies
September 13Jane Baxter, actress (We Live Again, Blossom Time), dies at 87
September 13Silas Roy Crain, singer/songwriter, dies at 85
September 13Tupac Shakur, rap star/actor (Juice, Bullet), killed in drive by at 25
September 14Clive Beadon, airman, dies at 77
September 14Joe Elsby Martin, boxing coach, dies at 80
September 14Juliet Prowse, actress/dancer (Mona McCluskey), dies at 59
September 15Brother Eugene Gerard Salois, teacher, dies at 76
September 15George Scheuer, writer/journalist, dies at 80
September 15Hilary Preston, editor, dies at 88
September 15Joan Perry Cohn Harvey, actress (Hands of a Stranger), dies at 85
September 15Peter Michael Grayson, showman, dies at 70
September 16Andrew MacElhone, bar owner, dies at 73
September 16Gene Nelson, actor/dancer (SOB, Purple Hills, Starlift), dies at 76
September 16McGeorge Bundy, US national security advisor (1961-66), dies at 77
September 17Jessie "Ooh Poo Pah Doo" Hill, jazz musician, dies at 63
September 18Spiro Theodore Agnew, US VP (1969-73), dies at 77
September 19Douglas Hyde, socialist/Christian, dies at 85
September 19Timothy Nicholson, journalist, dies at 32
September 20Max Manus, resistance fighter, dies at 82
September 20Murtaza Bhutto, politician, dies at 42
September 20Paul Draper, dancer, dies at 87
September 20Paul Erdos, mathematician, dies of heart attack at 83
September 20Paul Weston, bandleader, dies at 84
September 21John Stachniewski, scholar/teacher, dies at 42
September 21Julius Silverman, politician, dies at 90
September 21Sabine Zlatin, nurse, dies at 89
September 22Dorothy Lamour, actress (Road to Bali, Road to Rio), dies at 81
September 22Ludmilla Chiraeff, ballet dancer, dies at 72
September 22Mohammed Ben Amhed Abdelghani, PM of Algeria (1979-84), dies
September 23Denis Dowling, baritone, dies at 86
September 23Jack Newman, cricketer (NZ left-arm pacer 1932-33), dies at 94
September 23Stuart Pigott, archaeologist, dies at 86
September 24Iorwerth Eiddon Stephen Edwards, egyptologist, dies at 87
September 24Mark Frankel, actor (Solitaire for 2, Simon-Sisters), dies at 34
September 24Pavel Anatolievich Sudoplatov, spy, dies at 89
September 25Betty Phyllis Gathergood, curator, dies at 80
September 25Nicu Ceausescu, playboy, dies at 45
September 26Geoffrey Wilkinson, chemist, dies at 75
September 26George Henderson, priest/politician, dies at 74
September 26Mark Frankel, actor (Leon the Pig Farmer), dies on motorcycle at 34
September 27Mohammed Najibullah, politician, dies at 55
September 27Najibullah, Pres of Afghanistan Democratic Party (1986-90), executed
September 28Bob Gibson, folk singer, dies at 64
September 29Endo Shusaku, Japanese writer (Sea & Poison/Silence), dies at 73
September 29Ethel Jane Cain, original UK Speaking Clock voice, dies at 87
September 29Leslie Crowther, entertainer, dies at 63>>
September 30Aubrey Brabazon, jockey/trainer, dies at 76
September 30Elizabeth Gille, writer translator/editor, dies at 59
September 30Frances Lear, writer, dies at 73
September 30Kenneth Muir, english scholar, dies at 89
September 30Udom Patpongsiri, property developer, dies at 79
October 01Joonas Kokkonen, composer, dies at 74
October 01Patrick McGeown, politician, dies at 40
October 02Andrey Lukanov, PM of Bulgaria (1990), assassinated at 58
October 02Frideswide Frances Emma Knight, musician/socialist, dies at 85
October 02Ivan Mark Waller, mountaineer, dies at 89
October 02Robert Bourassa, PM of province of Quebec (1970-76, 85-93), dies at 63
October 02Ronald John Bilsland Colville, businessman, dies at 79
October 02Sybil Marion Rosenfeld, theatre historian, dies at 93
October 03Denis Frank Owen, Natural historian, dies at 65
October 03Eustace Wenworth Roskill, law lord, dies at 85
October 03Tom ap Rees, botanist, dies at 65
October 03Tony Parker, oral historian, dies at 73
October 04Martyn Harris, journalist, dies at 43
October 04Silvio Piola, footballer, dies at 83
October 04Tim N Gidal Gidalewitsch, photojournalist, dies at 87
October 05Catherine Elizabeth Pennington, personal assistant, dies at 77
October 05Seymour Cray, computer designer, dies in auto accident at 71
October 06Martyn Taylor, teacher/campaigner, dies at 57
October 06Ted Bessell, director/actor (That Girl), dies of an aneurism at 61
October 07Charles Wegg Solicitor-Prosser, dies at 86
October 08Geoffrey Finsberg, politician, dies at 70
October 08Harold Watkins Shaw, musicologist, dies at 85
October 08Joseph Roy George Ralston, pilot, dies at 81
October 08Susan Gautier TV producer-Smith, dies at 33
October 08William Prince, actor (Ken Baxter-Another World), dies at 83
October 09Alan Charles Downes, cameraman, dies at 58
October 09Harvey Vernon, actor (Jasper-Carter Country), dies at 69
October 09Nigel Thomas Loveridge Fisher, politician, dies at 83
October 09Richard Clarkson, aerodynamicist, dies at 94
October 10Dick Pickering, trade unionist, dies at 54
October 10Hugh Stirling Mackenzie, submariner, dies at 83
October 10John Hillaby, writer/traveller, dies at 79
October 10Peter Aldersley, actor/disc jockey, dies at 72
October 10Siddig El Nigoumi, ceramicist, dies at 65
October 11Arthur Walter Lucas, picture restorer, dies at 80
October 11Edith Tilton Penrose, economist, dies at 81
October 11Johnny Costa, jazz pianist (Mr Rogers), dies at 74
October 11Keith Boyce, cricketer (West Indian all-rounder 1969-76), dies
October 11Ken Boyce, cricketer, dies at 23
October 11Terry Patchett, politician, dies at 56
October 11William Vickrey, economist, dies at 82
October 12David Gilroy Bevan, politician, dies at 86
October 12Jack Robertson, cricketer (Midsex & Eng open bat 11 Tests), dies at 79
October 12Pavel Alexandrovich Solovyov, aero-engine designer, dies at 79
October 12Trevor Illtyd williams, scientific writer, dies at 75
October 12Vernon Elliott, musician/composer, dies at 84
October 13Albert Hughes Williams, teacher/historian, dies at 89
October 13Beryl Reid, actress (Yellowbeard, Psychomania), dies at 76
October 13Henri Nannen, journalist, dies at 82
October 13Rene Lacoste, tennis player, dies at 92
October 14Laura La Plante, screen actress (Show Boat, Scandal), dies at 91
October 14William John Raff Hooper, cartoonist, dies at 80
October 15Bernard Frank, oriental scholar/writer, dies at 69
October 16Anthony Griffin, sailor, dies at 75
October 16Eric Lawson Malpass, writer, dies at 85
October 16Ismond Rosen, psychoanalyst/artist, dies at 82
October 16James Wild, music teacher, dies at 68
October 16Jason Bernard, actor (judge-Liar Liar), dies of heart attack at 58
October 17Berthold Goldschmidt, composer/conductor, dies at 93
October 17Christopher Acland, musician, dies at 30
October 18Guiseppe Panini, industrialist, dies at 71
October 18Hugh Willatt, solicitor/public servant, dies at 91
October 19Frank Neville Hosband Robinson, physicist, dies at 71
October 19Oliver Charles Anderson, novelist, dies at 84
October 20Alfred William Bill Bedford, test Pilot, dies at 75
October 20Mary Tuck, social researcher/civil servant, dies at 68
October 21Abdelhamid Benhadugah, novelist, dies at 71
October 21Eric Halsall, sheepdog trial commentator, dies at 76
October 21George Houston, land economist, dies at 74
October 21Georgios Zoitakis, leader of Greece (1967-72), dies
October 21Robert O'Neill Crossman, politician, dies at 49
October 21Wang Li, politician, dies at 78
October 22Charles Edward Pevensey Tennant, aristocrat, dies at 39
October 22John Bauldie, music journalist/Dylanologist, dies at 47
October 22Matthew Harding, businessman/football supporter, dies at 42
October 23Alexander Kelly, pianist/teacher, dies at 67
October 23Diana Trilling, writer, dies at 91
October 23Lin Onus, artist, dies at 47
October 23Ronald Alfred Gardyne "Rags" Butler, sailor, dies at 68
October 24Arthur Axmann, head of Hitler Youths in (1940-45), dies at 83
October 24Bruce Matthews, newspaper executive, dies at 71
October 24Hubert Miles Gladwyn Jebb, diplomat, dies at 96
October 24Roderick Barclay, diplomat, dies at 87
October 24Sid Pye, drummer, dies at 55
October 25Eugene Polyakov, dancer, dies at 95
October 26Gordon Scarrott, engineer, dies at 80
October 26Hans Walter Kosterliz, biochemist, dies at 93
October 26Sylvia Mary Paget Chancellor, philanthropist, dies at 95
October 27Belinda Quirey, dance historian/teacher, dies at 84
October 27James Aubrey Turner, scientist, dies at 57
October 27John Gregory, dancer, dies at 82
October 28Jack Tinker, drama critic, dies at 58
October 28Morey Amsterdam, comedian (Dick Van Dyke Show), dies at 87
October 28William Downie Forrest, journalist, dies at 94
October 29James Leo Herlihy, author (Midnight Cowboy), commits suicide at 66
October 29Patricia Ticia Anne Ingrams, broadcaster, dies at 50
October 29Patrick Johnson, physicist, dies at 92
October 30Alexander d'Arbeloff, entrepreneur, dies at 101
October 30Leon Lewis, US radio talk show host (WMCA, 1970-80), dies at 81
October 30Rohan Butler, historian, dies at 79
October 31Andrew Hutchings, teachers' leader, dies at 88
October 31Granville James Leveson Gower, land owner, dies at 77
October 31John Gorman, printer/socialist historian, dies at 66
October 31Peter Muir Doig, politician, dies at 85
November 01Junius Richard Jayawardene, PM of Sri Lanka (1977-78), dies at 90
November 01Maati Bouabid, PM of Morroco (1979-83), dies
November 02Alvaro Gomez Hurtado, Colombian politician, dies
November 02Christopher Prater, screen printer, dies at 72
November 03Barry George Barrington Porter, politician, dies at 57
November 03Heather Swift, local councellor, dies at 79
November 03Jean-Bedel Bokassa, dictator of Cent Africa Rep (1967-79), dies at 75
November 03Michael Burchill, actor, dies at 65
November 04Robert Rapoport, social anthropologist, dies at 72
November 05Eddie Harris, saxophonist/composer, dies at 62
November 05Lars-Ake Nilsson, diplomat, dies at 53
November 05Paula Hinton, dancer, dies at 72
November 05Ronald Ogden, engineer, dies at 81
November 06Mario Savio, activist, dies of heart attack at 53
November 06Patience Edney, nurse/communist, dies at 85
November 06Tommy Lawton, footballer, dies at 80
November 07Brian Keith-Lucas, political scientist, dies at 84
November 07Claude Ake, political scientist, dies at 57
November 07Michael Fenton Haddon, mining engineer, dies at 81
November 08Edward Albert Radice, economist, dies at 89
November 08Peter Fowler, physicist, dies at 73
November 09Fred Lipmann, watchmaker, dies at 91
November 09Roger Makins, diplomat, dies at 92
November 10Beecher Moore, sailor, dies at 88
November 10Hugo Buchthal, art historian, dies at 87
November 10Marjorie Proops, problem page editor, dies at 85
November 11Helen Rosenthal, Teacher/health administrator, dies at 47
November 12Don Kenyon, cricketer, dies at 72
November 12Gwen Catley, soprano, dies at 90
November 12John Qace Hardbattle, political activist, dies at 51
November 13Kenneth Watkins, woodland conservationist, dies at 86
November 13William Ballard Doggett, jazz musician, dies at 80
November 14Havelock Henry Trevor Hudson, lloyd's underwriter, dies at 77
November 14Joseph Bernardin, cardinal Archbishop of Chicago, dies at 68
November 14Liz Knights, publisher, dies at 41
November 14Vera von der Heydt, psychoanalyst, dies at 96
November 14Virginia Cherrill, actress (Lake Extra, Brat, City Lights), dies at 88
November 15Alger Hiss, former alleged spy/lawyer, dies at 92
November 16George Byatt, playwright, dies at 73
November 16Jack Popplewell, composer/playwright, dies at 87
November 16John Reginald Bevins, politician, dies at 88
November 17Andrew John Fairclough, trade union educator, dies at 45
November 17Johan Fleming Ramsland, broadcaster, dies at 54
November 18David Herbert, publisher, dies at 69
November 18John Vassall, spy/civil servant, dies at 72
November 19Denis Jenkinson, journalist, dies at 74
November 19Edward Kassner, music publisher, dies at 76
November 19Ian Powell Bancroft, civil servant, dies at 73
November 19Krishnarao Shiva Shelvankar, journalist/diplomat, dies at 90
November 20Bert Geoffrey Achong, electron microscopist, dies at 67
November 21Bernard William George Rose, organist, dies at 80
November 21Edward George Edwards, chenist, dies at 82
November 21Virginia Downing, actress (Gig, Butterfield 8), dies at 92
November 22Maria Casar‚s, actress (Orpheus, Rebel Nun), dies at 73
November 22Mark Lenard, actor (Sarek-Star Trek), dies of cancer at 68
November 22Terence Daniel Donovan, photographer, dies at 60
November 23Art Porter, saxophonist, dies at 35
November 23George Nicholas, cartoon animator, dies at 85
November 23Mohamed Amin, cameraman, dies at 53
November 23Ralph Tubbs, architect, dies at 84
November 23Sayed Idries Shah, thinker, dies at 72
November 24Edison Vasalievich Denisov, composer, dies at 67
November 24Michael James O'Hehir, commentator/journalist, dies at 76
November 24Sorley MacLean Somhairle MacChaluim, poet, dies at 85
November 25Hugh Joseph Charles James L'Etang, medical writer, dies at 79
November 25Michael Economides, restaurateur, dies at 86
November 25Richard Stubbs, publicity adviser, dies at 87
November 26Euphemia MacDonald May Moxon, dance producer, dies at 91
November 26Hans Klein, politician, dies at 65
November 26Joan Hammond, singer, dies at 84
November 26Michael Bentine, Brit author/comedian (Reluctant Jester), dies at 74
November 26Paul Rand, graphic designer, dies at 82
November 27George Ernest Leslie, trade union official, dies at 76
November 28Anna Pollak, mezzo-soprano, dies at 84
November 30Dan Flavin, minimalist sculptor, dies at 63
November 30Koji Kobayashi, industrialist, dies at 89
November 30Paul Derrick, co-operator/Christian socialist, dies at 80
November 30Tiny Tim, [Herbert Khaury], entertainer (Tip Toe), dies at 71
December 01Barbak Karmal, politician, dies at 67
December 01Irving Gordon, songwriter, dies at 81
December 02Penelope Jessel, politcal activist, dies at 76
December 03Babrak Karmal, PM of Afghanistan (1980-81), dies
December 03Det Glynn, teacher/anti-apartheid activist, dies at 84
December 03George Duby, historian, dies at 77
December 04Basil Nield, judge/politician, dies at 83
December 04Muriel Monkhouse, Red Cross worker, dies at 86
December 05Peter Hall, folklorist/musician, dies at 60
December 05Wilf Carter, country singer, dies at 91
December 06Bryan Clieve Roberts, lawyer/civil servant, dies at 83
December 06[Alvin] Pete Rozelle, commissioner (NFL), dies at 70
December 07Eugene Izzi, mystery writer, hangs himself at 43
December 07Jose Donoso, writer, dies at 72
December 08Howard E Rollins Jr, actor (Ed Harding-Another World), dies at 46
December 08Marin Sorescu, poet/dramatist, dies at 60
December 09Alain Emile Louis Marie Poher, politician, dies at 87
December 09Alain Poher, French pres of European Parliament (1966-69), dies
December 09Anne Bolt, photo-journalist/trade unionist, dies at 84
December 09Faron Young, country singer, commits suicide at 64
December 09Ivor Roberts-Jones, sculptor, dies at 83
December 09Mary Douglas Nichol Leakey, archaeologist/anthropologist, dies at 83
December 09Raphael Samuel, historian, dies at 32
December 10Faron Young, country singer/actor (Hidden Guns), commits suicide at 34
December 10John Duffey, bluegrass musician, dies at 62
December 11Herbert Sally Frankel, economist, dies at 93
December 11Robert Bromston Thesiger Daniell, soldier, dies at 95
December 11W G G Duncan-Smith, fighter pilot, dies at 82
December 11William George Rushton, actor (TW3)/author/cartoonist, dies at 59
December 12Gerald Ian Lacey, architect/town planner, dies at 70
December 12Jack Perry, businessman, dies at 81
December 12Jean-Pierre Guerlain, cosmetics pioneer, dies at 91
December 12Michael Geoffrey Corcos, medical researcher, dies at 77
December 12Vance Oakley Packard, writer (Hidden Perseuders), dies at 82
December 13Cao Yu, dramatist, dies at 86
December 13Charles Edwin Molnar, computer pioneer, dies at 61
December 13Edward Blishen, writer teacher/broadcaster, dies at 76
December 13Mae Barnes, singer, dies at 89
December 14Alan Hargreaves, climber, dies at 92
December 14Norman Hackforth, broadcaster, dies at 88
December 15Gerald Moverley, priest, dies at 74
December 15Guiseppe Dossetti, politician/priest, dies at 83
December 15Laurens jan van der Post, explorer/conservationist, dies at 90
December 16Jean-Pierre Levy, resistance leader, dies at 85
December 16Joe Coral, bookmaker, dies at 92
December 16Quentin Bell, artist author/teacher, dies at 86
December 17Elizabeth Hill, teacher of Salvonic languages, dies at 96
December 17Francesco Siciliani, opera administrator, dies at 85
December 17Irving Caesar, songwriter, dies at 101
December 17Michael Saunders, barrister, dies at 22
December 17Ruby Murray, singer, dies at 61
December 17Stanko Todorov, PM of Bulgaria (1971-81), dies
December 18Arthur Jacobs, musicologist, dies at 74
December 19Marcello Mastroiani, actor (8«, Assassin, Family Diary), dies at 72
December 19Ronald Howard, actor (Hunting Party, Koroshi), dies at 78
December 19Yuli Borisovich Khariton, scientist, dies at 82
December 20Amata Kabua, Pres of Marshall Islands (1979-96), dies
December 20Carl Sagan, scientist (Contact), dies at 62
December 20Roger Peacock), writer, dies at 76
December 21Margaret E Rey, author of children's books, dies at 90
December 21Olga Maria Nicolis di Robilant, patron of the arts, dies at 96
December 22Hetta Empson, artist, dies at 81
December 23Rina Ketty, singer, dies at 85
December 23Ronnie Scott, musician/club-owner, dies at 69
December 24Edward Leadbitter, politician, dies at 77
December 24Nguyen Huu Tho, Pres of Vietnam (1980-81), dies
December 24Peter Dormer, arts writer, dies at 47
December 25Derek Prouse, writer actor/director (Le Scandale), dies at 74
December 25Jon Benet Ramsey, Colo child beauty queen, murdered at 6
December 25Rupert John, gov-gen of Grenadines (1970-76), dies
December 29Alma Birk, journalist/politician, dies at 77
December 29Daniel Raphaeautl Mayer, journalist/resistance leader, dies at 86
December 29Mireille Hartuch, singer/songwriter, dies at 90
December 29Oswald Szemerenyi, philologist, dies at 83
December 29Peggy (Margaret McCrorie) Herbison, politician, dies at 89
December 29Robert Morris, lawyer, dies at 81
December 29Willaim Brown, British TV executive, dies at 67
December 29William Thomas Pennar Davies, poet author/theologian, dies at 85
December 30Jack Nance, actor (Meatballs 4, Whore, Voodoo), murdered at 53
December 30Lew Ayres, screen actor (Salem's Lot, State Fair), dies at 88
December 30Robert Grant-Ferris, politician, dies at 89
December 3161 law enforcement officers, killed by felons in US this year
December 31Ann Susan Hills, freelance journalist, dies at 55
December 31David Sinclair, actor (Love & Hate), dies at 62
December 31Frederico Davia, opera singer, dies at 63
December 31Michael Roberts, historian, dies at 88
December 31Phillip Edmund Clinton Manson-Bahr, tropical mediciner, dies at 85

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