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Obituaries of the 90s, 1994

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This is a list of people who died during 1994.

January 01Cesar Romero, US actor (Joker-Batman), dies at 86
January 01Werner Schwab, Austrian playwright (Female Presidents), dies at 35
January 02Caesar Romero, actor (Joker-Batman), dies at 86
January 02Dixy Lee Ray, chairwoman (US Atomic Energy Comm), dies at 79
January 02Pierre-Paul Schweitzer, French director of IMF (1963-73), dies at 81
January 02Sammy Taft, Canadian businessman (coined term "hat trick"), dies at 81
January 03Roel Bazen, Dutch sound technician (Van Kooten & The Bie), dies at 48
January 04Jim Booth, New Zealand producer (Heavenly Creatures), dies at 48
January 04Michiel P "Michael" Gorsira, Gov of Cura‡ao (1951-67), dies at 80
January 05Brian Johnston, cricketer (BBC radio commentator for 40 yrs), dies
January 05Louis R J Ridder van Rappard, Dutch mayor of Zoelen, dies at 87
January 05Thomas P "Tip" O'Neill, (D-Ma)/Speaker of House (1977-86), dies at 81
January 05Victor van Os, Dutch jazz guitarist, dies at 39
January 05William Raynor, writer, dies at 73
January 06"Iron" Adriaan van Es, Dutch undersec of Navy (1963-72), dies at 80
January 06Gerardus J Sizoo, physicist/director of Dutch Free University, dies
January 06Morty the Moose, (Northern Exposure), dies at 6
January 06Tip O'Neill, speaker of the house, dies of cancer
January 06Virginia Kelley Clinton, Mother of Pres Clinton, dies at 70
January 07Bobby Pratt, jazz Trombone/Piano Player, dies at 67
January 07Jay Blackton, broadway Conductor (Oklahoma!), dies at 84
January 07Lewis Boddington, aerospace Engineer, dies at 85
January 07Lynn Blessing, vibes Player, dies at 65
January 07Phoumi Vongvichit, pres of Laos (1986-91), dies
January 07Vittorio Mezzogiorno, actor (Cafe Express), dies of heart failure 52
January 08Edward Duke, actor (Decadence, Silver Bears), dies of cancer at 40
January 08Harvey Haddix, pitcher (12 perfect inning game), dies at 68
January 08Jay Blackton, US conductor/arranger (Oklahoma!), dies at 84
January 08Lady Caithness, wife of Brit undersecretary, commits suicide
January 08Pat Buttram, actor (Haney-Green Acres), dies of kidney failure at 78
January 08Sri Chandrashekhara Saraswathi, guru of Kanchi, dies at 99
January 08Vittorio Mezzogiorno, Italian actor (Octopus), dies at 52
January 09Silas Hogan, blues singer/guitarist, dies at 82
January 10Catharina I "Ien" Dales, min of Internal affairs (1989-94), dies at 62
January 10Charles "Chub" Feeney, baseball pres (National League), dies at 72
January 10Michael Aldridge, actor (Murder in the Cathedral), dies at 73
January 11John Bradley, raised US flag at Iwo Jima, dies at 70
January 11Roger "Ram" Ramirez, jazz piano player/composer, dies at 80
January 12Bob Horen, dies of cancer at 67
January 12Samuel Bronston, Romanian/US producer (El Cid), dies at 85
January 13Frederick William Sternfield, musicologist, dies at 79
January 13Johan J Holst, Norwegian min of defense/foreign affairs, dies at 56
January 14Esther Ralston, US actress (Tin Pan Alley, SF Docks), dies at 91
January 14Federica Montseny, anarchist/Sp minister of Health (1936), dies at 80
January 15Gy”rgy Cziffra, Hungarian/French pianist (Chopin/Liszt), dies at 72
January 15Harry Nilsson, rock vocalist (Everybody's Talkin'), dies at 52
January 15Philippe Brun, jazz trumpeter, dies at 85
January 16Harry Nilsson, singer/Songwriter, dies at 52
January 16Martin Kosleck, German/US actor (Hitler Gang), dies at 86
January 16No‰l For‚, Belgian cyclist (Paris-Roubaix 1959), dies at 61
January 16Stephen Kritsick, veterinarian (Good Morning America), dies at 42
January 17Allan G Odell, Ad exec (Burma Shave), dies at 90
January 17Chung Il Kwon, PM of S Korea (1964-70), dies
January 17Grady "Fats" Jackson, tenor Sax Player, dies at 66
January 17Han Jansen, Dutch journalist (Volkskrant), dies at 61
January 17Klaas Peereboom, Dutch sports reporter (Het Parool), dies at 77
January 17Noel Chiboust, trumpeter/sax, dies at 84
January 18Arthur Altman, songwriter, dies at 83
January 20Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Kenyan vice-pres (1963-66), dies at about 81
January 20Matt Busby, Scottish soccer coach (Manchester United), dies at 84
January 21Basel al-Assad, Syrian pres Assad son, dies in car accident at 31
January 22Frances Gifford, dies of emphysema, at 71
January 22Irving B Kahn, inventer (teleprompter), dies at 76
January 22Jean-Louis Barrault, French actor (La Ronde), dies at 83
January 22Telly Savalas, actor (Kojak), dies of prostate cancer at 70
January 23Nikolai Ogarkov, Russian marshal (Flight KAL 007), dies at 76
January 23Oliver Smith, US set designer (Guys & Dolls-7 Tony Awards), dies at 75
January 23Sherry Mathis, actress (Search for Tomorrow), dies of cancer at 44
January 23Suzanne M Blum, French lawyer (Charlie Chaplin), dies at 95
January 24Michalis Vranopoulos, head of Greek state bank, murdered at 48
January 25Stephen Cole Kleene, mathematician (Regular Expressions), dies at 85
January 27Claude Akins, actor (Rio Bravo, Lobo), dies of cancer at 75
January 27Eddie Calhoun, jazz Bassist, dies at 72
January 27Joe Mays, actor (Mr Saturday Night), dies of AIDS at 44
January 27Stanley Adams, songwriter, dies at 86
January 28Hal Smith, actor (Otis Campbell-Andy Griffith Show), dies at 77
January 28Hermanus P "Piet" Mulder, Dutch journalist (Het Parool), dies at 79
January 28William Levitt, builder (Levittown), dies of kidney failure at 86
January 29Jevgeni P Leonov, Russian actor (Gori, Moja Zvezda), dies at 67
January 29Nick Cravat, midget (Gremlin-Twilight Zone), dies of lung cancer at 81
January 29Ulrike Maier, olympic skier, breaks neck during world cup skiing at 26
January 30Bahjat Talhouni, PM of Jordan (1960-62, 64-65, 67-69, 69-70), dies
January 30Byron "Wild Child" Gipson, blues Singer, dies at 64
January 30Ernestine "Tiny" Davis, jazz vocalist/trumpeter, dies at 86
January 30Jan L N Schaefer, Dutch undersecretary of Housing (PvdA), dies at 53
January 31Pierre Boulle, French writer (Executioner), dies at 81
February 01Fouad Fram al-Boustani, Lebanese historian (Rawaeaa), dies at 88
February 01Olan Soule, radio voice (Super Friends), dies of lung cancer at 83
February 02John Wesley Funchess Littlejohn, blues guitarist/singer, dies at 62
February 02Stephen Barclay, actor (Pride of the Plains), dies at 75
February 02Willie Mae Ford Smith, gospel Singer/Songwriter, dies at 89
February 02Zilner T Randolph, jazz Trumpeter/ Arranger, dies at 95
February 04Han Jansen, Dutch painter, dies at 62
February 04Harold Schneider, US producer (5 Easy Pieces, War Games), dies at 55
February 04Jan Veldkamp, Dutch geophysicist/director (KNMI), dies at 84
February 04Justinus Darmojuwono, Indonesian archbishop/cardinal, dies at 79
February 05Fred de Bruyne, Flemish cyclist/gang leader (Paris-Nice), dies at 63
February 05Hermann Abs, German banker to Hitler & Adenauer, dies at 92
February 05Kenneth "Buddy" Scott, blues guitarist/Singer, dies at 59
February 06Ignace Strasfogel, Polish/US pianist/conductor/composer, dies at 84
February 06Jack Kirby, cartoonist (X-Men, Spiderman, Hulk), dies at 76
February 06Joseph Cotten, actor (Citizen Kane), dies at 88
February 06Norman Del Mar, conductor/writer (Conducting Brahms), dies at 74
February 07Maarten Vrolijk, Dutch soc-dem minister (CRM 1965-66), dies at 74
February 07Richard Bissell, US under director of CIA (Pig's Bay), dies at 84
February 08Jacob Firet, Dutch theologist (Agogic Moment), dies at 70
February 08Ken Hall, Australian director/producer (Kokoda front line), dies at 92
February 08Raymond Scott, composer (Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm), dies at 85
February 09Arnold Smith, Brit 1st sec-gen of Commonwealth (1965-75), dies at 79
February 09Jarmila Novotna, Czech/US soprano (Madame Butterfly), dies at 86
February 09Louis Kaufman, US violinist/conductor (Gone with the Wind), dies at 88
February 11Antonio Martin, Spanish cyclist, dies in cycling accident at 23
February 11Sorrell Brooke, actor (Mayor Hogg-Dukes of Hazzard), dies at 64
February 11William Conrad, actor (Cannon), dies of a heart attack at 73
February 12Donald Judd, US furniture maker/architect/artist, dies at 65
February 13Jack Kirby, cartoonist (Marvel Comics), dies at 76
February 13Michael Francis Morris Lindsay, orientalist, dies at 84
February 13Theo Bitter, Dutch painter/set designer, dies at 79
February 14Christopher Lasch, author (Culture of Narcissism), dies at 61
February 14Gary "BB" Coleman, blues vocal/guitarist/producer, dies at 47
February 15Andrei Tsjikatilo, [Rostov Ripper], Russian mass murdered, executed
February 15Tiger Haynes, US actor (Moscow on the Hudson, Cosby Show), dies at 79
February 17Randy Shilts, US journalist (& the band played on), dies of AIDs at 41
February 18Peter Caddy, founder of the Findhorn Community, dies at 76
February 19Derek Jarman, actor/director (Tempest), dies of AIDS at 52
February 19Georges Watin, Algerian/French officer (OAS), dies at 71
February 19Renske Vellinga, Dutch speed-skater, dies in auto-accident at 19
February 20Derek Jarman, English director (Last of England), dies at 52
February 20Manuel F "Garincha" dos Santos, soccer player (Brazil), dies at 49
February 21Frederick Edward Nicklin, architect, dies at 68
February 21William Elgin Swinton, child Psychiatrist, dies at 54
February 22"Papa" John Creach, US jazz musician (Papa Blues), dies at 76
February 23Stuart Berger, doctor (Immune Power Diet), dies from obesity at 40
February 24Dinah Shore, singer (Chevrolet), dies of cancer at 76
February 24Donald Phillips, pianist/composer, dies at 80
February 24Jean Sablon, crooner, dies at 87
February 24Knut Anders Haukfield, SOE Operative, dies at 83
February 24Lores Bonney, aviator, dies at 96
February 25Baruch Goldstein, physician/murderer (53 in mosque), lynched at 42
February 25Hugh Tayfield, cricketer (170 wickets for S Afr in 37 Tests), dies
February 25Jersey Joe Walcott, boxer, dies at 80
February 25Wladyslaw Sila Lawyer Adviser to Solidarity-Nowicki, dies at 80
February 25Yann Piat, French MP (FN/PR), murdered at 44
February 26Avery Fisher, US audio manufacturer (1st hi-fi), dies at 87
February 26Leopold "Hans" Kohr, Austrian social philosopher, dies at 84
February 26William "Bill" M Hicks, comedian, dies at 32
February 27Harold Acton, English/Italian historian/art collector, dies at 84
February 27Karl I Pelgrom, Dutch sculptor, dies at 66
February 27Laurence "Bill" Craigie, jet pioneer, dies at 92
February 27Leopold "Hans" Kohr, Austria social philosopher/economist, dies at 84
February 28Aisin Giorro Pu Chieh, brother of Last Emperor of China, dies at 86
February 28Buster Holmes, chef/restaurateur, dies at 88
February 28Elbert "Skippy" Williams, tenor Sax player, dies at 77
February 28George Osborne Sayles, historian, dies at 92
February 28Leopoldina Poldi Feichtegger Gerhard, dies at 90
February 28Pu Yi, brother of last Chinese emperor, Pu Yi, dies at 87
March 01Eliseo Diego, Cuban poet, dies at 74
March 01Jacob "Jimmy" Herman Huizinga, journalist/writer, dies at 75
March 01Manmohan Desai, filmmaker, dies at 57
March 01Timothy Andrew James Souster, composer Musician, dies at 51
March 01Walter Kent, US composer (I'll Be Home for Christmas), dies at 82
March 02Donald McKenzie MacKinnon, philosopher, dies at 80
March 02Tengiz Abuladze, filmmaker, dies at 70
March 03Anita Morris, actress (Nine), dies of cancer at 50
March 03Bob Crisp, cricketer (9 Tests for S Afr, 20 wickets at 37 35), dies
March 03Karel Kryl, folk singer, dies at 49
March 04Guus Verstraete Sr, Dutch actor/dir (2 Drops of Water), dies at 79
March 04John Candy, actor (SCTV, Uncle Buck), dies from a heart attack at 43
March 05Abdullah Al-Sallal, pres of Yemen (1962-67), dies
March 05Joe Daley, jazz tenor/clarinet/flute player, dies at 75
March 05Paul Vincze, medallist, dies at 86
March 06Leighton Noble, singer/Bandleader, dies at 81
March 06Max Schubert, winemaker, dies at 89
March 06Melina Mercouri, Greek actress (Never on a Sunday), dies at about 68
March 06Moses Rascoe, blues singer, dies at 77
March 06Tengis Abuladze, Georgia SSR MP (Penalty), dies at 71
March 08John Ewart, Sydney Australia, dies of cancer at 55
March 08Joop C Swart, publisher/founder (World Press Photo), dies at 69
March 08Knut Haukelid, Norway/US resistance fighter (Rjukan 1943), dies at 82
March 09Charles Bukowski, author/poet, dies of leukemia at 73
March 09Fernando Rey, Spanish actor (French Connection), dies of cancer at 76
March 09John Harrison, South African correspondent (BBC), dies at 48
March 09Lawrence E Spivak, journalist (Meet the Press), dies at 93
March 09Louis Freeman, band leader, dies at 100
March 09Maurice "Moe" Purtill, jazz drummer, dies at 77
March 10Cecil Rolph Hewitt, journalist/policeman, dies at 92
March 10Charles Bukowski, German/US writer (Barfly, Hollywood), dies at 73
March 10Robert Shea, author, dies of cancer
March 11Jacques Doucet, French painter (Mostar Sarajevo), dies at 69
March 12Sandra Paretti, German/Swiss author (Drums of Winter), dies at 59
March 13Danny Barker, US banjo player/guitarist (Bourbon St Black), dies at 85
March 13Edward James "Murt" O'Donoghue, snooker player
March 13Sandra Paretti, romantic novelist, dies at 59
March 14Abdelkader Alloula, Algerian playwright, murdered
March 14Sally Mary Caroline Belfrage, writer, dies at 57
March 15Mae Zetterling, Swedish actress (Night Games), dies at 68
March 17Arthur C Jacobs, poet, dies at 57
March 17Harold Myers, film journalist, dies at 81
March 17Mai Zetterling, actress (Night is My Future), dies of cancer at 68
March 17Walter Janka, German writer (Troubles with Truth), dies at 79
March 19Giuseppe Diana, Italian anti-mafia priest, murdered
March 19Jose Coronel Urtecho, poet, dies at 87
March 21Dack Rambo, actor (Jack Ewing-Dallas), dies from AIDs at 52
March 21Lili Damita, wife of Errol Flynn (Bridge of San Luis Rey), dies at 89
March 21Macdonald Carey, actor (Days of Our Lives), dies of cancer at 81
March 22Dan Hartman, US singer/songwriter (Love Sensations), dies at 42
March 22Igor Aleinikov, Russian director (tractors, air crash), dies at 32
March 22Luther Diamond, radio Personality, dies at 89
March 22Walter Lantz, US cartoonist (Woody Woodpecker), dies at 93
March 23Alvara del Portillo, Spanish Opus Dei bishop, dies at 80
March 23Giulietta Masina, wife of Federico Felini/(La Strada), dies at 74
March 23Jim Moloney, dies of Parkinson's disease
March 23Luis Donaldo Colosio, Mexican pres candidate, assassinated at 44
March 24Edith Porada, art historian/archaeologist, dies at 81
March 24Luis Donaldo Colosio, Mexican politician, assassinated
March 24Tommy Benford, jazz drummer, dies at 88
March 25David Miles Bensuan Economist-Butt, , dies at 79
March 25Michel R Vassallucci, French/Neth publisher (Arena), dies at 32
March 26Constantine Koukouchkine, Russ diplomat. murdered in Algeria at 41
March 26Jan Bor, Dutch violinist/painter, dies at 83
March 27Dennis Hartas, flier, dies at 69
March 28Albert Goldman, US biographer (Lives of John Lennon), dies at 66
March 28Eugene Ionesco, playwright (Rhinoceros, Bald Soprano), dies at 84
March 28John Logan Gorlay, journalist, dies at 74
March 29Bill Travers, actor (Trio, Gorgo, Born Free), dies at 72
March 29Paul Grimault, animator, dies at 89
March 29William Natcher, (Rep-D-Ky), dies at 84
March 30Albert Goldman, rock biographer (Elvis, John Lennon), dies at 66
March 30Sid Weiss, bassist, dies at 79
March 31L‚on J Ramirez Reine, [Degrelle], Belg/Spanish nazi (Rex), dies at 87
April 01Leon Degrelle, Belgium general, dies
April 01Robert Doisneau, French photographer (The Kiss), dies at 81
April 01Rosalind Laura Burke, aviatrix, dies at 86
April 01Stuart Sloan, war hero/test pilot, dies at 72
April 02Richard Davies, actor (Pvt Buckaroo), dies of heart attack at 79
April 03Betty Furness, actress/news consumer reporter (WNBC), dies at 78
April 03Frank G Wells, US director (Walt Disney), dies at 62
April 03Jerome Lejeune, French geneticist (Syndrome of Down), dies at 67
April 03Pat Harper, NYC news anchor (WPIX, WNBC), dies
April 04Olga Lowina, Dutch yodeler (Edelweisskapel), dies at 69
April 04Virginia "Ginny" Simms, actress/singer (Kay Kyser Band), dies at 77
April 05Andre Victor Tchelistcheff, winemaker, dies at 92
April 05Aubrey J Watson Sr, bishop, dies at 65
April 05Marlon Riggs, US writer/director/producer (Ethnic notions), dies at 37
April 05Roy Smeck, guitarist/banjoist, dies at 94
April 06Agatha Uwilingiyimana, Rwanda/1st female PM in Africa, assassinated
April 06Cyprian Niayamira, president of Burundi (1993-94), assassinated
April 06Dick Cary, jazz musician, dies at 77
April 06Juv‚nal Habayarimana, president of Rwanda (1973), assassinated
April 06Patricia Louise Dalton, chair (Sherlock Holmes Society), dies at 75
April 06Theo Bosch, humanist/architect (Amsterdam), dies at 54
April 07Agathe Uwilingiyimana, PM of Rwanda, assassinated
April 07Angelus Gottfried "Golo" Mann, German/US historian, dies at 85
April 07Arthur Gordon Clough, journalist, dies at 59
April 07Evert Hartman, Dutch writer (War Without Friends), dies at 56
April 07Fran‡ois de Grossouvre, Pres Mitterrand advisor, suicide at 76
April 07Kurt Cobain, grunge rocker (Nirvana), commits suicide by gun at 27
April 07Lee Brilleaux, British R&B-singer/guitarist (Stupidity), dies at 41
April 08Frank Wells, president (Disney), dies in helicopter crash
April 08Irene Eisinger, singer, dies at 91
April 08Kurt Donald Cobain, musician, dies at 27
April 08Walter Arnold, Germ theologist (World council of Churches), dies at 64
April 09Cornelis N "Cor" van Dis Jr, Dutch MP (1971-94), dies at 71
April 09Keith Watson, British comic strip artist (Dan Dare), dies at 59
April 09Marcel Ichac, French alpinist/director (Karakoram), dies at 87
April 09Raouf Khayrat, Egyptian general-major, murdered
April 10James L Lyons, jazz promoter, dies at 77
April 10Victor Afanasiev, Rus editor-in-chief of Pravda (1976-89), dies at 71
April 11Johan Block, Dutch aviation pioneer (Martinair/Transavia), dies at 64
April 12Harry la Fontaine, Danish/US resistance fighter/producer, dies at 81
April 12Jean Carmet, dies at 72
April 12Q T Macon, blues vocal/guitar, dies at 60
April 13Donald Benjamin Harden, archaeologist, dies at 92
April 13Nikolai Afanasyevich Kryuchkov, actor (Telegram), dies at 83
April 13Nikolai Krjoetsjkov, Russian actor (Ballad of Soldatje), dies at 83
April 13P J Engels, Dutch MP (KVP), dies at 70
April 13Robert O van Gennep, Dutch publisher (Guevara, MandŠl), dies at 56
April 13Rudolf Hrusinsky, Czech actor (Short Cut, Golden Eels), dies at 72
April 13Taleb Ali al-Suheil, Iran sheik, murdered in Lebanon at 64
April 14Harry Touw, Dutch comic (Fred Hach‚ Show), dies at 70
April 14Selometsi Baholo, vice-premier of Lesotho, murdered
April 15John Curry, English figure skater (Oly-gold-76), dies of AIDS at 44
April 16John McLiam, dies of Parkinson's disease at 75
April 16Ralph Waldo Ellison, US writer (Invisible Man), dies at 80
April 16Ron Vawter, US actor (Roy Cohn, Silence of the Lambs), dies at 45
April 16Samuel Selvon, author, dies at 70
April 17Peter Hacker, US journalist/actor (NBC, Broadcast News), dies at 69
April 18Ken Oosterbroek, South African press photographer, shot dead at 32
April 19Frederick Ferrari, crazy Gang Member, dies at 81
April 19Larry Davis, blues Singer/Guitarist, dies at 57
April 19Louis Simmonds, bookseller, dies at 87
April 19Michael Carreras, film Director, dies at 67
April 19Michel van Rooy, Dutch actor (Doctor Vlimmen, The Attack), dies at 43
April 20Jean Carmet, French actor (Merci la Vie, Le Sucre), dies at 72
April 21Clement Merk, animal trainer, dies at 93
April 22D Nauta, theologist/church historian/lawyer, dies at 96
April 22Denis Pitts, journalist, dies at 64
April 22Jack Alexander Bently, trombonist, dies at 80
April 22Richard Milhous Nixon, 37th President (1969-75), dies of stroke at 81
April 22Schmidt Hans Burkhardt, artist, dies at 89
April 23Cassidy Clinton Cremer, author (John Cremer), murdered at 30
April 23Cecile Dreesmann, son of Anton Dreesmann, dies at 74
April 25David Langton, British actor (Upstairs Downstairs), dies at 82
April 25George Gennimatas, Greek minister of National Economy, dies at 55
April 25Talaat Yassin Hamman, militant Moslem leader, shot dead at 32
April 27Jerome Lejeune, physiologist, dies at 69
April 27John Preston, US writer (Gay House, Big Gay Book), dies at 48
April 27Lynne Frederick Unger, actress (Trail of Pink Panther), dies at 39
April 29Bill Quinn, US actor (Quinn Brothers, Birds, Lucky Stiff), dies at 81
April 29Erik Erikson, anthropologist, dies at 53
April 29Oscar Sheldon A Williams, artist/critic, dies at 74
April 30David Langton, dies of a heart at 81
April 30Ferdinando Scarfiotti, Italian set designer (Last Emperor), dies at 53
April 30Geoffery Michael Roberts, vintner, dies at 46
April 30Richard McClure Scarry, US kid book illustrator/writer, dies at 74
April 30Roland Ratzenberger, Austrian race car driver, dies in crash at 31
May 01Ayrton Senna, Brazilian Grand prix driver, dies in crash at 34
May 01Imre Gy”ngy”ssy, Hungarian director, dies at 64
May 02Louis Calaferte, writer (Requiem of the Innocents), dies at 65
May 02Wilson Charles Geoffery Baldwin, hero, dies at 75
May 03Gustaaf AWC baron van Hemert Dingshof, mayor of Maarn, dies at 78
May 03Haty Tegelaar-Boonacker, Dutch MP (CDA), dies at 63
May 03Milford Dolliole, pioneer jazz drummer, dies at 90
May 03Richard Scarry, author/illustrator of children's books, dies at 74
May 04Karl Francis Hettinger, onion Field survivor, dies at 59
May 05Hein Salomonson, architect, dies at about 83
May 05Joe Layton, director (Richard Pryor Live on Sunset Strip), dies at 63
May 06Fred Sadoff, actor (Quiet American), dies of AIDS at 67
May 06Haskell "Cool Papa" Sadler, blues singer/guitarist, dies at 59
May 06Helen Lessore, artist, dies at 86
May 06Montague Modlyn, broadcaster, dies at 72
May 06Moses Rosen, Romania's chief rabbi, dies at 81
May 07Clement Greenberg, US art critic (Art & Culture), dies at 85
May 07Margaret Skeete, oldest American, dies at 115
May 08Cobina W "Coby" Molenaar, peace activist, dies at 88
May 08George Peppard, actor (Breakfast at Tiffanys, A-Team), dies at 65
May 08Rupert Haselden, journalist/screenwriter, dies at 36
May 08Steven Keats, actor (Death Wish), dies of apparent suicide at 48
May 10John Wayne Gacy, mass murderer, executed in Illinois at 52
May 10Lucebert [J Swaanswijk], poet/cartoonist (PC Hooft 1967), dies at 69
May 10Phyllis Flowerdew, school Reading text author, dies at 81
May 11Alfred James Broomhall, methodist Missionary, dies at 82
May 11Danny Overbea, blues singer/guitarist, dies at 68
May 11Leonard Friedman, violinist, dies at 63
May 11Lewis B Puller, US writer (Pulitzer 1992), commits suicide at 48
May 11Timothy Carey, dies of stroke at 64
May 12Alfred Lane Beit, connoisseur, dies at 91
May 12David Brooks, psychologist, dies at 91
May 12Helen Lee Mai, Hong Kong actress, dies at 63
May 12John Smith, British Labour Party chairman (1992-94), dies at 55
May 12Xenophon Balaskas, cricketer (9 Tests for S Africa, 22 wkts), dies
May 13Arthur Basil Cotle, medievalist, dies at 77
May 13Duncan Hamilton, driver, dies at 74
May 13Ruth Gillette, actress (Wild Gold), dies of cancer at 88
May 14Leonard Teale, Australian actor/reciter (Homicide), dies
May 15Frederik baron van Pallandt, Danish singer (Nina & F), murdered at 61
May 15Gilbert Roland, Mexican/US actor (Armand in Camille), dies at 88
May 15Ronnie Potsdammer, singer/song/text writer/programmer, dies at 71
May 15Royal Dano, actor (Ghoulies 2), dies of a heart attack at 71
May 15[Henry] John Baker, resistance fighter/journalist (Slogan), dies at 79
May 16Alain Cuny, actor (Lovers, Emanuelle, Camille Claudel), dies
May 16Barbara Jean Jones, fictional character on General Hospital, dies at 7
May 16Phani Majumdar, film director, dies at 82
May 16Vasek Simek, Czech/US actor (Green Card, Mistress), dies at 66
May 17Alain Cuny, [Ren‚ X Marie], French actor (La Dolce Vita), dies at 85
May 17Andrew Brown, film Producer, dies at 55
May 17Donald Keith Falkner, singer, dies at 94
May 17Willian Noel Moffat, architect, dies at 82
May 19Henry Morgan, TV panalist (To Tell the Truth), dies of cancer at 74
May 19Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, 1st lady (1961-63), dies of cancer at 64
May 19Jacques Cesar Ellul, writer, dies at 82
May 19Luis Ocana, Span cyclist (Tour de France 1973), commits suicide at 48
May 20Dallas Pratt, collector, dies at 79
May 20Ronald Russell, actor/manager (We Are Angels), dies at 83
May 20Vivien John, artist, dies at 79
May 21Cliff Wilson, snooker player, dies at 60
May 21Forsyth Hardy, documentary film pioneer, dies at 84
May 21Giovanni Goria, PM of Italy (1987-88), dies
May 21John Henry Weidner, Dutch/US resistance fighter, dies at 81
May 21John Weidner, war hero, dies at 71
May 22Frederick Hemming McClintock, criminologist, dies at 68
May 22Mitacq, [Michel Tacq], Belg comic strip artist (Beaver Patrol), dies
May 23Carl Althoff, German circus director, dies at 82
May 23Joe Pass, US jazz guitarist (The Trio), dies at 65
May 24Jean-Pierre E Plooij, Dutch writer (Bird House), dies at 48
May 24John Barrington Wain, author, dies at 69
May 24Sandor Lakatos, Hungarian violist/orchestra leader, dies at 69
May 24Yehuda Mor-Mirkovsky, Israeli kibbutz-founder, dies at 96
May 25Eric Gale, guitarist, dies at 55
May 26George Wildman Ball, under minister of Foreign affairs, dies at 84
May 26Sonny Sharrock, US free-jazz guitarist, dies at 53
May 26Warren Harding "Sonny" Sharrock, jazz Guitarist, dies at 53
May 27Norman Cook, British museum curator, dies at 87
May 27Red Rodney, [Albino Red/The Red Arrow], bebop-trumpeter, dies at 66
May 27Theo Swagemakers, portrait painter, dies at 95
May 28Julius Boros, pro golfer (US Open 1952), dies of heart attack at 74
May 28Rita Gillespie, tV Director, dies at 65
May 29Erich Honecker, president of German DR (1971-89), dies in Chile at 81
May 29Ezra Taft Benson, min of Agr/leader of mormon (1985-94), dies at 94
May 29Harry Levin, literary Scholar, dies at 81
May 29Jose Bohr, actor (El Traidor, Sueno de Amor), dies at 92
May 29Joseph Janni, producer, dies at 78
May 29Oliver "Bops Junior" Jackson, drummer, dies at 61
May 30Baron Marcel Bich, inventor (Bic Pen), dies at 79
May 30Ezra Taft Benson, 13th head of Mormon Church, dies at 94
May 30Jean Gattegno, translator/scholar, dies at 58
May 30Juan Carlos Onetti, Uruguayan writer (La vida breve), dies at 85
May 30Marcel Bich, Italian/French baron/pen manufacturer (Bic), dies at 79
May 31Doug Freeman, cricketer (2 Tests of leg-spin for NZ 1933), dies
May 31Emmanuel "Manny" Klein, trumpeter, dies at 86
May 31Herva Nelli, soprano, dies at 85
May 31Sidney Gilliat, British screenwriter/director, dies at 86
June 01Frances Heflin, actress (Mona Tyler-All My Children), dies at 70
June 01Juan J H Rovira, Spanish general, murdered
June 01Willem C L "Wim" van der Grinten, lawyer/KVP-politician, dies at 80
June 03Hub Matthijsen, violinist/bandmaster, dies at 52
June 03Jack Cowie, cricketer (9 Tests for NZ, 45 wkts at 21 53), dies
June 03Parmeso Emekrasha, buddhist Monk, dies
June 03Roger Wolcott Sperry, physicist, dies at 89
June 04Derek Lek Leckenby, rock guitarist (Herman's Hermits), dies at 48
June 04Earle Warren, alto Sax Player, dies at 79
June 04Horace "Stephen" McNally, attorney/actor (Johnny Belinda), dies at 80
June 04Massimo Troisi, Italian actor/director (Ricomincio da tre), dies at 41
June 04Roberto Burle Marx, landscape gardener, dies at 84
June 04Sophie Winter, actress (She's a Good Fighter), dies at 33
June 04Thomas Stuart Willan, historian, dies at 84
June 04Toto Bissainthe, voodoo poet, dies at 59
June 05Ish Kabbible, [Merwyn A Bogue], cornetist (Kay Kyser), dies at 86
June 05Thomas Millar, historian, dies at 67
June 06Barry Sullivan, actor (Great Gadsby), dies at 81
June 06John Morey Downs, actor/dancer/singer, dies at 80
June 06John Slot, mayor of Eethen/Hardenberg/Ede, dies
June 06Johnny Morey Downs, actor/singer (Algiers, Red Head), dies at 80
June 06Mark McManus, actor (Ned Kelly), dies of pneumonia at 59
June 06Peter Graves, English actor (Derby Day/Admirable Crichton), dies at 82
June 06Willie Humphrey, jazz clarinetist, dies at 93
June 07Barry Sullivan, actor (Streets of SF, Oh, God!), dies at 81
June 07Dennis Potter, British TV writer (Pennies from Heaven), dies at 59
June 07Joseph Ruzindana, Rwandian bishop of Bjumba, murdered
June 07Stuart Havelock Hollingdale, anthropologist, dies at 42
June 07Thadd‚ Nsengijumva, chairman of Rwandan bishop's conference, murdered
June 07Vincent Nsengijumva, Rwandan archbishop of Kigali, murdered
June 08William Marshall, actor/director (Santa Fe Trail), dies at 86
June 09Angela Lakeberg, siamese twin, dies at 11 months
June 09Dhirendra Bhramachari, [Flying Swami], hindu leader, dies at 70
June 09Jan Tinbergen, Dutch economist (Plan of Labor, Nobel 1969), dies at 91
June 09Lloyd Lindroth, the Liberace of the Harp, dies at 63
June 10Edward Kienholz, US sculptor (Back seat of a '38 Dodge), dies at 66
June 10Mary Maxwell Gates, philanthropist/mother of Bill Gates, dies at 64
June 11Christopher Collins, actor (True Identity), dies after illness at 44
June 11Herbert Anderson, actor (Henry-Dennis The Menace), dies at 77
June 11Jack Hannah, animator, dies at 90
June 11Kitty Rosalind Muggeridge, author, dies at 90
June 12Menachem Mendel Schneerson, Lubavitcher leader (1950-94), dies at 92
June 12Nicole Brown Simpson, ex-wife of OJ, murdered at 35 (probably by OJ)
June 12Otto Roesch, paleontologist, dies at 93
June 12Ron Goldman, waiter, murdered with wife of OJ Simpson at 27
June 13Anne Aitken, student of Zen, dies at 83
June 13Igor Youskevitch, dancer, dies at 82
June 13James Pollack, US room designer, dies at 55
June 13Nadia Gray, actress (Naked Runner, Maniac, Candide), dies at 71
June 14Denys Hay, historian, dies at 78
June 14Harry "Little" Caesar, blues singer/actor (City Heat), dies at 66
June 14Henry Mancini, composer (Pink Panther, Moon River), dies at 70
June 14Lionel Grigson, professor of Jazz, dies at 52
June 14Marcel Mouloudji, French actor/chansonnier (Le D‚serteur), dies at 71
June 14Marianne Kunvari, writer, dies at 81
June 14Mark Alexander Lees, rowing Coach, dies at 38
June 14Michel Vitold, Russian/French actor (Madame et le Mort), dies at 78
June 14Simon Prior, British auto maker, dies of injuries
June 15David Lawson, executed in NC (wanted execution shown on Donahue)
June 15Kristen Pfaff, US bass guitarist (Hole-Live through this), dies at 24
June 15Manos Hadjidakis, Greek composer (Never on Sunday), dies at 68
June 15Nadia Gray, actress (La Dolce Vita, Naked Summer), dies at 70
June 16Boris Alexandrov, conductor (Red Army Song/Dance Ensemble, dies at 88
June 16Eileen Way, actress (Les Miserables, Rainbow, Vikings), dies at 82
June 16Terence de Vere White, novelist/critic, dies at 82
June 17Joeri Nagibin, Russian screenwriter (Babje Karstvo), dies at 74
June 18Jack Harkness, rose grower, dies at 75
June 19Christopher Clarkson, test Pilot, dies at 92
June 19Jocelyn Olaf Hambro, financier, dies at 75
June 19Ronald Batty, bookseller, dies at 82
June 20Bram Koopmans, cyclist/coach, dies at 78
June 20Charlotte Auerbach, computer pioneer/mathematician, dies at 84
June 20Emmanuel Bankole Timothy, journalist, dies at 70
June 20Louis Benjamin, showman, dies at 71
June 21Mark Robert Isfeld, combat Engineer, dies at 31
June 22Jack Davies, screenwriter, dies at 80
June 23Alan Frank, music publisher, dies at 83
June 23Piet van Elk, cartoonist, dies at 74
June 23Stanley Gebler Davies, journalist/drinker, dies at 50
June 24Leonarda da Vinci MacLaren, founder of the LSE, dies at 83
June 25Louis-Robert Casterman, Belgian publisher (Kuifje), dies at 74
June 25Robert Millar, journalist, dies at 72
June 26A "Bob" den Doolaard, author (Inn with the horseshoe), dies at 93
June 26Ian Board, barkeeper, dies at 64
June 26Jaharna Imam, Bangladeshi writer/political activist, dies at 65
June 26Roelof Kiers, VPRO-programmer/director (Macchiavelli), dies at 56
June 26Thomas henry Wait Armstrong, organist, dies at 96
June 27Jeremy Brooks, writer, dies at 67
June 28Fredericka Carolyn Washington, actress (Black & Tan), dies at 90
June 28William A Henry III, critic (Time Mag), dies of heart attack at 44
June 29Cameron Mitchell, actor (Man on Tightrope), dies of lung cancer at 76
June 29Kurt Eichhorn, conductor, dies at 85
June 29Ray Crane, trumpeter, dies at 63
June 30Nicholas Warner, test Pilot, dies at 51
July --Terry Scott, dies of cancer, dies at 57
July 01Johanna Ader-Appels, resistance fighter/author, dies
July 02Andres Escobar, Colombia world cup soccer star, shot for losing to US
July 02Marion Williams, gospel singer, dies of diabetes at 66
July 02Maung Maung, premier of Burma (1988), dies at 69
July 02Ralph C Rinzler, folklorist (Greenbriar Boys), dies at 59
July 03Felix Kelly, artist, dies at 80
July 03Harry Ebbeling, PC-corrector, dies at 54
July 03Lewis A "Lew" Hoad, tennis star (Wimbledon 1953, 56), dies at 59
July 03Pieter Hennipman, Dutch economist, dies at 85
July 04Arthur Berry, artist, dies at 69
July 04Juan Gil Poet-Albert, dies at 90
July 04Liesbeth Struppert, actress (Pipo the Clown, Anne Frank), dies at 55
July 04Rupert Davies, methodist scholar, dies at 84
July 04Tawfik Ziad, Palestinian communist/Israeli MP/mayor of Nazareth, dies
July 05Ad Gang, Dutch Liberal Party asst sec of state, dies at 67
July 06Cameron Mitchell, actor (High Chapparral), dies of lung cancer at 75
July 06Geoffrey McQueen, TV writer, dies at 46
July 07Anita Garvin, US actress (Sailors Beware), dies at 80
July 07Rosa Chacel, spanish Novelist, dies at 96
July 08Christian-Jaque, French director (Babette s'and va-t-and guerre), dies
July 08Dick Sargent, actor (Darren-Bewitched), dies of cancer at 64
July 08Dominic Lucero, dancer/singer, dies of lymphatic cancer
July 08Kim Il Sung, president of North-Korea (1948-94), dies at 82
July 08Robert E Lee, dies of cancer at 75
July 09Cornelius Boyson, bassist, dies at 57
July 09William "Sabby" Lewis, jazz Pianist/Arranger, dies at 79
July 10Earl Strum, referee (NBA), dies of brain cancer at 66
July 10Otto Bonsema, soccer star/trainer (GVAV, Veendam), dies at 84
July 11Alan David Melville, polymath, dies at 82
July 11Bart Scheepens, actor/director, dies of AIDS at 50
July 11Charles "Lefty" Edwards, saxophonist, dies at 67
July 11Gary Kildall, creator of CP/M, dies at 52
July 11James Topping, author of CP/M, dies at 52
July 11Lex P Humphries, drummer, dies at 57
July 11Savannah, XXX star (Superstars), shoots herself after car crash at 23
July 11Wim Jurg, corrector/chairman (Werelddambond FMJD), dies at 49
July 12David Malcolm Lewis, expert in Greek Epigraphy, dies at 56
July 12Henk Terlingen, radio/TV-host (Sport in Image), dies at 52
July 12James Bysse Joll, historian, dies at 76
July 13Eddie Boyd, blues vocal/pianist, dies at 79
July 13Robert Michael Payton, pizza magnate, dies at 50
July 14Patrick Crommelynck, Belgian pianist, commits suicide
July 14Robert Jungk, German/French/Us/Austrian philosopher/historian, dies
July 14Taeko Kuwata, Japanese/Belgian pianist, commits suicide
July 15Jeanne Bieruma Oosting, Dutch painter/illustrator, dies
July 16M Vink, surgeon (1st Dutch kidney transplant), dies at 78
July 16Madzy Rollin Couquerque, tennis star/international hockey, dies at 91
July 17Jean Borotra, [Flying Basque], Fr tennis star (Davis Cup), dies at 95
July 17S‚bastian Piana, Argentine pianist/tango composer, dies at 91
July 18Gottfried Reinhardt, [Goldmann], German/US director, dies at 83
July 19Christian-Jaque, [Christian Maudet], French director (Nana), dies
July 19Frederik "Frits" van der More, archaeologist/art historian, dies at 87
July 19Gottfried Reinhardt, theatre Producer, dies at 81
July 19Nathan Susskind, Slovak/US linguist (Yiddish), dies at 87
July 19Nick Banton, founder of Body Positive, dies at 37
July 20Kim II Sung, pres of North-Korea (1948-94), buried
July 20Paul Delvaux, Belgian surrealistisch painter, dies at 96
July 20Reginald Hall, endocrinologist, dies at 83
July 21Dorothy Collins, singer (Your Hit Parade), dies at 67
July 21John Ernest, constructionist Artist, dies at 72
July 21Marjorie Dorothy Chandler Collins, jazz singer, dies at 67
July 23Aad Ivens, Dutch checkers player, dies at 80
July 23Hans J Salter, Aust/US composer (Deanna-Durbin musicals), dies at 98
July 23Henry William Collins, artist, dies at 84
July 24Grete Schickedanz, German head mistress, dies at 82
July 24Wangila Napunyi, welterweight boxer (Olympic-gold-1988), dies at 26
July 25John M Dengler, jazz Bass Sax/Trumpet/Trombone, dies at 67
July 26Marino Iandioro, canned tomato pioneer, dies at 64
July 26Thomas Davis, US movie editor/son of MGM-chief Frank D, dies at 26
July 27H Minderop, founder/chairman (TROS-radio/TV), dies
July 27Rosa Chacel, Spanish author, dies at 96
July 27Tatiana Tauer, harpist, dies at 48
July 28Bernard Delfont, Rus/Brit impresario (Thorn EMI), dies at 84
July 28Colin Turnbull, anthropologist, dies at 69
July 28Conrad W M”nnich, theologist (The Away), dies at 79
July 28Selwyn Powell, art Editor, dies at 82
July 29Dorothy Crowfoot-Hodgkin, chemist (B-12, Nobel 1964), dies at 78
July 29Francisco Veguillas, Spanish general, murdered at 68
July 29John Bayard Britton, abortion doctor, killed by Paul Hill
July 30Enid Balint-Edmonds, British psychoanalyst, dies at 90
July 30Henry Mackie, designer of the Belfast Calorimeter, dies at 73
July 30Theo van Scheltinga, skater, dies at 80
July 31Anne Shelton, British singer (Glenn Miller Band), dies at 66
July 31Caitlin Thomas, dies
July 31G de Ru, chairman of Dutch Reformed Synode, dies
July 31Pieter C Buitendijk, co-founder (Free Netherlands), dies at 92
August 01George Dixon, trumpet/sax, dies at 85
August 01Gerard van de Groenekan, furniture maker/designer, dies at 90
August 02Bhagwatpersad Ausan, commandant Suriname military police, dies at 38
August 03Carel van Dillen, resistance fighter, dies at 77
August 03Christy Henrich, US turnster, dies of anorexia nervosa at 22
August 03Innokenti Smoktunovski, Russian actor (Hamlet), dies at 69
August 03John Hidalgo Moya, architect, Designer of Skylon, dies at 74
August 03John van Raay, [John Oradi], radio-imitator (Paul Flanders)
August 04Giovanni Spadolini, Italian historian/journalist, dies at 69
August 04Richard Du Cann, lawyer QC, dies at 65
August 04Sol Adler, economist Sinophile, dies at 85
August 05Amy Sacks, producer (ABC sports, Disney), dies of Lupus at 39
August 05Audrey Langford, sInging teacher, dies at 82
August 05Clive Robertson Caldwell, British fighter pilot, dies at 84
August 05Terry Hibbitt, soccer star, dies at 47
August 06Domenico Modugno, Italian singer (Volare), dies at 66
August 07Robert Hutton, [Winne], US actor (Rocket), dies at 74
August 08Henriette Santer, clinical psychologist, dies at 62
August 08Leonid Leonov, Russian playwright (Russky Lesson), dies at 95
August 08Leonid Maksimovich Leonov, novelist/Playwright, dies at 94
August 08Robin Cavendish, disabled Campaigner, dies at 64
August 09Aartje W "Mien" van It Sant-van Bommel, author, dies at 93
August 09Clarence Ford, sax player, dies at 64
August 09Toby Rowland, theatrical manager, dies at 77
August 10Bill Baker, singer, dies at 58
August 10Kay Petre, early racing driver, dies at 91
August 10Leendert-John Schalm, Dutch banker on Cura‡ao, murdered at 58
August 11Dorothy Lousie Grenfell Williams, broadcaster, dies at 60
August 11Gordon Cullen, architect, dies at 80
August 11Mark "Red" Mitchell, actor (JFK, 8 Seconds, Want to Live), dies at 33
August 11Peter Cushing, actor (Star Wars, Dr Who), dies of cancer at 81
August 12Gene Cherico, bassist, dies at 59
August 12Manfred Salzgeber, German film distributor/publicist, dies at about 51
August 13Manfred W”rner, German general/sec-gen of NATO (1988-94), dies at 59
August 14Bill Cowley, creator (Lyke Wake Walk), dies at 78
August 14Elias Canetti, Bulgaria/British author (Nobel 1981), dies at 89
August 14Joan Harrison, English producer/Alfred Hitchcock's sect, dies at 83
August 14Patrick Meehan, petty Criminal, dies at 67
August 14Tom Greenshields, sculptor, dies at 79
August 15Shepherd Mead, London England, dies of stroke at 80
August 15Simon R Naoli, Tanzanian marathoner, dies in an accident at 28
August 15Wout Wagtmans, cyclist (Rome-Naples-Rome 1957), dies at 64
August 16Earnest Pawel, Polish/US author (Nightmare of Reason), dies at 74
August 16Frits de Knight, photographer, dies of AIDS at 40
August 16Henry Geldzahler, US critic, dies
August 16John Doucette, actor (Fighting Mad, Gang War), dies of cancer at 73
August 17Elias Canetti, buried next to James Joyce
August 17Joseph Paul Jack Sharkey Zukauskas, boxer, dies at 91
August 18Gottlob Frick, singer, dies at 88
August 18Henri Calef, Bulgarian/French director (J‚richo), dies
August 18John Beavan, newspaper Editor, dies at 84
August 18Judy Ann Scott-Fox, agent, dies at 56
August 18Richard Lawrence Millington Synge, chromatographer, dies at 79
August 19John George Hughes, bishop of Kensington, dies at 59
August 19Ladislav Fuks, Czech author (Th‚odore Mundstock), dies at 70
August 19Linus Pauling, Nobel prize scientist (Vitamin C advocate), dies at 93
August 19Nancy Keene Lancaster, US/British architect (Binnen House), dies at 96
August 19Robert Ivanovich Rozhdestvensky, poet, dies at 64
August 19Walter Bartley, biochemist, dies at 78
August 20Aleksander Petrovic, film Director, dies at 65
August 20Kalman Kahana, Polish co-founder of state Israel, dies at 81
August 21Danitra Vance, comedienne (SNL), dies of breast cancer at 35
August 21Hein Fentener van Vlissingen, eccentric millionaire, dies at 73
August 22Leo Lerman, actor/manager/critic (Dance Magazine), dies at 80
August 22Tom Quirke, journalist, dies at 42
August 23Henri Rousselot, admiral, dies at 82
August 23Paolo Volponi, Italian communist/author (Machina Mondiale), dies at 70
August 23Rabah Stambouli, Algerian sociologist/politician, murdered at 65
August 23Richard Jock Kinneir, graphic designer, dies at 77
August 23Zolt n F bri, Hungarian director, dies of heart attack at 76
August 24Jason McRoy, downhill MTB racer, dies at 23
August 24Wijnanda MC "Nan" Aberson, friend of Gerard Van de Reve Sr, dies at 82
August 25Ramdas Nayak, Indies hindu leader/politician, murdered at about 52
August 26Tariq Yunus, actor (Bollywood, Ashanti, Deceivers), dies at 54
August 27Roberto Goyeneche, [El Polaco], Argentine tango singer (Maria), dies
August 28David Wright, poet, dies at 74
August 28Jean-Marie Vincent, Haitian pater, murdered
August 28Pieter de Cort, Belgian rock guitarist (Betty Goes Green), dies at 25
August 29Arthur Ernest Mourant, haematologist, dies at 90
August 29Gladys Marea Hartman, athletics Administrator, dies at 74
August 29Jean-Marie Vincent, Haitian Catholic priest, shot dead
August 29Michael Peters, dies of complications due to AIDS at 46
August 29Phillip Gilmore, actress (Malcolm X), dies at 38
August 29Tushar Kanti Ghosh, longest serving newspaper editor, dies at 93
August 30Lindsay Anderson, British director/critic (If ...), dies at 71
August 30Michael Gribble, film animator (Mike & Spike Festival), dies at 42
August 31Artur Balsam, Polish/US pianist, dies at 88
August 31Barbara Hammer Avedon, scriptwriter, dies at 69
August 31Norman "Doc" Jones, bassist, dies at 68
September 01Clifford Leofric Purdy Bishop, bishop, dies at 88
September 01Pieter C "Piet" Author, sailor/corrector, dies at 71
September 01Wallis Mathias, cricketer (scored 783 in 21 Tests for Pakistan), dies
September 02Detlef Macha, German DR cyclist (5x world champ), dies at 35
September 02Harry Vincent Kemp, poet, dies at 82
September 02Mildred Mcafee Horton, US 1st head mistress of WAVES, dies
September 02Richard M Major, US anti-terror specialist (CIA Red Book), dies at 72
September 02Roy Castle, entertainer, dies at 62
September 03Billy Wright, English soccer player (World Champion 1950), dies at 70
September 03James Aubrey, actor (Riders of the Storm), dies of heart attack at 75
September 03Major Lance, soul singer, dies at 55
September 03Marijke Vetter, Dutch journalist, dies at 82
September 03Nikos Ghika, artist, dies at 88
September 03Roswell Gilbert, who mercy killed his ailing wife, dies at 85
September 03William Ambrose Right, footballer, dies at 70
September 04Laurentius LM "Laurens" van Deenen, (pathed)physiologist, dies at 66
September 04Louis Myers, blues guitarist /harmonica player, dies at 64
September 05Billy Usselton, saxophonist, dies at 68
September 05Edgar Louis Vanderstegen Millington Drake, painter, dies at 62
September 05John Newman, Australian parlement member (Lab), murdered at 47
September 05William Usselton, US tenor saxophonist, dies at 68
September 06Duccio Tessari, Italian director, dies of cancer at 67
September 06James Clavell, author/director (King Rat, Shogun), dies at 69
September 06Max Kaminsky, trumpeter, dies at 85
September 06Nicky Hopkins, rock pianist (Rolling Stones), dies at 50
September 06Wolf Donner, Austrian movie historian/festival director, dies at 55
September 07Dennis Morgan, [Stanley], US actor (21 Beacon Street), dies at 83
September 07Eric John Crozier, producer/librettist, dies at 79
September 07Godfrey Quigley, actor (Barry Lyndon, Educating Rita), dies at 71
September 07James Clavell, author (Shogun, Tai-Pan), dies at 69
September 07Terence Young, British director (Thunderball), dies of at 79
September 08Arthur Rex Alston, British sports commentator, dies at 93
September 08Deborah Bear, Engl still photographer (Pasolini/Fellini), dies at 44
September 08Dennis Morgan, actor (Cattle Town, Canyon Pass), dies at 83
September 08Edna Manilow, mother of singer Barry Manilow, dies at 70 of cancer
September 08John C C "Joop" Wilhelmus, Dutch XXX king (Chick), drowns at 51
September 08Michael Peters, choreographer, dies
September 08Rex Alston, cricketer (distinguished BBC commentator), dies
September 09Keith Davis, voice Tutor/Author, dies at 85
September 09Patrick O'Neal, US actor (King Rat, Night of the Iguana), dies at 66
September 09Roy Castle, actor (Dr Who & the Daleks), dies of lung Cancer
September 10Amy Clampitt, British poet (Silence Opens), dies at 74
September 11Frederick Rand Weissman, philanthropist, dies at 82
September 11Jessica Tandy, actress (Driving Miss Daisy), dies of cancer at 85
September 11Sara Taylor, mother of Elizabeth, dies at 62
September 11William Obanheim, actor (Officer Obie-Alice's Restaurant), dies at 69
September 12Boris B Yegorov, Russian doctor/cosmonaut (Voskhod I), dies at 56
September 12Douglas MacKenzie Davey, psychometrist, dies at 72
September 12Major Bill Smith, record producer, dies at 72
September 12Tom Ewell, [S Yewell Tompkins], US actor (7 Year Itch), dies at 85
September 13John William Stevens, jazz drummer, dies at 54
September 13Kaleria Fadicheva, ballerina, dies at 58
September 13Pieter Zaanen, architect (Musical Trade scholarship, Amsterdam), dies
September 14David van Cup, sculptor/painter, dies at 57
September 15Alain Berdarin, founder/owner of "Crazy Horse Saloon," suicide at 78
September 15Haywood Frank Henry, sax player, dies at 81
September 15H‚l‚na Manson, Venez/French actress (Nude in a White Car), dies at 94
September 15Michael Joyce, stage Manager, dies at 48
September 15Moana Pozzi, XXX actress (Moana Superstar), dies of AIDS at 33
September 16Alain Bernardin, impressario of the Crazy Horse Saloon, dies at 78
September 16Albert de Courtray, French archbishop of Lyon/cardinal, dies at 71
September 16Bernie Lazaroff Leighton, pianist, dies at 73
September 16Dolly Hare, German/British actress (Broken Blossom), dies at 84
September 16Jack Dodson, actor (Howard Sprague-Andy Griffith Show), dies at 63
September 17Henk Figee, author/publisher (Shoes of the Sea), dies at 46
September 17John DeLaFose, zydeco musician, dies at 55
September 17Karl R Popper, philosopher (Poverty of Historianism), dies at 92
September 17Paul Nicholas Young, architect, dies at 47
September 18Franco Moschino, Italian fashion designer, dies at 44
September 18Vitas Gerulaitis, tennis star (Davis Cup 1979), dies at 40
September 19Frankie Kennedy, flute player, dies at 38
September 19Sandra Fisher, painter, dies at 47
September 20Jimmy Hamilton, saxophonist, dies at 77
September 20Jule Styne, Broadway composer (Gypsy, Funny Girl), dies at 88
September 21Arthur Krim, US director (United Artists, Orion Pictures), dies
September 21Oswald "Ossie" Stevens Nock, railway Writer, dies at 69
September 22Forest Cowles Bud Forrest Sagendorf, cartoonist, dies at 79
September 22John Edward Teddy Buckner, trumpeter, dies at 85
September 22Leonard Geoffrey Feather, jazz critic/musician, dies at 80
September 22Mattie Moss Clark, gospel Singer, dies at 69
September 23Alec Dickson, founder of VSO, dies at 80
September 23Ali Kouider Benyahia, [sheik Boualem], Alg Moslem leader, shot at 26
September 23Cherif Gousmi, [kalief Abu Abdallah Ahmed], Alger Moslem leader, shot
September 23Dalton Reed, singer, dies at 42
September 23Georgi, Czar Nicholas II's brother, buried
September 23John van Damme, businessman, hanged in Singapore at 59
September 23Madeleine Renaud, French actress (Longest Day)/director, dies at 94
September 23Robert Bloch, screenwriter (Psycho), dies of cancer at 77
September 24Colin Berry Haycraft, publisher, dies at 65
September 24David Napley, solicitor, dies at 79
September 24Otto F Walther, Swiss publisher/author (Der Stumme), dies at 66
September 25John Richard Ravensdale, historian, dies at 73
September 25Kitty Masters, actress, dies at 92
September 25Ludwig Ferdinand von Hohenzollern, Germ prince of Prussia, dies at 86
September 25Mark Alexander Abrams, market Researcher, dies at 88
September 26Jessie Kesson, author, dies at 77
September 26Maurice Ashley, historian, dies at 87
September 26Miguel Angel Martinez Soto, mariachi, dies at 22
September 27Gerald Bledsoe, DJ (Soul Alive, WWRL), dies of heart attack at 51
September 27Guiseppe Martelli, physicist, dies at 71
September 27Ruth Niehaus, dies
September 28Harry Saltzman, producer (Dr No, Nijinski), dies at 78
September 28Jose Francisco Ruiz Massieu, Mexican PRI-politician, murdered at 48
September 28Juliette Lady Huxley Baillot, author, dies at 96
September 28Warwick Hutton, artist, dies at 55
September 29Cheb Hasni, Algerian singer, murdered at 26
September 29Don Watson, race car driver, dies in an accident at 46
September 29John Heddle Nash, singer, dies at 68
September 29Mehmet Topac, Turkish minister of Justice, murdered
September 30Alex Scott, trainer, Horses, dies at 34
September 30Andre Michel Lwoff, physiologist, dies at 92
September 30Lina Basquette, actress (Night for Crime, Hard Hombre), dies at 87
September 30Roberto Viola, Argentine general/president (1981), dies at 69
October 01Brad O'Hare, dies of complications due to AIDS at 43
October 01Carlos Lleras Restrepo, president of Colombia (1966-70), dies at 86
October 01Karoli Ruth Needles, painter, dies at 54
October 01Scott Dunbar, bluse vocalist/guitarist, dies at 90
October 02Faith Davis, oldest triplets (Charity & Hope survive), dies at 95
October 02Harriet Nelson, actress (Ozzie & Harriet), dies of heart failure at 80
October 02Ronald James Herron, architect, dies at 64
October 03Dennis Wolfberg, comedian (Quantum Leap), dies from cancer at 48
October 03Dub Taylor, actor (Poor Pretty Eddie), dies of a heart attack at 87
October 03Harriet Nelson, actress (Ozzie & Harriet), dies at 80
October 03V, comedian/actor, dies at 48
October 03Virginia Dale, US actress/dancer (Holiday Inn), dies at about 77
October 03Walter C "Dub" Taylor II, US actor (You Can't Take it All), dies at 86
October 04Bill Challis, arranger/Pianist, dies at 90
October 04Daniel Wood Gatton, guitarist, dies at 49
October 04Heinz Rhmann, German actor/dir (Brave Soldier Schwejk), dies at 92
October 07James Hill, director, dies at 75
October 07Niels Kaj Jerne, Danish immunologist (Nobel prize 1984), dies at 82
October 07Paul Swift, US actor (Egg Man in Pink Flamingo), dies of AIDS at 60
October 08Brian Hartley, mathematician, dies at 55
October 08Diana Churchill, actress (Spider, Sally Bishop), dies at 81
October 08John the King, CDA-minister of Social Businesses, dies at 68
October 08Manual Pina, fashion Designer, dies at 50
October 09Andreas van Melsen, philosopher (Evolution & W˜sbegeerte), dies at 81
October 09Fred Lebow, US founder of New York Marathon, dies of cancer
October 09James Hill, English director/screenwriter (Born Free), dies at 75
October 09Joan Dickson, cellist, dies at 72
October 09Raich Carter, footballer, dies at 80
October 10Anna Hauptmann, wife of Lindbergh baby kidnapper Bruno, dies at 95
October 10Chaim Raphael, writer, dies at 86
October 10Danny Gatton, US guitarist, commits suicide at 48
October 10Nikolai Karetnikov, composer, dies at 64
October 10Richard John Copeland Atkinson, archaeologist, dies at 74
October 11Maja Bulgakova, Ukranian actress (Krylja), dies in auto-accident at 62
October 11Nic Jonk, sculptor/painter (Nereus on Zeepaard), dies at 66
October 14Gioconda de Vito, violinist, dies at 87
October 15Hannes Wustinger, Austrian race car driver, dies at 29
October 15Jean Dast‚, French actor (Z‚ro de Conduite, L'Atalante), dies at 90
October 15Karl Edward Wagner, writer, dies at 48
October 15Sarah Kofman, philosopher, dies at 60
October 15Wilhelmus HL "Willem" Tollenaar, actor/director (Elkerlyc), dies at 82
October 16William Henry Swinburne, music teacher, dies at 87
October 17Augustus John "Gus" Risman, rugby League Player, dies at 83
October 17Bernard Caulfield, judge, dies at 80
October 17Dmitri Cholodov, Russian journalist, murdered at 27
October 17Joan Barbara Grigor, artist, dies at 50
October 17Rik van Bentum, painter/art director of Paradiso, dies at 57
October 18Lee Allen, saxophonist, dies at 68
October 18Richard A Garland, artist photographer, dies at 60
October 18WIlliam Faure, producer, dies at 45
October 19Martha Raye, actress (Pin Up Girl), dies after illness at 78
October 19Munavarsjo Nazrijev, vice-president of Tadzjikistan, dies
October 19Oldrich Cernik, Czechoslovakia premier (1968-70), dies at 72
October 19Stanislaw Brunstein, artist, dies at 79
October 20Burt Lancaster, actor (Elmer Gantry), dies of heart attack at 80
October 20Charles Robert Owen Medley, dancer/Choreographer, dies at 88
October 20Eberhard Feik, German actor (Tatort), dies at 50
October 20Ivan Svitak, philosopher, dies at 69
October 20Sergei F Bondartsjoek, actor/director (Waterloo), dies at 74
October 21Edward Moss Hutchinson, educationalist, dies at 85
October 21Jerome Bert Weisner, military Scientist/Disarmer, dies at 79
October 22BenoŒt R‚gent, French actor (Du Bottom du Coeur), dies at 41
October 22Chester WIlliams, painter, dies at 73
October 22David Buchan, ethno-Musicologist, dies at 55
October 22Fabio Grobart, founder (Cuban Communist Party), dies
October 22Harold Horace Hopkins, inventor (Endoscope), dies at 75
October 22Jimmy Miller, pop drummer/singer/producer (Mot”rhead), dies at 52
October 22Rollo May, founder (Humanistic Psychology Movement), dies at 85
October 22Sandy Horn, lesbian Activist, dies at 59
October 23Robert Lansing, actor (Blade Runner, Equalizer), dies of cancer at 66
October 23William Leonard, head (CBS News), dies of a stroke at 78
October 24Alexandr Nikolaievich Shelepin, dir of KGB (1958-61), dies
October 24Gamini Dissanayake, Sri Lankain presidential candidate, murdered
October 24Raul Julia, actor (Addams Family), dies of stroke at 54
October 25Anthony David Machell Cox, medievalist, dies at 81
October 25Mildred Natwick, US actress (Barefoot in Park), dies at 89
October 26Rudi van Vlaenderen, Flemish actor/dir/poet (Thyestes), dies at 64
October 26Tutta Rolf, actress (Whalers), dies at 87
October 26Wilbert Harrison, singer, dies at 65
October 27Robert White, guitarist, dies at 57
October 28Sjlomo Goren, Polish/Israeli supreme rabbi, dies
October 29Andrew Miller-Jones TV pioneer, dies at 84
October 29Evelyn Anderson, dancer, dies at 87
October 29Pearl Primus, dancer, dies at 44
October 30Martyn Wiley, writer/broadcaster, dies at 40
October 30Nyanaponika, [Siegmund Feniger), German scholar/author, dies at 93
October 31John Wyndham Pope-Hennessy, English art historian, dies at 80
October 31Jole Silvani, [Niobe Quaiatti], Ital actress (La citta' Delle), dies
October 31Lester Sill, pioneer music publisher/record producer, dies at 76
October 31William John Readings, literary theorist, dies at 34
November 01Richard Krautheimer, art historian, dies at 97
November 01Syd Dernley, hangman, dies at 73
November 02David Feinberg, AIDS activist/author, dies at 37
November 02Egbert George "Pete" Pitterson, trumpeter, dies at 73
November 02Noah Beery Jr, US actor (Gung Ho!, Heaven With a Gun), dies at 81
November 03Dennis C Ott, US actor (Star Trek 3/4), dies of AIDs
November 03Richard Krautheimer, US art historian, dies at 97
November 04Alexander Hardie Williamson, artist, dies at 87
November 04Fred "Sonic" Smith, guitarist, dies at 46
November 04Jan Wegter, actor (Pastorale 1943), dies at 64
November 04Sam Francis, US painter (Basel Mural), dies at about 71
November 04Samuel Lewis Francis, painter, dies at 71
November 05McHenry Boatwright, signer, dies at 66
November 07Michael O'Donoghue, comedian (SNL), dies at about 54
November 07Milton "Shorty" Rogers [Rajonsky], US jazz trumpeter, dies at 70
November 08Garson Romalis, abortion doctor, killed (no arrests)
November 08Marianne Straub, weaver, dies at 85
November 08Michael O'Donoghue, comedy writer (SNL), dies at 54
November 09Milton M Shorty Rajonsky Rogers, trumpeter, dies at 70
November 09Priscilla Morrill, actress (Edie Grant-Mary Tyler Moore), dies at 67
November 09Ralph Champion Shotter Michael, actor, dies at 87
November 10Carmen McRae [Clark], US jazz singer/pianist, dies at about 73
November 10Louis Nizer, lawyer, dies at 92
November 11Elizabeth Lefanu Maconchy, Engl composer (My Dark Heart), dies at 87
November 11Ernest Clark, actor (Pope Must Die, Gandhi), dies at 82
November 11Frances Tustin, child Psychologist, dies at 81
November 11Pedro Zamora, aIDS Activist, dies at 22
November 12Charles "Honi" Coles, dancer (1983 Tony award), dies at 81
November 12Katherine Elliots, doctor, dies at 75
November 12Michael John Innes Mackintosh Stewart Innes, writer, dies at 88
November 12Wilma Glodean Rudolph, US sprinter (Olympics-3 gold-60), dies at 54
November 13Frank Singleton, librarian, dies at 67
November 13Joseph H Hazen, US producer/VP (Warner Bros), dies at 96
November 13Lewis Bingham Keeble, town Planner, dies at 79
November 14Ferdinand J Kranenburg, director of queen (North Holland), dies at 83
November 14Jake Dengel, US actor (Ragtime, Ironweed), dies at 61
November 14John F Hampe, pathologist (Fabric & Stoflongen), dies at 83
November 14John I M Stewart, detective writer (A Comedy of Terrors), dies at 88
November 14Michael Grierson Jarrett, archaeologist, dies at 60
November 15Anthony Ward, writer, dies at 57
November 15James Winston Watts, developer of the Frontal Lobotomy, dies at 90
November 15Janet Ahlberg, illustrator, dies at 50
November 15Volodymyr Ivashko, Pres of Ukraine (1990-91), dies
November 16Chester Dino Powers Valenti, singer/Songwriter, dies at 57
November 16Dan Smith, harmonica/gospel singer, dies at 83
November 16David Rayner, cyclist, dies
November 16Doris Speed, actress (Annie-Coronation Street), dies at 95
November 16Harvey Watkins, gospel Singer, dies at 64
November 16John Boylan, US actor (Twin Peaks, Sleepless in Seattle), dies at 82
November 17G Waller, German/Swiss movie journalist (NRC/Variety), dies at 82
November 18Cab[ell] Calloway, US band leader/actor (Missourians), dies at 86
November 18Chris Joyce, photographer, dies at 51
November 18Michael [George] Somes, English dancer (Royal Ballet), dies at 77
November 19Cab Calloway, singer (Minnie the Moocha), dies at 87
November 19Cabell "Cab" Calloway, musician, dies at 86
November 19Dedrick Gobert, US actor (Boyz 'n the Hood), shot to death at 22
November 19Julian Gustave Symons, writer, dies at 82
November 19Julian Symons, Br detective writer (Death's Darkest Face), dies at 82
November 19Li Yuan Artist-chia, , dies at 65
November 20John Lucarotti, scriptwriter, dies at 68
November 20Saeedi Sirjani, poet, dies at 64
November 21Manfred Longer, Austrian/Dutch gay disco owner, dies at 42
November 22Charles Fortune, South African cricket commentator, dies
November 22John Michael Grimes, set Designer, dies at 70
November 22L V Johnson Singer, dies
November 22Norma Donaldson, US singer/actress (Staying Alive), dies at 68
November 23Eldero L D Williams, tenor saxophonist, dies at 70
November 23Erick Frederick Hawkins, US dancer/wed to Martha Graham, dies at 85
November 23Tommy Boyce, US songwriter (Be My Guest), commits suicide at 55
November 23William Donald Campbell, diarist/Ornithologist, dies at 89
November 24Ivo Perilli, Italian screenplay/director (Ragazzo), dies at 92
November 24Jo Vis, Dutch resistance fighter (Yad Vashem), dies at 88
November 24Tommy Boyce, songwriter (Boyce & Hart), dies at 55
November 25Arthur Ballard, artist, dies at 79
November 25Gerard John Toorenaar, Amsterdam police commissar, dies at 69
November 26Arturo Rivera Damas, archbishop of El Salvador (1980-94), dies at 71
November 26David Bache, designer, dies at 69
November 26Nimrod Workman, folksinger, dies at 99
November 27Arthur Frank "Peter" Shore, egyptologist, dies at 70
November 28Al Levitt, US/French jazz drummer, dies at 63
November 28Franfo Fortini, poet, dies at 77
November 28Jeffrey Dahmer, [Butcher of Milwaukee], killer, killed in prison at 34
November 28Jerry Rubin, US anti-war activist (Youth Party), dies at 56
November 28Ronald "Buster" Edwards, Great Train Robber, commits suicide at 62
November 28Vicente Enrique y Tarancon, Spanish cardinal, dies at 87
November 29Muhammad Ali Araki, ayatollah of Iran, dies
November 29Ronald "Buster" Edwards, robber, dies at 63
November 29Sviatoslav S Stravinsky, French/US composer/son of Igor S, dies at 84
November 30Connie Conrad Henry Kirnon Kay, jazz Drummer, dies at 67
November 30Guy Debord, situationist, dies at 63
November 30Irwin Kostal, US arranger/conductor (Sound of Music), dies at 83
November 30Lionel Stander, US blacklisted actor (Hart to Hart), dies at 86
December 01Hugh Chilvers, cricketer (151 wickets leg-spin for NSW 1928-37), dies
December 01Lionel Stander, actor (Max-Hart to Hart), dies at 86
December 02Donald John Urquhart, librarian, dies at 85
December 02James Norman Dalrymple Anderson, lawyer, dies at 86
December 03Dolf Verspoor, literary/translator (M Nijhoff prize 1958), dies at 77
December 03Elizabeth Meyer, wife of Paul Michael Glaser, dies of AIDS at 47
December 03Giorgi Chanturia, Pres of Georgia, assassinated
December 03Lesley Peacock, jazz photogrpaher/author, dies
December 03Said Mekbel, Algerian editor in chief (Le Matin), murdered at 57
December 04Geoffery Rudolph Elton, historiographer, dies at 73
December 04Jakob Kaplan, French head rabbi (1955-81), dies at 99
December 04Julio Ramon Ribeyro, Peruvian playwright, dies at 66
December 04Robert Jesse Charleston, museum curator, dies at 78
December 04Thomas Roy Garrett, museum curator, dies at 63
December 05Harry Horner, Czech/US set designer/director (Our Town), dies at 84
December 05Richard Brian Waring Barton-Chapple, writer, dies at 69
December 05Ronald Ridout, school textbook author, dies at 78
December 06AJ Bronkhorst, vicar/theologist (Reform The Netherlands), dies at 80
December 06Alan Owen, English screenplay/actor (Hard Day's Night), dies at 69
December 06Gian Maria Volonte, actresss (Fistful of Dollars), dies at 61
December 07Elga Andersen, German/French model/actress (Global Affair), dies at 58
December 08Antonio Carlos Jobim, Brazil composer (Girl From Ipanema), dies at 67
December 08Israel Aaron Maisels, lawyer, dies at 89
December 08Jes£s "Enrique" L¡ster, Span/Russian general (Civil War), dies at 87
December 09Garnet Silk, Jamaican raggae-singer, dies at 28
December 09Kim II Sung, pres of North Korea (1945-94), dies at 82
December 09Maureen Cox Starkey, ex-wife of Ringo, dies of Leukemia at 48
December 09Max Bill, Swiss painter/sculptor/politician, dies at 85
December 10Garnett Silk, vocalist, dies at 28
December 10George G F van Renesse, concert pianist/music director, dies at 85
December 10Keith Joseph, British MP (C), dies
December 10Ruth Evelyn Mansfield, doctor, dies at 92
December 11Stanislaw Maczek, Polish/British general-major (WW II), dies at 102
December 11Yao Yilin, Vice PM of China (1979), dies
December 12Antoine Pinay, French PM (1952)/foreign minister, dies at 102
December 12Donna J. Stone, poet, dies of heart failure at 61
December 12Herman H Felderhof, radio-announcer/head (NRU/NOS Radio), dies at 83
December 12John Edward Caulwell Hearne, writer, dies at 68
December 12Stuart Allen Roosa, astronaut (Apollo 14), dies of pancreatitis at 46
December 13Antoine Pinay, PM of France (1952-53), dies
December 13Herman W "Fritz" Liebert, US librarian/Yale-curator, dies at 83
December 13Norman Beaton, actor (Eureka, Black Joy, Mighty Quinn), dies at 60
December 14Mary Ann McCall, singer, dies at 75
December 14Petrus HJ van Doorne, bus manufacturer/owner (BOVA), dies at 58
December 15Hans de Jong, musician/conductor (Amsterdams Vrouwenkoor), dies at 86
December 15Harry Tobias, songwriter, dies at 99
December 15Henry Phelps Brown, historian/economist, dies at 88
December 15Mollie Doreen Phillips, Brit figure skater (Eur-bronze-33), dies at 87
December 16Mary Durack, poet, dies at 81
December 16Samuel Lipman, music critic, dies at 60
December 17Jan Wiegel, director/producer (Uninhabitable Country), dies at 64
December 18Heinz Bernard Lowenstein, actor/director, dies at 71
December 18Lilia Skala, Austrian/US actress (Ship of Fools, Caprice), dies at 98
December 18Peter Hebblethwaite, English editor-in-chief (The Month), dies at 64
December 19Noel Pointer, jazz violinist, dies at 39
December 20Dean Rusk, US Sect of State (1961-69), dies at 85
December 20J C "Jody" Bateman, fiddler, dies at 75
December 21Dean Rusk, US Sect of State, dies at 85
December 21Shauna McDonald Brown, British TV producer, dies at 37
December 23Charles Shirley, jazz arranger, dies at 74
December 23Didier Rocher, son of French cosmetic maker Yves Rocher, dies at 41
December 23Nora Dunfree, US actress (Grass Harp), dies at 78
December 23Sebastian Lewis Shaw, actor (High Season, Ace of Spades), dies at 89
December 24Jimmy Buddy Lee Land Ace, singer, dies at 57
December 24John Eastburn Boswell, medievalist, dies at 47
December 24John James Osborne, playwright, dies at 65
December 24John Keith Wright, English Asst Sect of State (1971-84), dies at 66
December 24John Osborne, English playwright (Entertainer, Luther), dies at 65
December 24Julie Haydon, [Donella Donaldson], US actress (Scoundrel), dies at 84
December 24Louise H "Lous" Hensen, actress (Uncle Wanja, Charlotte), dies at 74
December 24Nathan I. Daniel, inventor (Guitars), dies at 82
December 24Rossano Brazzi, It resistance fight/actor (Final Justice), dies at 78
December 25Pierre Dreyfus, French director of Renault (1955-75), dies at 87
December 25Zail Singh, president of India (1982-87), dies at 78
December 26Asta ER Elstak, Suriname/Neth welfare worker, dies at 74
December 26Johannes J "Joop" Klant, Neth/S African economist/author, dies
December 26Karl Schiller, minister of RFA Economics (1966-72), dies
December 26Robert Emhardt, actor (Mac Cory-Another World), dies at 80
December 26Sylvia Brandts Buys, actress (Hague's Post), dies at 85
December 26Sylvia Koscina, Croatian/Italian actress (Hercules), dies at 61
December 27Hans Berghuis, author/poet (Kleitabletten), dies at 70
December 27Karl AF Schiller, West German economist/SPD-minister, dies at 83
December 27Peter Barker Howard May, cricket (4537 runs-Eng 1951-61), dies at 64
December 27Sadi de Gorter, Dutch author/diplomat (Abscess), dies at 82
December 28Julian Belfrage, theatre agent, dies at 60
December 29Eugene Tanner Jr, singer, dies at 58
December 29Frank Thring, Australian actor (El Cid, Ben-Hur), dies at 68
December 30Lloyd James Austin, french Scholar, dies at 79
December 31BAM "Bob" Schreiner, airline owner (S Aviation Group), dies at 79
December 31Harri Webb, poet, dies at 74
December 31Leigh Bowery, designer, dies at 33
December 31Leo Fuchs, Polish/US Yiddish actor (Story of Ruth), dies at 83
December 31Thomas J Watson Jr, CEO (IBM), dies of a stroke at 79
December 31Woodrow "Woody" Strode, US rugby player/black cowboy actor (Oil), dies
December 31Woody Strode, actor (Posse, Cotton Club, Vigilante), dies at 80

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