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Obituaries of the 90s, 1998

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This is a list of people who died during 1998. Exact dates are listed when known.

  • Phil Hartman
    Phil Hartman is shot to death by his wife on May 28. A few hours later, she would turn the gun on herself and orphan their two children. It was said she was on drugs at the time.

  • Michael Kennedy
    Michael Kennedy died after a freak sking accident. The police say Michael hit a patch of ice as he was going down a hill and hit his head on a tree. The police say that if Michael had been wearing a sking helmet he would have survived his injuries.

  • Congressman Sonny Bono
    Sonny Bono was another cauality of a freak sking accident. He died after hitting his head on a tree leaving his wife Marry and two kids. At his obituary Cher said that Congressman Bono was "the but of everyone's jokes!"

  • Falco
    Had a hit with the 1984 song "Rock Me Amedaus" died in a car accident while on vacation in the Dominican Republic in February of 1998. It was said that Falco died instantly when a transport truck slamed into his tour bus.

  • Lynn Strait
    Singer for the punk rock band "Snott" and his dog Dobs were killed in a car accident. It was later revealed that Strait had a lethal dose of cocaine in his system when he died.

  • Frank Sinatra
    Died of a heart attack in March of 1998

  • Wendy O'Williams
    Singer for the rock band Plastmatics. Committed suicide on April 8, 1998, ironically enough, on the anniversairy of the death of Kurt Cobain which happened 4 years earlier.

  • Lynn Strait
    He died on December 11, 1998, when a large truck plowed into the back of his car. The band's name was spelled SNOT... his dog's name was DOBBS. And he's greatly missed.

  • David Strickland
    Todd on Suddenly Susan Hung himself in a motel room in 1998

  • Cozy Powell
    Cozy Powell Drummer with Rainbow,Black Sabbath Michael Schenker Group etc He died on April 8 1998 in a car crash,on the M4 motorway just outside Bristol in the United Kingdom.

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